Where do balloons fly into the sky


All the kids and even some adults love balloons. These products are able to give a rainbow mood, a sense of celebration and happiness. Balloons decorate the halls for various events. And some people buy them specifically to let them fly into the sky and enjoy the way they hover in the sky. And where do the balloons fly to? Surely everyone at least once in his life thought about this issue.


How far do balloons fly

The height of the flight of a ball fired into the sky can vary. It depends on the following facts:

  • The density of the material from which the balloon is made.
  • Weather.
  • The amount of helium inside the product.
  • Wind speed.

Under ideal conditions, the ball can climb almost into space, which is more than 50 kilometers from the earth.

Where do the balloons fly to?

Variants of the answer to this question can be varied. For example, to answer the kids, you can invent a magical story about where the balloons fly. This will interest the child and help not to get very upset if the desired “piece of joy” is suddenly lost from his hands and soars into the sky.


For example, little boys and girls can say the following:

  • On a journey through space.
  • To your parents.
  • On the rainbow.
  • To a distant country, Shararam, where many such balls live.
  • In warm countries to migratory birds.

Such versions of the answer to the question of where the balloons fly will certainly appeal to the child. In fact, when the ball rises high into the sky, it bursts from pressure and descends back to the ground, but in the form of a rubber cloth.

How many rubber helium balloons can soar in the sky

Knowing where the balloons go, many are interested in which of the products will last longer between heaven and earth. Rubber balls are usually inelastic and not very strong.


Therefore, having reached a height where helium is replaced by air due to atmospheric pressure, the rubber ball does not withstand stress, bursts and goes down to earth in the form of a piece of rubber, continuing its “life” somewhere in the forest, ocean or in the middle of the street. It’s difficult to determine exactly where the balloon will fly after it bursts. But in any case, he gets to the ground.

How much can latex helium balloons soar in the sky

Latex is a material that is produced from Brazilian hevea. That is, it is a natural material. Therefore, even if a product under pressure has burst and fell into a pond, in a forest or in the middle of a city, it will not harm the environment. If people check where the balloons fly by using rubber products, they can harm the environment. But even rubber balls are not as harmful to the ecological system as plastic bottles, which have a destructive effect on the environment.


Why balloons fly away, everyone understands. Helium, with which they are filled, is lighter than air, therefore the rainbow ball is carried in the wind. When the ball rises high, it is affected by the atmosphere. The air temperature in the upper spheres of the globe is much lower than on earth. Because of this, the inner space of the balloon releases helium and is filled with air. Under the pressure of cold air latex stretched. The balloon gets heavier. After that, the product begins to float smoothly and descend.

There were cases that the ball as a whole flew to the ground. Students from Canada conducted an interesting experiment. They launched a balloon filled with helium into the sky and fixed a camera on it. Recent photographs were taken at an altitude of more than 35, 000 meters.

Also, experiments were conducted in the world on launching balloons into the sky together with "passengers." The most popular hero who rose to the clouds on a balloon filled with helium is the bear, which was a symbol of the Olympic Games in Moscow. There are many versions of where this “pilot” landed. Versions that are considered accurate have not been found.


There are people in the world who have tried on their own experience how to fly on helium filled balloons. One of the experimenters was a resident of America, and he hovered above the ground for more than 13 hours. True, his flight was unsuccessful, he became entangled in the wires, which deprived the town of electricity. There was also a man from Russia, ready for anything for the sake of science. This man stayed at the height of a bird's flight 25 minutes.

Air balloons flying to the sky have different fates. But in any case, this process is interesting for science and deserves attention.

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