Pavel Khudyakov - music video director and director


Pavel Khudyakov (see photo below) - screenwriter, director, music video director and cameraman. He collaborated with such popular performers as Jasmin, Timati, Sergey Lazarev, Stas Pieha, Nikolay Baskov, Legaliz, Irakly, Ani Lorak, Infinity, Oksana Fedorova, Sergey Zverev, etc. This article will present his short biography.

Childhood and study

Pavel Khudyakov was born in Moscow in 1983. A boy from the age of five comprehended the basics of film profession. And all because his father Konstantin Khudyakov is a Russian film director, actor and honored art worker of the Russian Federation. After high school, Pavel went to the camera department at the Lithuanian Institute of Humanities. Already in the third year the young man shot his first video for the song of the artist Deema. Khudyakov's work was rated excellent. After graduation, the future music video director entered the postgraduate school of VGIK.


Personal life

Pavel Khudyakov met his wife Cornelia at the Moscow-Berlin cafe when he was barely 19 years old. Both spouses are confident that the meeting was destined for them. Pavel gladly listed the signs of heaven: they studied on Kutuzov Avenue in neighboring schools and lived in neighboring houses. But the most important coincidence was in the other - Cornelia and Pavel decided on a profession while still in school, studying in the sixth grade. At the moment, the couple have two children. Daughter Tone is nine years old, and Mark's son is four.


At first, Pavel Khudyakov shot only commercials (the first was a video for the “Store on the couch” about a washing machine). On them, the young man filled his hand and went to the clips. After the video with Deper, Pavel gained some fame. Timati paid attention to the young clipmaker and exchanged business cards with him. Now the rapper has become a close friend and regular customer of Paul. Their first collaboration was a video for the song "Groove On". Also in the video starred Snoop Dogg. At the premiere after the final credits there was a pause, and then the hall broke out with a storm of applause.

In the video itself, Timati depicts a poker player exposing a large mafia. Chips are constantly moving on the table. Sometimes they fly up, displaying the inscription "Khudyakov Production" (Paul's company). And everything that is happening around is being recorded on the camera by the intelligence officer, whose role was played by Julia Milner. The girl is the wife of Uncle Pavel Khudyakov. This is the well-known co-owner of Facebook, Yuri Milner.


Pavel Khudyakov: movies

While on the account of the hero of this article there is only one picture - “”. At first, the film was supposed to be interactive. That is, it was planned that the script for it would be written by residents of the same name of the social network. They will compose the soundtrack and play key roles. Moreover, each peripetia of the plot and the replica will be approved by the users of Odnoklassniki. Pavel Khudyakov consulted with the producers and decided that he would shoot independently. And the director will invite the most active users to episodic roles.


We can say that he became autobiographical. After all, the main character Alexey, like Pavel in his youth, works as a screenwriter for commercials. But only Khudyakov could sell Retona washing machines with his video. But Alex does not cope with the task, and he is fired. Then the unfortunate copywriter meets Snoop Dogg, who played a cameo role in the film. He hands Alexey the magic laptop. It is necessary to go with him to the social network "Odnoklassniki", update the status - and any desire will be fulfilled. The main character will have to take revenge on the evil boss (Fyodor Bondarchuk), find his place in life and meet his own love in the face of Cornelia Polyak.


Participation in the filming of his wife

After the premiere, Pavel was asked why he had engaged his wife, who had no acting education, in the filming. Khudyakov said that his decision on this issue was influenced by two factors: a full understanding with Cornelia at the intuitive level and the recommendation of Yevgeny Mironov. The spouse understood Paul from a half-word and did everything as needed. Also before shooting, Khudyakov asked Evgeny Mironov to evaluate his wife’s acting game. People's Artist of Russia delivered a verdict: there is no actor’s experience, but there is a natural organic matter to work on. In general, Mironov allowed Khudyakov’s wife to film.

Further work

After the premiere of, Bondrachuk praised Paul, saying: “You are me before the movie“ The Ninth Company ”. Khudyakov beamed! So his "Company" is still ahead. It is quite possible that it will be a new gangster picture, the script to which the music video director writes with Mikhail Idov (GQ editor).


Director in social networks

Pavel Khudyakov himself, whose biography was presented in this article, literally lives on Instagram. His profile resembles a storyboard of his own clips: gold jewelry, girls in bikinis, expensive cars, tattoos, palms, etc. Sometimes Paul himself flashes in the pictures, attending weddings of close friends, film premieres, etc. There is no profile on Odnoklassniki Khudyakov. Only the page of his company "Khudyakov Production."

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