Overview of the expression "courtesy takes the city"


More than a year ago, a referendum was held in Crimea, as a result of which the peninsula was annexed to Russia. The security of this event was provided by the military in camouflage, in masks, without any identification marks. They behaved themselves extremely correctly, for which they were called "polite people."

Value of expression

In this regard, the famous Russian proverb, “the courage of the city takes” was quickly transformed. But only one word has changed. Now it began to sound like this: "the politeness of the city takes."

And this is no exaggeration. At the end of February, unknown and unrecognizable people very quickly and without a single shot captured a number of key points of the peninsula - the Council of Ministers of Crimea and its Verkhovna Rada, Simferopol and Belbek airports, as well as the headquarters of the coastal defense forces and the state television and radio company Crimea.


No one knew who these people were, where they came from, what their goals were. However, it was obvious to everyone that they behaved extremely restrained. Local newspapers noted that all military, as well as transport facilities, were "politely blocked" by them. And on the day of the referendum ribbons of white color were tied on the sleeves of the military, emphasizing their peacekeeping goals. On the basis of this, the meaning of the expression can be considered as something that is not a landing, but politeness takes the cities.


An expression describing the behavior of unknown military men appeared after a head of security at the airport they had captured said in an interview that his people were “politely asked to leave.” Since then, this phrase in different variations has become used by journalists, the expression has become an Internet meme.

Politeness takes the city … Who said this phrase for the first time? It was in this design she sounded in the headlines after the well-known events. And the expression “polite people”, as it is believed, was first pronounced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. However, the considered phrase quite logically follows from this phrase.


The term "polite people" spawned a surge of inspiration in online communities. So, the funs, jokes, collages and genres of social advertising graphics have become its fruit. "The politeness of the city takes" - "a poster of social advertising" with the following motto and the following text: "2014 - the year of culture in Russia" - was created in the depths of the Internet. Of course, besides the inscriptions, the image of a warrior camouflaged from head to toe with a gun also takes place on it.

Use of expression in the media

As far as the phrase “the politeness of the city takes” appeared promptly, so quickly it entered the language. Rare newspaper did not use it as a headline, talking about the Crimean events. She also dazzled and many Internet sites.

In May last year, a video clip about the benefits of military service was posted on one of the social networks, which immediately became very popular. In an interview with RIA "Novosti", one of the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense commented on this interest of the youth audience as follows: "Today we can say that" politeness "takes not only the city, but also wins the heart …"


It is safe to say that the definition given to the servicemen who ensured the safe conduct of the Crimean referendum was included in the Russian vocabulary, both political and domestic, and at the same time the phrase characterizing their behavior: "politeness takes the city."

Regardless of the March events, a similar heading placed the business publication, telling about the intricacies of business relations with Singapore.

Use of colloquial expression

The above mentioned phrase naturally migrated from the Internet, from other media to everyday conversations. Significant see such a "picture from life". Talking grandmother with her grandson, eighth-grader. The grandson is looking for proverbs with the word “courage” and, of course, one of the first to find “takes the courage of the city”: “Bab, right?” - “No, ” says the grandmother, “takes the courtesy of the city!” - and to the bewildered glance of his grandson, he explains: “With courage, every fool can, but you take a whole city with courtesy!”


An interesting perspective in the use of this phrase showed entrepreneurs. Just a few days after the events in the Crimea, a chevron was released with the image of "a man who politely took the city." And in a short time T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies with a warrior in camouflage appeared. The motto has been applied to them: “The politeness of the city takes” with the continuation: “Russia is a great power!”


It seems that we can assume with full responsibility that the phrase “politeness takes the city” that has arisen against the background of political events has already received the status of a popular expression, and with time it will only strengthen in this status. And the value she will have is unequivocal: to achieve her peacefully, without a single shot and without a single drop of blood. And if we are talking about business, then about cultural and respectful relationships.

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