How to get a journalist ID?


And you were not interested in the question of why in some museums, where it is forbidden to take photos, you can often see journalists who are shamelessly shooting? At the same time, the museum staff not only does not interfere, but also tries in every way to help these people.

You, inspired by the fact that someone can do it, are trying to take a small photo on the phone. And at the best you hear the requirement to remove it. On the question of why someone can be, and you do not, most often you can hear that a journalist’s identification has been presented.

Questions about how to issue such a document, what privileges it brings, are of interest to ordinary people and bloggers. To dispel doubts and tell you how to get such a document, you must first understand what it is and whether it is so useful for accessing organizations that are closed from prying eyes.


What is a journalist's identity?

This is usually a plastic card or paper book, which indicates that a person belongs to the journalistic community. The owner of such a “crust” is an employee of a magazine, newspaper or society. Thus, the one who presents this document may be preparing the material for publication. Few people want their institution to be poorly written, so the majority react to such a “crust” and let its owner go where he asks. Still, advertising makes money.

Thanks to the new edition of the law on mass media, it became possible for journalists to get a certificate of a blogger and other representatives of the Internet community, the number of subscribers of which leads them to the level of mass media. The required amount of regular readers for the Russian Federation is 3000 people.


What privileges does a possession of a cherished book give?


  • Free access to some museums, theaters and other organizations for the leisure of people. Agree, a nice bonus on a trip abroad.
  • The ability to take pictures where it is forbidden to ordinary people. Walking on the same exhibition, you can make a beautiful frame, which is prohibited to other visitors.


  • If you have an editorial assignment and advance registration, you can get to a concert or a match for free.
  • The presentation of such a document has to the owner of media people and people who are worried about their reputation in the media. Getting an interview with a press card is easier.
  • By the border, having a journalist's ID allows you to speed up the work of employees in various areas: police and catering facilities.
  • A number of private events can be accessed only by those officially recognized as a member of the journalistic community.

What is the difference between a certificate and press card?

There are no differences between these documents. They are intended to confirm that you are a member of the journalistic community. But it is important to remember that the editorial ID, which is issued when applying for a job, does not bear any privileges outside the walls of the organization’s building and only indicates that you are working in a specific newspaper or magazine. Therefore, in order to conduct a full-fledged activity, you need to take care of the identity of a journalist in the Union of Journalists of Russia (SLL).


What kind of organization is the Union of Journalists?

The Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation is a professional association of people who are engaged in journalistic activities. The purpose of this association is called to help develop and creatively support members of the organization, promote freedom of speech and develop journalism in Russia.

The certificate of the Russian Union of Journalists is easy to obtain, the main thing is to act correctly and have the necessary documents.

Action outside of Russia

The journalist's certificate is valid both in the Russian Federation and on the territory of other countries. For the countries of Europe, loyalty towards people is characteristic, they enjoy this certificate, and presentation will allow access to a large number of exhibitions, museums and mass events. Also, its presence allows to solve a number of professional and domestic issues.

Can I make my own press card?

If you have an editorial board or a team for creating informational content, then before each of your colleagues has acquired a treasured crust, you can make such an identity yourself. It will not always work as a certificate of the Union, but with sufficient persistence and it will open more than one door. How to make a journalist ID? The sample can be ordered in a printing company or in a printing house.


Important components of a journalist’s identity are:

  • ID number;
  • owner information;
  • the name of your organization.

Do not forget to post an employee photo. Thus, the problem of the lack of a press card prior to receipt in the RSU will be resolved.

Algorithm of actions for obtaining a "crust" of a media representative

  1. Contact the Russian Union of Journalists and write a statement.
  2. Attach to the application photos of 3x4 cm and a letter from the editorial office on the official form.
  3. Pay ID.
  4. Expect readiness.

For bloggers, instead of a letter from the editorial board, lists of published works, recommendations and a document confirming their belonging to the media are provided.

After completing this simple algorithm, wait 3 months and collect the journalist's ID, which will allow you to conduct your business efficiently and efficiently.

The issue of obtaining a document confirming that you are a journalist is important in the lives of most people who deal with this professionally. Some refuse to get a certificate, citing their beliefs and thoughts about the need to join various organizations. But a large number of people who are busy creating content, prefer to get at least some benefit from their activities, except salary.

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