The most interesting museums of Ryazan and the Ryazan region: a complete list with photos and descriptions


Ryazan is one of the oldest cities in the Russian land, it was founded back in 1095. Today it is a large modern regional center, in which a lot of entertainment facilities and beautiful places for walking. But nevertheless it is worth starting the tourist travel with the cultural program. The museums of Ryazan offer expositions for every taste that will be interesting to everyone!

Acquaintance with the history of the city


If you come to Ryazan for the first time or for some reason have not been to the local Kremlin before, be sure to visit the Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve. This is the historical center and the heart of the city. The address is very simple to remember: the city of Ryazan, Kremlevsky Val, 13. Today, tourists can visit a unique architectural and historical complex, in whose territory there are many restored monuments of the XV-XIX centuries. The Uspensky Cathedral, the Nativity of Christ Cathedral and the Palace of Oleg deserve the most attention. On the territory of the Kremlin there are constantly 6 expositions in the collections of which you can see unique objects and documents telling about the history of this amazing city from its inception to the present day. No less interesting are such museums of Ryazan, as the Settlement of Old Ryazan and the Field of Vozhskaya Battle.

Ryazan - the birthplace of S. A. Yesenin

Not far from the Ryazan Kremlin there is a spectacular monument to the great Russian poet S. A. Yesenin. Many museums in Ryazan and the Ryazan Region have in their exhibits references to the life and work of this writer. And this is not surprising, since Sergei Alexandrovich was born in the village of Konstantinovo. Today it is here that you can visit the unique museum complex, which includes the Esenins estate house, the Zemstvo school (the future poet graduated from it), the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and some other interesting objects and expositions. It is worth visiting Konstantinovo for the sake of the local nature: having walked around this village, you will probably better understand the Russian soul of the great poet and be able to appreciate the beauty of the local landscapes. Like many other major museums in Ryazan, the State Museum-Reserve of S. A. Yesenin offers guests many thematically related expositions. For a full inspection of all historical and natural sights with. Konstantinovo need to allocate a few hours, and preferably - the whole day.

All museums of Ryazan: photos and description


Very often, tourists from neighboring areas come to this city for day trips and walks. What is interesting to see within Ryazan? Ryazan State Regional Art Museum. I.P. Pozhalostina is the second most popular tourist site after the ensemble of the local Kremlin. His collection includes more than ten thousand original exhibits, including unique works by foreign and Russian authors of the 15th-20th centuries. The main branch of the museum is located in the building, which is also recognized as an architectural monument. You can visit him at the following address: Ryazan, Svoboda Street, 57. You can learn more about the life and work of I.P. Pozhalostin himself by visiting his memorial house-museum. The atmosphere in which the artist lived and worked is preserved here; an interesting story about his famous guests, among them K. Paustovsky, A. Gaidar and R. Fraerman. There is also a museum of travelers in Ryazan, an open-air exposition dedicated to long-range aviation, and even a unique museum of the history of the Airborne Forces.

The most interesting expositions of the Ryazan region


The name of the outstanding scientist K.E. Tsiolkovsky is traditionally associated with the city of Kaluga, and he was born in the Ryazan region. In the village of Izhevsk (Spassky District) there is a museum in which you can learn not only about the “Ryazan” life of this outstanding person, but also to see many exhibits related to space exploration. In the city of Sasovo, you can visit the exhibition dedicated to the Russian folk song. Many museums of Ryazan are the restored houses and estates of famous people. The thing is that in the past in this region it was really prestigious to have real estate. Today in the Ryazan region the most visited objects in this category are the Pirogovs 'house-museum and the Lunins' estate. Expositions devoted to local crafts are also popular with tourists, and there are many of them in this region.

Each regional center has its own local history museum!


If you want to visit all the museums of Ryazan and the region, get ready for a huge amount of impressions and incredible surprise. Virtually every district center and just a large settlement of the region has its own local history museum. And do not think that "small" exposure - boring. Only not in Ryazan! In many local provinces, during the excavations, unique archaeological finds were made, there are own craft techniques, besides, great cultural and art workers lived or traveled here at different times.

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