Krikalev Sergey Konstantinovich: biography, photo


Krikalev Sergey Konstantinovich, whose biography begins in Leningrad during the Soviet era, is a famous cosmonaut. He made 6 flights, for which he was awarded various state awards. In October 2005, he came out on the first line in the list of champions by the total time of stay. He was the best until the summer of 2015. Then the list was headed by another Russian cosmonaut - Padalka Gennady. He is the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Hero of Russian Russia, and this title he received first in our country. In addition to them, there are a number of significant titles. Krikalev Sergey is engaged in aviation sports, and even became the world champion in aerobatics on gliders. Since 2014, he is the first deputy director of the Central Research Institute.



August 27, 1958 Sergey Krikalev was born. The biography of the famous cosmonaut begins in Leningrad, in the family of an employee. Grew up, like most boys of the time. From early childhood, began to get involved in swimming. Later, Sergei Krikalev admitted that his school was always associated with physical exertion. The boy loved jam and ice cream. Love has not passed yet. He admitted that he was always hungry, and when asked if he wanted to eat, he wondered how it was not to want to eat.

Until 1975, he studied at the 77th school in Leningrad, where he graduated from 10 classes. In the same period, Krikalev Sergey Konstantinovich managed to get the specialty "laboratory chemist". In the same year, he entered the institute in his hometown, where he began to study the specialty "Design of aircraft". He graduated in 1981. In addition, since 1977 he became interested in aircraft sports and was engaged in a local club.

Development engineer

Already in the autumn of 1981, he began working at NPO Energia. Here Sergey Krikalev conducted equipment tests, and also developed instructions for pilots. Four years later, he became a senior engineer in the 191st department. In the same year, he participated in the restoration of the Salyut-7 station, which had malfunctions. Already in autumn Krikalev Sergey Konstantinovich got into the group of cosmonauts to prepare for the flight. A year later, he received the qualification "test cosmonaut". The next two years Sergey Krikalev participated in the Buran program.


In March 1988, he was called upon to change one of the members of Soyuz TM-7, whose health condition deteriorated. The next few months he studied as a flight engineer for his first long flight into space. The trainings were to prepare Krikalev for various difficulties of flying, spacewalks, and so on.

First flight

At the end of November 1988, Sergei Krikalev, whose photo was then in many newspapers, first flew into space. He took the position of a flight engineer in a team of three. By the way, the French astronaut was also included. The team was supposed to change the crew to the IOC, which consisted of 6 people and was the first in time to stay in space. Krikalev, Volkov and Polyakov were engaged in experiments and troubleshooting problems on board.

Sending the next command from Earth was delayed. Therefore, the team Volkov had to be at the station until the end of April 1989. During the flight, which lasted more than 151 days, Sergey Krikalev received the title of Hero of the USSR.

A year later he began to prepare for the next flight.

Second flight

From December 1990 he began to prepare for a new flight on the "Mir". In May 1991, he started. The commander of the crew was Anatoly Arzebarsky, except for them, Helen Sharman, a female cosmonaut from England, got into the squad. After 7 days, she returned to Earth, and the rest of the crew began to service the board and conduct experiments. Krikalev was supposed to return to Earth in October 1991, but in the summer he agreed to be a flight engineer on the new expedition, led by Volkov. Therefore, he was able to finish the flight only in March of the following year. This expedition is remembered primarily by the fact that the participants flew away from the USSR and flew to Russia. In flight, Sergei Konstantinovich spent more than 311 days, for which he was awarded the Order of the Hero of Russia.


In the fall of 1992, it was reported that the leadership of NASA chooses one Russian cosmonaut for the flight into space as part of the American team. From Russia there were two candidates - Krikalev and Titov. As a result, in April 1993, Sergei Konstantinovich became part of the expedition.

Third flight

In early February 1994, he went into space as part of the STS-60 crew on the American shuttle. This was the first joint flight of Russian and American pilots. Participants were engaged in various experiments, in which Sergey Krikalev provided invaluable assistance. February 11, the shuttle landed in Florida. Sergei Konstantinovich continued to work in Russia, but often visited the center of flights in Houston.

Fourth flight

Sergey Krikalev was fortunate enough to join the first team of the ISS, in 1998 he performed the duties of a flight specialist. The first to set foot on the International Space Station. Provided its service, and on December 16, 1998 returned to Earth. Until the fall of 2000, he continued his studies as a flight engineer.


Fifth flight

In October 2000, Sergei Krikalev got into the team of the first long flight to the ISS. Krikalev went to space from Baikonur as a flight engineer, but in Florida he landed as a flight specialist. In space, he spent more than 140 days.

Sixth flight

On April 15, 2005, Sergey Krikalev set out for the sixth time into space, but already as an expedition commander. At the station, he was about six months. During this time, he made 1 spacewalk, he lasted more than 4 hours and became the 8th in a row in Krikalev's career. This flight brought the Russian flight engineer a world record. Sergey Krikalev became the leader in the list of the best in time spent in space - 803 days. The record was held until 2015 and was beaten by another pilot from Russia. In addition, Krikalev is the only Russian cosmonaut who managed to make 6 flights. However, this figure did not become a world record, as there are expedition members from other countries who have been in space the same number of times and more.


In 2007, Krikalev became vice-president of the Energia company. In subsequent expeditions did not participate, although he retained this right.

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