Where to hand over glass jars and bottles? Are glassware and glass cullet accepted today?


In the Soviet Union there were practically no problems with the recycling of raw materials. Every conscious citizen tried in time to hand over waste paper, glass containers, metal products. After the collapse of the USSR, the tradition of recycling was gradually forgotten by the population, and the receiving points were closed. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to be responsive to environmental issues. The question again becomes relevant: “Where to hand over glass jars, bottles and other recyclables?”.

About recycling glass containers


In developed countries, the reception and subsequent processing of food glass is put on stream. Glass containers are ideal for storing liquid food and beverages. The glass does not enter into chemical reactions with the contents, it is possible to make containers of various volumes and designs from it. Recycling glass containers is very beneficial. It can be done in two ways. The first is the remelting of already used tanks for the production of new products. The second option is to thoroughly clean and sterilize containers for reuse. Both of these methods can significantly reduce the cost of producing food glass containers and save natural resources. Where to hand over glass jars and bottles? The answer is simple - to the recycling center or a company that processes it. You will be surprised, but organizations of both types are available today on the maps of major cities.

What cans and bottles take today as recyclables?


Glass jars - one of the most expensive types of recycled materials. It is primarily about containers that are suitable for preservation storage. The thing is that this tableware in our country is an independent product. The most expensive are standard jars, suitable for roll-in. It will be somewhat more difficult to find a reception point specializing in “special” containers - glass packaging for baby food, bottles for sauces of the original forms. But even such a container can be reused after cleaning in the enterprise.

Where to take the glass jars and bottles, what containers take? Twenty years ago, they most often took tara from low-alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. Today, every self-respecting manufacturer produces bottles of individual design for each variety. But even with such a variety used packaging can be used as recyclable materials. There are reception points that specialize in cullet. Any food glass is taken in such places, sometimes in any condition. And this is another place where you can hand over glass jars, even cracked or pinned.

The cost of glass in points of reception


How much is glassware and glass in reception centers today? This question worries everyone who thinks about the possibility of collecting and subsequent delivery of glass containers. Prices at different points of reception can vary considerably. On average, in Moscow the price of one bottle of champagne is 40-70 kopecks (depending on the color and brand). Beer glass containers cost about 90 kopecks. The most expensive banks - from 1 to 10 rubles apiece. In addition, tanks and automatic machines for separate garbage collection are installed in many large cities.

If you begin to throw away unnecessary glass containers in them, you will not receive any compensation, but you will make your personal contribution to the care of the cleanliness of your hometown. And where can I take the empty glass jars for a fee? Virtually any item receiving recyclables in this category. Perhaps, at first glance, the idea of ​​making money on the packaging seems unprofitable, it is worth trying to implement it in your own family. Look for a reception point at a convenient location and arrange storage space for the containers. A small family is usually enough to hand over the container no more than 3-4 times a year. If you assume that you will be saving mainly banks, for one visit to the receiving point you can get about 1000 rubles.

Where to hand over glass jars in Moscow?


In the capital today there are several collection points for tare and broken glass. We offer you a list of organizations with the most positive reputation.

  • Moscow, Gruzinsky Val, possession 9-11 - LLC "Reception Point at Gruzinskiy Val".
  • Moscow, st. Yaroslavskaya, d.9 / 2, building 2 - LLC “MPKTF Dionis”.
  • Moscow, st. 5th Mainline, d. 18 - LLC "Ecomet-M".
  • Moscow, st. Marshal Rybalko, d. 14/2 - LLC "Reception center".

In all listed points accept standard types of cans and bottles from food glass. If you want to deliver a large batch of recyclables or some unusual types of containers - it is advisable to contact the selected organization before the visit. Now you know where to hand over glass jars in Moscow. We hope that this information will help you begin to take care of the ecological situation in your hometown and reduce the amount of garbage produced.

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