Pioneer pond: location of the pond, how to get there, good rest, excellent fishing and reviews with photos


Pioneer pond is located in the village Selyatino Naro-Fominsky district of Moscow region. This is an amazingly beautiful artificial reservoir with an area of ​​about one and a half hectares with the most diverse relief of the bottom. It was formed as a result of the construction of a dam on the Loksha River. Around it is surrounded by a mixed forest.



Pioneer pond is located in the south-west of the Moscow region. This is one of the most picturesque places of the Naro-Fominsky district. Many tourists are attracted to these places with well-groomed nature, crystal clear water. Basically, tourists come to fish.

There are a large number of reservoirs that have exactly the same name. They were called during the Soviet Union in honor of the pioneer movement. They exist in Moscow and the Moscow region, in Kaliningrad and several other regions. Here are some ponds called Pioneer.

For a full and good rest there is everything you need - big barbecues, comfortable gazebos / Many people think that this is a real place for a full and heavenly rest.

Several companies are engaged in organizing paid fishing at the Pioneer pond in Selyatino. In this amazingly beautiful place in the Moscow region, you can enjoy silence, relax in the company of friends or family from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the peace of virgin nature.

Most of the coast in these places is covered with a mixed forest, there are fields where you can stay overnight with tents. This is a picturesque place for fans of fishing from around the region. Here you can catch carp, crucian carp, catfish, pike, carp, trout, carp and even sturgeon.



Most often, the Pioneer pond in Selyatino comes not only to relax, but also to fish. The big advantage of paid fishing is the fact that you can fish all year round. Representatives of the company who are engaged in the organization of this holiday, will do everything to make your holiday as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

For example, for this, the Pioneer pond itself is equipped with convenient walkways, from which it is convenient to fish, and comfortable gazebos for recreation have been built nearby. If necessary, you can stay overnight in tents or small houses.

To make fishing at the Pioneer pond in Selyatino productive, local specialists are ready to give detailed and detailed advice on any issues related to fishing. You will readily be told in which places to catch, which fishing rods and tackles are best to use, which bait to use. You can even not take a fishing pole with you: you will be given fishing tackles for hire, you can also rent chairs, barbecues and other tourist accessories.

There is a convenient access by car to the Pioneer pond, there is a guarded parking lot, the entire recreation area is guarded round-the-clock, so that you can feel completely safe.

Experienced fishermen argue that good fishing does not know the price. With this here strongly disagree, setting affordable prices for high-quality fishing, which will make your holiday enjoyable and productive.

Among the frequent guests of these places are not only large companies, but also lone fishermen who know that this is one of the best places for fishing in the entire Moscow region. They like to come here with their whole families, because on vacation it will be interesting not only for men who will stand with a fishing rod on the shore. Entertainment can be found both for the fair sex and for children.

If you order special and comfortable gazebos, you can enjoy the amazingly beautiful surrounding nature, and after successful fishing, cook freshly caught fish on the grill.

Perfect holiday


We must admit that this is almost the perfect holiday for a large family, and for a friendly company. What could be better than to spend time with your beloved and dear people in the fresh air, in the midst of amazingly beautiful nature.

The idea that fishing is an exclusively male occupation has long and finally become outdated. Nowadays it’s customary to go fishing together with my wife and all the children. Even if a spouse in several years of marriage did not have time to get involved in fishing, she would still gladly go to this place to enjoy the beautiful views, to be with her husband in the fresh air. And if fishing proves successful (and at the Pioneer pond, it is almost always like this), help the husband prepare his catch, which is immediately eaten. It is not surprising that the most popular dishes are fresh fish ears or fish steaks cooked on the grill and grill.

A whole day spent in a warm family atmosphere will help the whole family to get closer. Indeed, in our time, when a lot of hours constantly have to spend at work, it is extremely rare to enjoy the time next to their loved ones. Therefore, now less and less loving couples spend the weekend separately, trying to go together on any trip.

Moreover, in this place women and children do not have to suffer from the weather, even if it starts to rain or strong wind. They will be able to hide in the gazebo or one of the guest houses, waiting for the head of the family with a rich catch.

This is also a great place for a big friendly company, as fishing is one of the rare hobbies that almost all men like. You can spend more than one hour doing this in a spiritual setting.

How to get there?


From Moscow to get fishing on the Pioneer pond in Selyatino as easy as possible. And it can be done both by car and by bus.

By car you will need to turn off from the Moscow ring road to Kiev highway in the area of ​​the Troparevsky Forest Park. Next, move in a southwesterly direction about thirty kilometers. You will need to turn right from the road at the junction between the settlements of Alabino and Selyatino. When you reach Seliatino, turn left on Fabrychnaya Street and then right, before reaching the memorial dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. So you will arrive at your destination.

It is also possible to get to the lake by suburban transport. From the Kiev railway station in this direction regularly send electric trains. Travel time will take about one hour. Also, seven bus routes run to Selyatino, most of them depart from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station.



Around the Pioneer pond park of amazing beauty. So you can not only productively fishing, but also to relax. On the shore of the pond, you can rent a gazebo for six people for fifteen hundred rubles. This price includes liquid for ignition, coal, brazier, skewer or grill. If there are more than six people in your company, then 200 rubles will have to be paid for each one.

For a variety of festive events, banquets, you can rent a house, which can accommodate up to ten people. The cost of renting from 6 am to 9 pm is 5 thousand rubles.

Fishermen with vouchers can rent houses for up to four people. Day or night voucher will cost five thousand rubles, and daily - 10 000.

You can rent a fishing rod (donku) - 300 rubles one piece, if necessary, you will be provided with a landing net (100 rubles), a cage (100 rubles), a stand for a fishing pole (100 rubles).

Also always available in a variety of bait and bait. From the bait you can offer worms, corn and maggots - for a hundred rubles. There is a universal bait, bream, carp and crucian, as well as anise, vanilla and garlic - 150 rubles each. Bait "Tutti-frutti" and "Corn" cost 170 rubles.

Cost of fishing


According to photo reports from the Pioneer pond in Selyatino, you can visually see how successful and productive fishing in these places can be.

For stays on the shore of the reservoir you will be charged in one of five categories. If you are not going to fish, but just come for the company, you still have to pay. According to the “Guest” rate, you can stay on the beach from 5 am to 7 pm for 500 rubles without the right to fish.

The cost of the daily rate is two thousand rubles. It is valid from 5 am to 7 pm A fisherman is allowed to have three tackles on weekdays and two tackles on weekends. In addition, he can supply no more than two gear, for each he will have to pay another 300 rubles. In this case, the rate of catch is not established.

It is possible to pay a daily rate with a discount of 50 percent. In this case, its cost will be one thousand rubles, and it will operate from noon until 19.00. The number and rules for placing gear are the same as for the daily rate. Another fundamental difference, in addition to the time at which fishing is permitted, is the availability of the catch rate. A maximum fisherman will be able to pick up two kilograms of sturgeon or five kilograms of trout or eight kilograms of pike or ten kilograms of carp.

The cost and conditions of the night tariff are completely analogous to the daily tariff without discount. There are also no restrictions on catch rates. It is valid from 19.00 to 9 am.

There is also an opportunity to issue a daily rate for fishing at the Pioneer pond. Its cost is three and a half thousand rubles. Valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase vouchers. There are no restrictions on the rate of catch there.

It should be noted that women and children under the age of twelve, who accompany the angler who paid for one of the vouchers, can stay free on the territory of the reservoir and go fishing to the fisherman’s gear and to his standard.



When fishermen come to rest in this place, they will have to follow certain rules. Only in this way will it be possible to spend time with benefit, without disturbing others.

Fishermen who have paid the appropriate vouchers are allowed to fish on the open water surface of the reservoirs. It is noteworthy that at night they are allowed to use gazebos for free (from 19.00 to 6 am). In the same period of the day, it is allowed to set up a tent, for a maximum of two people, at the rate of one tent per stay. The installation site of the tent must be coordinated with the administration.

In this case, it is strictly forbidden to release caught fish only if there is no separate agreement with the administration about this. It is also forbidden to transfer the caught fish to other fishermen, deliberately flaying the fish, leaving trash behind and building fires outside the barbecues.

In the administration of the sport fishing club, which regularly compiles and publishes photo reports from the Pioneer pond, strongly remind you that in case any facts of concealment of caught fish are detected, the use of prohibited tools for fishing, as well as deliberate fishing, the voucher is canceled. In this case, the paid funds are not paid, and all caught fish must be handed over to the administration. In the future, visiting the reservoir this visitor will be denied.

There is a rule that a fish weighing more than five kilograms, with the exception of sturgeon, is officially owned by the reservoir, and on this basis it must be immediately released immediately after catch.

In the case when the administration finds additional tackle in fishermen that has not previously been paid, the voucher is also instantly canceled, the money paid is not returned, and all fish that have been caught before must be returned to the administration, even if the catch volumes have not been exceeded.

Regular competitions


In the reviews about fishing on the Pionersky pond in Selyatino, some fishermen admit that this particular place attracts them because the sports fishing club regularly organizes competitions.

For example, in the summer of 2018, amateur starts were held under the name "Carp on Pioneer". Participants fought for the main prize, which this time was the TV.

These, like other competitions, were held on a single schedule. At 6 o'clock in the morning the solemn construction of all the participants and the opening took place. Following the draw began. Fishermen who received a serial number can immediately go to the sector to prepare the gear. At 7 o'clock in the morning the marking and measuring of the depths begins. Up to this point, casting gear, as well as any other contact with water is prohibited. From 7.30 you can start bait. Its quantity is limited to five kilograms for each participant. In this case, the use of living components, that is, moldy worm or bloodworms, is allowed without restrictions, but within reason. It is strictly forbidden to throw food in someone else's sector.

Exactly at 7.30 on the beep you can start catching. At 14.00 the competition ends, also by an audible signal. After this bite is not recorded, and all the gear must be pulled out of the water. Then the results are counted, the results are summarized and the winners are awarded.

Running a new fish

The administration of this reservoir regularly launches fish, which notifies all fishermen, attracting new visitors. They immediately begin to dream of catching this particular fish, only a little grown up and strong, gaining a large mass.

For example, in 2018, the launch of a delicious sterlet was made. In total, nearly three hundred kilograms were additionally launched into the pond.

In November 2018, trout were launched under the control of the administration for several days in a row. In total, about four hundred kilograms of this fish turned out to be in the pond.

Impressions of fishermen

Talking about fishing in the Pioneer pond in Selyatino, in a review, visitors argue that it is not for nothing that this place is available to fans of fishing all year round. Efficiently go fishing here in virtually any month. Disappointed leave rarely.

Judging by the reports from the Pioneer pond in October, in the autumn months it is also possible to catch quite a lot of fish. True, experienced fishermen emphasize that at this time there is not much sense to come too early, since there will be no big catch like in summer.

On particularly good days, the fishermen manage to simply outstanding catches. On this reservoir large catfish are regularly caught, weighing up to twelve kilograms. Reviews from the Pioneer pond come exclusively positive from the majority of fishermen who come here.

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