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After a well-known drug dealer was recently arrested, his name is actively discussed in the press. It is possible that the name Joaquin Gusman, nicknamed “Shorty, ” will tell you little, but in Mexico it is no less popular than movie stars or politicians. His biography includes a number of interesting facts that you can find right now. So who is Guzman Joaquin?

Difficult childhood


It is noteworthy that the exact date of birth is indicated in the press in different ways. 1954 and 1957 are considered the year of the birth of Joaquin. And all because conspiracy required it as soon as he became famous. Gusman Joaquin was born in Mexico as one of seven children, and from childhood he learned all the “charms” of a beggarly existence. His parents lived on a farm and kept cattle, whom they assigned to watch over their children. However, it is impossible to say that the family really starved, although it lived without income. However, these years the future drug lord remembered for a long time: as if wishing to change the past, in the present Guzman always sought to increase capital and dreamed of luxury, which he achieved in a relatively short time. In 2011, he was ranked second in the list of the richest people in Mexico. True, such wealth appeared thanks to exclusively “dirty” methods.

Looking for my way

As an aid to parents, Gusman Joaquin was selling oranges grown on a family farm: small profits, but the basics of trade were comprehended from a young age. To get at least some education, I had to ride a bike to a nearby village and attend school. Her Guzman soon abandoned, without receiving a certificate (which, again, did not prevent him from earning power, and millions), and fully focused on working with his father, who needed a helper.

For the first time he learned about drugs from his father. He was engaged in the cultivation of opium, despite the official ban. At the age of 15, Joaquin, having quarreled strongly with his parents, moved to live with his grandfather, where, after a couple of years, began his journey into adulthood.

Among their own


Admittedly, in the 70s, all who felt like it were drugs to Mexico. Drug lords appeared more and more, drug cartels evolved. The endless war of rivals did not stop for a minute, taking the lives of hundreds of people - everyone wanted to get rid of competitors and expand the sphere of their domination. At this time, Gusman (his full name is Joaquin Guzman Loer) takes his assistant as his grandfather and gives the first instructions: he himself worked as a carrier of drugs and contributed to the fact that his beloved grandson was taken under the wing by a more influential person, who was Ector Salasar, and later and Felix Gallardo. Both of these people were the most famous drug lords who controlled their own cartels. To be in their environment, and over time to enter into trust, could cost lives. But devotee Joaquin had nothing to fear.

Great and terrible


Needless to say that, feeling the excitement and taste of the first money earned, he did not dream of another life. Joaquin Guzman Loer (the photo of which you can find in this article) immediately became the favorite of his owners. He took the tasks seriously: he personally checked and sold the goods, followed the accounting department, and simply killed the disagreeable suppliers. He did not like competitors, and those who “ran over” into submission to other drug barons. Joaquin valued loyalty - as being loyal to those who gave him a start in life, so he wanted the same from his employees.

In the 80s, Felix Gallardo took him as his personal driver. Serious and responsible work. And Guzman did a fine job with her. He remembered about personal growth, dreaming of creating his own empire in the future, and soon became a confidant of Gallardo - he entrusted an entire sector to him, meaning that from that moment on Joaquin completely controlled sales through Colombia.

Political change to the benefit


America tried to control the Florida and Caribbean corridors, but the drugs, as before, quietly came true to the side. Despite the perfectly established mechanism, in the late 80s the police detained a number of major drug barons, including Gallardo. But this did not stop the flow of narcotics, but merely divided all the subordinate territories into parts, some of which took Gusman to their hands.

Now he was known everywhere. For a small stature, he received the nickname “Shorty” and now bore the name Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. In a short period, he significantly strengthened his financial condition. But things didn't always go well. After tightening control, the police detained Guzman and in 1993 transferred it to Mexico, where he received twenty years in prison. But is this an obstacle for such an influential and intelligent crook? After bribing the prison staff, Guzman was released in a basket with dirty laundry. But not immediately, but after serving first eight years. All this time, he did not cease to manage the affairs through attorneys who arrived at his prison as visitors. He rethought his own achievements and made a promise to himself that he would do everything possible to become more powerful. Once during the interrogation, he admitted that those eight years were just a little rest and enough time to come up with a new plan to strengthen his position.

Returning to business, Guzman felt even more strongly his importance among his subordinates and competitors.

“Games with special services” are continuing

In 2014, Joaquin was again arrested, but he fled again, this time through an underground tunnel. He exulted from the fact that he was able to escape from justice, and the next goal was the desire to capture his name in the pages of history. Write a memoir? Make a movie? Why not?! This has always dreamed of Guzman. Joaquin, intoxicated with vanity, began a correspondence with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, whom he was in love with, and later Sean Penn interviewed him on the pretext of shooting a documentary about Guzmán. Later it turned out that Hollywood stars were initially in collusion with the FBI, which helped in his detention.


After the loud detention of Joaquin, shown on television, they, the stars, feared for their lives. According to press reports, Penn managed to “negotiate” with Guzman. The drug lord also remained in good relations with Castillo, and the main reason for this is his enthusiasm for her, although the actress did not make any promises in her time.

In 2017, the series “El Chapo”, telling the story of Joaquin, was released. What is true in it, and what is mostly fiction, we can only guess.

Love affairs

Biography of Gusman is full of stories and about his love affairs. Being a man of authority and freedom-loving, he could marry any woman he liked. The last wife of Joaquin Guzman, Emma Ispuro, turned out to be a simple village girl, whom he literally bought during the national beauty contest. She bore him two sons. From the two previous wives, with whom he broke up on a friendly note, he also has children.


The main mistress of Joaquin is Zulema Hernandez, who previously worked in the police. Convicted of drugs, she met him in prison during his first imprisonment. He was associated with warm relations - such that he gave her part of his business. In addition, Gusman did not hesitate to use the services of representatives of the oldest profession - according to rumors, they visited him every day during his imprisonment.

Rich inheritance

Today, “Shorty” is in the same prison from which he had run earlier. But not only it is of interest. The children of Joaquin Gusman are under the scrutiny of the special services. The Mexican drug industry is also following with interest the fate of Gusman, because no one knows what future awaits him and the future of that legacy he left. The independence war of the drug lords continues today. According to average estimates, today about 50 thousand representatives of the criminal business have died.


As for his family and children, it is known that they continue to live in Mexico and do not need anything. According to preliminary calculations, the state of the drug baron is estimated at one billion dollars. Ivan, the son of Joaquin Gusman, often "pleases" the public with publications on his social network page - smart yachts, wads of money in a bag, half-naked girls following each other, and weapons in their hands as a reminder that the war has not yet been lost.

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