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Disputes about beauty have always caused a strong reaction from society. Everyone wants to be loved, recognized, beautiful, because the essence of a person lies in his environment and self-perception, which depends entirely on the so-called habitat. You can often find a controversy that a particular nation is more privileged, developed, and so on. But in fact, it is not the people who define the person, but the person’s people. Therefore, such questions as: “Who is more beautiful than Armenians or Azeris?” Remain unanswered.


One thing we know for sure is that Azeris are more popular among Russian girls. In their appearance, they emit a wave of long, dark eyelashes, a languid look of black eyes, masculine features and gorgeous thick hair.

In this article we will consider the most beautiful Azerbaijanis. Men with burning looks and ardent hearts are able to conquer more than one Russian girl with their charm.

Next, you will meet the most successful beauties. Meet the most beautiful Azerbaijanis who are popular in Russia!

Emin Agalarov

A chain of young and successful representatives of Azerbaijan with angelic appearance opens Emin Agalarov.

This Russian singer has Azerbaijani roots, is an entrepreneur and the first vice-president of the Crocus Group.


The musical environment dubbed him the stage nickname EMIN.

A talented and beautiful Azerbaijani born in 1979 (December 12) in Baku. He comes from a family of famous Russian entrepreneur Araz Agalarov.

At the moment, Emin is considered one of the richest businessmen in the country, but this was not always the case. The childhood of a handsome Azerbaijani boy was rather modest and simple. In the early 80s. the last century, the Agalarov family moved to Moscow, where the boy began to study in one of the Chertan schools. By the way, he almost got into bad company there. Realizing the possible result, caring parents sent their beloved child to a strict Swiss boarding school.

“Mushtrovka” guy was successful, and he was able to continue his studies in America. As a successful and handsome Azerbaijani himself says, American everyday life taught him to appreciate time and money. Upon returning to Moscow in 2012, he was given the post of first vice president of his father’s holding.

However, despite the fact that the boy got his father’s business, he received real pleasure from his childhood from music. The debut of a beautiful Azerbaijani - musician took place in New Jersey at the age of 18. The guy released in 2006 his first album called Still.

In 2012, singer Emin was nominated for a Grammy Award, and also performed at Eurovision as a guest star.

In 2013, Agalarov he successfully released an album in Russian. His song “I Live the Best” won the Golden Gramophone Award.

His first tour of the country came in 2016 - Emin traveled around 50 Russian cities. In 2017, the singer released the first duet album “Forgive, My Love”, which received a large number of positive reviews. On account of a beautiful Azerbaijani 13 albums released.

Personal life Agalarov

The singer was married to Leyla Aliyeva, the daughter of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Their marriage lasted 9 years and officially broke up in May 2015. Joint life brought them two twin children - Mikayil and Ali.


At the moment, children live with their mother in London and Baku, and Emin continues his activities in Moscow. As the artist himself says, he manages to visit them every week. In addition, Agalarov tries to take his children with him - for shooting, meetings, tours. Thanks to this experience, says Emin, they will be able to get the right attitude towards their financial situation.

In addition, strict dad raises respect for the attendants in his children.

Bahtiyar Aliyev (Bahh Tee)

This successful Azerbaijani is a handsome man who has achieved everything himself.

Bakhtiyar Aliyev was born in Moscow on October 5, 1988.

This is the first Russian artist who gained fame thanks to social networks. Only later did he manage to escape to the radio platform.

Singer success story

At the end of 2005, Bakhtiyar Aliyev together with his friend created a group called “Tee'shina”.

His first song "Single" was recorded in January 2006.


The pseudonym Bahh Tee appeared only in 2006, when the singer began to engage in solo work. However, the first attempt turned out to be a big failure (the album "Namberone"). To maximize his potential, Aliyev took indefinite sabbatical.

The first sips of creative inspiration helped him write the song “You are not worth me” (2009). His video for this song, the cost of filming which cost only 12 thousand rubles, was sold on social networks instantly and scored more than a million views per month.

At the moment, the singer Bahh Tee counts 11 albums. And the beautiful Azerbaijani, whose photo can be seen in the article, has become one of the most famous performers of Russian pop music.

At the end of 2016, Aliyev married his compatriot from the city of Novosibirsk Fargana Hasanly. The engagement served as a trigger for filming the video for the song "Indivisible."

Gymnast Emin Garibov

This beautiful Azerbaijani was captain of the Russian national gymnastics team. He is a gymnast, a specialist in performances on the uneven bars and crossbar.

Honored Master of Sports, Garibov was born on September 8, 1990 in Moscow.


At the World Cup in Doha (2009), his international debut took place.

Emin is a two-time European champion. In 2012, he won a silver medal in the team championship, and - gold in the crossbar exercises. In 2013, the gymnast defended the title on the crossbar in the capital of Russia.

Garibov’s activ includes three more gold medals at the 2013 Universiade in Kazan and a silver medal at the 2009 Universiade in Belgrade.

In 2017, the athlete announced the end of his career after the European Championship, held in Romania.

Garibov said that he could not continue sports activities due to his operations and injuries. Since the state of health will not allow him to return to the previous level, the gymnast decided to leave the “assembly line” of men's gymnastics, where there is a high level of competition for “a place in the sun”.

Currently working in the Federation of Artistic Gymnastics in Russia manager of the national team in the direction of sports marketing.

Huseyn Hasanov

Besides the fact that Hasanov is an entrepreneur and one of the most popular bloggers in Russia, he is also a rather handsome man. An Azerbaijani, whose photo can be seen in the article, was born in St. Petersburg on July 5, 1994. This guy is known for his short Vine style videos.


Over 5 million people have subscribed to his Instagram page. Over time, the content of Huseyn moved to a new level. All scenarios are worked out by him personally. In some of his videos you can see stars of show business and famous models.

In his commercials, Hasanov removes typical girls with a neckline, long hair, and pumped lips, which he makes fun of. Girls agree with this, because for them this is the road to the future.

One advertising post in Husein’s Instagram account costs about 700, 000 rubles. And it is not surprising, because its publications are gaining about 20 million views.

In a month, as a blogger openly declares, he receives about 4 million rubles. According to him, he does not even need such money: more than 200 thousand rubles a month is enough.

In 2015, Hasanov graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics with a red diploma. In addition to his hobbies involved in the restaurant business of his father. Owns a network of cafes in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Just recently launched a clothing brand.

Rustam Dzhabrailov

He is an actor and model. Born in Lugansk on June 8, 1986. This handsome guy is the only Azerbaijani who was awarded the title of Best model of the World ("Best Model of the World").


As Rustam says, his childhood could not be called carefree. He even dreamed of becoming a lawyer, so as not to give offense to his parents. Nevertheless, he learned to be a teacher of geography. Why such a beautiful Azerbaijani decided to become a model, you will learn further.

Modeling career

Rustam’s modeling career began in 2005. At that time, the guy was studying at the university. Once on the street they approached him and said that they needed charismatic faces for advertising.

A week later, the charming guy was given the opportunity to work in a modeling agency.

The model has contracts with companies Century 21, Marc Ecko Brioni, Samsung, Nissan, Gucci, D & G, Yves Saint Laurent, Çinici Collection. It was printed on the covers of numerous magazines: New York magazine, Details magazine, Psychology Today, Dew magazine, Time Out magazine, Vogue magazine, Wedding magazine, Viral fashion magazine.


In 2010, he married an American Georgian.

Two years later he moved to New York. In the "city of opportunities, " he entered a specialized school to train models and actors, where he honed his skills. In 2015, Rustam’s marriage broke up and after a divorce he returned to his homeland.

As Dzhabrailov says, the main thing is to repeat one mantra: “Everything will be fine!”

This year he planned to marry a second time. Until now, the press does not know the name of his beloved.

Riad Mamedov

He is a young talented pianist, a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI Tchaikovsky.


Mamedov is a laureate of international festivals and competitions.

He was a special music advisor at the opening ceremony of the Baku-2015 European Games.

He is the son of honored Azerbaijani artist Tahir Mamedov.

Pianist Information

Date of birth - January 11, 1989 (Baku).

At the age of sixteen, he entered the Azerbaijan State Conservatory named after U. Hajibeyli to study. Exactly one year later he moved to Moscow and began to study at the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI Tchaikovsky.

The main secret of Riad’s success lies in its phrase: “It’s important to be in the right place at the right time.”

Since 2014, Mamedov is the art director, the director, the composer of projects of the Dyagilevsky festival.

Emin Makhmudov

Known football player in Russia and Azerbaijan.

He was born in the village of Krasnoselskoye (Azerbaijan) on April 27, 1992.

When the boy was three years old, he and his family moved to Russia (the city of Zaraysk).

The love of football manifested in Emine from the age of six. Since he was too young, he had to play in a team of teenagers.

On April 24, 2010 Makhmudov made his debut as a football player. He played in the Saturn team against Dynamo Moscow in the Russian Premier League.

His first goal was registered on November 20, 2010 (Anji Gate).

The guy badly remembers his childhood in Azerbaijan, only some of the landscapes and the case when his cheek punched a nail.

At home, Emin appears infrequently, but does not forget about relatives and helps his loved ones, because “the family is sacred”.

On July 20, 2016, Emin signed a contract with one of the Portuguese clubs called Boavista. A month later, for the first time, he scored against Nacional. “Boavista” won 2-0.

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