Festival "Epic Coast"

We all grew up on Russian folk tales. These are legends about powerful warriors, brave warriors, beautiful girls and mystical creatures. Russian culture is unique and original. You can find out how our ancestors lived, not only in the museum. Not for the first year, the festival of historical reconstruction "Bylinny Bereg" offers to visit everyone in the Russian village of the 9th-11th centuries

Help! This is a call for help. How to help a person? Helping others, helping yourself

If you see that a person needs help, just help. It means supporting other people, solving their difficulties and even saving in the most difficult situations. Everyone knows the definition of this word, but not everyone understands how to act correctly. If you are eager to help others, but do not know how to do it, this article is for you

"Crow count": the meaning of a phraseological unit, origin, synonyms and antonyms

What is a phraseological unit? This term refers to well-established phrases inherent in any language. Any phraseologism consists of several words that are united by a common meaning. Most of these expressions are so deeply rooted in the past that over time they lost their former imagery. Some words in fixed expressions are outdated

Pin-up in the USSR: why not?

Surely many of you on the web came across pictures of half-naked girls in retrostyle. For those who are not familiar with this type of art, it will be useful to know what it is called pin-up. Where did this direction originate, and who is the artist of pin-up illustrations? The USSR, more precisely, the posters of that era gave rich material for creativity

Stage costume. Its tasks, scope of use and tailoring

Dancing, theater and various shows have become part of every person’s life. The spectators, being on the show, appreciate not only the play of the actors, but also their image. Stage costume helps to open it most widely. Sphere of use and main tasks The costume can be sewn for both individual and group performances.

Center of culture and art "Meridian": description, history

In the capital of our country there are many places where it is interesting and, most importantly, informative to spend your leisure time. One of them is the center of culture and art "Meridian". On this creative platform you can watch the performance of domestic and foreign stars, see new theatrical performances and, of course, improve your physical data through sports sections

Kossov Castle, Belarus: description, history and interesting facts.

The first mention of the town of Kossovo can be found in historical sources since 1494. It would have remained unknown, but once the enterprising Wojciech Puslowski settled in the town. He built a carpet factory, several churches, many made repairs, breathed life into the town, where it became convenient and monetary to live for all inhabitants

What does the gesture of thumb and little finger mean? Different interpretations

In some situations, explaining “on fingers” is faster and easier than using words. Finger gestures are a normal way of communication for any person. Non-verbal communication is a very ancient form of communication characteristic of people. Nonverbal communication It is a way to communicate between people using body language, gestures and facial expressions. Th

The national composition of foreign Europe. General characteristics of foreign Europe

The national composition of the population of foreign Europe is heterogeneous, there are mononational states and states with a complex structure in ethnic terms. What is this country? Which major groups are distinguished by nationality? What factors influenced the formation of the ethnic composition of European countries

The scheme of the Hermitage halls. State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

The famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is considered to be one of the most significant art and historical museums around the world. The complex of five magnificent buildings in which numerous exhibits are located is one of the most unique architectural monuments of Russia. Nowadays, an extensive collection of the museum complex includes more than three million diverse works of art, from artifacts of ancient times to contemporary masterpieces

National mentality is ... The concept and examples of national mentality

Every nation is unique and inimitable. And is this one of the reasons why we love traveling so much? We like to get new experience ourselves, to see everything with our own eyes, and not just read on the Internet or a magazine. And each country has its own mentality and national character. Quite often we hear these two phrases, but few people know how they differ in essence

"Hamburg Rooster": the meaning and history of the phrase

"Hamburg Rooster" - this expression is familiar to many, but not everyone knows what it means and how it came to us in everyday life. There are many versions of the appearance of this popular expression, but we will consider the most popular ones. The film that gave us a catch phrase Indeed, the phrase “rooster of Hamburg” appeared at the hearing of many citizens of the former Soviet Union after the publication of the well-known comedy film “Gentlemen of Fortune.” The

Kazan: National Cultural Center as a keeper of traditions and customs

Arriving in Kazan, the National Cultural Center is one of the first to visit. This is a complex, which is a cultural multidisciplinary institution. It consists of a museum of national cultures and a mass cultural association. Center location The institution is relatively young, founded in 1991. It was entrusted with the functions of cultural and educational purposes, as well as educational and leisure-entertainment

The monument of the laboratory mouse is one of the most original decorations of Novosibirsk.

Monuments are usually put to great people or in honor of special events. But sculptures in honor of animals are not installed so often and still surprise the public. Did you know, for example, that in Russia there is a monument of a laboratory mouse? Jubilee laboratory mice What animals most often help scientists make new discoveries

Monuments to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev, Donetsk and Simferopol

Since time immemorial, people have decided to erect monuments in honor of revered personalities. At first those were considered gods, then rulers of states. And later, monuments were installed by commanders, writers, poets, and others. In a word, those who, in the opinion of the people, deserve this honor

How does a temple differ from a church: a congregation or a religious building?

Few people who identify themselves with a particular religion will be able to unequivocally answer the question of how the temple differs from the church. And they, in turn, have a huge number of differences. This is not to say that the latter are sufficiently serious or substantial, but a self-respecting religious minister or believer needs to know about them

What color does brown match

This article is dedicated to all lovers of chocolate. You will find out more information about the color with which the brown tone is combined in clothing. What requires interesting accessories dim, practical color of the earth, in order to draw attention to its owner. You can change your images daily so that each time the brown color is the winning version of your wardrobe

"Why not kill spiders?" - the question asked by many, but not everyone knows the answer to it

Despite the active development of science and technology, superstition still occupies a large place in our lives. One of the most common concerns an ordinary spider. Several beliefs are connected with this creature at once. But why not kill spiders, because few people have sympathy for them? What happens if you kill a spider

Mysterious and famous heraldic lily

Perhaps no other flower, with the exception of a rose, has acquired such worldwide and historical popularity as the fleur-de-lis. A surprisingly fragile and truly royal beauty flower was the subject of inspiration. It was actively used not only as a symbol, but also as an element of floral ornament in the production of fabrics or for painting walls in the homes of wealthy citizens of many countries

Mercy is an example of the noblest feeling

How many articles are written on the subject of mercy. Some are trying to uncover the essence of this virtue, the second - to show its significance, while others refute its disinterestedness altogether. And yet, the essence of mercy, as before, eludes them, as if a dead dream, dissolved in the depths of consciousness

Goddess Hera - the patroness of marriage bonds and legitimate children

One of the most revered goddesses of antiquity was the power-loving beauty Hera. The Romans knew her as Juno, the goddess of marriage and legitimate children. Goddess Hera - in mythology, the character is ambiguous and quite complex. She was highly honored as a powerful and all-powerful goddess of marriage, and at the same time Homer in her Iliad presented her as a cruel, vindictive, and very grumpy wife

Folk omens at the Meeting of the Lord

We are taught to analyze information from the very cradle. Sources, however, all indicate different. But in the old days, any person knew that it was necessary to intuitively perceive the world around us, as well as use the wisdom accumulated by ancestors. This and in modern times will not be superfluous

How to come up with a nickname?

Nick - a kind of Internet name used in forums, social networks, chat rooms. What is a nickname? This is your middle name, a kind of "clothes", on which they meet (and they escort you by your mind, as the old-old saying goes). Nicknames, consisting of numbers, look quite funny - here the plainness and scarcity of fantasy and mind are clearly displayed

Name Day Yaroslavl on the church calendar

Male name Yaroslav known since the days of Kievan Rus. That was the name of the wise son of Vladimir the Great. And only relatively recently another form became popular - the female name of Yaroslav. Named men named so will be celebrated on March 5, June 3, December 8. And when will the girl named Yaroslav celebrate his birthday

National Chuvash costume: description and photo

The clothes of the peoples living on the territory of Russia had not only the most varied forms of forms, but apart from their main purpose - purely utilitarian (protection from cold, heat, rain, etc.) - it had its own ritual and symbolic functions. That is the Chuvash costume, which will be discussed in this article

The thinnest man in the world - who is he?

In pursuit of the ideal, many modern women are fighting with all their might with extra pounds. Strict diets, grueling workouts, fasting days, all sorts of pills and means for losing weight - it never occurs to them that there are people who are trying to gain at least a couple of kilograms by hook or by crook

Godmother and the godfather: duties

Baptism of the child is a responsible step. Parents should not only be sure that the baby needs it, but also choose the right godparents. After all, according to the destiny of the godparents, the upbringing of a child in faith and piety depends on it. About godfather If women more often more responsibly relate to such an event as baptism, then men may let some details and moments take their course

Ungrateful man - description, quotes and aphorisms

There are always good and bad people in the world. This division is simply necessary so that a person can truly appreciate true friends and loyal friends. But more and more today one can hear propagated selfishness. It seems, why spread such a deliberately wrong life model? But some people think that life is easier

National Art Museum (Belarus): history, expositions, address

The Belarusian National Museum of Art contains one of the largest collections of works of art. The museum is actively developing and has become a real art space of the Republic of Belarus. National Art Museum: history The history of this museum begins in 1939. When in the building of the communist agricultural school (the former building of the women's gymnasium) was opened the state art gallery

Intermezzo is just an episode

The word intermezzo comes from the Latin intermedius - it means intermediate, the one that is in the middle of something. Italians borrowed this term to give the name to theatrical performances. What is intermezzo? Intermezzo is a short comedy performance that is usually performed between theatrical acts or opera films

What is war and armed conflict

The whole history of mankind is permeated with wars and conflicts. And even nowadays you can often hear the news about such things. So what is war? It is necessary to first give a brief general definition of this term. What is war? These are armed actions, struggle and manifestation of aggression between nations, states, tribes, cities (by any large organized group of persons)

Confucianism and Taoism: Two Sides of the Same China

The official religion in China was born during the fall of the Zhou Dynasty. In the 5-3 centuries BC, a strong and powerful state turned into a handful of feudal principalities, constantly fighting with each other. The lower classes, coming out of obedience, boiled like a kettle with boiling water, and in this “boiling water” hundreds of religions and teachings were born. Su

New Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk

The opening of memorials, memorials and museums in the Soviet Union was part of state policy. After the collapse of the country, quite often everything created falls into decay, is destroyed by itself, or is simply demolished. In this situation, we are pleased with the news that a museum of the Great Patriotic War is being created in Minsk using the latest technologies in this field

Clock Museum in Angarsk. Address, photo, mode of operation

The Clock Museum in Angarsk is an exposition famous all over Russia. It presents the collection of Pavel Kurdyukov, which became the basis for the creation of the country's first museum of watches. Here you can see unique exhibits from Western Europe, Japan and various parts of Russia. Separate chronometers date back to the XVII-XIX centuries, and a special pride are the wooden pocket watches of Bronnikov masters

Museums of Ufa: a list of the most interesting places in the city

Ufa is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Here are numerous museums, the visit of which may be of interest to any traveler who came here for the weekend. Let's consider the main places that are mandatory to visit in the city. National Museum The National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan was founded in 1864 and is one of the oldest in Russia

Lezgins: nationality, description, history and interesting facts

Every nation wants to remember its history, respect traditions and culture. On Earth there are no two identical states. Each has its own roots and unique features - a highlight. That's about one of these wonderful nations and will be discussed further. The Caucasus is an area of ​​high mountains, excellent wines and hot Caucasian blood. Ho

Mansion Ryabushinsky. The mansion of S. P. Ryabushinsky in Moscow

Ryabushinsky Mansion is, one can say, a modern monument of Art Nouveau architecture, attracting tourists from all over the country to this part of Moscow. It was built not long ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, and since then it has been pleasing the eye of passersby and visitors with its exquisite beauty

Museum of military equipment in Pyshma: how to get a photo

Verkhnyaya Pyshma is a satellite city of the Ural capital Yekaterinburg, located to the north of it. Founded three centuries ago, the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma after World War II is a concentration of several large industrial enterprises, as well as the base city of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC)

The most beautiful Norwegian women

What do Norwegian women look like? It is generally accepted that they are cold in expression of feelings and not very attractive ladies with male features that look not beautiful at all against the background of handsome blond Norwegians with wide shoulders and blue eyes. But the ideals of beauty are different everywhere, and Nina Lesset, the skier who was at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, and Mette-Marit, the wife of the Norwegian crown prince and mother of three children, the heir to the throne, and the model Sarah Skoldness easily fall under world standards of beauty

Spanish holidays: national traditions and customs, especially the celebration

Spaniards are very cheerful people who adore celebrations and carnivals. In this country, they are held with a special scale and attract many tourists. The holiday in Spanish is called "Fiesta". This word is strongly associated with fireworks of joyful emotions, folk festivals, masquerade costumes

Gratitude is what is it? Why is it important to be grateful?

Gratitude is the realization that the sources of good are outside of ourselves. If other people or even higher forces help to achieve a sense of happiness to some degree or other, then gratitude is the reinforcing emotion that encourages not only to appreciate the deed or gift, but also reciprocate. Being grateful is good for health

Monument to the Horn in Krivoy Rog. The most famous monuments of the city

Krivoy Rog can rightfully be considered a city of monuments. Its streets and squares are decorated with dozens of different sculptures in honor of famous writers, composers, politicians, war heroes and underground fighters. What are the most famous monuments of Krivoy Rog? Photos of these monuments and sculptures along with their description can be found in this article

Idiomatic expression and its origin

An idiomatic expression is a stable phrase with independent semantics. Quite often, idioms are also called phraseologisms. It should be noted that the term “idiomatic expression” is used in scientific circles, the phraseological unit is the definition used in everyday life. Considering the values ​​of the idiomatic expression, one should take into account not the individual constituent parts, but its values ​​as a whole. If you bre

Moroccan dance in national and foreign culture

The Kingdom of Morocco is a very colorful country. Its ancient history, unique culture and special, attracts tourists from all over the world to anything similar to the spirit. An interesting topic to study can be Moroccan national dances, which differ in great variety. And besides, they are not at all limited to Bellydance, contrary to the opinion rooted among Europeans

Museum of Russian fairy tales - the revival of Russian folklore

In Volgograd, in addition to internationally known patriotic sights, a marvelous, beautiful beloved appeared - the Museum of Russian Fairy Tale, which opened the gates in Sredneahtubinsky district. How to get there To get into a fairy tale, you must come to Kirovets, which is located 25 km from the center of Volgograd

What are rosaries? Different meanings of the word "rosary"

On the question of what a rose garden is, most people answer unequivocally by deciphering this term from the position of the direct meaning of the root. The word is formed from the name "rose", therefore, the rosary can be considered the place of the accumulation of these flowers. On the one hand, this interpretation is correct, but does not take into account the phenomenon of homonymy, so common in Russian

Teenage culture and its features

Parents know that every child goes through more than one period of growing up and becoming oneself as an individual. From this article you will learn about what is adolescent culture and what rules it exists. What it is? First of all, it should be said that teen culture doesn’t exist as such. There are just teenage children who come together according to certain interests or hobbies.

The unique museum of entertaining sciences "Experimentanium"

If you think that "science" and "fun" are two words that are absolutely not related to each other, then you are deeply mistaken. Moreover, in Moscow there is a museum that can show you the depth of your delusion. And oddly enough, you can easily check this postulate by your own experience when you try to create a cloud yourself, tame a lightning, and not even get into a black hole, being in close proximity to it

LGBT - what does the abbreviation mean and what is the LGBT movement?

A couple of decades ago, the term LGBT appeared, which means abbreviated "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender". The first three positions relate to the sexual orientation of a person, the fourth - to his gender identity. The word "lesbian" is derived from the name of the island of Lesbos, on which in ancient times lived the poet Sapfo

Museums of Great Britain. British museum. UK's most famous museums

Great Britain is a country of great cultural heritage, the number of museums per capita is higher than in the whole world. There are collections and expositions for every taste and interest. We will tell you about the most famous museums in the UK, what you can see there and how to get there. Art Museums London is the recognized capital of the global art market

What did the Egyptians use for the icons? Historical facts and examples

Even before our era, Egypt was a rather developed cultural state with its own script. At first they were separate image-drawings, then - hieroglyphs and icons-determinants to them. What did the Egyptians use for the icons? Let's understand in order. Start writing At the very beginning, the Egyptian letter was a set of pictures, each of which meant what she actually depicted

November 7, a holiday in the USSR: name, history

November 7 - a holiday in the USSR, which was canceled in the new Russia. Are there any prerequisites for this and what have we been offered in return? Favorite and bright celebration was unnecessary in modern society. What happened on this day? The history of the holiday of November 7 in the USSR is the memory of the great revolution of the twentieth century

Alik - the meaning of the name and fate

The meaning of the name Alik is not very easy to guess. The fact is that it is considered to be an abbreviated form from other names. Alikami is often called Aleksandrov, Olegov, Alekseev. In Scotland, Alik is considered an abbreviated form of the name Alex. The Arab peoples, this name comes from Malik

Like a dead poultice. What does it mean?

Russian language is not in vain considered one of the most difficult languages. And not only because of the extensive and extensive grammatical system. There are many revolutions in our language that adorn speech, make it more expressive, vivid, expressive. One of the means to achieve the imagery of a syllable is stable expressions - idioms

Taynitskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin: the year of construction and photo

The Moscow Kremlin has long been a recognized symbol of Russian statehood. This ancient fortress on the banks of the Moscow River is listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. There are no uninteresting towers in the Kremlin, each of them deserves a separate story. But let's try to look at what is only one Taynitskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin

Weekend with benefits: choose a museum (Mytishchi)

Mytishchi, located 20 km from the center of Moscow, is not only a satellite town, but also a regional center of science and culture. The city has several museums and an art gallery. Museums in Mytishchi are focused on adults and children, so a day off or a free weekday can be spent with a cognitive bias

Monument to Catherine 2 in St. Petersburg: description, photo

The idea to erect a monument to Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg came to the heads of nobles during her rule. Who if not her? Against this was the queen herself. However, by the centenary of her accession to the throne (September 22, 1762), the idea began to be realized. A century from idea to realization The installation of the monument to the Empress was raised in April 1863

A bouquet of multi-colored roses - a bright and memorable gift

When feelings are overwhelmed and words are not enough to express your love, passion or tenderness, you just have to give a bouquet of colorful roses, and the flowers will say everything for you. The composition, collected from the buds of various shades, will also be relevant to the celebrations for any reason

Beauty lesson: how to take care of yourself

Being well-groomed today is not a whim or whim, but a harsh necessity. Because if a woman looks good, it means that she is successful, healthy, self-sufficient. These are the requirements of the time and manners of modern society. Hence the logical question of how to properly care for yourself. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others

Folk costumes of Russia. Costumes of the Russian people

National clothing is part of the culture of the people. It is formed depending on the characteristics of the climate, worldview and type of activity of people. Every nation should know its past and its traditions. In many countries, national clothing is used at holidays and at home, and in Russia very few people know how our ancestors dressed

Types of styles in clothes, in an interior, in design, in art

Types of styles are very diverse. Some were in the trend a few centuries ago, others were born recently and immediately gained popularity. Styles relate to the interior, clothing, design and even art. The most popular of them would be worth paying a little attention. High tech Perhaps, if we talk about modern types of styles, then this one should be noted first of all

Subordination is ... Definition, features

Many managers are interested in the question of how to organize a management system and relations in an enterprise so that it allows for efficiently conducting the production process. And there is such a tool, it is a subordination. The article will look at what it is, its types and consequences of non-compliance

Tribute to the participants of the war. What is the immortal regiment

Every year on the day of the Great Victory in the ranks of the participants of the festive procession there are fewer and fewer people involved in the events of the seventy-year statute of limitations. Time moves inexorably forward. But descendants want to remember and know those who saved the world from fascism

Idiom "dark horse". Value, history and use

It happens, you look at a person and you understand that something is wrong with him. But it is impossible to explain to yourself, what seems so suspicious in the interlocutor. In the people it is accepted to name such persons dark horses. The meaning of this term and consider below. Appearance history To understand the meaning of the "dark horse", you need to know the origin of the idiom

What is the difference between free goods and economic benefits?

One of the basic categories of economic theory is the concept of free and economic benefits. Before proceeding to the disclosure of the meaning of these terms, you need to get acquainted with the concept of "good". This word is often found in everyday life, but within the framework of the theory of economics, it has a clearer definition

The rules of good tone for women. Modern etiquette

Parents put a lot of effort into raising decent daughters. Most of the rules of etiquette adopted by the ladies from an early age. You can not speak loudly in a public place, slurp at the table, interrupt the seniors in conversation. But the rules of good tone for women include other prohibitions. Our clothes Jeans are a fashionable and very comfortable thing

Azov Museum-Reserve: description with photos, reviews of tourists

The Azov Paleontological Museum-Reserve is a real pride for the south of Russia. Such a large paleontological collection is no longer in this corner of the country, and in its area the museum is one of the largest in Russia. All information about the Azov Museum-Reserve, including the mode of operation and reviews of tourists, later in this article

Order of the Red Banner: history of the award

The Order of the Red Banner was the first award established in the USSR. During the civil war, the Red Army soldiers were awarded the Order of the Red Banner. At that time he was the highest award. In 1924, he was replaced by the Order of the Red Banner, but it was decided to consider these awards equivalent

What is the main mosque in Moscow? Location of other Muslim organizations

People of various nationalities and faiths live in Moscow. For the observance of their legitimate freedom of liberty, temples were built. Let us turn to the origins of Islamic culture. Consider which mosque in Moscow is the largest. Is it the oldest of all? And also we will provide information about the location of the main Islamic organizations of the capital

What does "al" mean in different languages

Hear the word "al" without context and do not know what to think. This word is very ambiguous, and each person has his own association with it. Let's try to figure out what “al” means in our language, as well as in others, and what deep meaning it contains. "Al" in Arabic As for the majority, the first thing that comes to mind is Arabic. Le

Seven popular options for how to answer the question: "What are you doing?"

Most people who hear this question are annoyed. Why? Of course, not because they do not know how to respond. To the question: “What are you doing?” - there will always be some answer, but this is not what confuses. Whatever you do at this moment, someone else's curiosity takes them by surprise. Ho

Club "Ikon", Moscow, Bolotnaya nab., 9: reviews

Where to spend time if you arrived in the city for a short time and you want vivid impressions? For many, the answer is obvious - go to a nightclub. However, I do not want impressions to be spoiled by poor-quality service or bad music. The right option is to visit the nightclub "Ikon", which is considered a premium class establishment

Azerbaijani national costume for women and men: photos and description

The national costume of each country is shaped by the influence of historical factors that to some extent influenced the development of the state. Hats, tailoring of costumes, choice of patterns and color palette reflect the material and spiritual values ​​of the people. Some historical facts The Azerbaijani national costume is not an exception (photos of men's and women's attire are presented to your attention in the article), which has undergone many changes. Az

Ancient symbol of fire: description, features and history of culture

The symbol of fire came into use in the people of those ancient times, when they only learned how to mine it or stored coals that appeared from a fire triggered by a lightning strike. In any case, people understood the useful functions of this good for a very long time and in every possible way tried to adapt it to their needs

Social functions of culture

Culture is a combination of traditions, rules, norms, dogmas and moral principles. It exists in almost every society, from primitive tribes. The social functions of culture are extremely diverse. Consider the main ones. Culture has a direct impact on the organization of people in their joint activities

Sculpture of a cat: cities, monuments, types of sculptures and interesting decoration of an apartment, park or city, traditions and signs associated with cats

Of all pets, cats are probably the most popular. They are loved not only for their practical use in capturing rodents, but this is almost irrelevant in our time. They know how to create an inexplicable positive attitude, the owners of these animals smile more often. In the nature of the cat there are many native human features: they love freedom, they are very independent and intelligent

Fun with meaning: we save ourselves from the winter blues

Merry statuses have become less likely to appear in the news feeds of social network users. There are many explanations for this - the crisis period in the country, the dullness outside the window, colds and so on. Let the next collection of statuses be at least a little, but a salvation from depressing states

Indian patterns. More than decoration.

Every person has a need for beauty. From time immemorial, people tend to decorate themselves and their surroundings with images that are observed around. India is a country not only of the wild colors of amazing nature, but also of the variety of magnificent ornaments! Indian patterns, the most popular of which are vegetable, can be seen in architectural forms, interior items, handicraft products, dishes, clothing, fabrics and wearable adornments

Brother-in-law - who is related? Who is brother-in-law and brother-in-law?

The development of technical progress has led to the fact that people close to each other now communicate less and less. Sometimes even sisters and brothers stop seeing each other, at best, they use the telephone and the Internet for communication, the benefit now you can see each other on the monitor screen, even if you are thousands of kilometers from your interlocutor

Live Barbie: the victims of the famous doll

More than one generation of girls play Barbie dolls. Many adult women are happy to collect these toys or are engaged in tailoring clothes for them, authoring redrawing of faces. But there are those for whom this entertainment is not enough. Some girls do not want to play Barbie, and dream of becoming her living embodiment

Liberalism is the doctrine of freedom.

Liberalism is a social movement and socio-political doctrine, the basis of which is the value of human freedom from all spheres of social life (spiritual, economic, political, etc.). Historically, the ideas of liberalism were associated with the attitude of people to property, which determined their social position and the amount of possible social benefits they received

Meaning "The dog barks, the caravan goes." Folk wisdom

The great and mighty Russian language is difficult to master even to those who speak it from birth, what can we say about those who are just beginning to learn it. Any foreign language is quite difficult to learn. Not only speech and writing techniques, but also expressions with which the Russian-speaking population is so used to express themselves, make it more difficult

How to become a "Hulk" in Minecraft

Many people use mods for “Maincraft”, which change the game process beyond recognition. This approach is encouraged not only by other players, but also by developers. With each patch, the game becomes more and more friendly to add-ons, and the developers themselves create even special modes that can make the main character a monster or someone else. Th

Museum "Voroshilov battery"

To protect Russia's naval bases in the southern part of Russky Island, not far from Novik Bay, the Voroshilovskaya Battery was built, named after the People's Commissar of Defense. How it all began The decision on its construction was made in May 1931. But only in 1932 the technical task was approved

Top 4: Gatchina Sauna

Sauna is the most famous invention of such a northern country as Finland, which borders on the Russian city of St. Petersburg, where Russian and Scandinavian cultures are mixed. Russian baths in the city is much smaller than the Finnish sauna. In only one suburb of St. Petersburg - Gatchina and the area - about 15 saunas, 4 of which are the most popular

How to become a hipster: features of the subculture

Today, the word "hipster" is quite popular. Far from everyone knows who this is and what it is, but some have already managed to inquire about its meaning and even hurried to join the ranks of these people. Let's take a look at the points of what it is and how to become one of the representatives of this newfangled subculture

Mayan culture

Maya civilization is full of mysteries. Mayan descendants today inhabit some regions of Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Belize. The jungles of Central America have saved dozens of cities founded by representatives of the oldest and one of the most mysterious civilizations. Only ruins remained from them, but they also allow us to tell a lot about what the Mayan culture was like

Subtle World of Floristics with Gregor Lersch

Over the past two decades, the world of floristics has grown significantly in the world of art. International exhibitions, shows, seminars and championships in this direction are organized. Florist has long been an artist who depicts emotions, feelings, global problems, but not with a brush and paints, but with the help of fresh flowers

Thank you for participating in the event

Regardless of which event, competition or competition took place, participants must give credit for it. Gratitude for participating in events may be different. Analyzing what celebration took place, you can present gifts to all participants, even symbolic. And also be sure to say thanks for participating in the event

Is mymra just an unhappy woman?

Many of us have heard the word, the meaning of which we are not fully aware of. We are talking about the expression "mymra." This word seems to be familiar to us, but it is worth talking about its semantics in more detail. The etymology of this expression If we turn to the Russian dialects, we will be able to find out the following: among the people, mymra is an unsociable, self-contained person, more often they say so about a sullen, taciturn and boring woman

Dubosekovo Departure: Panfilov Heroes' Memorial as a Symbol of the Resistance of the Defenders of Moscow

In Moscow there are many places covered with the glory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who fell on the outskirts of the capital. The most famous is a field in the Volokolamsk district near the village of Nelidovo, where in the autumn of 1941 bloody battles took place near the railway crossing Dubosekovo

Briefing is a discussion or press conference

A briefing is a short briefing for journalists, which allows them to orient themselves in the program of an event and understand some aspects that should be considered when covering current news (programs). Currently, almost every press conference is called a briefing, but this is wrong. After all, even if you look at the encyclopedic dictionary (by the way, there is no briefing in the dictionary of foreign words), you will find the following definition: “A briefing is the shortest possible press conference where the government’s position on any issue is stated.” B

What is utopia? Definition, history, classification and attributes

You should not even look at the world map where utopia is marked, because it ignores the country to which humanity is tirelessly striving. Oscar wilde Each of us once heard the term "utopia." Today, in the fantastic genre of utopia, they often write books and make films. What is utopia and what signs does it have

We follow the rules of behavior on ice

With the arrival of winter, everyone wants something interesting, available only in this cold season. What could be better on a frosty day than skating on ice? After all, this is excitement and fun, laughter and joy, sports and relaxation at the same time. So great with friends to go ice skating on a cold winter evening

Life ridiculous situations: features and interesting facts

Sometimes you can hear from someone: "I constantly get into ridiculous situations!" How to understand this? What situations can be attributed to the ridiculous? How often do such stories happen to people and what is the chance to never commit a ridiculous act? Read about it in the article. What does the word "ridiculous" mean The Ushakov Explanatory Dictionary interprets the word "absurd" as "meaningless, devoid of common sense

Holidays in Belarus: description, history and features

Belarus was once part of a vast, ethnically contrasting state. As part of this state, national holidays were celebrated, demonstrations, large-scale celebrations were held. Over time, everything changed, Belarus is already living an independent life. But how did such changes affect the calendar of the country's holidays

Cultural Center "Mitino": description, address

The cultural center "Mitino" has been operating since 1994. For twenty years not only children and teenagers, but also their parents have been spending their creative leisure time here. The building of this cultural center has many circles and sections. There are all conditions for the development of creative potential, improvement and recreation

Definition of a nation. The nations of the world. People and nation

A nation is a cultural-political, historically conditioned community of people. The definition of a nation is rather vague, so there are clarifying, corrective wording. They are necessary in order to be able to use this concept in popular science literature and not to depend on the context. How to understand the term "nation" Thus, the approach of constructivism argues that the concept of "nation" is entirely artificial

Museum of Stone-cutting Art (Ekaterinburg) - a treasure trove of stone and precious metal products

All peoples of the planet have their own history, including not only events of public life, but also cultural traditions, features of the formation and development of crafts, folklore, moral norms, regulating people's behavior, and other equally significant artifacts. Knowledge of the past makes a person spiritually rich, allows you to feel yourself a member of a cultural community, to realize yourself and your place in the world

Tea plantations. Sri Lanka Attractions: Tea Plantations

At the beginning of the XIX century, tea from China and then from India was brought to a small island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, then still called Ceylon. At first, the bushy bushes were grown in a botanical garden, and after many experiments, it became clear that nature created ideal conditions on the island to plant wonderful tea plantations