Who are the haters?

In the lyrics of rap artists it is very often possible to meet the word hater (“hater”). What are they so remarkable if they are mentioned in almost every song of the rapper? Who are the haters? Who can be called so, and whom - no? Let's try to understand this very interesting question. Translated from English, a hater is a person who hates someone for some reason. Th

How to make a demotivator?

Prototypes of modern demotivators had little to do with what is now understood by this word. The first posters of this kind appeared in response to Soviet propaganda posters, placed in educational institutions and at workplaces, calling for vigorous productive activities, performing a specific action, observing established rules, or decrying their violation

Left Bank Registry Office: hours of operation, photos and reviews

A wedding ceremony is something that everyone goes through in life. If someone else was not involved in the process of creating a family, then it was definitely present as a guest at least once. Although all the ceremonies have much in common, each pair manages to create a unique atmosphere suitable only for the two of them

Styles of architecture of Spain. The most famous monuments of architecture of Spain

Spain is a country of conquistadors and seafarers, traders and travelers, pirates and beautiful women, exquisite dishes and picturesque architecture. In the Spanish kingdom, revolutions thundered throughout its existence, dictatorial power was overthrown, the post-war regime was destroyed. People returned to a peaceful life and revived monuments of historical times

Pharmaceutical - who is it? What does the word "pharmaceutical designer" mean?

In modern colloquial speech, the expression is, if it occurs, it is not so often. But in various works of literature and cinematography, especially negative characters are sometimes given such a definition as “pharmacist”. Who he is is usually understandable within the meaning and context of the narration. Bu

Traditions and customs of the Yakuts. Culture and life of the peoples of Yakutia

According to archaeological data, the nationality of the Yakuts arose as a result of the union of local tribes who lived near the middle reaches of the Lena River with southern Turkic-speaking migrants. Over time, the new nation created was divided into several groups. For example, northwestern herders, etc

Bread and salt: meaning, cultural traditions, folk rituals and signs

How often do you receive guests, collect a table, arrange dinner parties or dinners? For this you need a special festive occasion, or is it enough just to have a good mood? The Russian people have always been famous for their hospitality, desire and ability to receive other people in their homes. Such hospitality has become not just a national character trait, but a part of our self-consciousness, mentality

Volgograd landing stage - a floating pier on Lake Denezhny. Burned out in case of fire

It no longer exists, the Volgograd freight-passenger landing stage, a favorite vacation spot for young people, the hero of numerous amateur photo shoots. The floating pier had a chance to enter the list of cultural heritage sites of the Soviet period. Renovated, it could be among the leaders of the local tourism industry

How to answer the question: "How are you?" Original answers

Probably more popular than greetings: “How are you?”, “How are you?”, “What's new?” - simply does not exist. However, in these questions about life a certain meaning is hidden, which for everyone is not always clear to others. How to answer the question: "How are you?" You will read the answers in our article. "What

National costume of Azerbaijan: description

The national costume of each nation reflects its historical and cultural values. Studying the time periods of the development of a nation, one can trace the changes that traditional clothing has undergone, as well as reveal the features that remain unchanged for centuries. The description of the national costume of Azerbaijan is presented to your attention in the article

Origin of the Rodionov surname: versions, history, meaning

The surname is a hereditary generic naming, the history of each of them is unique and individual. They were formed from proper names, names of professions, life, customs, appearance, nicknames, features of the character and appearance of our ancestors. Many people are interested in the origin of their surnames

What does the word "discouraged" mean? Is it an adjective or participle?

How rich is the Russian language! After all, it seems only to ignorant people that everything in it is clear, transparent and understandable. In fact, everything is not so. Two words that sound exactly the same can mean completely different or different spelling in one little letter, which, when pronounced, gives the same sound in both cases

What is the lexicon of modern man?

How many words do you think the average person knows? Everyone remembers the famous passage from the immortal work of E. Petrov and I. Ilf "The Twelve Chairs" about comparing the vocabulary of Shakespeare and Ellochka-Cannibalism. The same quotation can be cited as confirmation of the hypothesis that a person’s lexicon depends on what that person is.

Designer coffins: how they look and how much they cost

Everybody dreams of leaving for another world. For example, the soul queen, Aretha Franklin, who died in August, was buried in a coffin of pure gold. Increasingly, the last desire of the deceased becomes the original form of the coffin. Airplane, car, suitcase and skates - this is just the beginning

Museums of Yoshkar-Ola: description, addresses, features.

In Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of the Republic of Mari El, a lot of attractions. In recent years, the city has changed markedly. Beautiful boulevards with fountains, gorgeous embankment, magnificent buildings and large shopping centers appeared in it. But a special role for residents and guests of Yoshkar-Ola is played by museums, where you can always relax your soul, reflect and enjoy works of art

Smarmy is ... Meaning

Intrusive is an adjective, which means a special quality of a person who, with his mild, cunning or prudent behavior, is able to gain favor with others or arouse their trust and sympathy. This definition can be used in literature in both negative and positive ways. As a rule, authors resort to this adjective in order to emphasize some psychological qualities of a person: his secretiveness or, on the contrary, benevolence

Should children give English names?

It is not known what caused the fashion to call children by foreign names today, given some of their specifics, but young moms are simply restless. They probably think that the more beautiful and unusual their baby's name is, the smarter, more talented and successful he will grow. The most respected among the young domestic mothers are English names

Surname Kuznetsova: origin and meaning

Many people are very interested in finding out the origin of their last name. Some manage to do it without much difficulty, and someone has to seek help from professionals who are well-versed in such matters. Origin of Kuznetsov name Many old Russian patronymic names were formed by naming the main occupation of the head of the family, be he a plowman or a baker

Who are contemporaries? Consider in detail

Our article will be useful to those who try to follow the purity of speech and use the words where they are relevant. Finding who are contemporaries, will also be useful to anyone who tries to avoid common mistakes. This word can often be found in scientific and fiction literature, cinema, the press

Who is considered the most beautiful male in Russia

Of course, to determine the most beautiful man is the same as to determine the most delicious food. Everyone's tastes are so different that one girl will like a young actor from Voronezh, and another is a politician of retirement age. Naturally, the richer and more famous the person, the greater the chances of winning in the list of the most desired and sought-after people

Museum-exhibition complex "Volokolamsk Kremlin" - architectural pearl of the Moscow region

Volokolamsk is one of the cities of the Moscow Region, and it would be completely unremarkable if it were not for its ancient history and the ensemble of the Kremlin that has come down to our days. If we turn to historical documents, it is easy to see that the Slavic settlement on the site of this settlement existed even before the foundation of Moscow

Club "Brooklyn" in Moscow: description of the place and feedback from visitors

After work or study, there is always a desire to have a good time and relax. And if this happens in the company of friends, then the rest will be even better. Cafes and clubs allow not only to try new dishes from the menu of the restaurant, but also to enjoy excellent music. The play of light, sound and other effects help to create a special environment

What is the meaning of the word "flatter"? Synonyms and examples

It is customary to think that flattery is bad. For example, when a person is told: “You are beautiful, like a god!” In response, you hear: “Oh well, you scoff, flattery with me will not pass!” But sometimes the praise is sincere, though a little embellishing reality. Consider today the meaning of the word "flatter". Is it

Pava - who is this? Meaning of the word pava

The great Russian poet immortalized this word with the bold stroke of a pen. In the tale of Alexander Sergeyevich princess acted "like a pavé". Praised her poet or laughed at her? Definition The meaning of the word is quite mundane, there is nothing high in it. Pava is a bird, more precisely, a female, or more precisely, a female peacock.

Renome is a borrowed word. What does it mean?

One of the ways to develop a language is borrowing. Foreign words are sometimes adapted, acquiring a new form, more convenient to use, overgrown with endings and grammatical features of Russian speech. And some units of the language and “in a new place” remain unchanged, with the same stress, do not bend or change in numbers and genders. Th

Chechen surnames are male and female. The origin and meaning of the Chechen surnames

The whole life of the Chechens was closely connected with their family relations, therefore much attention is paid to the ties of their surnames. Written off names and surnames are mainly of Arabic and Persian origin, but there are also Russian roots. Blood ties play an important role in the life of Chechens, all family members are closely linked

Men's French names and their meanings

Male French names are one of the most beautiful and harmonious. Alain Delon, Bertrand Blier, Matilda Senier ... Their pronunciation reflects the whole charm of France, its sophistication and attractiveness. In this article we will look at how the male French names were formed, and what preceded it. From the history The formation of names in France was greatly influenced by the constant wars and invasions of foreign invaders

Strong woman: what is she like?

Nowadays, the phrase “strong woman” has begun to sound more and more often. But how to determine what it is and recognize it in the crowd? Sometimes we ourselves do not fully understand what this expression means and what consequences it entails. Let us try to find out whether a woman likes this wording, and what she obliges. Wh

The highest mountain in Russia: the name and photo

The highest mountain in Russia, a monument of nature, one of the largest extinct volcanoes in the world, the “Mecca” of Russian and not only mountain pilgrimages and just a very, very beautiful mountain - this is the minimum set that comes to mind when you talk about Elbrus. This ice beauty hides under its ices the hot breath of the fiery abyss - after all, Elbrus, in fact, is an extinct volcano. Or

Wedding ring - on which hand they wear it?

Why do people exchange rings when they marry? When did the first wedding rings appear? Wedding ring on which hand to wear? Let's try to figure out and answer your questions. On which hand we wear a wedding ring? Turn to the story. The ancient writer Plutarch explained that the first to wear wedding rings were Egyptians

What to do when you do not know what to do? How to make the right decision?

Before everyone on Earth and more than once the question arose of what to do when you do not know what to do. The very emergence of the question does not necessarily imply the tragic hopelessness of the situation, it may just be confusion due to the loss of some link in the chain of events or simply the unwillingness to do anything

What is harassment: description, signs and features

In the lexical vocabulary of words of the modern Russian man entered a new Western term - "harassment". Let's see what the word "harassment" means. We will especially pay attention to how it manifests itself, where it happens and what to do in such cases. Term meaning If you briefly answer the question of what harassment is, then it is harassment that occurs in the work environment

Culture, customs and traditions of the Tatar people: briefly

Every nation has its own customs and traditions. Many of them are unusual and interesting. In order to live in peace with their neighbors, people need to know what features they have and respect them. In this article we will look at the customs and traditions of the Tatar people. According to one scenario In the vastness of our country, its representatives live practically everywhere

Immoral lifestyle: on the verge of and beyond

Moral norms of any culture consist of the observance of ethical principles and the admissibility of deviations from them. In addition, one can lead an immoral lifestyle without even denying generally accepted unwritten laws, but simply not fitting into them with the flow of one's thoughts and life principles

Idiom "idiom": its meaning, history of origin and use

The role of idioms in the Russian language is difficult to overestimate. Due to their use, the speaker's speech acquires a special color, vividness, imagery. The roots of a great many stable expressions should be sought in the national language. It is he who is the well of truly precious treasures of our modern dictionary

How can you call Polina: diminutive forms, examples

Some names have common abbreviations and known diminutive forms. Maria will be called Masha, Manya, Manyunya. And it is immediately clear who they mean. Other names provide a wide scope for creativity. Let's think about how to call Polina? The first thing that comes to mind - by analogy with Galina or Valentina - Fields

Modern man as a carrier of the culture of his people

Anyone born in this world with mother's milk absorbs the national culture, masters the native language. The life order and traditions of the people become his personal way of life. Thus, man, as the bearer of the culture of his people, organically grows together with it. Unfortunately, in modern life this unity does not always justify itself

The official language of Great Britain. United Kingdom provinces

What is the official language in the UK? The answer, of course, suggests itself - English. But all is not so clear. The United Kingdom, or the United Kingdom, includes several countries. The capital of Britain, London, annually attracts a huge number of tourists and immigrants who come to the country to earn money

Ivan Fedorov: a monument in Moscow. Description of the monument to Ivan Fedorov

The monument to pioneer Fedorov, created in 1909, is another landmark of Moscow, to which hundreds of tourists and residents of the city go every day. Ivan Fedorov Ivan Fedorov was a native of the Russian kingdom. Although he was born on the territory of modern Moscow, he spent most of his life on the lands of the Lithuanian Principality, as well as in Ukraine, in Lviv, which at that time was part of the Russian Voivodship and the Commonwealth

Exhibitions in Hong Kong - prestige and benefit

Hong Kong has long been known for its exhibitions. Every year there are dozens of similar events of various topics and directions. Thousands of people from all corners come to this city to see new products from the world of technology, fine jewelry and fur products from famous brands. Not all exhibitions in Hong Kong have a huge scope

List of beautiful surnames for girls. Russian and foreign beautiful surnames for girls

The name is a reflection of the person himself. Not always people are happy with their surnames. This is especially true of the female half of the population. After all, the girl should be beautiful in everything. Her name and surname should speak about positive qualities. Many dream of an unusual original surname, having the most mundane

Is self-sufficiency a desire for solitude or flight from reality?

Nowadays it is fashionable to be a strong spirit person. It's not even in fashion, but in need. The modern way of life leaves us no choice. Permanent competition at work and in personal life, growing needs and a catastrophic lack of free time - give a little weakness, and the cycle of life events will throw you ashore as an unnecessary burden

The history of cinema in Russia: the main stages of development

The history of Russian cinema began a long time ago - from the first documentary films of ordinary photographers. The beginning of cinema in Russia is considered to be the birth of the “Great Mute” in 1898. The history of domestic films has passed the hard way, proudly overcoming tough censorship. Ho

Palace of the Emir of Bukhara in Yalta: description and history of attractions

Yalta is one of the most beautiful southern cities, in the vicinity of which at all times rich and distinguished people liked to equip their summer residences. To this day has survived many historic lush estates and luxury summer houses. One of the modern sights of the city is the Palace of the Emir of Bukhara

Coat of arms of Cuba. Description and characteristics

Cuba is an island nation located in the Caribbean. The emblem of Cuba was adopted in 1906, and the flag in 1902. They are the main state symbols that represent the republic in the world. Each of their details tells about the difficult history of the country and its geographical features. What do the flag and the coat of arms of Cuba represent

Proverbs about love and not only in Russian

The Russian language is rich and diverse. Speech Russian is replete with various catch phrases, proverbs, sayings and jokes. Proverbs about love, family life, good and evil - the experience of peoples, which he passes from generation to generation. Does modern man, in the era of computers and sensors, resort to “grandfather’s teachings”, does he use folklore in his speech ?! And

Statuses about a sister with meaning: statements for social networks

Status about a sister with meaning is a good way to tell the world about the happiness of having a best friend in your life. A selection of such expressions will help to highlight exactly those words that are so important to say to a dear person. Status about a sister with meaning "If there is someone to whom you can tell your secret with the same confidence as your mother, then only your sister

Reasons to play sports. Sport in a person's life

Sport in the life of a person plays a key role. He brings joy, tempers character, strengthens will power and disciplines. There are many positive points that sport brings to everyday life, but it is better to consider this issue in more detail. Attitude to sport Sport could always be associated with a special cultural element

Museum in Izhevsk (Kalashnikov): a place where you definitely need to go

Russia, like any other civilized country, is abundant in a wide variety of exhibition complexes, museums, art galleries and other cultural objects. Not so long ago - in 2004 - their list was replenished with one more: a new museum opened in Izhevsk (Kalashnikov). In some ways, its name is somewhat arbitrary, since the exposition includes not only the embodiment of the ideas of the famous gunsmith

European names. Different countries and different names

Recently, more and more children began to appear with unusual names. Modern parents call their daughters and sons various exotic names, borrowing them from Arabs, Azeris, Armenians, refer to ancient times, recalling pagan roots. In this case, a lot depends on fashion trends. However, European names will never go out of fashion, so their diversity is huge

"In God We Trust" - we trust in God. The rest is for the money!

Anglicisms, present in modern Russian (and other) languages, by their very existence confirm that with all the wealth of the “great and mighty” in some cases it is not enough. And the matter is not only in the number of phonemes contained in the average phrase. There are nuances that need to be distinguished. In

Social technologies: definition, types, instruments

What is social technology? The simplest answer: a set of techniques that allow you to influence a particular situation or the social system as a whole. If you talk deployed, the concept includes a whole structure of communicative methods that are used to control a society or its own environment. Social technologies allow you to form the necessary reality, to manage others in their own interests

Aphorisms about life with meaning. Short quotes and statuses

Cool and wise aphorisms about life with meaning. Short remarks of great people who have found their place in society. Meaning of life Aphorisms about life with meaning, short statements of famous people who have left their mark on history: This is a job that needs to be adequately completed (Tocqueville)

"Scream" - this is a masterpiece of notoriety

The meaning of the word "cry" everyone knows. A person hears these sounds throughout his life: the cry of a newborn, the cry of a superior, the cry of a soul. But what is this word associated with people of art? The cry is not only a sharp and loud cry, made by man and animals, it is also the famous and mystical picture of the great Norse impressionist Edward Munch

The secret is what is it? Consider the meaning of the word

“Secret” is a word that has a foreign origin. It is not only in Russian, in many languages ​​its meaning and sound are similar. In our article we will consider the most common definition of this term, as well as some specific meanings. Origin Latin secretus literally translates as "separate", "special", "secret". Accord

Kazan libraries: description, addresses

Today, the centralized library system of Kazan is a huge network of libraries. It consists of two main institutions - the Central Library and the Central Children's Library, 47 branches. Scattered book storages in all areas of the city. Their total fund exceeds 2 million copies. Books, magazines, audiovisual and electronic documents, sheet music can be found on the shelves

Restaurant etiquette: the concept of etiquette, rules of conduct, appeal to the waiters, order dishes and use cutlery

Restaurant etiquette is a special set of rules that will help you to feel at ease when you find yourself in a fashionable establishment. It is believed that compliance with these standards of behavior emphasizes that you are a well-bred and educated person. In this case, any trifle is important - how to keep the cutlery, how to contact the waiter, how to order food and drinks from the menu

Museum of Military Glory. Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Today, any large city of Russia and the CIS countries has a Museum of military glory. This specific memorable education was most prevalent during and after the Second World War. Such organizations exist as large entities of regional scale or city, and at the level of military units (units, companies, etc

Ingush surnames: features, history and interesting facts

A relatively young republic in the very center of the Caucasus is distinguished by respect for its ancestry, ancestors, history. The list of Ingush surnames alphabetically abounds in the clans known in the republic, belonging to respected teips. What was common in European countries during the Middle Ages, in Ingushetia, is flourishing today

Basurman - who is he? The eponymous novel by I. I. Lazhechnikov

Basurman is a non-believer, Muslim. This word was common in ancient Russia. In addition, the so-called enemies, strangers, enemies. The word was used both in official papers and in ordinary conversations. In the XIX and at the dawn of the twentieth century, it was used in a simple and literary language

Mari Names: Overview, Features and Interesting Facts

How does the Russian name Alexander sound in the Mari language? Why is it that the Mari call their children? What languages ​​do Mari people borrow names for their babies? What is the best name for a girl or a boy from the Mari language? Republic of Mari Elnahoditsya in the Middle Volga. The ancestors of the natives began to inhabit this land about 1500 years ago. Si

Modern Muslims: theft of the bride is profitable and ... against the law

It seems that without stealing a bride, a custom wedding is not a wedding. This tradition, observed, probably, at every marriage, discharges the atmosphere. So that the not very sober public doesn’t have a desire to quarreling on the subject of bride abduction, we recommend following the rules: coordinate the moment of the bride's abduction with the master of ceremonies; do not take the girl far away; Do not hide her in a dirty place: dirty expensive dress - this is the least you want the bride on this day; do not delay the process in time, everything should last no more than 30 minutes; do

Apotheosis is always grand!

The word "apotheosis" is of ancient Greek origin, and it consists of two words. The literal translation is "turning into god." The original meaning of the word apotheosis is among the concepts of praise, glorification and deification. Most likely, the apotheosis is an eastern "invention"

What is spirituality?

What is spirituality? It does not have an ideal and final definition; it cannot be described as an object. Sociologists define spirituality as the search for the "sacred", where this "sacred" in a broad sense is defined as different from the ordinary, mundane, it is worthy of reverence and respect

Isa. Name Meaning and Characteristic

The name Isa can be called one of the rarest and most mysterious of all, which are given to eastern women. Understanding its origin and meaning is not so simple, but we tried to collect the most complete description of the girls who bear that name. Isa. Meaning and origin of the name Today it is quite difficult to determine when the name Aiza first appeared

Museum of a submarine in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Around the world there are several museums equipped with submarines. In our country, submarines are open to the public in Vytegra, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Museum of a submarine in Moscow After twenty years of impeccable combat service in 1998, the legendary diesel submarine called "Novosibirsk Komsomol member" was decommissioned from the Russian Navy and turned into a museum

Cameron Gallery in Tsarskoye Selo: photos, description, reviews

The Cameron Gallery in Tsarskoye Selo was built during the reign of Catherine II, when the palace park underwent the greatest changes. The Empress was fascinated with his accomplishment as diligently as her predecessor Elizaveta Petrovna was refurbishing the Catherine Palace. Until her death, the Great Empress directed the beautification and decoration of the park

Sergey Chemezov - Head of Rostec Corporation

Sergey Chemezov is the general director of Rostec corporation, in the past the head of Rosoboronexport. Included in the supreme council of the party "United Russia". It is considered a close associate of Vladimir Putin. The Economic News Agency brings it to the top 10 most influential people in the Russian Federation

Great Fortresses of Russia - list

For centuries, the borders of Russia have been subjected to changes many times due to all sorts of wars, invasions and other historical events. One of the most important tasks of Russia at all times was to protect its borders. Especially in the north-west, where there was a constant threat from Lithuania and Sweden, which many times tested the borders of the Russian state for strength

In which countries do the Jews live: the most numerous Jewish diasporas

Due to the numerous conquests that began in the 7th century BC, the Jewish people who lost their homeland scattered around the world. Many are interested in the question: where do the Jews live, in what country? Currently, Jews live in almost every state. They form diasporas, actively participate in public and political life

What is "demob"? Who is the "demob"?

Each sphere of public life has its own specific terms and concepts, which, by the way, may not be clear to everyone. In this article we will talk about what a demob is, how this concept is correctly deciphered and how to correctly apply it. Origin of the word At the very beginning, of course, you need to know the meaning of the word "demob"

Manor "Glinka", owned by Jacob Willimovich Bruce. Sights of the Moscow region

One of the most visited places in the Moscow region is the estate "Glinka", it is one of the oldest architectural monuments of the XVIII century. In addition, this place is older than other estates of the Moscow region. These places belonged to noblemen by the name of Bryusy, who were descended from Jacob Vilimovich - an associate of Peter the Great, a military man and statesman, scholar and diplomat

Funny female name. Funny names. The funniest names in the world

Names play an important role in the life of each person. But it happens that the names can be funny and even ridiculous. That's what we'll talk about today. We will tell you about what a funny female name exists, what it means. This is really interesting. Why are there very funny names? If it is good to understand the essence of the question, then in our language there are practically no names that would cause an involuntary smile

Shirokorechenskoye cemetery in Yekaterinburg

Cemeteries are not only places of burial of people, but also part of the history of our country. Even on the rural churchyard, you can find something informative, not to mention the large urban necropolises. In our article we will tell about the Shirokorechenskoye cemetery, located in Yekaterinburg. First graves In early 1941, the land allocated for burial was just starting to fill up, there was a lot of free space

Castle of Blois: history, description with photos, date of foundation, interesting facts and royal secrets

France - a country rich in attractions. Not the last place in this necklace of precious monuments of history and architecture occupy the castles of the Loire. Blois is the largest of them. During his more than 700-year history, he saw everything: ups, downs, destruction, oblivion, popularity ... We’ll tell you about what is known and interesting about Chateau de Blois, what secrets and legends are associated with it and what be sure to see it if you happen to get there.

The most interesting topics for discussion. How to suggest an interesting topic for conversation

Communication with people in one form or another is an integral part of our life. How to make it fun and enjoyable? For various reasons, not all people are able to start, develop and maintain a natural conversation. Especially if you have to talk with an unfamiliar person or someone you are in love with

The monument is ... The most famous monuments of the world

Since ancient times, people have established monuments and various monuments in order to perpetuate the memory of prominent personalities or events. A monument is a monument that is distinguished by its considerable size. Today, on different continents of the world, thousands of monuments of different sizes and shapes are installed

Canton Fair: advice to visitors, useful recommendations for entrepreneurs

The Canton Fair is an annual trade forum at which the best high-tech innovations of the market are offered to the attention of consumers. Visiting the event, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to order large quantities of goods by entering into contracts directly with manufacturers. Let's find out what else the Canton fair in Guangzhou is good for, what dangers await an inattentive visitor here

International Knight Festival "Genoese Helmet", combining present and past

The Genoese Helmet international festival is held annually within the walls of the Genoese fortress, in which lovers of historical reconstruction and fencing take part. The festival was first held in 2001, and became very popular. For many Crimeans and guests of the peninsula, Sudak is associated with the festival and attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually

FYI - what does it mean? Interesting abbreviation facts

For most people who are 30 years old, and for those who are much younger than this category of the population, modern borrowed (most often from the English language) expressions in the field of Internet resources are incomprehensible. Rather, it can be said that these buzzwords, abbreviations and other designations plunge inexperienced users into shock, causing them to feel ill at ease or to feel the excessive pressure of age

Public Domain: Definition of what is included, description

All over the world there is a rule according to which works pass into the public domain when a certain period expires. In different countries, this term, as well as the order of transition, are in some way different. So, for works that are the property of all people in our country, copyright may exist in the United States, and vice versa

Names of Latin origin. Latin names for men and women

Many Latin names are harmonious, perhaps that is why they were so popular at all times. Now, despite the fact that it is fashionable to use rare and sometimes extravagant names, Latin ones are in great demand among future parents. The choice is huge for newborn boys and girls. You can choose the most common and not very long and short

The most beautiful female name? This is the name of the beloved!

The most beautiful female name ... How many disputes were on this subject. Someone likes the original names: Daria and Maria, Uliana and Xenia among the Slavs, Farida and Malik among Muslims, Avital and Taiba among Jews, etc. Others prefer modern names, which have become almost international. So appear Snezhana, Zlata, Angelina and Cameron

What is good

Do you think that the question of what is good is relevant today? In our world, everything has long been mixed up. What is this? So immediately no one, perhaps, will not say. This question is philosophical. Its roots must be sought in the depths of man’s soul. Let's talk about what has already been said so much yesterday and today.

Baykovo cemetery: address. Crematorium at the Baikovo Cemetery in Kiev. The graves of celebrities at Baikovo Cemetery (photo)

A graveyard is not only a place to bury dead people. If its roots go back many centuries, on the territory there are significant architectural structures, then it may well become a historical monument, like the Baykovo cemetery in Kiev. It received its name from the name of the area, which was named after the name of Sergey Baikov, who has a cottage nearby

Modern and funny bride price - interesting ideas and script

Bride price is the most ancient custom, which dates back to the incest prohibition. The groom was looking for a girl from a different kind. Often there was no connection between the two tribes, or they were hostile. Therefore, it was necessary to take the bride, accompanied by the squad, and her relatives were paid a rich ransom

What is race

Probably each of us knows what race is. Today we do not attach much importance to this issue and the history of the origin of races. Actually it is quite interesting. The human race is a group of people that has developed historically, they have similarities between themselves in terms of eyes, hair color, head shape, etc

The world of the departed, or How to count 9 days after death

Death is not the end of the road. This is only a milestone that everyone goes through, but no one knows what is behind it. Today there are many elements of the cultural heritage associated with death that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of them serve as a boon to the deceased and his living relatives

Regional Vologda Library. Babushkina - a major scientific and cultural center of the north-west of Russia

Vologda was first mentioned in the annals in 1147. The settlement, located 450 km from Moscow, is not only a large city in northwestern Russia, but also one of the important transport hubs of this region. In addition, it is the administrative and scientific center of the region. The significance of it as a center of culture and a city with a special historical and architectural heritage is evidenced by the fact that there are 224 monuments in Vologda, 128 of which are under state protection

Coat of arms and flag of the Rostov region

Each of the subjects of the Russian Federation has its own history, which is reflected in its semantics. The coat of arms and the flag of the Rostov region - what are they? And what's the point in them? On the main characters of this area and will be discussed in this article. Briefly about the Rostov region An administrative unit called "Rostov Region" was created in 1937

Proverbs about labor and laziness. How the two extremes shape our lives

An adult measures his life periods of laziness and work. Of course, he likes being lazy (resting) more, but he prefers to teach children that work is good. Moreover, it is just beautiful. Proverbs about labor and laziness are perfect for such a thing. In our article we will consider not so much them, as the sense behind the above-mentioned phenomena

Alexander Zaldostanov: biography, personal life. Professional activity

In the modern encyclopedia, you can safely make a new article "Biker Alexander Zaldostanov (surgeon)". The biography of this legendary personality is very blurred and consists of separate fragments. In our article we will try to gather together the disparate facts and learn more about the Russian biker, nicknamed "surgeon"

Club "Propaganda" (Moscow) - one of the first in Russia

If you are in a bad mood, do not know what to do, come to the night club "Propaganda". Here incendiary music, excellent service, good food. In short, all the conditions to forget the blues and relax to the fullest. General information Club "Propaganda" is a long-liver. Having opened in 1997 and having gone through many perturbations in life for such institutions, it still remains one of the most popular places in Moscow

How to answer the question: "How are you?" Several variants

Every day a person communicates with different people: friends, relatives, colleagues, or fellow students. And sometimes you have to answer uncomfortable, uninteresting or just plain questions. Truth is an option If a person does not know how to answer the question: “How are you?”, You should think about just saying the truth. Bu

Dolls of the peoples of the world. Collection of world dolls (photo)

Probably, it is now quite difficult to meet a person who is not attracted to the dolls of the peoples of the world. Why? In fact, there are several reasons for this. Of course, first of all I would like to emphasize the unusualness and originality of this type of toy. But in cultural terms, its role is generally difficult to overestimate

What is the potential? There are at least three values.

The world contains a huge number of unexplored opportunities. Nassem Taleb calls especially black and unpredictable “black swans”. Black hints at negative overtones, but in fact there are also positive situations. For example, winning the lottery or the unexpected popularity of a new business niche. In

Mass grave united the dead

Mass grave is the burial of a group of people who died at the same time due to some events, among which may be hostilities, epidemics, natural disasters, repression, etc. Such objects have their own number and are indicated on the maps. Data about the personalities of people lying in the grave, as a rule, are unknown

The symbol of good and evil. Yin Yang. Cat in the Egyptian cult. Open hand (hamsa)

Throughout the history of human civilization, people have sought to know good and evil. Even in ancient times, the wise men noticed an inseparable connection between these opposing phenomena of the physical and intangible worlds. One is impossible without the other, like darkness without light, life without death, illness without health, wealth without poverty, mind without stupidity, etc

What is famous US President A. Lincoln? Memorial in Washington: description, history, information for tourists

Abraham Lincoln - one of the most famous presidents of the United States. It was he who ruled the state during the Civil War and won it, putting an end to slave labor and legalizing the equality and freedom of all citizens. Today, not only Americans, but many representatives of other nations know who Lincoln is

Historical events of April 21, holidays

From world history can not be removed any day. Too much has happened during the existence of man. Each specific number, date is associated with some events, without which life would not be what it seems to us today. That is why it is so important to know what happened on a given day, for example, at the beginning of the third week of April