What is food for the mind: more than physiology


The phrase “food for the mind” is more and more often understood as a certain nutrition that is useful for the brain. Usually among the products list nuts, chocolate or olive oil. However, this is just providing the base, the physiological basis of the brain. This is important, but without informational stimulation it is useless. What is food for the mind really?

In terms of need


The most important thing for the human intellect is to continuously, constantly learn new skills. Often, people who give an answer to the question of what is food for the mind call a book. But the latter is simply a collection of information, systematically and more or less conveniently stated to refer to any part of it. A person can only be truly trained by an external stimulus. A person at an intellectual level feels the need only when he does not have enough skills to solve current tasks. Then you have to turn to the experience of other people and more or less effectively learn.

Popular philosophy


What is food for the mind? Not just a book. Also professional magazines, good films, and audio books. It is not enough to give food - hunger is needed for its absorption. And it is felt very strongly in modern society. The top ten best-selling books include … the works of Karl Marx. Of course, Plato, Aristotle, and Machiavelli are on this list. Why so much attention was paid to such old, outdated books? Probably because the number of ideas in the world is limited, and all the bright solutions are simply a combination of the already known, applied appropriately and on time.

Knowledge without a university

Self-study opportunities are not as great as we would like. And the problem is not even that it is difficult to make yourself. The problem is that for the burning of fire motivation there must be constant interaction with people who also understand the subject and can set you new tasks. That is, for the development of intelligence, the stimulating environment is the most important. That is why for the majority it turns out that acquiring an official education is justified, even if it is by correspondence. And this is not about recognition and the need for a diploma, it’s about learning and knowledge itself.

What is the best


Ideal training is obtained when you can immediately apply knowledge in practice, make mistakes and create your own tactics to combat them. And to see errors, feedback is often needed. And the teacher gives such a connection, it is for the acceleration of training that he gets his salary. Of course, there are people with very high learning that the teacher is practically not needed. But this quality is acquired in the process of learning, therefore, very few people, barely reaching adulthood, are able to become self-taught. But what about children completing the full course at 15-16 years old, you ask. Their stimulating environment, as a rule, is a supportive or pressing family (often two in one).

What is food for the mind? Any information in which there is a need. What about real, physical food? Even the ancient students knew that overeating is not conducive to good learning. Excess food interferes with the subtleties of the mind. And physiology is to blame, not willpower. When learning, you need tension, and eating is relaxing.

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