What should be the perfect nose?


Nose is important in a person's life. It consists of the bone-cartilage skeleton and the nasal sinuses. The body is involved in respiration, smell, and is a filter for germs and dust. The nose affects the shape of a person, characterizes personality, age and ethnicity. Therefore, each body is unique. However, not all noses are perfect, and the idea of ​​them is subjective. Consider the secret of the perfect nose.

Nationality and perfect nose

Within each ethnic group there is a wide variety of facial features, and the nose is no exception. For diagnostics, they take not only absolute dimensions (length and width), but also a nasal pointer. Narrow high nose is common among Europeans, Eskimos. Broadness is inherent in blacks, Australians, Melanesians, pygmies of Africa.

Different criteria for determining the perfect nose

Consider the nose in terms of proportions.

  • Symmetry is a common feature of beauty. To do this, the face is divided vertically into three parts, where the nose is the middle part of the face.
  • If you divide the face vertically into five parts, you can see that the width of the body roughly corresponds to the width of each eye.


The perfect nose according to Leonardo da Vinci

The Italian scientist, artist and scientist in the XV-XVI century gave the most complete picture of the model of perfect proportions of the face and body. He devoted a number of studies to this topic, sketched sketches and made conclusions about ideal proportions. The feeling of harmony appears when the figure is based on symmetry and the principle of the golden section. This principle is that the human body consists of components that are in a certain relation to each other and to the whole.

To measure the parameters of the nose and check the principle of the golden ratio, you will need a face profile and measuring devices: a ruler, a pencil and a protractor.


The parameters of the nose are ideal if its length corresponds to one third of the height of the face, and the height of the tip is equal to two thirds of the back of the nose.

How to know the character of a person by the nose?

The length of the nose. Short indicates a person open, optimistic, docile and friendly. Very long - characterizes a smart, but capricious personality. A long and wide nose is inherent in calm, charming and economic people. A long nose indicates a conservative personality.

The shape of the nose and the nature of people are interrelated. A straight nose indicates the honesty, energy and calm nature of its owner, the skinny indicates a weak concentration of a person. The potato nose is inherent in slow, phlegmatic people. A person will have to work a lot with a narrow nose. If he is small with a woman, she is jealous.

Determining the nature of the tip of the nose :

  • Round shape is inherent in a successful person.
  • The pointed tip indicates a treacherous, perfidious personality.
  • Snub nose characterizes a person with unstable sexual morality and who can not keep secrets.
  • Full, convex and large tip of the nose is inherent in a kind, hardworking, kind-hearted personality capable of self-sacrifice.
  • The split tip of the nose shows suspicion, shyness of its owner.

Women's beauty standard

The perfect nose of the girl was investigated by many scientists, based on the analysis of the faces of beautiful girls of antiquity and modern beauties.

In ancient Egypt, the standard of beauty is a slim, graceful woman with a straight nose, big eyes and huge lips. In ancient Greece, the standard of beauty was the sculpture of Aphrodite, who had a straight nose profile, large expressive eyes and a magnificent posture. The Greek profile was emphasized by the straight lines of the chin, mouth and nose, low forehead.

Modern research was conducted by American scientists under the guidance of Professor Omar Ahmed. They were looking for the formula for the perfect nose of a woman and came to the conclusion that its beauty depends on the angle that forms the base of the nose and the line connecting its tip to the lips. Examining four thousand girls, the focus group and online users evaluated faces with noses from 96 to 116 degrees. After processing the results, it turned out that the optimal angle is 106 degrees. Such a neat, slightly upturned nose - from the singer, famous model and actress Scarlett Johansson. It is with such a nose, like hers, girls from a plastic surgeon want to get out.


Now there is no beauty standard. Individuality is appreciated. Increasingly, European designers are inviting girls of atypical appearance to the catwalk.

What does the shape of the nose in men say?

According to scientists, the shape of a man’s nose speaks not only about his mental, creative and artistic abilities, but also his sexual activity.

The most popular myth is that men with a small nose have problems of a sexual nature, and with a big one, the opposite. However, there is no evidence of this.

Men with a long nose are smart, conservative people. They value habits, tradition and family. It is easy to find a common language with men with a short nose. They are friendly and optimistic.

Balanced, practical and energetic people with a small snub nose. Often they are the soul of the company and the leaders.

More often than others, men with a fleshy nose or potatoes are unlucky in their personal lives. They are cautious, hardworking and attentive.

Men with a little bump in their nose are stubborn, calculating, have a strong character.


The perfect male nose is straight. Such men are educated, straightforward, love the beautiful. However, often personal life does not add up.

How to make a beautiful nose?

Nature has endowed man with an individual appearance. But what if there are flaws and they need to be hidden? There are many ways to achieve harmony of the image and improve the appearance.

Consider some of them:

  • With the help of makeup, you can visually enlarge or reduce different parts of the face. Light movement of powder and foundation can make a perfect nose for a girl.
  • With the help of hair, you can emphasize the shape of the face and hide the flaws.
  • The radical methods of changing the appearance include plastic surgery. If a person has serious congenital or acquired defects, such as a curvature of the organ after an injury, rhinoplasty will help to cope with this problem.

Every person is unique. The idea of ​​a perfect face and perfect nose is subjective and changes all the time. With proper emphasis on their merits, you can achieve harmony in appearance and greatly enhance your self-esteem.

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