How to call a team: options


In this article we will give you a step-by-step plan for choosing a team name. We will consider such questions as how to name a football team or what names can be given to teams, ranging from corporate to hockey. All suggestions for choosing a name are relevant for any type.

Factors affecting the choice of team name

Attract the whole team. It is necessary to listen to the views of all members, what are their preferences for the name of the team. This choice is called collective brainstorming.

If the name is chosen without everyone’s consent, you may have some disgruntled team members who have not been invited to this event, which means that the differences will be at the initial stage of the team formation, and this is no longer good.


In a brainstorming session, no matter what name you choose, there will be participants who will oppose this idea. Rarely do you have such a case, when everyone fully agrees with the proposed names. This is due to the fact that most people are wary of new things and names in particular.

In this case, you can resort to voting and choose a name for which the majority of team members will vote. This choice does not prejudice the vanity of those who wanted a different name, and everyone will be satisfied.

In this case, the main and important should be the desire to find a good team name. A good name is the identity of your team, and it will be associated with it as long as it exists. You should not choose a name that does not reflect the nature of the team. Remember the phrase from the famous cartoon

How do you call a boat - so it will float!

Three points to choose

The name of your team is your identity. Name is a powerful thing. It doesn't just say what you do. It means who you are. It is of great importance, the name must answer to each person about who you are and, preferably, what you do.

Surely you have heard of the rhetoric: “Who am I?” This is the deepest question about the identity of any person. From the identity of the name follows the fate of a person. When a person does not know who he is, he does not know what he should do in his life and what to do.

In the same way for the team: rhetoric, as the team can be called, is very important for the future. It is from the name that the person comes, and from the group identifier - a common mission and goal. Without strong team identity, there is often no success.


Associate your team with images of famous objects or animals. The name associates the collective with the values ​​and characteristics of the selected object.

For example, if you use the name of the team "Lions". What immediately comes to mind? Words like noble, scary, fair - that are associated with the image of a lion.

When people hear you chanting your team name, they will think about all these meanings or characteristics associated with a lion.

And if you choose something like "Snake". What comes to mind? Probably words like sly, insightful or deadly.

So the question is, with what characteristics do you want your team to be connected? Are there any objects, animals or people that reflect these words or characteristics? Think about it.

Use brainstorming with your team and find a suitable image that can reflect everything your team is aiming for. You can limit the possibilities of this system of thinking and choose the framework beyond which it is not worth it.

To make the name unique, add a location or description of your team. Because if you choose an animal name such as "Lions", "Cobras", "Wolves", "Panthers" or others, know that someone somewhere in the world will use the same. And in order to give this name individuality, so that when you pronounce it immediately it becomes clear who you are talking about, you can add context to it.

You can additionally use the country, city, district, or even the street name to determine where you are. In addition, you can add an adjective to describe your command:

  • "Shining Lions";
  • Golden Lions;
  • "Dazzling lions" and so on.

All these descriptions make your team unique and different from others that have a similar name. And you can be sure that your fans will not confuse you with another team.


Create an abbreviation

In a brainstorming session, a multitude of desired names can be gathered that will mean something or mean for a team. Perhaps you need to think about not offending anyone and making a name that would combine all the invented names.

This can be done in the following way: connect the word from the first letters, the invented name, of each team member. Create an abbreviation, when deciphering which will appear all the names invented.

Based on culture

Think about what your team most adheres to, what kind of culture it loves or what film or music it likes. Think about how you can change the name of any movie for the name.

For example, for your team you can use the names of such films as:

  • “Chariots of Fire” is a beautiful and quite fascinating title;
  • “Unlimited” is also a rather interesting title;
  • use the song Nirvana Smells Like Team Spirit - "The smell of team spirit."

Use decorative themes. Depending on the type of team event, you can choose a name based on a possible color, suit or design. For example, ideas on what to call sports teams may come from such topics as pirates, sea hunters, jungles, etc.


Issues that affect the title

Before you start to invent a name, you need to answer some questions that will simplify this choice and guide you in the right direction. What are these questions:

  1. Do you plan to place your name on a banner or T-shirt? If so, then you need to think about the letters and words in general, look spectacular.
  2. Will the name sound? To support the team the fans need a light and sonorous name. Try shouting the name out loud a few times. Clearly shouted out? Is there no effect of rephrasing the name, as with the word "train", when you shout it out quickly several times?
  3. Are you not ashamed to shout this name? The result of the game will largely depend on how the fans call the team in the game.

As you can see, there are some points to think about when choosing a team name.


Team assignments

In addition to choosing a name, there are many reasons for the use of a team brainstorming session. What you need to come up with at the initial stage of team building? Here are some examples.

  1. It is necessary to form a motto. The motto conveys the meaning of the team in a few words or a phrase. It is important. Think about what to call a team and a motto for it. The motto is what will set you apart from the crowd.
  2. Set certain rules for participants. Rules are the foundation of the whole team. They are able to develop the conditions under which the team will succeed in the competition.


Barriers to success

There are several obstacles to creating a successful team:

  1. Every good team has similar characteristics. To create something original, you need to rephrase some characteristics.
  2. Why is brainstorming unsuccessful? In order for brainstorming to produce the desired results, it is necessary that it comes from the leader the team has chosen. Only in this case will be the result, and efficiency.

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