Life Saver: A vaccine based on James Harrison’s blood was created


An 81-year-old man who gave blood once a week or two for almost 60 years shared his sadness during his last “donor” act. It is worth noting that the biological material of James Harrison has saved the lives of approximately 2.4 million children. At a blood transfusion station in Sydney, a man who had been afraid of needles all his life met with grateful mothers of children who are alive now thanks to his donation.


Harrison's Uniqueness

In the blood of James are antibodies that can protect babies from hemolytic jaundice. This fact was discovered back in the 1960s, when the Australian scientist was the first to get Harrison’s blood.

Man with a big heart and golden hand

In his entire life, James donated blood 1, 173 times and helped produce more than 3 million doses of anti-rhesus immunoglobulin. This medicine directly saved the lives of babies. When women with a Rh-negative blood are carrying a baby with a positive Rh factor, the mother's body regards the baby’s blood as an outside threat. Fortunately, this situation can be treated with a special blood, which combines a negative Rh factor with a certain amount of positive antibodies. It is this characteristic of its biological material that Harrison boasts. Based on the blood of James create a special serum.


Interesting facts about the main donor of Australia

When James received an invitation from scientists to systematically donate blood, he agreed without any hesitation. According to him, he himself experienced the benefit of donation, when at the age of 14, it was the blood transfusion that did not allow him to die during the operation.

The most interesting thing is that Harrison began his donor career at the age of 18, ten years before he learned about the special properties of his biological material. After this news, he began to go to the blood transfusion center regularly, leaving at least 500 ml of his blood there almost every week. And only age has caused Harrison to stop its activities. 80 years is considered the age when the blood can not be donated. However, Harrison made an exception, and in May 2018, he handed over his blessing for the last time.

More than 15% of pregnant Australians have experienced the benefit of anti-rhesus immunoglobulin, which includes the daughter of James himself. Well, this man’s courage is reinforced by the fact that he never ceased to be afraid of needles.

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