How many glue marks on the envelope in Russia?


Recently, there has been a negative trend in writing paper letters. Previously, the life of almost every person was somehow connected with letters, because with the help of them they kept in touch with relatives and friends, found out interesting information and looked for new acquaintances, now, with the advent of new gadgets that have become an important part of modern life, need eliminated.

After all, sending an instant message is much easier and easier than writing a letter, buying an envelope, finding out how many stamps to put on an envelope, and sending it to the post office. But still, some people still prefer to use this kind of communication, so the mail continues to exist.


How to fill

Information about the sender is written in the leftmost corner. It indicates the full name of the sender, as well as the address and zip code. In the lower left corner is filled with the index of the recipient of the letter, which is filled in according to the model indicated on the back of the letter.

In the lower right corner information about the recipient is filled in - the full name, surname, patronymic, address and index. In the upper right corner there are stamps that are necessary for shipment in the country or between countries, but before that you need to know how many stamps to glue on the envelope. After that, the sealed letter can be omitted in the mailbox and transferred for processing.

How many glue marks

But not everyone knows how much sculpt these pictures into letters and parcels. In order to find out how many glue marks on an envelope in Russia, you can contact either the post office or the official website of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the following rates apply: a simple letter in Russia, which weighs up to 20 g, is 19 rubles, for a simple postcard, 14 rubles. But it is advisable to stick stamps on a slightly larger amount than the tariff indicated on the transfer.

Sometimes it can be printed on the card itself, which makes it possible not to glue additional stamps. In this case, you only need to fill in the data about the sender and recipient.


Letter abroad

When sending a letter abroad, it is advisable to specify how many stamps to glue onto the envelope directly at the post office, because tariffs often change. According to the latest data, indicated at the post of Russia, the cost of stamps for a simple letter abroad up to 20 g is 31 rubles, for a postcard also the cost of stamps will be 31 rubles.

We must not forget that the address and information about the recipient must be written in Latin letters or in the language of the country to which the letter is addressed, but the name of the state must also be written in Russian.

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