Sergey Sall and his revolution in science


Modern science has been developing for more than one century, and each of its branches keeps its secrets and riddles. Moreover, not every scientist is ready to speak directly about his theories and ideas. If we look deeply at the question of intrigue, which are hidden from the eyes of an ordinary man in the street, many facts and details come up, and sometimes the scientific field looks more like a plot of a criminal action movie than a real life. But in the modern world there is a person who is ready to directly explain certain inconsistencies in history and science, without fear of criticism and condemnation. Sall Sergey Albertovich - so his name is. In the course of his scientific work, he discovered more than one inaccuracy and fearlessly promulgated them, not stopping in front of difficulties.

Sergey Sall: biography

Data about this person is relatively little. Sergey Sall is an associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. He was educated at LETI, after which he entered the postgraduate at GOI and after that he studied at the doctoral program at St. Petersburg State University. Among his specialties are "Physical Electronics" and "Optics".


For more than 16 years he has been teaching, in parallel being an assistant to the chairman of the RFO of St. Petersburg. It is worth noting that Sall Sergey Albertovich was a secretary in the Physical Society for two years.


Sergei Albertovich has not one report on new archaeological, physical and linguistic discoveries. But his activity is not limited to this, the scientist affects many areas of the scientific sphere. He is constantly busy collecting facts and discoveries that modern science does not recognize, but many scientists confirm the authenticity of these data. We can say that Sergei Sall devoted his life to disclosing the secrets and mysteries of modern science and publicizing the information that is being hushed up. Another work of the scientist is a thorough analytical work on the theories of physics, which either cannot fully describe certain phenomena or do not show the whole picture of what is happening.

Scientific revolution

According to the scientist, many physical phenomena discovered officially in the last century, in fact, were studied much earlier. He believes that many data were simply hidden from the public: they were destroyed, erased from textbooks and other literature. This is exactly how a real secret coup d'état was accomplished, which significantly threw science back. Sergei Sall believes that Einstein's theory of relativity played a very large role in the forced deviation from the previous course of science. After all, the ether theory that had appeared earlier could have significantly changed modern science, but it was put aside in a distant box, it was not remembered until the end of the seventies of the twentieth century. Only then did V. Atsukovsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences, begin to develop it.


At the moment, many scientists have at their disposal practical data on various scientific fields, but for one reason or another they are not able to use them for the development of the world. In theory, cold fusion or torsion technology may well be available to anyone. According to Sergei Sall, fuel-free energy technologies could be discovered and introduced into our life many years ago.

Unknown brilliant inventions

According to Sergei Sall, many books on the air, written in the 18th and 19th centuries, contain knowledge of modernity. But all this information was ignored by official science and therefore had no effect on the development of society and industry as a whole. Sergei Albertovich Sall, whose biography is inextricably linked to the issues he is considering, pays special attention to the theory of the Bernoulli brothers. We are talking about a vortex sponge, which allows us to observe how exactly the transverse waves can propagate in a gaseous medium. It is worth noting that the brothers had followers among physicists and mathematicians, but these works were then completely forgotten and not taken into account.


This also applies to Einstein’s theory of relativity. The fact that E = mc 2 has been known since the 19th century, when an active study of the ether was conducted. The theory appeared in textbooks in 1872, and the formula was derived by the Russian physicist Nikolai Umov, but when the revolution ended, this formula was crossed out of all available media. In this, Sergei Sall also sees a real revolution in history and believes that this was a custom action, which threw off the development of civilization for a century.

The theory of ether thanks to many scientists from the beginning of the 70s began to resurrect. Back in the eighties, a book titled “General Ether-Dynamics” was published. It was written by the famous physicist I. Atsukovsky.

The basis of hiding science

The hiding of scientific data is not at all new to our civilization. For example, in ancient times only priests and alchemists had special knowledge. Even when the era of printing books began, knowledge still tried to conceal to the maximum. For example, I. Newton concealed many of his experiences related to alchemy. The fact that there is a permanent connection between such concepts as secret knowledge and science, Sergei Sall is sure and has repeatedly proved this in his writings.


The main reason for hiding scientific data were the interests of military and commercial structures. Each scientist may face the secrecy of information, while in his fund may receive additional dividends from the state, so to speak, for silence. Every time when some scientific experience is declassified, serious breakthroughs immediately occur in science and technology. This is claimed by Sergei Sall, whose biography is connected with the search and disclosure of the secrets of science. For example, such a breakthrough concerns informatics and hydrogen energy, many of which were revealed only recently. According to Sergei Sall, the true history of mankind could have gone far ahead if all discoveries had not been ignored or deliberately kept secret.

Commerce and science

If you disclose trade secrets, there is a high probability that monopolism will die out of the lives of ordinary citizens. Thus, the market will expand and develop, and the goods on the counter will be more in its diversity. According to Sall Sergei Albertovich, whose biography and activity are closely related to the secrets of science, if a scientist himself hides information, of his own free will, he seeks to lead science to stagnation. To lead her into a dead end, to the development of meaningless or dangerous directions. In this case, a large expenditure of labor and financial resources is wasted. As an example, the scientist cites the concealment and falsification of knowledge that was obtained at the beginning of the last century. History shows that this led to serious changes in the natural sciences and physics. Sergey Sall considers fuel-free technologies to be one of the aspects that have been subjected to these frauds.

The beginning of a revolution in science

It is believed that the beginning of a revolution in the history of science was the publication of Einstein in 1905. It was then that he told the media about light quanta and the theory of relativity. The whole world soon paid attention to this scientist. Thanks to the powerful propaganda and simplicity of his theories, physics has reached a completely new level, completely ceasing to pay attention to earlier works. In the forties of the last century, this science was practically formed.


After this, the government decided to preserve the foundations of physics for an indefinite period. Now the main task of the authors of textbooks was their rewriting. After the canonization of the special theory of relativity took place, the works of all the great scientists whose direction was the hydrodynamics of the ether were forgotten and put into a distant box. Sergei Sall, whose secret knowledge includes information about it, revealed many facts to the world that were difficult to guess. Maxwell’s equations, Newton’s laws, and many other things were surprisingly distorted. Most modern physicists now have only falsified information, because even its physical content was distorted.

Quantum-relativistic revolution

As a result of all these falsifications and cover-ups, a real revolution took place. It is believed that modern science is based on quantum concepts, that is, everything depends on the effect of the laws of physics on speed and particles.


But any expert knows perfectly well that quantum mechanics does not touch the classical one. Very often in the textbooks you can find comments that this inconsistency is still incorrigible. Even some of the equations of modern science completely contradict the examples derived earlier.

Change formulas

Two British physicists - D. Fitzgerald and O. Heaviside - conducted a serious experiment: in 1883 they tried to replace the full with partial derivatives in Maxwell’s differential equations regarding aerodynamics. This experiment is silent, because at the moment no modern physicist knows the content of genuine equations. This is due to the fact that for the sake of canonization of the theory of relativity, all information on this subject has been completely withdrawn, not only from textbooks, but even from historical information. The reason for this decision was a very significant moment: the equations themselves were incompatible with the theory of relativity, as they are invariant.

Empowering Formulas

Simplification of the formulas allowed us to expand the range of problems that can be solved by means of these equations. But It is worth noting that they are absolutely not suitable for a moving ether, since they do not have any calculation for this. In other words, the modern equations of aerodynamics are suitable only for the ether in a quiet position. This deficiency was noticed by Heaviside, so he tried to check these equations on a moving ether, after which he was able to derive all the relations. But their world will see under other names, because their appearance would spoil the overall picture of the creation of MOT. Many physicists turned a blind eye to changes in science, and no one noticed that Newton's Third Law was violated.

Relativity is not part of physics

The complexity of the situation is that in earlier times many physicists worked separately. The same Einstein did not even suspect the work of the British, because he simply did not know English. In other words, all his knowledge was obtained from German and French textbooks, and the findings of other physicists were simply not taken into account. Lorenz - one of the scientists, on the basis of which Einstein derived theories, was acquainted with the necessary data. But since he had a mathematical mindset, and the most important thing for him was logic, he did not take Maxwell's theory into account and did not mention them in his works. The fact is that Maxwell liked to use complex hydromechanical analogies, which caused criticism.


At the same time, many physicists criticized Einstein, because he used only two postulates for formulas, but this is not enough for them to be workers. The scientist has failed to derive anything from the two postulates. Other scientists tried to help him, but all the conclusions were incorrect from the mathematical side. Therefore, we can safely say that the theory of relativity cannot be part of physics at all.

Inaccuracies in Maxwell's equation

It is worth clarifying here that the modern version of the formula implies an infinite rate of interaction between the magnet and the pendant. This means that magnetic and Coulomb forces move in space much faster than electromagnetic waves. Taking into account Maxwell's equations, these forces develop to the speed of light in a vacuum. That is, in the wave environment. But it should be borne in mind that the wave space and the usual atmosphere are not equivalent. If explained in simple language, then in space these forces will move at the speed of light, in the atmosphere they will significantly exceed it. And Einstein's theories claim that the speed of light is the limit. This is impossible already taking into account the equations of classical physics and experiments. In other words, all modern theories about space, time, events, and so on - this is just a fantasy that does not comply with the laws of classical physics.

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