Top model of Sophie Sumner: biography, personal data and parameters


Model of British origin Sophie Sumner gained world fame and relevance in the profession after winning a popular show called "American Top Model". Her fate can serve as one of the classic examples of realizing a fictional story about an ugly duckling into real life. On this miraculous transformation of an angular girl into a beautiful woman - in this article.

Personal data

In addition to an interesting appearance, body parameters are important for working as a model. These values ​​and other interesting information about the heroine of the article are listed below.

  • The real name is Sophie Sumner.
  • Birthday - January 15, 1990.
  • Zodiac sign - Capricorn.
  • Birthplace - Oxford, England, UK.
  • Height - 1.75 cm.
  • Weight - 55 kg.
  • The figure is 81-63-91.

Unusual appearance, high growth and thinness - the ideal model data. But before coming to this area of ​​activity, the girl had to be uneasy.



Sophie Sumner's biography is pretty simple, but interesting. Like many of her colleagues in the shop, and just other representatives of the fair sex, she once overcame the psychologically difficult path from the notorious teenage girl with a strange appearance, who was constantly teased by her peers, to become an attractive, interesting girl.

The future successful model was born on January 15, 1990 in the capital of Oxfordshire in Britain. The family was simple. The girl's father worked as an electrician, and her mother worked as an English teacher. Sophie was the eldest of the four Sumner children. After her birth in the family one after another, three more offspring appeared - daughter Anna and sons Jeffrey and Joseph.

In the walls of Headington

All of Sophie's childhood and youth were spent in her native lands - in England and directly in Oxford itself. Here she received a secondary education - in the notorious local Headington boarding school for girls.

It was at this institution that Emma Watson, the star of the Harry Potter saga, was trained at the same time as Sumner. The girls met and became friends very quickly. It is worth noting that the matured Sophie and Emma to this day, as they say, "do not spill water." These two famous graduates of Headington regularly have fun together, go shopping, etc.


But not all fellow practitioners of the future model were friendly towards her. As so often happens, envious girls decided to make their peers, standing out from the crowd, the main object of harassment and ridicule. This lasted for all the years of study in Headington. The reasons for the constant mockery were the features of the appearance of Sophie Sumner - tall, combined with strong thinness, and bright red hair.

To cope with the attacks, no matter how unexpectedly it sounded, the girl was helped by hockey, which she began to actively pursue. Playing in the school team made her feel like a winner, a leader. Samner's self-esteem, which by means of mockery methodically tried to destroy many fellow practitioners, sharply jumped.

On the way to the podium

Returning to her native England from a trip to the Canadian province of Ontario, where Sophie went on school holidays, she decided to dye her hair blonde. New hair color suited her best.

After completing her studies at Headington, Sumner entered the University of Exeter Faculty of Cell and Molecular Biology. But education was not the only thing that occupied the girl. The parameters that she possessed, pushed to the beginning of a modeling career. Height and weight of Sophie Sumner are listed in the beginning of the article.

Maintaining her self-esteem at a high level, the girl, full of hope, went to the casting show "Top Model in British." Sophie's unusual appearance could not fail to attract the attention of agents. The selection was successful, and Sumner was among the participants of the fifth season of the show.


"Top Model in British" was the debut performance of Sophie before the general public. The girl went to victory with confidence, but in the final she still lost to her rival. The loss did not break the fighting spirit Sumner. In contrast, the resulting honorable second place inspired her to move on.

From England to America

Biology faded into the background. Sophie decided to interrupt university studies and pursue a career - a diploma will wait. Received an invitation to take part in the show "Top Model in American" she accepted without hesitation. A return to higher education was written into future plans. Sophie Sumner went to conquer America.

Models from the United States and Great Britain participated in the show. Sophie dreamed of becoming a winner, which, however, did not prevent her sincerely to empathize with other girls. She strongly encouraged the other participants. Sweet, sociable, simple and benevolent - she was the one she remembered in the show for both the audience and her colleagues. A little running ahead, it is worth noting that Sumner did not lose these qualities, becoming successful and famous. She is still easy to communicate and always ready to support those who need it.


As in the British version, Sophie reached the final. At the last stage of the show she appeared in several advertising projects. As a result - the desired first place.

Career development

After winning the "Top Model in American", she signed contracts with several model agencies at once. Photo by Sophie Sumner graced one of the editions of the Italian magazine "Vog." But only its modeling career is not limited to.

In between the exits to the podium, she managed to prove herself in acting. Sophie starred in several films. One of them is the sensational "Elite Society", where Sophie appears on the screen in a cameo role. Her friend Emma Watson, who played the central character, brought her to this project. Sumner also performed the role of Veronica's girlfriend in the Cocktail.

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