How to climb a tree: instructions


A wide variety of trees and their natural forms make everyone, not devoid of romanticism, climb their crowns. Most people think that tree climbing is childish fun and pastime.

But not many people suspect that not only a child may need to climb a tree. After all, adults can also climb, the purpose of which is to hone their skills in climbing, cutting branches that can fall, removing a kitten who has got there by stupidity, and many more different reasons.

Sometimes many beginners do not have enough knowledge to climb a tall tree, because this process can be quite serious. Perhaps he will be quite a risky and difficult task.

Our management will describe in detail the process (how to climb a tree) and help many people not to make the fatal mistake of falling from a great height.

Clothes for climbing

In order to safely climb a tree, you must wear clothes that are suitable for climbing trees. She must be:

  • Enough free not to hinder your movements, allowing you to give a wide sweep of your hands. However, it should not be baggy, so as not to cling to the branches and knots. Remember that any such hooking of clothes for knots is fraught with loss of balance and the possibility of falling from a height.
  • Shoes should be soft and elastic, not have heels. At the same time, the sole should not be slippery so as not to slip off the branch at an inappropriate time. If your shoes do not meet these criteria, then it will be better to take them off and start climbing without them.
  • Jewelry - all additional jewelry before climbing on a tree, it is better to remove, this applies to rings, bracelets, chains.



You should not climb the first tree. It is necessary to study it before lifting and find one that meets the requirements below.

The tree should be:

  1. With strong branches that can support your weight.
  2. There should be no deep cracks in the trunk.
  3. Do not have a split top (conifers).
  4. Must not be near power lines.
  5. Should not be dead with dry branches and trunk.

Also inspect the tree for local danger, as a rule, it is very difficult to see them from the ground, so be careful:

  • big branches that are broken off and caught on a tree.
  • trees that have large animal nests, colonies of bees or wasps that can bite or sting you are a sure way to make you fall from a tree.

And in the event that you find that your tree is safe from all these problems, there is a danger of adverse weather conditions.


Do not start climbing:

  • During a thunderstorm or strong wind, it will increase the likelihood of injury.
  • You should not climb a tree in the rain, it can make the branches slippery and dangerous.
  • Cold weather can make the branches brittle, they can break off under your weight.

After you have inspected and made sure that the tree and weather conditions are safe for climbing, we can begin the preparation for climbing the tree.


If you can reach the lower branch, then grasp the trunk with your hands, and place your legs on the base of the tree. After that, push off from the trunk and with your hands try to reach the branch, helping your legs to hold onto the trunk.

If the lower branch is quite high off the ground, you can use other methods of lifting:

  • Jump up. So you grab a thread. Do this near the base of the tree.
  • Run away towards the tree and, pushing away from the trunk with your foot, reach the nearest branch.
  • Hug a tree trunk with your hands and feet, pull up and move in this position towards the nearest branch.


After you reach the branch with your hands, you need to clasp it with your feet and climb on it. If you do not use special equipment when climbing, then always use the three-point rule.

This rule states that any three of your four limbs should always be fixed on a tree. This will minimize the risk of losing balance and falling.

When climbing you are always on the branches near the trunk, do not move to their edges, this minimizes the risk of their breaking.


When it's time to go down, choose the same route that you climbed, since you already know which branches will be able to withstand you. Do not rush to go down, as you are still prone to falling.

After you learn and apply this theory in practice, you can learn how to climb a tree without branches.

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