Where to look for adventure? Simple ways to find adventures.


What to do if bored? Where to look for adventures to dilute the colors of our routine routine? Have you thought about it? Each person at a certain stage of his life catches himself thinking that life has become some kind of monotonous, that one wants some changes. Bored with this path, where you go every day to school, college or work. Bored by the people you see and communicate with every day. It seems that life is crushed by a strict framework, for which it is impossible to go. It would seem that you did everything in life according to your mind, but still you do not get pleasure. So what to do? How to help yourself? Let's look at this and find out where to look for adventure and interest, so that life goes on in a positive rhythm.

Let's change

The comfort zone is a situation in which nothing bothers us. Every day we repeat the same settings - we go to work, we return home along a familiar route, go to our favorite supermarket and buy the same thing there as a couple of days ago. In general, everything is as usual and nothing new. If you do not take any measures and continue in the same rhythm of life, then you can plunge into this routine and never see the joys of life, besides those that are already familiar and familiar to us.

Most people will agree with this bitter truth, but they will not undertake anything, because they do not know what specifically to do. A bunch of excuses and supposedly rational beliefs will immediately be born in my head, which will contradict the initiative of innovations. However, can these people realize for themselves that in order to leave the comfort zone it is not necessary to climb onto Chomolungma and hammer the flag of their country into the ground. It is not necessary to survive in extreme conditions, like Bear Grylls. There are also joys in primitive trifles that you were not familiar with before. There are many sane ways in which your life will be interesting and colorful and will not be in danger. Let's make a list of easy ways to find adventures.

Journey in splendid isolation

Yes, the first thing that comes to mind is to make a trip for yourself. Very trite, it is indisputable. But let's look at this option from the other side. As a rule, people travel with family, acquaintances or friends. They are recorded in tourist groups and together with the guide (or guide) go to various places and take pictures at the monuments at his command. Well, this is too easy and uninteresting. Where is the new emotions to get?


Embark on a journey on their own, without friends and travel companions. Your pastime will automatically become intense and active. You must take the initiative in communicating with strangers, learn from them information and plot your travel route.

At first glance it seems that it is boring, dull and easy. However, without trying, you will never understand what it really is. You will plunge into the world, where every minute you have to learn something, to achieve something, to go somewhere or go. Constant saturation of emotions will update your routine thoughts. After such an event, you will start thinking a little differently, and the world will seem easier. Afterwards, you yourself will tell your family and friends how to find adventures in the city, and an unfamiliar one.

Life and adventure. Tip Two: Stand for a moment as a child asking questions.

In childhood, you asked many questions to parents, it was very interesting for you to learn about the world, and you did not think about the correctness of the question and its relevance. Now that you're an adult, you shut up a little bit. Why did you do that? Why are you ashamed to ask people? Do you think that in Google you will find everything yourself and you will not disturb anyone? No, it is very uninteresting. Live communication is still more informative and emotional. Naturally, you, as an adult, should observe the measures of correctness and politeness when asking a question to an interlocutor or a passer-by, this is what distinguishes you from a child, but feel free to ask simple questions. After all, it's normal, why not?


Now remember, if the next time in a dialogue with someone you want to get a phone and check this or that information in a search engine, then resist. Just don't do it. Ask your interlocutor, suddenly he knows. So it's more interesting. Experiments with live communication are now necessary for everyone, and soon everyone will be corresponding in the Telegram, being in the same room.

We walk more often

Many will prefer to take the subway or bus to get to their destination. Now people do not like to walk on foot. And in vain. Walking triggers our brain with new emotions, including negative ones. By the way, negative emotions also help to unload, if it is really boring. Feel the mood of your city, breathe the same atmosphere with it, it is useful. Pay attention to people, discuss them in your head. When life comes to you physically very close, it is extremely difficult for you to ignore it. Your every hiking route is your little trip.


Visit the market or fair

Here you will probably say that the supermarket is much more profitable and more practical, and you will be absolutely right! But the essence is not at all in material gain, we answer the question "where to look for adventure." In supermarkets, people walk silently and gloomily, stuffing their carts with packaged goods. Well, what adventures can be here? Is it possible to try to carry a chocolate bar through the cashier and ride a trolley for goods? It may seem funny to someone, but we are choosing a safer option. But at the fair or the market, you can talk, quarrel, bargain, try, ask again and argue. Here is just a hotbed of new emotions. Soak up this atmosphere and be smart, you will definitely like it.


Note young

Where to look for adventures to a teenager? Probably the easier question in the world does not exist. Youth is an eternal journey. You can turn the steering wheel either to the left or to the right. At a young age, adventure can be found in everything. Nothing bothers you! Do whatever you want!


Write on paper all your interests and hobbies that you have learned and that you want to master. Write everything that comes to your mind, everything you dream and dream about. Highlight the three main ones and try to implement them. No matter how trite it may sound - show your creativity in everything. Yes, now it smelled a little bit of motivation, but this is what you need. Of course, if you are looking for adventures on your fifth point, then the listed tips are not close to you. Then you need life and adventures in the prank style, that is, to pester people on the street with unusual questions and situations. It is also fun, if in this way you make a smile on the faces of passersby.

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