Needs: an example of human needs. Genuine and Imaginary Needs


The classic definition of the concept “need” is the need to supplement the body with something that does not apply to it. Any living organism constantly needs something. Food, special environmental conditions - all this needs. An example of a person’s needs may reflect real or perceived needs. How to learn to distinguish between these concepts and which classification of needs is correct?

Main types


Needs can be material (physical) and spiritual (mental). Some philosophers believe that this division is true only for man. Other experts say that many animals also need communication and feel uncomfortable in isolation from their relatives. This is an example of spiritual, or mental, need. Physical needs are the need for some material objects. A person needs food and water, clothing to maintain a comfortable body temperature and an impressive list of items that are used in a particular culture. The desire to communicate with other people, to experience feelings, to learn something new - all these are spiritual needs. An example of the needs of this type of lead is quite easy. Suppose one man moves to a foreign country. He feels lonely, discomfort is also delivered by ignorance of the language and a vague idea of ​​the local culture and religion. Accordingly, there is a need to make new acquaintances for regular friendly communication and a desire to learn more about the mentality and mindset of the locals.

Necessity or desire?


There are also imaginary and genuine human needs. Everyone can find examples, having understood in himself. Suppose at the moment you want to buy a new expensive car and feel hungry. Which of these two needs is more important and more relevant? Of course, this is a physical desire to eat. But the acquisition of new things is not always an imaginary need. Suppose you want a car because you live in the suburbs, spend too much time and effort on daily trips to work on public transport. If the acquisition of personal transport will bring you benefits (saving time, the ability to increase earnings), and you want to get only a means of transportation - this is a real need. In the case when you already have a car, but you want to buy a more expensive and prestigious car, your desire can be described as an imaginary need.

Primary needs


The main consider the needs of man, defined by nature itself. Any living organism needs nutrition and fluid. If these needs are not regularly met, the person, animal or plant will simply die. Another important natural process is breathing. Accordingly, it is appropriate to say that fresh air is a natural need of the body. Rest after work, sleep after prolonged wakefulness, and physical activity after rest are also natural needs. An example of the needs of this type is the fear of the threat of life (the instinct of self-preservation), and the desire to have sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.

Is it possible to survive without satisfying the primary needs?

We know what man needs from nature. Most of these needs are vital. If a person stops drinking or eating, after a while he will die. Death may occur due to severe hypothermia or overheating of the body. The same is true of physical exhaustion or constant relaxation. It is important to understand that all natural needs must be met in the right amounts. This will help maintain health and well-being to a great age. By misjudging your needs, you only harm your own body. Eating and drinking are genuine needs. Examples of their improper satisfaction can be found in modern society at every turn. Choosing harmful products or instead of pure water - carbonated drinks, canned juices and alcohol, the person seems to satisfy the need (calories are obtained, the feeling of hunger and thirst has really receded), but it does not bring any benefit to his health.

Psycho-emotional needs


Anyone seeking to know and get new information. Depending on the range of interests, one individual seeks to read the scientific encyclopedia and write an essay after his article, while another wants to study the latest issue of a glossy magazine from cover to cover. Learning something new, thinking and drawing conclusions are all psychological needs. The example of the needs of this type, given above, clearly shows that it is very often not so easy to classify the needs of a person. The desire to purchase a magazine or a book is a material need, since it is about owning a real object. But at the same time, a printed publication is bought for obtaining information, that is, satisfying the spiritual need for new knowledge.

Community life


There is another branch of psychoemotional needs - these are communicative needs. Anyone is tempted to communicate with other people, to establish close relationships, to help or receive help, and so on. The desire to work, to obtain a certain status in society and to actively participate in the lives of people around them are social needs. Everyone can find examples in himself: this desire to create a strong and happy family or to achieve professional heights. Do not forget about political and social activities, any thoughts or real work in these sectors also belong to the social sphere.

Existential needs

Philosophical questions about the meaning of life today have no definite answers. Each person decides for himself what is the main thing for him and what is his main mission. Without thinking at least periodically about your life, it is impossible to exist. The search for answers to philosophical questions and the definition of one’s place in life are existential needs. Examples can be found in the conversion of a particular person to religion or attempts to create their own theories. For each individual it is important to maintain a sound mind and find the most appropriate explanation for everything that happens. Nowadays, it is not necessary to invent something new - there are many religious and scientific theories. Someone satisfied and mystical explanations of the meaning of life.

Find and understand yourself


Another important psychological need is to clearly recognize oneself and one’s own thinking. A person must perceive himself as a unit, to distinguish his own thoughts and desires from those imposed by others. It turns out that freedom of thought and inner harmony are also spiritual needs? Examples for this question are sometimes sad. The inability to understand and recognize oneself leads to psychological problems of various types and levels of complexity. These needs are natural and need to be satisfied necessarily. Otherwise it is difficult to speak of a person as a full-fledged person. The conclusion suggests itself: the physiological and psychological needs are mostly equivalent. But at the same time in each category you need to be able to distinguish between real and imaginary needs.

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