Armor of the future - history, features and interesting facts


Experts in the arms industry suggest that the armor of the future, in 10-15 years, will become a reality and will be mass-produced. Combat equipment will be strikingly different from the existing counterparts. Almost invulnerable body armor, smart ammunition, multifunctional protective helmets have only recently existed only in computer games, but soon they will go into service with military units and special forces.


Electronic gadgets

A few years ago, electronic units in the ammunition of soldiers seemed something absurd. Moreover, complaints about the devices presented more than they gave practical benefits. However, today there is a tendency that by the 2030s the troops of developed countries will be re-equipped and reformatted in terms of providing modern electronic protection.

Microscopic computers in the armor of the future is not just an auxiliary gadget, but a complete device with biosensors. Special coded pulses make it possible in real-life mode to obtain data on the health status of each warrior, as well as to understand which of the fighters require urgent assistance or evacuation. Attempts to introduce electronics for search and rescue teams around the world have long been made. However, a real revolution in the field of military communications is expected in the next ten years.

Electronic Defense in the US Army

Electronic equipment of the American army and special forces was considered one of the best in the world. This segment of the future armor includes GPNVG-18 night-time panoramic instruments, one set of which costs about 40 thousand dollars. US military developers continue to pay close attention to improving devices for monitoring and performing combat missions at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

In the army of America are going to introduce another special gadget. These are augmented reality glasses under the name of HUD-3. They are equipped with a microscopic computer with a scanner that allows you to display the necessary information directly in front of the eyes of the fighter. While the idea has not been implemented in practice, however, dozens of countries are aware and support the importance of such an idea for the protection of military equipment.


Domestic development

Future armor is being developed in the Russian Army, including electronic support and protection. Soon, the commanders will have a unique opportunity not only to command and receive reports via secure radio channels, but also to familiarize themselves with real-time information from the battlefield in real mode. Such introduction is planned in the complete set of combat ammunition of the newest generation “Warrior”.

The third series will include not only indicators and means of detection, but also microrobots with UAVs (“drones”), which can significantly increase the awareness of ground troops in combat or reconnaissance. The latest samples are being tested. In addition to these gadgets, ground reconnaissance drones are being developed, which can quietly get to the most inaccessible points.

Innovative ideas

One of the main elements of the future armor for soldiers will be electronic glasses. According to the developers of the Research Institute "Tochmash", they will provide an opportunity to eliminate the enemy from shelter, without exposing the fighter operator of danger. The key task for the specified complex is extremely fast and accurate target destruction with minimal charge consumption.

Experts suggest that in a few years, the electronic glasses of each soldier, which are integrated into the general information system, will display information that is available to officers and commanders of units. Military experts claim that what used to be in video games, film fantasy (like armor of the knights of the future from Star Wars and similar films) or books of science fiction writers has become a necessity and will be realized in a few years. To implement the program, it is necessary to solve several fundamental tasks:

  • create light and energy-intensive batteries for ammunition;
  • develop the submission of only information that is useful to a specific fighter;
  • make an interface suitable for combat conditions.


Bulletproof vest of liquid composition

Cool armor of the future to protect the fighters - liquid body armor, equipped with a special filler. It is intended to introduce certain nanoelements into the design of armor plates, which guarantee an increased viscosity index when bullets or fragments hit. Such a scheme would almost halve the weight of the body armor and significantly reduce the likelihood of severe injuries to soldiers.

Moreover, there are projects of self-restoring "bronikov". With the development of nanotechnology, their production will be put on a serial stream. The design includes a special carbon compound with nanotubes. The latter elements are based on tungsten disulfide. The unique material will make it possible to transform the standard means of protection with Kevlar into a kind of chest absorber for all types of charges. Bullets will just bounce off of them. In addition, such body armor will be six times stronger than its current counterparts, and their weight will be reduced fivefold.


Armor and weapons of the future

In the future, many military experts consider the emergence of smart bullets in service. They only vaguely resemble standard sniper charges. In fact, it is more expedient to compare such ammunition with a tank sabot projectile. After the intellectual bullet leaves the barrel, it drops a small protection pan, after which the miniature accelerator and guidance system are activated.

Such kits significantly simplify not only sniper firing, but also any damage to specified targets with a change of position of the shooter and spotter, who directs the laser pointer to the object. The use of smart high-precision ammunition in various combat units causes the acceleration of training snipers. The main role in the performance of a combat mission goes to the gunner operator. The final result will directly depend on his preparedness and professionalism. According to specialists, the shooter in 10-15 years is focused on the technical aspects of the preparation of the operation (delivery of the kit, its preparation and implementation of the shot, followed by fixation of the defeat of the target).

Interesting Facts

Inquiries, similar to the “armor of the future, ” often give out in search engines various electronic and other innovative ways of protecting and firing from a completely new perspective. This suggests that armor protection, in its usual sense, fades into the background. Electronic components and nanotechnologies will play a decisive role.


Already at the current stage of improving small arms, ammunition has been developed and is being produced, which significantly simplifies the fulfillment of the assigned combat missions. The priority and difficult direction of work in this regard is the manufacture of adjustable charges, the so-called smart bullets, able to eliminate targets at distances inaccessible to standard analogues.

There are several misconceptions regarding the munitions in question. The main one is the proposal for the conversion of conventional cartridges and shells for high-precision samples. The fact is that an active-reactive bullet guided by a laser, identical to a cruise missile, is several times more difficult to develop and manufacture in the required quantities, providing all the necessary characteristics.

Future power armor

If the prospects for the development of personnel protection are more or less clear, what about armored vehicles? Here science also does not stand still. For tanks developed several stages of passive defense.


One of the promising areas - intellectual armor. The system includes a set of sensors that are able to detect a full segment of shots, dividing them by type. There are three groups of indicators:

  1. Electrical contact versions with division into discrete spheres and with printed metallization patterns.
  2. Fiberglass analogs that work by controlling the attenuation of the transmitted light flux, when it is broken.
  3. The use of polyvinyl edifluoride, the sheets of which generate stress at the control action.

Throwing plates

The system of action of the specified defense on an attacking projectile with a kinetic type is identical to the reaction of the built-in dynamic defense. They differ in that the feed energy of the reduction of plate elements works by electric pulse signals, and not by explosive composition.

It is worth noting that the attack on the attack charge previously detected by the indicators may not be carried out directly upon contact with the armor, but on its approach, which is a significant defense effectiveness. The elements of an attack, launched by an electromagnetic method, consist of plates of homogeneous, composite armor or of parts of dynamic defense.


From the realm of fantasy

The armor of the future, the anime of which is presented above, seems like sketches from fantastic stories or computer games. Currently it is. However, experts say that in 10-20 years these projects will be realized, and they will protect army and special forces soldiers many times more efficiently than current means of self-defense. It is difficult not to believe this, since today's body armor and tactical military accessories, up to a certain time, also seemed something unreal. Considering that along with the development of innovative technologies, fundamentally different defense schemes are developed for both personnel and equipment, there is definitely potential in the development of this area.

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