You will not sit down - you will not go. A very "healthy" terminal in the metro attaches Muscovites to the sport (video)


Everybody thinks how not to burst from overeating in the upcoming holidays, all sorts of miracle diets and exercises are recalled.

And it dawned on us! There is one good tool - a trip by metro in Moscow. It will disperse overgrown calories in the form of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, moreover, it will be completely free for the lucky ones.

Where to get such a two-in-one megabon? Go to the station "Exhibition".


Fitness apparatus will solve the problem of excess weight during the holidays

The humor is that, having completed only 30 squats, you can get a ticket for one trip in the Moscow subway and not pay a penny for it.

The action to install an experimental terminal was timed to the holding of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

To get a ticket, you need to stand at the indicated place on the floor, a countdown will appear on the screen, for 30 squats two minutes are given.

After satisfying holidays, one will have to grovel and try, and not every brave man dares to subject himself to such a test. But the savings are there!

What do you choose - a ticket for payment or for squats?

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