The stranger returned the girl 10 thousand dollars, and she continued his "baton of good deeds"


One of the most honest people in the world seems to be living in New York. His name is Richard Taverna. More recently, a man returned to the stranger the bag he found, in which there were ten thousand dollars! Want to know the details of this amazing story? Read on!

Loss of a large amount

Aya Tulemaganbetova was on the northern platform at the 66th train station near the Lincoln Center in December. For some reason - due to inattention or for some reason - she left her blue Chanel bag on the bench. She boarded the train and did not understand her mistake until she reached 72nd Street. The girl rushed back in despair - but her handbag, like the dreams for happy New Year holidays, had evaporated.

Of course, Aya went to the police station and wrote a statement, but with the same success she could write a letter to Santa Claus …


In general, Aya Tulemaganbetova, living in the upper West Side, was going to her native Kazakhstan to spend holidays with her family. She planned to spend most of the money to buy Christmas presents for her children. But she was forced to board the plane with empty hands.

“She felt disgusting when it happened, ” said Edward Mermeltstein, a translator and business partner of Tulemaganbetova. “She was very upset because some of the money was needed to buy presents for her children for the holidays.” She even had to borrow money when she flew to her native Kazakhstan. But she did not even realize that Christmas miracles happen!

Unexpected find

Shortly after the doors of the train in which Aya village closed, an honest passenger found her purse and looked inside. But all that Richard Taver saw was a note written in Russian. So he took the purse home to think about his next move. That's when he looked inside again and found an envelope with 10 thousand dollars.


“People usually don’t carry that much money with them, so I was very surprised when I saw this, ” said Tavern, a 63-year-old financial consultant. “It wasn’t mine, and I knew that someone was in pretty bad shape in that moment is very, very upset. " Richard didn’t even think about appropriating this money. The next day, the man went to the police.

When Aya found out that the stranger had returned her purse to the police, she was incredibly happy and could not wait to see her hero. Returning from Kazakhstan, Aya met with a man, presented him with a statuette of the "Golden Man". And she made a donation of $ 1, 000 on his behalf for children's charity.

And what would you do in Richard's place?

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