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The crisis has forced many to think about saving. However, life cannot consist of work alone, therefore you should not deny yourself any small joys, especially in summer. After all, you can always find interesting free entertainment in Moscow. Today, information on events in which anyone can take part is in the public domain, and this article will help even more to facilitate the search.


If you are forced to spend the summer in the metropolis, then the best free entertainment in Moscow in the summer is a vacation on the beaches. Today in the capital there are many well-equipped and even elite zones along the banks of natural and artificial reservoirs, where, by paying a certain amount, you can sunbathe and swim in comfortable conditions. However, doing the same, albeit with a smaller set of entertainment, can be done for free. For example, there is free access to the beaches in Troparevsky Park, in Serebryany Bor, on the shores of Academic Pond and Lake Meshchersky and on many others. Such free entertainment in Moscow is suitable both for youth companies and for families with children, especially since in all zones set aside for the bathing of citizens by the Moscow government, changing rooms are installed and rescuers are on duty.


Free fun in the parks

In any city in the world, parks are considered the best place to relax in the summer heat, except for beaches. The Russian capital is also no exception, especially since practically each of the green areas of the city offers visitors some free entertainment. In Moscow, you can, for example, learn the basics of Argentine tango in the Park "Museon", located at Krimsky Val, ow. 2. In addition, you can take part in free dance classes led by professional teachers in Gorky Park. Moreover, classes are held on a schedule, and each day of the week is set aside for one of the specific types of dance: from flamenco to rock and roll. Many parks of the capital offer those who wish to comprehend the wisdom of yoga. Participants in such classes are given mats for free and provided for changing rooms.

Water flash mob

For several years, the famous fountain "Friendship of Peoples" at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements has from time to time become a place for water battles. They are organized on the principle of a flash mob, and anyone can take part in them. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to get a dose of adrenaline and thus soften the summer heat in such an original way. The date of the next water battle is still being specified, but usually the first flashmob of this kind in the year takes place at the weekend at the very beginning of summer.


Free entertainment in Moscow in the summer: go to the cinema

The option of holding a weekend in the cinema is popular all over the world. So, such free entertainment in Moscow at weekends and on weekdays in summertime can be organized in several places of the city. For example, the Baumanovsky open-air garden is offered every day to visitors to watch the so-called author's European cinema, and in the Zelenograd House of Culture, films are produced domestically on Wednesdays. You can also visit the cinema hall of the book "Moscow" for free, where on Wednesdays they show the classics of world cinema.



Another free entertainment in Moscow is a visit to a museum, the entrance to which is open to all. Among such places can be called "Bulgakovsky House", where a fee for inspection of the exhibition without a guide is not required. Another interesting museum that can be visited for free is located in Kuzminki Park. It is dedicated to the industrial culture of the 20th century, and there you can see the technical devices and household items used by our grandparents and even their parents. And finally, remember that on the third Sunday of every month all the museums of the capital, which are run by the Moscow mayor's office, work for visitors free of charge. .


Concerts of classical music

The best free entertainment in Moscow for true music lovers is to visit the Rachmaninov or Small Conservatory halls located at 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. There throughout the year various concerts are organized, during which you can hear the works of Russian and foreign composers. In addition, Moscow often becomes the venue for various classical music competitions. At the same time for the performances of the contestants the entrance of the audience is usually free. You can also listen to a concert of classical music at the Gnessin Academy of Music free of charge.

Night clubs

Short summer nights do not make you sleep, especially on weekends. If you are young and full of energy, then free entertainment in Moscow, such as a free visit to one of the nightclubs, the list of which is presented below, will suit you:

  • "Star Karaoke" on the street. Maroseyka d. 6/8 p. 4;
  • "1.16 tons" (6 Presnensky Val St.);
  • Hard Rock Cafe (on Arbat, 44);
  • "PROPAGANDA" in Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky Lane, 7;
  • "ZONA" (Leninskaya Sloboda Street, Building 19 (K2));
  • and etc.


Art zones

In the capital there are several sites where you can join the modern art. For example, a very fashionable free entertainment in Moscow is a visit to the Dary Tatintsian Gallery, where interesting exhibitions are held throughout the year and you can get acquainted with the art of American fashion photography, Belgian conceptualism and Korean modernism. Anyone can also visit the Flacon loft, where people of art can make the secrets of their skills and new ideas at master classes.



If you are experiencing a shortage of adrenaline, then absolutely free of charge you will have training in extreme sports in the state-funded institution "FTC" Extreme "", located at ul. Krolatskaya, d. 16. You can try your hand at applied acrobatics, mountain biking and BMX, roller sport, football freestyle and stunt riding. For admission to classes you will need a photocopy of your passport and medical policy. There is also a free sports ground in Luzhniki. It is equipped with everything necessary for a workout and at the same time can accommodate up to 200 people.

As you can see, the poster for free entertainment in Moscow is very diverse, and those who complain that they have to sit on weekends or in the evenings at home due to lack of finances simply have their heartbeat. In any case, in order not to miss the interesting free entertainment of the week in Moscow, one should take the initiative and go out more often. After all, life is too short to sit it behind the monitor screen, communicating in social networks.

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