Grenade launcher "Bur": features, tactical and technical characteristics, application


Grenade launcher "Bur" - a new word in the production of military equipment. It was developed and put into service in 2014, having already established itself from the best side. The "drill" is used to destroy unarmored vehicles and enemy manpower, and its relatively low weight in battle turns out to be an indisputable advantage.

History of creation and production

The development of a new grenade launcher was made by the instrument design office in the city of Tula. The model was based on the German Panzerfaust grenade launcher and the Bumblebee Russian infantry flamethrower.

In the 80s of the twentieth century design office them. Academician A.G. Shipunova developed the 93-mm bumblebee complex. In addition to the flamethrower, the specialists also created devices for shooting practice with an RPG grenade launcher.

The Bumblebee flamethrower has undergone significant modernization, the purpose of which was to expand the capabilities of the weapon, which must deal with the modern technical equipment of the enemy most effectively. On the basis of "Bumblebee" was developed a new version - a flamethrower of increased power and range RPO-M PDM-A, and easier - "Bumblebee-M".

In the future, this model served as the basis for the development of a new small-sized grenade launcher complex. It was first demonstrated to the general public during the INTERPOLITEX exhibition. It happened in the fall of 2013. High marks from Russian experts have pushed developers to demonstrate new weapons at the EUROSATORY 2014 exhibition, which was held in Paris. A unique development of Russian designers was presented to visitors - the Boer rocket launcher.

Currently, the release of this weapon is adjusted at the Tula military plant. Belarusian holding "BelOMO" has developed and created for the new grenade launcher several special types of sights: day, night and thermal imaging.


Grenade launcher "Boer" consists of two main parts:

  • rocket engine casing made of fiberglass;
  • trigger device for ammunition, which includes a trigger, pistol grip, manual safety, handguard with ribbed structure, bracket for installing range finders or optical sights.


To transfer the rocket engine cases, a special bag-backpack, designed for three cases, is provided. The grenade launcher itself is transported using a special webbing attached to the body.


The advantages of the complex

  • different types of shots can be used;
  • different types of sights are suitable, they vary depending on conditions;
  • ammunition has high efficiency, despite the relatively small weight and size;
  • grenade launcher "Bur", the characteristics of which do not require considerable space for firing, can be used even in small rooms with an area of ​​30 m³;
  • safe to handle and reliable in combat;
  • it is intended for firing from provisions from a knee, lying, standing;
  • easy to transport, can be used for airborne landing.

Unprecedentedly low weight makes the "drill" simply indispensable. It can be used by special forces units and sabotage and reconnaissance groups. The calculation of this grenade launcher complex consists of only one person. The reloading procedure takes a few seconds and is carried out by a single fighter.


The Boer grenade launcher can use high-explosive and thermobaric grenades. The caliber of shells - 62 mm. In order to recharge the complex, the installation must be placed in a new engine block, previously removed from the empty case.


Thermobaric grenades are characterized by the creation of extreme temperatures in a certain volume, the consequence of which is a powerful blast wave. This makes it possible to inflict significant defeats on enemy infantry, destroy fortifications, and incapacitate even lightly armored vehicles.

Performance characteristics

The grenade launcher "Bur", whose performance characteristics have several unique features, immediately after the appearance became the subject of increased attention of professionals. The maximum slaughter range of the gun is 950 meters, and the minimum distance at which you can hit the target is 25 meters. When using a telescopic sight, a fighter armed with a “drill” is able to conduct aimed fire from a distance of up to 650 meters. The starting device with an optical sight has a mass of up to 1.5 kg.

The “Bur” grenade launcher with a thermobaric warhead can be used for combat at an ambient temperature ranging from -40 to + 60 ° C. The launcher is designed for at least five hundred shots. It has been established that the grenade launcher "Bur" has the following accuracy of shooting at a distance of two hundred meters:

  • height deviation (BB) - ≤ 0.5;
  • deviation in hand (Wb) - ≤ 0.5.

"Bur" in service

Currently, tests of the grenade launcher "Bur" successfully completed. This weapon proved to be quite effective, so it was decided to put it into service with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Use its units for various purposes, primarily troops, special forces, infantry.



First of all, it is worth noting that the "Bur" grenade launcher is unique in its kind. His only closest competitor is the German Panzerfaust 3. This anti-tank grenade launcher is reloading in roughly the same way that it was used to reload the Boer complex. Both guns use the same projectiles and are of equal caliber. In principle, this is where the similarities between them end.

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