Kara Hayward biography and filmography


Kara Hayward is an American film actress. She was born in 1998 (November 17) in Winchester, Massachusetts, USA. She became famous all over the world because of her role as a girl Suzy in the movie "Kingdom of the Full Moon" in 2012. At that time, the actress was only 12 years old. This role was the debut in her career as an actress. But, despite the young age of the girl, the game Kara brought only positive feedback from viewers and film critics.

Life facts

The family of Kara Hayward is proud of her. When the actress was still her little family (on, her parents and younger sister) moved to the northeast United States - to the city of Andover. There Kara went to a high school called Wood Hill Middle School.

At the age of 9, she passed the standard IQ test, and her ratio was higher than that of 98% of the people inhabiting the planet. Thus, Kara joined the largest non-profit organization for those who have a high level of intelligence called "Mensa".

Her first performance on stage was a role in a staging at a summer camp, which instilled a love for the profession.


Kara Hayward: movies

At the moment, Cara has starred in 11 motion pictures.

Played on TV shows:

  • "The Great Journal of Channel +" (Le grand journal de Canal +) - plays itself.
  • "Three cinema" (Cinema 3) - plays itself.
  • In 2013, she was filmed with her participation "Law and Order: Special Corps" - a detective serial film that has been released since 1999.
  • Also in 2013 she starred in the popular TV series "White Collar".
  • In 2016 she played in the series "Haters, away!"

Her game can be estimated in full-length films:

  • "The Sisterhood of the Night" (The Sisterhood of Night) - a thriller of 2014;
  • "Quitters" - drama, comedy in 2015;
  • "Fan Girl" (Fan Girl) - comedy of 2015;
  • Manchester by the Sea (Manchester by the Sea) - Drama 2016;
  • "Paterson" (Paterson) - melodrama 2016;
  • "Isle of Dogs" (Isle of Dogs) - voiced the role in the cartoon in 2018.


Popular movie roles

The movie The Kingdom of the Full Moon was the most famous film starring Kara Hayward. The tragicomedy came out in 2012. The leading roles were given to novice actors - Kare Hayward and Jared Gilmar. This was the starting point in the career of a young movie star Kara. A second-hand starring role played by world cinema stars such as Harvey Keitel, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis.

Film director Wes Anderson was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay. Motion picture won the prestigious Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy of the Year. 94% of critics who have looked at this tragicomedy have left a positive review about the play of the actors and the film as a whole.

Interesting fact. At the casting for the role of Suzy in the movie "Kingdom of the full moon" actress came by accident. Cara heard that open auditions were being held in Boston, near her hometown, and thought it would be an interesting pastime on a boring Saturday evening.

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