List of bulletin boards: rating, top-10, ad rules, registration instructions, safety tips and customer reviews


There are many ways to sell your product or service on the Internet. Best of all, of course, is the purchase of advertising. This method is the most effective, but also the most expensive. This requires some knowledge and experience, otherwise your budget will be wasted. You can hire a manager, he will do all the basic work for you, but you will have to pay for his services. If you have a limited budget and you need to promote a product or service, you can use the bulletin boards. A list of boards will be presented in this article. We will tell you how to arrange and place an ad so that your product will be noticed.

Types of bulletin boards

What is a bulletin board? These are specialized websites on the Internet that allow the user to place an advertisement for the sale of a product or service. Such sites are visited by millions of people in search of the necessary goods. Bulletin boards can be divided into general, thematic, local and regional. All kinds of goods and services are laid out on common boards, they are divided into categories for easy search.


On thematic boards laid out ad narrow subject. This is a car sale or job search. Also, all boards can be divided into local and regional. Local boards are published ads of a particular city. For example, the board publishes ads only for Moscow and the Moscow region. On the regional boards you can place an ad in any region of the country. To place an ad on a similar site, registration is required. There are lists of bulletin boards without registration, but let's talk about this a little later.

Bulletin boards in social networks

Bulletin boards began to appear on social networks. And if you consider that social networks are gaining extraordinary popularity, placing ads on such sites can be very profitable. Many in the social networks of local boards, which are tied to a particular city. The largest number of such boards is "VKontakte", but "Facebook" should not be discounted. It has a lot of thematic bulletin boards.


Top 10 Russian bulletin boards

This list includes famous bulletin boards of Russia:

  1. Avito is considered to be the largest bulletin board. A lot of goods, vacancies to work in the regions of Russia.
  2. Tiu is a very famous bulletin board. You can buy and sell anything.
  3. Another famous board - All categories are divided into different domains. Very good in terms of load. With a large influx of visitors the site does not hang.
  4. "From hand to hand" is a bulletin board of the same name newspaper. It is very popular.
  5. "Barahla.Net" - very user-friendly interface. All new announcements are published in the form of a tape.
  6. "Pulse prices" - a very attractive board to search for suppliers of wholesale goods.
  7. "" - a free bulletin board without registration.
  8. “” is a free board, but you need to register to submit an ad. You can respond to job openings without her.
  9. is ranked third in the ranking in the e-commerce category. Attendance - from 65, 000 people per day.
  10. is a free board with a very friendly interface. The most recent ads are shown in the tape.

This is only part of the boards, which are very popular and attendance. When posting ads on them, it is important to pay attention to reviews. If they are bad and you have distrust of this site, it is better to refrain from submitting ads. Often reviews of various advertising sites are very similar. Most of them boil down to the fact that users are satisfied with the result of placing their ads. Many boards are pleased with good navigation, simple registration and sales performance.

Also, special attention should be paid to security when conducting transactions on bulletin boards. Especially it concerns the purchase of goods. Never send a prepayment for the goods. Many scammers use this. They post an advertisement for the sale of goods, after you are interested in them, they ask you for an advance payment. Receiving money, they just disappear.

Thematic bulletin boards

In order to place your offer as profitably as possible, you need to correctly form a list of bulletin boards. Depending on which activity you are interested in, the list may look different. Here, for example, is a small list of industrial bulletin boards:

  • - here you can find ads for the sale of metal. Moreover, all information that is not relevant to the topic is deleted.
  • - this site provides information on polymers and plastics, fertilizers, polyethylene, latex and rubber, as well as other chemical industries of Russian enterprises.
  • is one of the most developed industrial portals. Here almost all companies operating in the industrial sector place information.
  • is an industrial portal operating in all sectors. Here you can find information on any goods and services related to industry, production, construction, buy a variety of equipment and materials.


In the same way we collect the list of Moscow bulletin boards. For example:

  • and others.

In fact, paid and free advertising boards are thousands, if not tens of thousands. So it will be easy to choose the right. If you do not know in which field of activity it is better to refer your goods, use the general subject bulletin boards.

RDS plugin bar for Mozilla Firefox

For the successful monitoring of bulletin boards, you can use the RDS add-on bar for Mozilla Firefox browser. It is installed with just one button, but it brings a lot of benefits. For example, when selecting boards you need to take into account their popularity. Not all sites use open visitor statistics, but this plugin is able to track it and present it in a convenient way. The installed plugin is a strip with information under the bookmarks bar. All parameters of the open site are displayed in this bar and are always in front of your eyes. By clicking on the special buttons, you can see the position of the site in search engines, statistics of visits and much more.


How to make an ad

In order for your ad to attract more buyers, you need to arrange it correctly. The most important part is the headline. Ninety percent of the information that a customer is looking for is concentrated in the title. It determines how the buyer responds to the ad. Will read further or immediately close and switch to others. He must instantly understand what is being offered to him and why.


Do not reject key phrases. They must be present in the title. Not all people go into categories to search for goods. Some simply ask in the search site for key phrases. If there is such a phrase in your ad, then the ad is more likely to be in the top line. An ad with keywords in the title can go to the top of search engines and find itself at the top of the list of Russian bulletin boards.

After the title follows the body of the ad. It is necessary to list all the parameters of the goods, the benefits (why you only need to buy from you), delivery methods, telephone. It is important that your ad is different from the competition. What can you offer the buyer to purchase exactly your product? Promotions, gifts, free service and other - this is something that can favorably distinguish a product from a competitive one.

How to place an ad

The announcement is made. Now you need to place it on the boards that are on your list. In it you should keep a list of popular bulletin boards with which you can continue to work. We are registered on the selected site. As a rule, registration is very simple, no more difficult than registration in any social network. You need to fill out the form, it is important to correctly specify the email address and telephone number. So how exactly on them you will receive notification of the purchase of your product.

Next, find the button "Add announcement". Choose a category for the product. We fill in all fields: title, description, phone number or other contact information. In the field "add photos" you need to add a product image. It is important that the photo was high quality, with all the details. It is better if you add multiple images in different angles. After filling in all the fields, click the "Place" button. The ad is submitted for moderation and after a while, if the moderators have not found a prohibited product or service, the ad will be posted on the board. Thus we go through the entire list of bulletin boards.

Ad monitoring

For the best sales effect, it is important not only to submit an ad, but also to constantly monitor it. Every day users add millions of ads, and yours will always lose their positions. To keep them, you can add new ones and delete old ones. But it takes a lot of time. It is good if the announcement is placed on one board, and if there are 20 or more such boards? Keep track of all impossible.


Some well-known sites have made an additional service - paid accommodation. You pay a small amount, and the ad remains in the top positions for a certain amount of time. It can be from 3 to 14 days. This is very convenient, no need to constantly monitor and add new ads. In addition, there are special bulletin board list aggregators. For a fee, they can place an ad on hundreds of boards.

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