Calligraphy pens - types, use, care


Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Various curls, hooks, smooth and sharp lines, different thicknesses of strokes make it possible to decorate the text and enhance its aesthetics. Thick paper, ink and special pens for calligraphy - this is the minimum set for this lesson.


The pen consists of the following elements:

  • The tip can be thin, medium and thick. Extra Fine is the designation of the thinnest pen, Medium - medium, and Music - the thickest. Gillott's 303 pen has a very thin tip, and Hiro 41 is one of the thickest.
  • Flexibility - when you click on the pen, you can see the "teeth". The possibility of maximum divergence of teeth is called flexibility. Together with the thickness of the tip, this property helps to create the thinnest lines and place accents.
  • Hole - serves to uniformly feed the carcass.

Feather Types


Calligraphy pens are as follows:

  • for writing with the "pressure" or letters in the style of Copperplate (Hount 101, Brause 66EF, Rose 76);
  • for large-scale writing (John Mitchell's-727 EF, Brause-76, Brause-361);
  • poster.

It must be remembered that one part of the height of a letter is 4-5 parts of the width of a pen. That is, to write a letter with a height of 1 cm, you will need pens for calligraphy 2-3 mm wide.

Training in the beautiful letter is carried out by the tool with a thin tip. Specialists, as a rule, carry with them a complete set of calligraphy feathers, which allows them to create real masterpieces.

How to choose a good pen

It is clear that the quality of the letter is directly dependent on the quality of the tool. Signs of a good pen:

  • flat smooth surface, without irregularities, damage and roughness;
  • smooth tip without deformation;
  • symmetric cloves.

Good calligraphy feathers do not scratch or cling to paper.

Preparation for work and care


A new tool before the beginning of the letter should be dipped in alcohol, then wipe dry with a paper napkin. You can also brush the pen with toothpaste. This will remove the factory film from it, which is always applied to protect the metal from corrosion.

Also, when using the pen, it is recommended to periodically wipe it with alcohol to remove fat, sweat and dirt.

After each use, the feathers are washed with water and wiped dry. They are stored in a special case separately from other writing materials.

By the way, the pen holder for calligraphy can also be different - straight, beveled, plastic, wooden, reed, made in a laconic style or with decorations. His choice depends on the preferences of the wizard.

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