Galina Rzhaksenskaya: "Everything in life will be, you only need to be able to wait!"

Galina Rzhaksenskaya became popular after taking part in the third season of the project “Bachelor”. The girl was not only bright, memorable appearance, but also wit. Galya in the verbal struggle could defeat any competitor. The fans were sure that Timur would choose her in the final of the show. Bu

Rector of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Viktor Sadovnichy: biography, activities and interesting facts

In the 1992-1993 school year, Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy was appointed rector of the main university of Russia. Since then he has headed the Moscow State University, which since its foundation has been named after the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. In 1996, and then in 2001, having received the support of a large team of his native university, he was again elected to the position of rector

Russian handball player Ekaterina Ilyina: biography and personal life

Ekaterina Ilyina is a handball player, playing in the Russian women's national team and the Rostov-Don handball club (Rostov-on-Don) in the position of a point guard. He is the world champion among juniors. As part of the national Russian handball team in 2016, she won gold at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Soloist "Night Snipers" Diana Arbenina injured in a ski resort

To date, the soloist of the group "Night Snipers" Diana Arbenina is on vacation in France. As it became known, after skiing, the actress was hospitalized in one of the local clinics. Arbenina shared this information with her fans on Instagram, but soon deleted the post. What happened? This was not the first trip of the actress to the mountains

Models "Mercedes" (Mercedes) by years

Mercedes models are numerous. They simply can not be remembered all at once. Indeed, so many classes exist, and in each of them there are several dozen representatives. Well, it is worth at least to talk about the most popular models, and also to touch with attention the “German classics” - that is, those cars that today are considered to be quite “adults”. E-clas

Katie Price gave herself an expensive German Shepherd puppy

It's no secret that Katie Price, a British singer and well-known TV presenter, has always been a great lover of animals. And just loves German shepherds. Her previous dog was knocked to death by a reckless driver. She grieved for a year and therefore could not resist the other charming puppy. Dog love is stronger than bankruptcy Last year, she was forced to sell quite a lot of her animals, but she believes that dogs have a positive effect on her life

Height, weight of Chris Evans - not a decisive indicator in the actor’s popularity rating

Captain America, the darling of thousands of women, is mysterious not only in terms of relationships with girls, but also in terms of physical parameters. Looking through the Global Network, you can notice information that gives conflicting information about how tall, the weight of Chris Evans is. We will study the physical parameters of Christopher Robert Evans today

God expelled from Olympus, or who framed Theo Theodoridis?

Don't be born beautiful ... The world is cruel. Eighteen years in prison instead of a dizzying career, fans, money, fame. Theo Theodoridis was born in the German city on August 28, 1976. A Greek by nationality, he received education and education at home, here he began to build his career. A handsome man with a dazzling appearance was hard to complain about the lack of demand for him, at least as a model: his body is perfect, and from the look you fill up with paint

Alexey Yakubov: biography, career, personal life

Alexey Yakubov - a famous theater and film actor, Honored Artist of Russia. In addition, Alexey Andreevich is an excellent teacher, he was also the first leading children's television show game "Star Hour". Known for his work in the theater and film, but the personal life of the actor remains hidden from prying eyes under a thin curtain

Irina Volynets: biography and photo of the chairman of the "National Parent Committee"

Irina Volynets is the chairman of the national parent committee of Russia, which protects the rights of parents and puts forward various initiatives that affect the problems of motherhood and childhood. She became known to the general public as an expert, visiting various talk shows, where she discussed the social problems of Russian society, in particular, the problems of motherhood and childhood

Mineko Iwasaki - the highest paid geisha in Japan

Geisha is a profession. Mineko Ivasaki tells about her in her books. Having stayed in this role until the age of 29, when a geisha’s career is considered unfinished, she interrupted her studies, and later decided to tell readers around the world that her occupation had nothing to do with debauchery.

Biography of political scientist Dmitry Kulikov

Some amateurs and connoisseurs of politics are so actively interested in it that they dream of taking up the post of deputy in the State Duma or becoming vice-president. Most of those who are, do not understand this area and do not understand that it would be better for them to engage in any other type of activity

Jonathan Sadowski: career and personal life

Jonathan Sadowski - American actor, best known for the role of Josh in the show "Young and hungry." Biography: childhood Popular American actor and producer Jonathan Sadowski was born on November 23, 1979 in Chicago. He was raised in an international family: his mother is Polish and his father is Italian

Fabien Barthez - goalkeeper of the French team. Biography

France goalkeeper Barthez is the title holder of World and European Champions. He became an eminent star after the World Championship in 1998, which took place in his homeland - France. He became one of the main figures in the Euro 2000. Barthez is the owner of an unusual style of play and an excellent reaction, a bright extraordinary personality

Children of George Clooney: photos and interesting facts

George Clooney - the most sought after and popular Hollywood actor of our time. It is difficult to meet a film fan, who would not have heard about his person and paintings, with his participation. Take, for example, the film "Ocean's 12 Friends", where he played one of the main roles. The picture came out more than successful, and Clooney talked around the world

Abramovich Olya - a girl who became famous thanks to the photo in "Instagram"

The rating of the ten most famous girls from Perm included charming Abramovich Olya. It has become no less popular in the world than the famous representatives of show business. Why did this young star like people so much? Olya Abramovich: biography Olya was born, as we have already written, in Perm, on November 6, 1989

Actress Alexander Bulychev: biography, personal life. Best movies and TV shows

The series "Mommies" gave fame to many young actresses, among them Alexander Bulychev. Biography of the girl suggests that she was going to become an engineer, but fate decreed otherwise. "The Frontier of Time", "Complete Transformation", "I See the Purpose", "Abduction of Eve", "The Mockingbird's Smile" are popular films and series with her participation

Happy future grandmother Meryl Streep and her brilliant kinoobrazy from 1999 to 2016

Mamie Gammer, the eldest daughter Meryl, awaits her first child. A couple of months after the actress and screenwriter got married, they reported good news on the Web. This is not the first marriage of Mamie - she was married for 2 years with actor Benjamin Walker, with whom they separated in 2013. Meryl Streep usually does not cover family life, the same can be expected from her daughter

How in real life the actors who played the roles in "American Horror Story" look

A number of actors take part in the cult American television series American Horror Story every season, but sometimes even the hottest fans of the show don't know about it. Mainly because the actors are usually unrecognizable from season to season. Such a serious transformation requires considerable dramatic skill on the part of the actors

Benjamin Milpier: career, family, photo

This article will discuss a very talented man, Benjamin Milpier. Someone associates his name with a ballet, and someone with an unsurpassed Natalie Portman. But one thing is clear - Milpier is talented, handsome, ambitious and causes only positive emotions. Childhood and career choices Benjamin Milpier was born on June 10, 1977, in the family of a musician and a teacher of contemporary dance

Actress Elena Glazkova: biography and personal life

The future actress Elena Khrapova was born (she chose the pseudonym Glazkov for the film industry) in Golitsyno, near Moscow, on January 16, 1987. In her childhood she attended dance circles, performed in school amateur performances. On the advice of the parents and on her own, she was going to go to a medical school, but then it turned out that she was afraid of blood

Willow Shields - American actress

Willow Shields from the category of those actresses about whom it is customary to say that they woke up famous. Despite her young age, the girl can already boast that she has acted in one of the most popular fantastic franchises and continues to act in popular projects known not only in America, but throughout the world

Lilia Gritsenko: biography and creativity

Lilia Gritsenko is a Soviet actress and singer who is equally famous both in the cinema and in theatrical works. Her most famous role is Natalya Kalinina in the 1954 film “True Friends”. From this article you can learn the biography of Liliya Gritsenko. early years Lilia Olimpievna Gritsenko was born on December 24 (old style - December 11) in 1917 in the city of Gorlovka (Ukraine). Sh

Biography and Filmography of Sergei Murzin

Sergey Murzin is a well-known Russian actor, who has many works in film, on television and in the theater. This actor received particular popularity for his roles as criminal authorities and other not very pleasant personalities. If you want to see a photo of Sergey Murzin, find out his biography and get acquainted with the filmography, then you have come to the right place

Janusz Korczak: biography in brief, photos

In today's world, many people know this name - Janusz Korczak. The biography of the famous Polish doctor, writer and teacher amazes with its amazing love of life and children. His tragic fate and human feat are worth it to get acquainted with them in more detail. Years of childhood and school Korczak's real name is Hirsch (in the Polish manner of Henrik) Goldschmidt

Katya Elizarova: biography and photo

Ekaterina Elizarova is a famous model with an ideal reputation. The special popularity and attention of the press she won after a short-term romance with the actor of the series "Sherlock Holmes" Benedict Cumberbatch. Model biography Elizarova Ekaterina Igorevna is a native of Russia. This year, she celebrated her anniversary - 30 years

Alexey Kovalev - Russian hockey player and NHL star

Alexey Kovalev is a hockey player who, during his brilliant career, managed to get many honorary awards and become a star in the National Hockey League. He is a famous hockey player, at the beginning of his career playing for the USSR and Russia as part of the Dynamo hockey club. Alexey is the right forward

Actress Alina Alekseeva: biography, personal life. Films and series

“Eternal Vacation” and “Olga” are serials, thanks to which actress Alina Alekseeva made herself known. By the age of 29, the girl managed to play about ten film and television projects. She is convinced that her best roles are yet to come. Alina is also known as the first Russian fetish model, she has her own burlesque show. What i

Nicole Kidman: before and after plastics (photos)

In the 80s of the last century, the red-haired Australian provincial Nicole Kidman went to conquer Hollywood. Possessing acting talent and excellent physique, the girl had facial features that were far from elegant perfection. However, it was some kind of zest and spontaneity. This helped to stand out from the general mass of young actresses eager to get the cherished roles

Rakytsky Yaroslav: sporting achievements and biography

Rakytskyy Yaroslav is a Ukrainian football player. Characterized as one of the strongest central defenders of post-Soviet Ukraine. Known for his love of Donbass. Idol young athletes of their native land. early years The future athlete was born in 1989 in Pervomaisk. As a child, he loved to play football, his parents noticed and decided to give the boy to the section

Dmitry Pozov: a talented participant of the show "Improvisation"

Dmitry Pozov became known to TV viewers of TNT due to his participation in the show Improvisation, which is hosted by Pavel Volya. The sense of a humorous program is that the participants are able to get out of a difficult situation in a few minutes - an artificially created leading situation. In the article you will find information about the biography, the personal life of Dmitry Pozov

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson - what binds them?

Spinning, spinning, the ball is blue ... Today you are with him, and tomorrow with me! The world is a wheel in the hands of information. Where the wind blows - there and noses go. Who would have thought that it was so easy to manipulate the public! This is evidenced by all sorts of rumors that literally keep people awake

The man in his place. Doctor Tyurina Olga

It is undeniable that health plays an important, if not the most important role in the life of every person. Modern medicine gives people the opportunity to maintain their physical and psychoemotional state in normal conditions. Of course, it is better not to resort to the help of doctors, but none of us, unfortunately, are insured, and in the case of illness it is extremely important not to postpone the visit and go to the clinic and hospital or hospital, sanatorium or dispensary in time

Victor Vasilyev, biography, personal life

Viktor Vasilyev is a famous Russian showman, who is recognized by the majority because of his constant participation in Planet KVN and Comedy Club, which has been gaining particular prominence in recent years. Today he hosts many television shows and is very popular. Biography of Viktor Vasilyev Victor Vasilyev was born in St

Tiffany Trump - Daughter of the President of America

The president of the United States has three sons and two daughters. One of them - Tiffany Trump, who was born on October 13, 1993, in the city of New York. Father was present at the birth of his daughter. According to Trump’s memoirs, at the insistent request of the doctor, he cut the umbilical cord with his own hands, which caused him amazing emotions and awakened an incredible love for his younger daughter.

Greshilov Nikolai Nikolaevich: biography, children, family, personal life

Greshilov Nikolay Nikolaevich - a famous domestic businessman. At the moment, is the owner of a joint stock company called "Corporation" GRINN "". This is a very large Russian company, the annual turnover of which currently stands at about 41 billion rubles. Businessman biography Greshilov Nikolay Nikolaevich was born in 1953

Lena Meyer-Landrut: how has Eurovision changed her life?

The Eurovision Song Contest is the third most popular show in Europe. It is second only to the European Football and Olympics Championships. For many young performers this competition is the only chance to become famous not only in their homeland, but in the whole of Europe. Lena Meyer-Landrut acquired the coveted "Crystal Microphone" in 2010, when she just turned 19 years old

Rashid Magomedov: fighter, champion and wonderful man

Rashid Magomedgadzhievich Magomedov "Highlander" - one of the best fighters of mixed martial arts on the world stage, representing the Russian Federation. He is an example for a large number of young men of our time. Our hero is not only a first-class boxer and a wrestler, but an excellent father and husband, a person with a big heart and soul

Robert Merton: a biography of a famous sociologist. Robert Merton's contribution to sociology

Robert Merton is a famous sociologist, educator and international activist, one of the leading analyst-sociologists of the 20th century. He managed to brilliantly change the stereotypical views that scientists have long adhered to, that eccentric geniuses are not bound by rules and norms. It was this amount of work that served as the basis for obtaining in 1994 the National Medal for Scientific Achievement

Vladimir Rakovsky: biography and photo

Vladimir Rakovsky is a famous Russian psychologist with many years of experience. Currently, he is best known as the founder of the site and a series of trainings on female stervology. Biography of the psychologist Vladimir Rakovsky has a higher education in technical specialty. He also graduated from the psychology department of Moscow State University

Vladimir Yaglych: biography, personal life, photo

The life of stars that sparkle brightly on TV screens is not always rosy. Some of them have earned popularity over the years, and the second have successful life conflicts, due to which their path to fame is short. The same happened with the famous actor Vladimir Yaglych, whose biography many directors became interested in when he began to act in films almost immediately after the theatrical

Lilia Pustovit - one of the founders of Ukrainian fashion

Clothes from the fashionable brand “Lilia Pustovit” are high-quality materials along with modern style, respect for national traditions and comfort. Silhouettes created by this designer are remembered due to the clarity of compositions and clarity of forms. The clothes made by Lilia are currently sold in the most prestigious stores in the world, such as Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, 10 Corso Como in Seoul and L'Eclaireur in Paris. Li

Duchess of Cornish Camilla: biography, photo, interesting facts of life

Camilla - the Duchess of Cornwall is also referred to as the Duchess of Rothesian. It is very curious that Camilla's own great-grandmother (on the line of her mother) is one of the socialites, the beautiful Alice Keppel, for 12 years she was the mistress of King Edward VII, who is Charles's great-grandfather

Robert Wadlow - the tallest man in the world

Throughout history, mankind has always been amazed by numerous stories and legends about mythical giants, people or deities who have reached incredible sizes. Although most of them are nothing more than legends, such as Goliath, the king of gas or the titans. Some of these myths are based on real facts

Missing celebrities who were never found

Surely everyone remembers the famous "riddle of James Phillimore, " which once left its home and never returned. But the case described by Arthur Conan Doyle is far from the only one. Sometimes people disappear under unexplained circumstances, and this is a fact. Statistics cites huge numbers: about 4

Eddie Edwards British Ski Jumper - biography, achievements and interesting facts

The article will focus on the British subdue from the springboard Eddie Edwards. What is this person's remarkable life? How did he come to success? Origin and childhood Michael Thomas Edwards was born in the small resort town of Cheltenham, located in the English county of Gloucestershire, on December 5, 1963

Clotilde Kuro: movies, awards, photos, personal life

Clotilde Courot - French actress. In 2003 she married the Prince of Venice and became the Princess of Venice and Piedmont. Had been filmed since 1988. Among the works of the actress are the films: “In the Shadow of Women”, “Eva and Leon”, “Heaven will Wait”, the television series “The Collection” and others. General inform

Vladimir Kapustin: actor's filmography

Vladimir Kapustin - born in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region. Birthday celebrates March 16. He was born in 1971. Entered the Irkutsk Theater School and in 1994 received a diploma about his graduation. But he considered that for mastering the profession of an actor this was not enough, and entered in 1998 at VGIK

Pierre Balmain: a true connoisseur of the female soul

Girls often ask the question "How to form your style and match fashion trends?". In such cases, fashion shows, ready-made outfits and new collections often come to the rescue. But sometimes you should pay attention to something vintage and light. For example, Pierre Balmain is considered to be a great inspiration

Boris Vishnyakov: Shukshina's husband (photo)

2017 is the anniversary of the wonderful actress and TV host Maria Shukshina. It’s hard to believe, but the mother of four children and the grandmother of her grandson, Anna, are 50 years old. The hero of the article is Maria Vishnyakov, a former civil spouse of Maria, whose biography is interesting due to the fact that he is the father of two younger children of the screen star.

Saya Orazgaliyeva: biography and personal life

Saya Magzumbekovna Orazgaliyeva is known for the series "Universities", participation in groups Shine and FM. This is a very sweet and charming girl, who has proved that any heights can be achieved by her own diligence and purposefulness. Childhood Saya Orazgaliyeva was born on April 7, 1988 in Kazakhstan, in the small village of Belaya Gora in the Ulan district of the East Kazakhstan region

Lily Depp: the famous daughter of famous parents

At one time, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were recognized as the most beautiful couple in Hollywood and the whole world. They are young, beautiful, successful, rich and talented. This couple and children should be perfect. So it happened. Their joint daughter Lily Depp resembles both her father and mother at the same time

Biography Bondarchuk Svetlana Vitalevny

Bondarchuk Svetlana Vitalevna is known as the Russian model, the leading, the chief editor of Hello !, as well as the owner of a PR-agency. Since spring 2016, it is officially considered the ex-wife of the popular host and film director Fyodor Bondarchuk. Biography Bondarchuk Svetlana Vitalevny Svetlana was born in December 1968 in an intelligent family who lived on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard in the city of Moscow

What is known actor Hudson Schiffer

Hudson Schiffer is difficult to call a famous person, but nevertheless he has his fans who know him from a number of films, as well as his wife. The article, in addition to his filmography, which will be discussed in the first place, touches on the topic of personal life, so read it to the end to learn more about the life of the actor

Danko Lazovic: biography, rating, football statistics

Danko Lazovic is a football player who has become one of the brightest players in the Serbian and St. Petersburg-based Zenit teams. He is technical, fast, he is celebrated by fans and coaches. It is for this reason that the attention of sports media is riveted on a football player. But what do we really know about him

Singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez

Selena Quintanilla-Perez (Selena Quintanilla-Perez) is a Latin American singer, one of the most famous singers in the genre of tehano and cumbia. The gifted girl, in addition to music, wrote poetry, created collections of clothes and played on the stage. At the peak of popularity in 1995, she was shot by the president of her own fan club

Russian architect Evgeny Rozanov: biography, work

Domestic architecture is rich in outstanding architects. But a special caste is made up of architects who worked in the Soviet period, because they not only produced innovative ideas, but also could defend them under conditions of strict ideological censorship. A prominent representative of Soviet architecture is Evgeny Grigorievich Rozanov, who was able to create real masterpieces and decorate the country's space with outstanding buildings and complexes

Valentina Lyapina: actress, model, dancer

Young, talented actors - “concurrently” multi-faceted individuals - are becoming the object of close attention from critics and fans. And one of the rising stars of the national cinema is Valentina Lyapina - a girl who is not without charisma and is not deprived of her talent. The beginning of a creative way On July 14, 2002, a girl was born in an ordinary Moscow family. Th

Jessalyn Gilsig: biography, photo. Films and series

Jessalyn Gilsig - a talented actress from Canada, who managed to play about fifty films and TV shows by the age of 46. “Magic Sword: Salvation of Camelot”, “Horse Exorcist”, “Parts of the Body”, “Escape”, “Vikings”, “Lights of Friday Night”, “The Good Wife” - film and television projects that made the audience remember her. What is the story of the s

Melinda Gates: biography, personal life, family, interesting facts, photos

When a rich man marries a rich, a prince on a princess, a famous actor on a famous actress - society perceives it as something natural. But when the famous rich, enviable bridegroom chooses an unknown employee of his company as his partner in life, this causes genuine interest. Who is the Cinderella who captured the heart of a rich bachelor

Mishka Jap: biography, personal life. The famous Odessa raider

Mishka Jap - the legendary leader of the Odessa bandits. In his time, he had done quite a bit of noise in Odessa, and after his death many stories were told about him, truthful and not so much. But this man clearly went down in history. His wife, Tsilya Averman, is also known for her beauty, but still this story will not be about her, but about who once managed to conquer the entire Odessa underworld

Actress Natalya Soldatova: biography, photo

“Thank you for everything” - a TV project, thanks to which actress Natalya Soldatova has become famous. In this melodrama, she embodied the image of an unlucky provincial Anna Terekhina. By the age of 38, Natalya managed to play in more than twenty films and TV shows. What is the story of the star? Ac

Igor Gusev: career of the Russian goalkeeper

Igor Alekseevich Gusev is a Russian professional ex-footballer who played as a goalkeeper. During his career, he mostly played for Russian clubs from the first and second divisions. In 2003 he played for the club "Zhenis" in the Premier League of Kazakhstan. In 1995, Igor Gusev played for the youth team of Russia under the age of nineteen

The best illusionists of the world

Various phenomena are so closely intertwined in the life of a modern person that it is sometimes very difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual, the present from the illusion. The art of influencing human consciousness was understood differently at different times. In pre-Christian times, the art of illusionists was perceived as magic, in the Middle Ages such sorcerers were burned at the stake, in the Age of Enlightenment they tried to explain tricks from a scientific point of view

Igor Petrov: career of the Ukrainian football player, the best scorer of Shakhtar Donetsk

Igor Petrov (see photo below) - Soviet and Ukrainian professional ex-footballer, who played the position of central midfielder and striker. During his career, played for the Ukrainian and Israeli clubs. In 1994, he played in the national football team of Ukraine, held three official matches. The height of a football player is 175 centimeters

Actress Yana Koshkina: biography, photo. Filmography

By the age of 27, actress Yana Koshkina had already managed to act in more than twenty film and television projects. She owes her fame to the TV series “Second Chance” and “Chop”, in which she played brilliant roles. As a child, Yana predicted a brilliant sports career, but the girl chose a different path. What i

Actress Alina Lanina: filmography and biography

Filmography of Alina Lanina currently contains more than twenty film and television projects. The girl from Yekaterinburg gained fame thanks to the series “Secrets of the Institute of Noble Maidens”. In this TV show, she brilliantly played Elizabeth Vishnevetskaya, a student in the hostel. What is known about the life and work of the star? Fa

Michael Jackson was a wonderful lover: a secret girl singer debunks his addiction to children

Secret girlfriend of Michael Jackson said that he was "an amazing lover who simply adored women." When she saw the documentaries in which the king of pop was accused of sexual abuse of children, she was shocked. Relationship with the singer Shana Mangatal, who had a relationship with a singer in the early 1990s, insists that his children were not sexually attracted, because he was a real ladies man

Surganov and Arbenin: a love story. Diana Arbenina and Svetlana Surganova

The love story of Surganova and Arbenina has been haunting all fans of the Night Snipers group for many years. Svetlana's sudden departure from the team and the frank disregard of her former colleague Diana suggests some mysterious reason for such behavior. What really happened, and is it possible to reunite two talented women

Alexey Vasilenko: biography, activities and reviews

Let me invite you on a trip. Not simple, but sports! It will be an exciting and exciting event. And the pleasure received from him, will be double - fascinating trainings and pleasure from the first achievements. A guide in a fitness cruise will be Alexey Vasilenko. Having met Alexey in absentia, having counted his awards and regalia, you begin to think that he is a demigod and will not descend into communion with mere mortals

Antonina Klimenko: biography, personal life, photo

For many years, residents of different cities and countries have become participants in the TV project “Dom-2”. Initially, the program has established itself as a real show in which you can not only build a romantic relationship, but also start a family. However, some couples openly stated that they came to the project for the sake of popularity. In

Garik Sukachev: biography and family. Interesting facts and personal life

A bright, peculiar musician, composer, actor and director, Garik Sukachev, a biography whose personal history is full of unexpected twists and turns of various events, leave no one indifferent. He is either loved to fanaticism, or he categorically rejects his behavior patterns. The main feature of a musician is independence from other people's opinions

Ishaev Igor, accident, scandal

Ishaev Igor has long been attributed to poor fame because of the scandalous accident in Moscow that happened at a speed of about 300 km / hour. But now he tried on the role of the victim and is not going to retreat. There is an opinion that two people were traveling with him in the car: the popular capital street-racing car and his best friend

What happened to the master: Vyacheslav Zaitsev's disease

In 2018, at one of the federal channels, fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev spoke frankly about his illness and shared his plans for the near future. I must say that rumors about the plight of the couturier have been going on for a long time. Zaitsev left the post of moderator of the program "Fashionable sentence" precisely because it was hard for him to withstand many hours of shooting

Henry Armstrong - a sweeping hurricane

One of the greatest boxers of all times and peoples, according to critics and professional athletes, Henry Armstrong was distinguished by extraordinary speed and endurance. According to various polls, he invariably among the ten best boxers in the world, regardless of weight categories. And in 2007, the most famous magazine on professional boxing "Ring" put him in second place

Actress Hilary Swank: filmography. Best films with her participation

Athlete, farmer, fatal beauty, police officer - it is difficult to list all the images that Hilary Swank managed to try on herself. The filmography of the star, twice won the "Oscar" and managed to become famous for 25 years, contains a large selection of interesting pictures. What tapes with her participation are recognized as the best critics and spectators, what is known about the past of an American celebrity

Star's Creative Way: Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is a famous Hollywood actor whom every self-respecting movie fan knows. The actor tried himself in different genres. The most high-profile projects with his participation - "Komatozniki", "Invisible Man", "Echoes of Echo", "Trembling of the Earth"

Dave Shapell - American comedian

Dave Chapell first became known in America for his talent as a comedian. But Dave proved that he can be successful not only in one profession. He starred in films and TV shows, wrote scripts and produced various television projects. Biography Dave Shapell was born in 1973 in Washington, the capital of America

Dmitry Lanskoy: biography, photo, personal life

Dmitry Lanskaya - a popular singer, in the past a member of the famous group "Prime Minister", the creator of soundtracks for a large number of Russian TV shows and films, a music producer of several projects. Successful musician, composer, singer, happy husband and father of two children. The beginning of the way Dmitry Lanskoy was born on 05/15/1978 in the capital of Russia

Julia Alipova: the story of "Miss Russia 2014"

Charming Julia Alipova very successfully refutes the prevailing stereotypes about the incompatibility of the mind and beauty in women. She easily and naturally received two higher educations, one of which is a technical profile, she just as easily and naturally won the All-Russian beauty contest, having made an indelible impression not only on her stunning appearance, but also on her exceptional intellectual abilities

What is she, Irina Shayk, before and after the plastic? And were there any operations?

Muslim girls have always had a colorful appearance. Irina Shaikhlislamova, a girl from the Ural town of Yemanzhelinsk, who has become a world symbol of beauty, sexuality, emancipation and the ability to love your body, is no exception. Irina took for herself a clear and clear for the whole world pseudonym - Shayk, by whom the entire planet knows her today

Truffaut Francois: biography, creativity, quotes, filmography

One of the founders of such a phenomenon in world cinema as the “French New Wave” is Truffaut Francois. The biography, career and personal life of this brilliant actor, talented filmmaker, screenwriter and producer will be discussed in this article. It will soon be eighty-four years since the birth of François Truffaut. And

Actress Gulnara Silbaeva: biography, personal life, interesting facts

Gulnara Silbaeva, who celebrates her thirtieth anniversary in September of this year, is one of the most promising representatives of the Kazakh show business. The Russian audience is a talented girl known for participation in the team of KVN "Kazakhs", who took second place in the 2010 season

Chagatay Ulusoy: biography, personal life, photo

Fans of Turkish films and TV shows relatively recently learned of the existence of such an actor as Chagatay Ulusoy. Biography of a rising star is of interest to all who liked the "Anatolian Eagles", "I called her Ferich" and other projects in which he participated. Behind him, he still has some bright roles, which does not prevent critics from calling him among the most promising actors in Turkey

Awesome Daria Verbova: Beauty Model With High IQ

About one of the most sought-after models in the world, they say that she caught luck by the tail, in response, she works a lot, not paying attention to the envious. The Canadian who lives in the most severe discipline, who grew up in a Ukrainian family, is capricious, but the film crew is indulgent of her character, getting luxurious photos

Marcano Ivan: biography and facts from the playing career of the Spanish defender

Marcano Ivan - Spanish football player of the Portuguese club "Porto". Performs on the position of the central defender. In his current club, he is used by the head dragon coach as a player to rotate the main team, mostly staying on the bench. Game number - 4. early years Ivan Marcano Sierro - a native Spanish Santadera

Without make-up: Tatiana Bulanova amazed with her natural beauty

The original work of Tatiana Bulanova pleases us for many decades. The incredible beauty of the voice penetrating into the very soul, won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans. As is often the case, they are interested not only in the work of their idol, but also in their personal lives. And for many years Tatiana was the wife of a famous football player, and therefore, fans follow her publications in social networks with double enthusiasm

Writer Vladimir Istarkhov (Vladimir Ivanov Ivanov) - author of the cult book "Beat the Russian gods": biography

A public figure, a writer, author of notorious books, Vladimir Istarkhov causes controversial feelings. He appeals to the national identity of people, while spreading views that are recognized as extremist. The life path of this man is tortuous and full of difficulties. Family and childhood Vladimir Alekseevich Ivanov (Istarkhov) was born in 1949 in Moscow

The legendary Soviet biathlete Alexander Tikhonov: biography and sports career

Alexander Tikhonov, whose biography is presented in this article? - the legendary Soviet biathlete, four-time winner of the Olympic Games, multiple triumphant and prize-winner of world championships in various disciplines. Biography Tikhonov Alexander Ivanovich was born in the village of Uysky (Chelyabinsk region) in January 1947

Kristina Pimenova model: parents, biography, parameters and interesting facts

She is called the most beautiful girl in the world, and the number of subscribers to her groups in social networks surely exceeds several million. Little Christine is only ten years old, seven of whom she works as a model. Baby with transparent blue eyes has long been considered the face of Russia on the World Wide Web

Jet Li: movies, best roles

Spectators who like to watch the battles of masters of martial arts must pay attention to the pictures in which Jet Li is involved. Filmography of a talented actor, who came to the big movie from the sport, currently has about 50 projects. What tapes with a wushu connoisseur should be seen first? Curriculum Vitae The Chinese actor was born in Beijing, it happened in 1963

Biography of Nikolai Tsiskaridze: Repertoire and Biography

The outstanding dancer of modern Russian ballet Nikolai Tsiskaridze conquered the whole world with his diverse roles, charm and fantastic technique. Any of his appearance on the stage causes a standing ovation in the hall. The biography of Nikolai Tsiskaridze can be briefly described by the phrase "ballet genius

Patti Hansen: biography and personal life

Patti Hansen - the once very popular American model, now known as the wife of the famous rock band The Rolling Stones Keith Richards. What was the creative way of the former model and how did her life after the end of her career? Patty Hansen Biography Patricia Elvin Hansen was born on March 17, 1956 in New York (USA)

The author of courses and trainings is Igor Merlin: reviews, biography, schedule and features of programs

How to attract cash flow? Such questions today concern many. One of those who know the answers to them, Igor Merlin. Reviews of his work are controversial. However, many are convinced that his methods really work. Who is Igor Merlin? The esoteric and parapsychologist Igor Merlin, which is popular today, whose reviews about the work are given in this article, promises the main thing

Konstantin Andrikopoulos: biography and photo

Konstantin Andrikopulos is the most famous Greek living in Russia and one of the most charming and positive foreigners in Moscow. Businessman, director of development for the fashion brand Bosco di Ciliegi and just a handsome man, he is always in the center of media attention. Having moved to Paris from Paris in the late 90s, Andrikopulos immediately plunged into social life and very soon became an integral part of the capital's beau monde

Biography of singer Ingrid Kostenko

Young, promising singer Ingrid Kostenko is a bright and extraordinary person, a girl with a rebellious character. The only thing she regards with trepidation is music. Despite her extravagant image, Ingrid writes songs of a romantic and even dull character, which does not quite match her appearance. Carefree childhood In the biography of Ingrid Kostenko a lot of interesting facts

Alexander Gatskan: football career

Alexander Mikhailovich Gatskan - a football player from Moldova, playing the position of midfielder in “Rostov” in the RFPL. From 2005 to the present, he is a player in the Moldavian national team, previously played in youth teams. The height of a football player is 185 cm, weight - 79 kg. Currently serving under 84 number. A.

Nepomniachtchi Oleg Naumovich: biography, work, and interesting facts

Undoubtedly, the eminent administrator and producer Nepomnyashchy Oleg was a major figure in the domestic show business. It was he who made many successful performers of the Soviet and post-Soviet epoch successful. And we are talking not only about such legendary people as Alla Borisovna Pugacheva and Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru

Chris Jenner: Career and Biography

Chris Jenner is a stylish mother of many children. She gave birth to six children. Has long become a grandmother. Chris is an American socialite. Former wife of the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian. Then - the spouse of the Olympic champion B. Jenner. Family Chris Jenner, whose photos are published in this article, was born on November 5, 1955 in the USA, in the state of California, in the city of San Diego

Ekaterina Kapelyush: biography and photo

A little forgotten by all fans of the TV project “House 2” Ekaterina Kapelyush (Kolesnichenko) has become a frequent guest of TV programs. Now this is a power-filled adult girl, in which she no longer knows the whimsical screaming girl from the scandalous show. Let's remember how she appeared on the screens and what the audience remembered! Ca