What are quests and how they are


Partly help to understand that such quests, will help the well-known children's game "Twelve notes." She is very much loved to spend in children's camps. The player or team of players receives the first note, which contains encrypted information about where to look for the next. The game ends when the players have successively gone from point to point and got to the last note, and with it - to a well-deserved prize.


What are quests

In the game of this genre, there is always an assignment in which you need to find something - a subject, a hint, a message so that you can move on. The word Quest is translated into Russian as "search." Sometimes the quest involves the execution of some tasks. The player's task is to move his brains in order to solve the proposed puzzle, as well as to show ingenuity and skills to cope with the task, and then move on.

Computer quests

In the world of computer games, this is a special genre that is popular with fans of puzzles and branched storylines. The player controls the hero of the game from the first or third person, examines the game world, performs the proposed tasks, searches for hints, things, codes, and decides how and where they can be used. The outcome of the game often depends on what storyline the user chooses, what decision he will make in one or another case, the proposed plot. Feature of the quest is that, without solving the previous problem, the player can not move on, and therefore can not complete the game.


Some popular projects

The story of video stories is closely connected with the series of games created in 1984 by Sierra Entertainment under the common name Kings Quest. The animation, graphics, and soundtrack have changed, but the fundamental foundations laid down in this series have become basic for all subsequent computer quests. Among the most famous are the Monkey Island adventure game series about a young man who dreams of becoming a pirate; fantastic series "Project" Traveler "" about the adventures in time, the quest from the first person Myst. A series of games in the quest genre called “Broken Sword”, created by Revolution Software, is dedicated to the exciting adventures of American George Stobbart and French journalist Nicole Collard. Fans of eternally young Nancy Drew will also tell you enthusiastically about quests. The adventures of a detective girl, described in the books of the 30s of the last century, became a source of inspiration for the company Her Interactive, which began to roll out quests about Nancy since 1998. This series has been recognized for having drawn women into the world of computer games.


And, of course, the story of quests is not complete without mentioning the game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (“Dreamfall: An Endless Journey”). Here the heroes need not only to think well, but also to run fast, deftly hide and possess fighting skills. Connoisseurs of exquisite graphics and dramatic plot sure to celebrate the game from the Belgian artist Benoit Sokal. The projects of Sibiria (2002) and Sibiriya-2 (2004) became iconic. No less fascinating were his subsequent quests - Paradise (2006) and Sinking Island (2007).

Catch fish big and small

Among the virtual online games, the users liked the Russian Fishing project. What is a quest online, it is better not to learn from the descriptions, but in the immediate game, where you can act not only alone, but also teamed up with friends on the network. In the "Russian Fishing" players are given the task to arrive at a certain body of water, to catch there a certain type of fish with a certain weight for a limited time. As a prize, the winner receives a quest rod, virtual money and "experience", which helps in the implementation of the following tasks.


Myself the creator

With the advent in the field of computer games of the genre of "action", quests in their classic version have become less in demand by the public, and therefore their commercial production turned out to be unprofitable. At the same time, programmers have offered users a number of engines that allow them to create simple games themselves. This can explain what amateur quests are. Their main feature is that they are created by non-professionals on a non-commercial basis. In such games, as a rule, there is little animation, the accents are placed on the quality of the plot and gameplay, and not on the graphic solution of the game. An amateur quest takes about two to three hours to complete. Famous representatives of the genre were the games Gemini rue, Cirque de Zale, Kings Quest-3 Remake, The White Chamber.


Team Odyssey

Recently, a great popularity gained quests in the form of a team game. They are held not only among children, but also among adults. In the course of such a game, people have the opportunity to socialize, learn a lot of new and interesting things and realize the craving for adventure and riddles inherent in each person. Teams follow a given route, perform tasks that require ingenuity, erudition, endurance, and the ability to think outside the box. Sometimes it is assumed that the players replace one task with another in specially arranged “exchange points”. Informative excursion and adventure game successfully combines the so-called quest tourism, the services of which are offered by some companies.


What is a web quest

This is a new direction in pedagogy, allowing the teacher to formulate learning tasks using the World Wide Web technologies. Web quests have the advantage of combining gaming potential with educational and research capabilities. The teacher, while composing the assignment, gives students links to specific resources. Those who complete the task, leave a report on the website of the web quest. Tasks can be long-term and short-term, group and individual. According to the content, they are creative, scientific, reporter, analytical, evaluative, etc.


After reviewing in general terms what a web quest is, we can say what a lesson quest is. This is the same technology implemented in the space of one or more lessons. Tasks are usually offered as a group, the result of the work done is presented in the form of a presentation at the final stage of work.

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