Many times cheaper: the girl turned an abandoned toilet into a cozy nest


The abandoned and unsightly public toilet of London - destroyed and completely forgotten - has become a cozy home. Incredible? But a fact! And how to do it - knows the British architect Laura Clark. There would be a desire - and any ruins can be turned into a real "candy." This toilet is not located anywhere, but in the Royal Park, in the heart of London.

A project that puzzled officials

Laura Clark decided on a very ambitious project, having spent a lot of effort associated with bureaucratic obstacles, applied for official permission to purchase and redevelopment, as a result of her efforts transformed an abandoned room into modern stylish apartments.

All friends and relatives considered this idea insane, but the girl managed to prove to everyone that the game was worth the candle.

Initially, she wanted to turn this space into a cinema or a cozy cafe. But because of the prohibitions on the commercial use of the park's areas, it was decided to turn it into a nice apartment.

Officials were puzzled as to why the young lady became interested in an abandoned room, but eventually gave permission. An auction was held with the “destroyed public toilet” lot on sale. And Laura bought it.

The creative person turned the ruins into housing

It all started in 2005, when, walking along her beloved Hyde Park, Laura spotted an abandoned underground toilet. Being an outstanding creative person and a certified architect, she immediately built in her head a grand plan to transform this unusual object into something useful and beautiful.


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The original appearance of the acquired object was very dull, if not to say frightening.

The toilet was built in 1929 and has not been used for the last 30 years due to its emergency condition. But who does not want to have an apartment near the Palace? Laura received 55 square meters of total devastation and had to start from scratch.


A centimeter by centimeter, she removed all the plaster and destroyed the partitions, dismantled the rotten communications with the help of the workers, and only then began a complete restructuring of the room.


Having created the apartment project, the girl, together with the builders, erected new partitions, making separate rooms.


As a result, thanks to Laura’s incredible creative energy and fantasy, an amazing apartment was created in five years. You will never think that these luxurious spaces were once ruins.


Now, relatives and friends who did not believe in the possibility of such a fantastic transformation, consider the idea of ​​a girl simply brilliant.


I believe in such a miraculous transformation with difficulty, but the photo has debunked all doubts. Laura - well done, a real heroine!


The main thing is to believe in yourself and your dream, and then everything is possible. After all the truth?

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