"If the stick looks in the mouth ...": we study the signals of the traffic controller


The world is walking a lot of remarks about the rules of the road (SDA), pronouncing which cause a smile, and sometimes bewilderment. Where did such short "turns of consciousness" come from and why are they used? Basically it is memorization of various kinds of instructions.

It is in this form that they are told to the audience, because this is how they are easier remembered. For example, the phrase about the laws of displacement in the regulatory system - “if the stick looks into the mouth, make the right turn” - says that when the policeman’s rod is aimed at the driver, he must turn right. Here we will talk further in the article about the concepts and definitions of the signal service guards.


And counters are rightfully subordinate to the charter.

Even in kindergartens begin to teach kids how to cross the road. And at the same time they quote funny statutes of traffic controllers, securing them with pictures or videos. The teacher usually causes the child in a circle, and he, as if on a vehicle, is circling there under dictation: "If the stick looks in your mouth, make a right turn. And if you’re pointing to the left, drive, driver, feel free. Well, if you soared up - stop, car, drive sin ", etc.

Such counts (otherwise they will not be called) quickly cut into the memory and almost immediately for life. In adulthood, fathers and mothers, while driving their cars, happily utter rhymes-setters, seeing a traffic police inspector waving a stick at the intersection.


We understand the signs of regulation

Not only people in uniform, but also drivers of all ranks should know the system of street regulation, no matter which bus, tram, car or truck mechanism they are moving on. There are few such rules, and they are remembered as twice two:

  1. If the stick is looking in the mouth, make a right turn.
  2. If she pokes right, you have no right to move.
  3. If she seems to the left, you are the queen on the highway.
  4. Chest inspector visible - for the driver wall.
  5. And the back is the same as the chest - forget about movement.

That's basically it. Even a few rhymes, even in an amusing rhyme, help to clarify the right decisions and perfectly respond to the raising of the manager’s hand from a certain angle of the road.

Jokes about traffic rules

Do not hide the truth, our people love to laugh at the traffic police, inventing many jokes about lonely traffic controllers and situations on the road with them. The people live happily with us - even such a serious matter, as the rules of safe driving, will turn into a joke:

  • If a stick looks in your mouth, that’s just a machine gun.
  • If she looks down - bow to the guard.
  • If you suddenly point to the left - pick up a maiden from the road.
  • If spinning spinner - click on the gas, and all the beam.
  • The policeman got his back - you will only go in winter.
  • The policeman got up with his chest - everything, ran into a scandal.
  • If the stick looks in your mouth, eat it like a sperm whale.

These are the hilarious reprises coming from almost every car when meeting with the controllers of the tracks. But jokes are jokes, and you need to take seriously the safety of human lives, and a personal gig is obliged to become a friend and helper in such an exciting lesson as travel.


First see the stick, and then the auto drive

In general, there is no need to be afraid of regulators. If you are not sure of the signals, then it is necessary to learn once and for all those most cherished rules of the road (SDA). No driver can get behind the wheel illiterate. Such a person is dangerous not only to others, but primarily for himself and those who are sitting in his car.

And remembering the signs of regulation is very simple - repeat them every time, no matter where you are. And in a couple of days you will easily say: "If the stick looks in your mouth, do not yawn like a hippopotamus." In fact, the meeting with the inspector of the patrol service, in whose hands the striped scepter, is very informative.

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