The color value of roses, or how to choose the right gift


According to psychologists, various shades can have a tremendous impact on our emotional state, and such an effect can be both positive and harmful, and sometimes completely harmful.

Running once again past the flower shop and marveling at the variegated assortment, I came to the conclusion that I would hardly have bought dark, almost black tulips, and the huge red lilies tone up me more than relax. It was then that the question arose: do roses have a meaning when choosing, say, a birthday present, a wedding, or some memorable date?

It turned out that the most direct, and some, however, very few, bouquets are presented exclusively to men, and there are those that are suitable only for representatives of the weak half of humanity.

Florists believe that the value of flowers of roses can not be called strict or categorical. However, it is still better not to forget about some rules, in order not to get into an awkward situation once, when a gift instead of smiles and joy causes offense or even a storm of indignation.

The color value of roses. Shades of red


First of all, I note that I was surprised to learn that it was customary to choose these flowers, considering not only the situation or the reason, but also the age of the woman. Here, for example, pink buds could not be more appropriate, if you present them to young creatures from 14 to about 18 years. Bright red - the best gift for a young woman under 25 years old. Older women, according to tradition, decided to give scarlet flowers, and after 35 years burgundy are suitable. However, it seems to me that such symbolism is too scarce for some of the most amazing plants on earth, so let us also take into account the importance of the relationship that develops between the giver and the recipient of the gift:

  1. The bud of the color of passion and love is red. Such a gift may be appropriate during a hectic romance or honeymoon. In addition, this color scheme approves and respects, which means it is quite suitable if you decide to congratulate someone on a successful job or a brilliantly completed project.
  2. Burgundy and other more saturated colors are considered very noble. They are perfect for serious celebrations and celebrations, for example, for the anniversary of a grandmother or an elderly employee. A lush bouquet will surely become a sign of unfading beauty.
  3. Delicate pink bouquets give young creatures in order to emphasize their youth, modesty, tenderness, inexperience and naivety. Such flowers will be a great gift in the event that a romance between a boy and a woman is just born, feelings are awkward and pure. This is the first step to love and passion.

The color value of roses. Shades of white


Immediately I would like to note that, despite the massive popularity of white buds, according to tradition, it is customary to present them to innocent girls, up to 13-14 years old, or brides. Although in the modern world, it is permissible to give them to everyone without exception, except, perhaps, the people of Japan, because In this country, white is considered mourning.

In our country, being a symbol of sincerity, prudence and purity, they are well suited if you want to congratulate your friend, colleague, acquaintance or child. Cream flowers are included in the traditional wedding bouquet.

The color value of roses. Unusual shades


But with yellow plants you need to be careful, because it is known for certain that the sunny color, oddly enough, is the color of betrayal and separation. Probably, you need to think more than once before making such a gift to your beloved woman or wife. It will be appropriate only if you are known for certain taste preferences of a loved one.

What color is better to present roses to an employee or business colleague? Florists in one voice say: "Coral or orange!". Why precisely such? It is believed that this shade is suitable for active and motivated women.

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