Officer's knife: device and specifications


On the modern knife market a wide range of various cutting products is presented to the attention of consumers. Judging by the numerous reviews, tactical folding knives are in great demand. One of these models is the Knox-2M officer's knife. You will find information on its device and technical characteristics in this article.

Introducing the cutting product

"Knox-2M" is a folding hunting knife. Produced by Knox. Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, the officer’s knife is ideally suited for both combat and hunting tasks thanks to its modern ergonomic design. This cutting device is an indispensable tool in a camping trip, as it is adapted for solving various domestic needs.

How does a skladnik unfold?

The author of this officer's knife is Alexander Biryukov. Due to the peculiar configuration, the warehouse can be quickly opened in three ways:

  • Classic. Owner enough to work on double-sided peg.
  • Marching. In this case, the officer's knife is opened after pulling the special recess, which the blade is equipped with.
  • Inertia. Flipper is pressed, which is presented in the form of a fin. If the knife is open, this element is used as a stop to prevent the hand from sliding on the blade. The advantage of this flipper is that it practically does not go beyond the limits of the handle, which is not the case with fins in other folding knives.


About the handle

In the manufacture of handles for the officer's knife using shock-resistant plastic G-10 green. Due to the texture of this material and the shape of the knife, it fits perfectly in the hand and will not slip out if it works in the rain. In the handle there is a pronounced recess, which during operation rests against the index finger. The back of the handle is equipped with a cullet. On plastic plates, the manufacturer, by milling, applied an image of a five-pointed star in a circle with two waves diverging in different directions. At the edges of the lining space for a wide chamfer.


About blade

For the manufacture of the blade used high-quality Japanese steel AUS-8. Judging by the numerous reviews, the officer's knife is able to withstand a high shock load. If necessary, it will be easy to sharpen. Since this cutting product is designed to perform tactical combat missions, it is very important that its blade does not shine. For this reason, the blade is equipped with a special anti-reflective coating. Black stone is used as a material for this purpose. Cover both the blade itself, and liners and clips. Matt black is used for other metal elements and screws.


According to experts, in its form the blade is a classic “bowie” with a direct drop point from the middle of the blade. The cutting part of the form of "pike" with a wide chamfer on the edges and short symmetrical valleys, which are on the knife on both sides. An officer's knife with a marked coyle, so that the finger does not slide on the cutting part. The left side of the knife became the location for the location of the name of this model, the image of a star and the inscription "Russian knife of the XXI century". On the right side of the blade is the steel grade and logo.

About the technical characteristics

  • "Knox-2M" is a folding hunting knife.
  • The total length of the product is 245 mm, blade - 111 mm.
  • The thickness of the knife in the butt of 3.5 mm.
  • For the manufacture of blades using steel grade AUS-8, 134 mm grip - G-10.
  • The knife is equipped with a lock Liner Lock.
  • Hardness rating is 58 HRC.
  • The cover in the kit is not provided.

Consumer opinion

The owners appreciated the high performance of these folding knives. The strengths of officer folders include their compactness. Due to the small dimensions of the clamshell is convenient to carry both in a backpack and in a pocket of pants. This became possible due to the presence of elastic and rigid clips, fastened with two screws. The ability to reinstall it is not provided. However, this fact, judging by the reviews, the owners are not considered as a disadvantage.


The officer's folding knife due to the use in the design of ball bearings has a soft and very easy stroke of the blade and its reliable fixation in both open and closed positions. This cutting product is considered available. To purchase the Knox-2M, you will have to pay 2150 rubles.

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