Yellow ticket, document receipt and content

In the works of Russian writers of the late XIX - early XX centuries, the phrase "yellow ticket" is sometimes mentioned. What's this? To today's reader it is not difficult to guess from the context, and at the time of writing stories, stories and novels of Dostoevsky, Bunin and Tolstoy all adults (children were usually protected from obscene information about the evil aspects of life), it was known that this was an essential attribute of a woman selling their own body

Khlynovsky Kremlin: a lost monument of Russian architecture with a complicated history

In the Middle Ages, fortifications in Rus were originally built of wood. This resource in most regions was available in unlimited quantities. For this reason, many early fortresses have not survived to this day. The Khlynovsky Kremlin is an ancient fortification, of which today only memories remain. History of the construction of the Khlynovsky Kremlin Modern scholars agree that the Kremlin in the city of Khlynov was built in the middle of the fifteenth century

Southern Cemetery - a shelter for people of various denominations

Unfortunately, necropolis is an integral part of all cities and settlements. Some have long become monuments of architecture and sculpture, such as a burial in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Others are barely maintained in order, although it is still unpleasant and scary to walk on them. There are many different necropolises in Venice of the North

What does namaste mean? What is the meaning of this gesture?

Every person living a spiritual life cannot even imagine a day without a namaste: a special gesture that carries a great ethical meaning that makes all people equal. What is namaste? This is a polite goodwill, used mainly in the regions of India and Nepal, as well as in Tibet. Namaste is expressed by a special movement of the hands: you need to put your palms together on the line of the heart or neck and slightly bow your head forward, as if making a slight bow

The best proverb with the number. Proverbs and sayings with numbers

The culture of our people includes many elements that differ from each other in their structure and construction. These include songs, tales, riddles, as well as proverbs and sayings. The latter are short and succinct oral sayings that should be understood not literally, but in a figurative sense. Types of proverbs Over the centuries, many proverbs and sayings related to different themes have been formed

Social policy: strategy, principles and priorities

Social policy is a system of targeted measures that are carried out by the state or another business entity (for example, local, regional management, some private enterprise, etc.). They are held in order to improve the quality of life and raise its level among certain segments of the population. It also studies social policy and issues related to economics, history, law, and sociology

Human skin books: features, myths and interesting facts

At all times, people actively used the skin of animals for the manufacture of clothing and various household items. Linguists even believe that the word "skin" originally sounded like "goat." After all, the skin of this particular animal perfectly yielded to dressing, and then in the hands of a skilled master turned into elegant shoes or a cape

How often have you experienced culture shock?

Have you ever been in such a situation when you could not ask for directions, or didn’t know how, say, to use a pay phone on the street? Or maybe difficulties arose in the process of refueling your car or when trying to purchase products in the store? The situation was aggravated by the fact that it was necessary to find a way out, i.e

Russian paganism - description, history and interesting facts.

Russian culture, paganism originated in ancient times. They absorbed the worldview of primitive people. All subsequent religions grew out of it. And without knowledge of Russian paganism, the religion of modern Russians will not be fully represented. Trends At the same time, beliefs have constantly changed over the years

Manor Zakharovo. History of the museum. Photos and reviews of tourists

Zakharovo Manor is a historical place where Russian poet A. Pushkin spent his childhood. It is located at the station of the same name in the Odintsovo district. A bit of history Manor Zakharovo (Moscow) was first mentioned in the annals of the XVII century. As these documents say, Dorofei (Bogdan) Ivanovich Kamynin, who served as commander in Perm and Solikamsk, owned the patrimony

Jewish proverbs and sayings

Popular wisdom travels around the world, penetrating from one national culture to another, crossing state borders, seas and oceans. Today it is difficult to establish when Jewish proverbs and sayings "became Russified", "Germanized" or "poured", but undoubtedly, the centuries-old wisdom of the "eternal wanderers" affected the everyday speech of various ethnic groups located in both hemispheres of the planet

Male names in P: list and description

Male names on P are very beautiful, harmonious. Romanov or Ruslana is rarely seen in a crowd of Alexandrov, Alekseev and Sergeev. What does the letter "P" promise to the owner of the name, what features gives and what actions to expect from such a man? Russian male names on P in the article

UNESCO Headquarters: building history

Where is the headquarters of UNESCO? Probably, many people sometimes asked this question, because the organization itself is well known throughout the world. Today UNESCO headquarters is located in Paris. The building is famous all over the world. And not only because it is owned by one of the most powerful and popular organizations on the planet, but also due to the fact that in itself it is a true architectural masterpiece

The worst stories about the passengers in the aircraft: revelations flight attendants

Recently on Reddit - a social news site where registered users share links to the news they like, posts and videos on the Internet, another story has appeared. Users rated the story of flight attendants, and the revelation was on the main page. So, in their post, the girls talk about not the best behavior of the passengers and what they had to see during their everyday work

Wedding Palace in the capital

Marriages are made in heaven, but paperwork takes place on earth. True, for this, people came up with an equally beautiful place: the palace. What is the Wedding Palace? It can be called the House of Light, where the conclusion of the union of two lovers' hearts occurs. There are only four of them in the capital of Russia

How is a two-faced person recognized?

Blaming someone for hypocrisy, people often use the name of the Roman god Janus, who, as everyone knows, possessed two faces, which means two mouths and four eyes. Those who are not familiar with ancient mythology may have the impression that this celestial being personified treachery and deceit, but this is not so

Meticulous is what? Meaning, synonyms and interpretation

There are words about the origin of which we have no clear understanding. But it seems that we know exactly how they originated. Each person, probably, can put forward a hypothesis about an adjective "meticulous". This version is likely to be erroneous. Today we find out where the word came from and what it means

The round table (event) is a free conference. Recommendations for

“Truth is born in controversy” - this Latin proverb characterizes human essence very clearly. Hot debates, debates and discussions, apparently, have been led since long ago, when a person only learned to talk. A round table (event) is a place where you can and you can talk. Valorous knights and great speakers Hardly organized conversation could boast residents primitive-communal system, but at a later time, when world civilization reached a new, higher level, the debate became an art. In

Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: History and Structure

When any talk about military service, as usual, comes to mind a certain associative array: martinet, form, bearing, chasing step, etc. from the same series. At the same time, many people of civilian life, including military families, however, the military themselves, it is believed, are not all 24 hours devoting to the parade around the execution of the immediate tasks assigned to their defenders by their homeland

History, meaning and origin of the name Eremin

The term "last name", according to explanatory dictionaries, means a common name for members of one clan or family, which is inherited. From the Latin language, the word translates as "gender, family." For the first time, this concept appeared in ancient Rome and meant "people leading a common (joint) economy

Vitoslavlitsy, museum of wooden architecture: address, ticket booking, interesting excursions, unique exhibits and description with photos

Not every our compatriot living in the Novgorod region, heard about the museum of wooden architecture Vitoslavlitsy. And even fewer people had the opportunity to visit him. But the visit will allow you to get a lot of pleasant impressions to the whole family - a large number of exhibits installed directly under the open sky, and a number of fascinating cultural programs will impress anyone

Tradition New Year in Spain. Learn how to celebrate the New Year in Spain

The new year is a holiday that millions of people are waiting with great impatience and hopes for happiness. For some, this is a reason to gather with the whole family, for someone to see old friends, and for some, customs and traditions are important. Holiday love all over the world. What can we say about the people of Spain - emotional, hot, sensual, fun

"Proletarians of all countries, unite!" - who said and what do these words mean?

To study the history of the phrase "Proletarians of all countries, unite", it is necessary to understand the meaning of the words "proletarian" or "proletariat". Proletarian. Origin of the word According to history, the word "proletarian" has Latin roots: proletarius

Museum of forgotten things in Vologda: description, opening hours, exhibitions, history of founding

In the usual sense of the museum - it is a quiet solemn halls with exhibits, signs "do not touch" and strict supervisors. A completely different concept is offered by the Museum of Forgotten Things in Vologda. Here, visitors become full-fledged guests in a nineteenth-century manor, plunging into the atmosphere and lifestyle of the Russian province

Railroad Day. Holiday long roads.

There are many professional holidays in Russia. Some holidays are known only to those to whom they are dedicated. But some holidays are known to all. Among them is the railroad day. We do not think our lives without railways. In our country, stretching for 11 time zones, railways serve as a circulatory system that unites the country into a single whole

What does the expression "dog in the hay" mean? The value of idiom

No wonder the Russian language is called great and mighty. Its vocabulary is true wealth. And true diamonds among all this magnificence, without a doubt, are countless idioms. They enrich, adorn, make expressive speaking and literary speech. The value of idiom Exchanging remarks with each other, we sometimes do not even notice that we use this or that stable expression in the conversation, so organically they are written in the language

Shcherbinskoe cemetery: features and mode of operation

More than twelve million inhabitants live in the capital. This fact causes a tremendous need for the graves of the departed — cemeteries. There are quite a lot of them in the capital, and some of them are unique landmarks. One of the cemeteries in the southern part of the Moscow region is called Shcherbinsky.

Quest organization "Claustrophobia". Quests, Ekaterinburg: description and reviews

The life of the majority of modern citizens, who are forced to “work hard” much of the time, doing routine work, is deprived of drive. To fill the lack of adventure real quests were invented. Having originated in the Land of the Rising Sun, they quickly found fans in different parts of our country. In

The value of idiom "furious with fat"

Idioms, sayings, proverbs, and many other popular expressions of any nation (and ours especially) make the language unique, expressive, rich and accurate. What is a phraseological unit? The idiom is a stable expression in which words are considered not separately, but together, in aggregate. The Russian language is very rich in stable constructions; this makes it diverse, multifaceted and deep

An example of a postal address written correctly. How to write a postal address in Russian or English?

Today, few people write ordinary letters, choosing email as an alternative. It would seem that faster, more convenient, easier and more often cheaper. However, there are people who still prefer to communicate with each other in the old way - with the help of mail. In this article I want to tell you how to write the address on the envelope correctly, so that the message reached the addressee on time and without delay

Kremlin wall. Who is buried near the Kremlin wall? Eternal Flame at the Kremlin Wall

One of the main attractions of the capital, by which even foreigners can recognize Moscow, is the Kremlin wall. Originally created as a defensive fortification, it now performs, rather, a decorative function and is an architectural monument. But, besides this, in the last century, the Kremlin wall also serves as the burial place of prominent people in the country

Double surname: new opportunities for family law

Information about the appearance of the first double surnames refers to the X century - the period of the feudal West, where they were assigned by the names of granted or hereditary land plots. With each generation, they could change in connection with the acquisition of new possessions. In ancient Rus, this practice did not exist, since even the specific princes were forbidden to keep the plots in the property, and even less to pass them by inheritance

Chastity belt - the keeper of virtue

The history of this invention is quite controversial, since it is not known for certain who and when it came up with the chastity belt, However, it is believed that its analogue existed in ancient Greece. It consisted of two strips of skin, one of which passed between the legs, and the other wrapped around the waist

The most beautiful Kazakh woman in the world. TOP 10 most beautiful Kazakh women

Women of the East have long been fascinated by their femininity, sweet smile and mesmerizing slyness, peeking through shyness and curiosity. And what does the most beautiful Kazakh woman look like, a girl from a neighboring country that has been part of the Soviet Union for a long time? Features of the appearance of representatives of Kazakhstan The special status of Kazakh women, who are respected in society from ancient times, makes them equal to men, whether they are the keepers of the hearth or beautiful female warriors

Art Museum, Sochi: description, exposure, prices

Art Museum (Sochi) - one of the centers of culture of the city. Forty years he opens the doors for citizens and guests of the city, inviting to admire the paintings and sculptures of famous artists. History and modernity In 1936 a building was constructed for party officials, the project architect was Academician I

Epitaph is ... Tombstone epitaphs on a monument to a husband, father, grandfather

Inscriptions on tombstones have become a familiar tribute to the memory of the dead from their relatives. But it was not always so. In ancient times, tombstone epitaphs gave an explanation of who was buried in the grave and who the deceased person was during his lifetime. The appearance of the epitaph Although the word "epitaph" has Greek roots ("epi" - above, "tafos" is a grave), the art of carving on gravestones of the names of the dead was known to the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, and Babylon, and Ancient Judea

Caucasian papakha: customs and traditions

More recently, the hat was taken to be considered an integral accessory of the proud mountaineers. On this occasion, they even said that this headgear should be on the head while it is on the shoulders. Caucasians are investing in this concept much more content than the usual hat, even compare it with a wise adviser

Schmucker: What is schmuck and where does this word come from?

Besides the fact that the Russian language is great and powerful, it is also rich in all sorts of obscene and slang expressions. One may argue about the admissibility of battle or the complete lack of culture of this phenomenon, but from a linguistic point of view, street argot is a great mirror of society

The Kunstkamera is a museum and educational institution.

Last year, the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography celebrated its 300th anniversary. This is the successor of the first public museum of Russia, created by the emperor in 1714. The Kunstkamera is one of the world's largest and oldest ethnographic museums, with more than 1.2 million copies in its collection

Park 30th anniversary of Victory in Krasnodar: photos, description of entertainment and address

In southern and sunny Krasnodar it is especially pleasant to walk around the green recreation area and enjoy the beauty of nature. One of the largest urban oases, well-arranged for an active and contemplative pastime, is the park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory in Krasnodar. Who would be interested to visit this place

Novosibirsk, Glory Monument: photo, history, list of the dead, address

Novosibirsk, Monument of Glory - two inseparable concepts for Siberians. The design of the memorial ensemble entitled “The feat of Siberians in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” began shortly after the victory. In the autumn of November 1967, a memorial complex was opened. The construction was really monumental, the ensemble was erected as soon as possible - just a year and eight months! Be

Museum of the history of the city of Yaroslavl - a popular holiday destination of citizens and visitors

The history museum of the city of Yaroslavl is quite young, compared to other similar complexes, in 2015 it celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. But despite this, it has a rich exposure and is in demand both among citizens and visitors. How this museum was created This complex began its existence in 1985 as a branch of the regional architectural and historical museum reserve, but in 1998 acquired the status of a municipal institution

Persian female names and their meanings

Female names of Persian origin have an unusual, but rich sound. As a result, they have gained popularity not only in Iran, but also in other states. It is worth noting that modern western and eastern names were borrowed from ancient times from the Persians and continue to be actively used at the present time

Bulgarian folk dance and its features

Inexhaustible power and magical influence! Even such vivid epithets cannot fully describe Bulgarian folk dances. In them the spirituality of the Bulgarians persisted over the centuries. They bring positive emotions and vitality, enclosed in unique musical rhythms. They are characterized by irregular rhythms, fascinating musical sounds and magnificent costumes

Modern slang of adolescents: meaning and influence on speech

In any language there is a slang of adolescents. They are replete with films, music, media, social networks and the Internet. Slang words come to the vocabulary of teenagers from the mouth of famous actors, pop singers, especially in the stand-up genre. Posts in social networks and funny videos are also accompanied by slang inscriptions

Moral ideals. Examples of moral ideals

The moral ideal is a process built on the perception of moral requirements through a certain image of personality. It is formed through a series of characteristics. Further in the article we will examine in more detail the concept of "moral ideals" (examples of them will be given below). What can they be

Moscow monument to processed cheese "Friendship"

In Soviet times, on the shelves of any deli could be found processed cheese "Friendship". The monument, which is located in Moscow, is dedicated to this particular brand of product. Erected to the fortieth anniversary of the plant "Karat", where it is made, an unusual monument attracts the attention of local residents

Maroussia (full name Maria): meaning and destiny

Almost every name has its diminutive or short form. Most often, it is she who is used in everyday life by relatives and close people. This article will tell about the name of Maroussia, whose full form is Maria. Origin Marusia (full name is Maria) has Hebrew roots. It is translated as "beloved", "stubborn", "bitter" or "serene

On the history and origin of the name Yusupov

This ancient name was carried by representatives of various nationalities, from Russian princes to the Israeli composer. The origin of the surname Yusupov is undoubtedly Turkic. And now most of its representatives come from this ethnic community and from non-Turkic Muslim peoples. Origin Most of the names from ancient times were formed from the nicknames or the names of one of the distant ancestors

October 5 - Teacher's Day, a world holiday

For many people, the favorite school teacher is one of the most important people in life. They admire him, listen to him, probably more closely than their own parents, are treated with a sense of awe, and, of course, congratulate and honor in every way. So, on October 5 - Teacher's Day is a world-celebrated international official holiday in more than 100 countries (since 1994)

Mass event: organization, venue, security

Modern mass events are an expression of social activity, a way for the population to organize their leisure time, to satisfy spiritual and cultural needs, to participate in social processes and political life, to become familiar with sports and the arts. In the life of people there is a large number of various mass events: from wedding ceremonies to street processions, from theatrical performances to widespread folk festivals

Will it be good or bad?

On the street you can often hear how a young mother scolds her son for being wayward. The little boy is crying: he does not understand such difficult words. With age, the meaning of the word becomes clearer, but for the whole life in the soul a person will have the notion that wayward is bad. Is it really

Military historical reconstruction of the great battles. Military history club

Military historical reconstruction has become extremely popular in Russia and abroad in the past two decades. It is known that initially she had deeper roots. The first reconstructions of important events and great battles were held in ancient Greece and Rome. Now they have decided to revive this tradition

American Museum of Natural History

In the western part of the Central Park "Big Apple" (Central Park West) is located one of the most interesting research institutions in the world. The American Museum of Natural History has long been a must-see point of the tourist program. With nearly 5 million visitors per year, it stores priceless collections of artifacts from different eras

Civil society: examples of countries. Examples of the formation, manifestations of civil society in Russia

Civil society is the basis of modern civilization, without which it is impossible to imagine a democratic state. Initially, it was positioned in opposition to the military, command-administrative systems, where all citizens obeyed the instructions of the authorities and could not influence them in any way

Water tower, Vladimir: history, address, opening hours. Museum "Old Vladimir" in the water tower

Closely familiar with the history of any city helps museums, especially if they are located in unusual old buildings. After all, they retain in themselves the energy of the era in which they were built. Even a simple stay in such museums can give an unforgettable experience. One of these unusual museums is the water tower in Vladimir

What is a creative space?

It so happened that creativity is usually considered a frivolous matter. No, of course, as a fascinating pastime or leisure it is the very thing, only, for the most part, it is rarely taken seriously. Although, by the way, without a creative approach, even rocket science would have issued its last squeak a long time ago, but for now nothing, it still holds

Traditions of Russia. What are they?

Before telling about the cultural traditions of Russia, I propose to define the term “tradition” itself. What does he mean by himself? Is this concept relevant today or can it be called a relic of the past? So, it is common practice to call customs or traditions representations, habits, rites and skills of a particular country, locality or region, which have both practical and social significance. Th

Art Museum of Minsk: description, exhibitions

The State Art Museum (Minsk) first received visitors in early November 1939. It was called the Art Gallery until 1957. How to collect exhibits? Works of art for the expositions were delivered from the historical museums of the Byelorussian SSR. Several exhibits were brought from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hermitage

Sexist - is ... A scientist in a shirt that feminists disliked?

Feminism, like any socio-political movement, has changed over time. And unfortunately, not for the better. Modern feminists began to forget that their ideology initially wore a much more liberal character. Now accusations of misogyny and sexism are often unreasonable. For example, some feminists believe that their feelings may offend

Standard of living

The standard of living is mainly equated to such a concept as the level of citizens' well-being. This is measured, as a rule, in terms of GDP per capita. In reality, it is impossible to equate the standard of living of the population with material benefits. Capital, property and security of a citizen, of course, have a certain value

How is Christmas celebrated in Europe?

Christmas in Europe is celebrated on December 25th. The whole western world is waiting for him with great impatience. To prepare for the bright holiday begin for a whole month. European countries celebrate Christmas according to common Catholic traditions. But at the same time, each country has national peculiarities of celebrating a magical celebration

Cultural man - an endangered species?

What is a cultured person? The definition of this concept is very abstract. Everyone who asks, will highlight their qualities, which should have a cultured person. But all, perhaps, will converge on education, generosity, respect and education. I will not take the liberty to talk about the whole of Russia, but I know about some regions firsthand

What is netsuke - history, types of figures and their meaning

The traditional culture of Japan began its formation in ancient times. It was then that such amazing forms of art as Haniva, Jomon, Dotaku appeared. But the sculpture netske can be attributed to the youngest type of traditional art, which grew out of the everyday traditions of the Japanese people. In the article we will tell about the history of this art and reveal the value of the figures

Ivolginsky datsan. Buryatia, Ivolginsky Datsan

In the Buryat steppe, near the ridge called Khamar-Daban, which is located near the settlement of Ivolginsk, is the Buddhist religious capital of the country - a magnificent datsan. When the weather is clear, beautiful gilded temples glitter and shimmer, welcoming tourists and pilgrims from afar. It seems that time has stopped its course here

Meaning and origin of the name Klimov

Every person has a last name. And everyone since childhood understands that the family name is a family heirloom. Understanding the meaning and origin of a family name is very important. Indeed, in ancient times, the name was given at birth of a child in the nobility, the nobility, the royal estates

Cultural centers of Russia. Cultural institutions

Modern cultural centers are not very similar to the institutions of the club plan of the times of the USSR, when more than thirteen million people participated in the amateur art activities alone. In addition, houses and palaces of culture existed at the expense of the state, visiting any studios and circles, any kind of amateur art activities was free, unlike what is happening now

What year did Astana become the capital of Kazakhstan? What city was the capital before?

Modern Kazakhstan is the revived ancient steppes of Akmola, where the city of fabulous beauty is located - Astana. What year did Astana become the capital of Kazakhstan? And for what reasons? The main reason lies in the fact that the former capital has become problematic in environmental terms, as well as in its inconvenient location - in the very south of the country

The most unusual houses in the world

Architecture is always high art, but we have long forgotten about it, since most buildings on our planet are very similar to each other. The dreary boxes of residential buildings have long been not happy with the views, but there are masters who create unique homes. Those projects that have come true are becoming known to the whole world, and hundreds of thousands of tourists rush to remote corners of our planet to see modern buildings that surprise with their appearance

Kuban Proverbs - that Astrakhan watermelons!

When the word "Kuban" immediately arise associations with arable land and fertile land, roming Cossacks and beautiful Cossacks, and herds of frisky horses everywhere. The dressed girls and women in the Kuban stanitsa do not just sing, but drive away with charming motifs. And how young men and young people dance - you can look at them forever and never take your eyes off

What is the purity of speech

Talk about cleanliness. Which one? On the purity of speech. Unfortunately, most of us do not even try to analyze or at least somehow control what he says. Our dialogic speech, as well as any other one, is replete with such words, the use of which is unacceptable or at least unacceptable in a cultural society

Useful tips for every day for home, for health

Recently, the so-called life hacks, or the tricks of life (useful tips that simplify life), have gained unprecedented popularity. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos on how to create this or that device designed to facilitate the life of a modern person. But, as practice shows, in everyday life it is more important to know the simple nuances of cleaning, cooking and maintaining one's own health, than to have the skills to assemble strange things

Worthy person: to whom this definition applies. How to become a worthy person?

In crucial historical moments, brilliant careers are made, as a rule, by no means the most moral persons. Bismarck says that revolutions are born in the minds of romantics, fanatics are their driving force, and the scoundrels enjoy the fruits of change. In this article we will try to answer the question of what it means to be a worthy person, because we want to see just such people at the head of our society

The most beautiful models of the world: photo, top-10

Model work is not the easiest profession, as most people think. Proper presentation of the image - it is quite a difficult task. The most beautiful models of the world withstand irregular working days: one shooting day can take from 5 to 16 hours. Only due to endurance and the desire to achieve success, some individuals achieve world fame and recognition

The wrong side of life, or Who are the lumpens

As we remember from school history, the term lumpen-proletariat coined Marx, thus denoting its lower stratum. Translated from the German word means "rags." Gradually, the semantic content of this concept expanded, and lumpens began to call everyone who fell to the bottom of society: vagrants, criminals, beggars, prostitutes, and all kinds of dependents

Coat of arms and flag of Slovenia

Any character necessarily matters. The value behind which hides its own story. This is especially true of state symbols. Any society should know the symbols of their state, as well as understand their meaning. We know and honor our state symbols, and besides, we are interested in symbols of other countries

Delightful Luxor: The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a photo of which can be found in every guidebook to Egypt, is no less picturesque than the pyramids. What can I say about the piles of stones - the tombs of the vain rulers of the Nile Valley, when the funeral temple of the first female pharaoh delights with its beauty and grandeur

Leopold Museum in Vienna: description, reviews

Vienna is the most beautiful city in the world - the capital of Austria. It is also considered one of the largest cultural centers. The whole world is famous for the wonderful Vienna Opera, which is surely worth a visit to all lovers of the beautiful. In addition, the city has a whole Museum Quarter, consisting of the large Kunsthalle Exhibition Center and the Leopold Museum

Exhibition "Soviet Childhood" (Moscow Museum): excursion into the past

Children and adults live in different worlds. Those who are older, in the priority work, participation in public life, talking about politics, concern for tomorrow. Kids have toys, swings, “Daughters-mothers”, “Cats and mice”, tricycles, first books and “Primer”. Childhood in peacetime remains childhood, regardless of the political system, the ideological attitudes of the state, the financial situation of parents, other circumstances fundamentally important for the older generation. One can sp

Names of library exhibitions. Book exhibitions in the library

Book exhibitions have long ceased to make the guests want to get comfortable on the couch. Their goal is to surprise and push to learn new things. And although the Internet conquers the world, the book will always be. And librarians will take care of what to read, and offer us the best. This is a great way not only to inculcate the love of books for children, but also to find out interesting facts on your own

DK them. Zueva for citizens and guests of the capital

Muscovites and guests of the capital who want to have fun, laugh or mourn, watch a new play or musical, organize a party for a child or listen to famous musicians, go to the Palace of Culture. Zueva. This is an unusual architectural structure, a model of post-revolutionary construction in the spirit of constructivism

What is color in art and life?

Authentic and original works of art (most vividly shown in painting), of course, have their own color features that distinguish one masterpiece from another. Among connoisseurs and art historians, one of the merits of any painting is the wealth and mutual consistency of the color gamut. And here we come close to the question: "What is color

Greeks in Russia: history and population

The Greeks in Russia are considered one of the most ancient diasporas, since the Black Sea regions were colonized by them in the ancient period. In the early Middle Ages, Russian lands are most often in contact with the Greek population, who settled on the southern coast of Crimea, which is ruled by Byzantium

Park "Scarlet Sails" (Voronezh): infrastructure

Voronezh is a city located in the south of Central Russia. He bears the honorary title of "City of Military Glory." And this is the historical center, in which many attractions. We will talk about one of them in this article. We describe the park "Scarlet Sails". Voronezh is very proud of him

"Neuron" - a project in Moscow: popular quests, reviews

Quests in reality is a unique opportunity to test your physical and emotional abilities without any damage to your health or just to have an interesting and informative rest with friends. “Neuron” is a project that, like a secret laboratory, explores human potential in conditions close to extreme ones. Th

Unkown soldiers grave. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - photo

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is an architectural memorial ensemble in the city of Moscow, near the walls of the Kremlin, in the Alexander Garden. For 34 years, the Eternal Flame has been burning in the center of the composition. People come to the monument to worship the fighter who gave his life for his homeland

Who is a naturalist, a psychological portrait and the great representatives of the profession

Many people love nature, but few people wondered who such a naturalist was. And this term has two meanings. Term treatment First of all, a naturalist is a naturalist, an expert in the field of the study of nature and its phenomena. And in this case, this term is derived from the word nature - nature

Russian names of girls - list, history and characteristics

Residents of Russia, like other ancient peoples, carefully chose the names of their children. They believed that the name influences the fate of a person and shapes his character. They believed that the name has a certain meaning, affects the fate of a person, so they tried to select a favorable name

Museum "Bryansk Forest" is time to rebel from the ashes

Bryansk region is replete with dense forests and verdant glades. Whichever way you decide to take a ride here, luxurious forest lands are found everywhere. It is not surprising that the Bryansk Forest Museum was created in this city. For his sake, many tourists specially visited the city. What is remarkable about the Bryansk Forest Museum and what is its fate

What is naivety: congenital innocence or stupidity of the soul?

If before such a touching character trait as naivety was highly valued in people, now, in a world full of cruelty and cynicism, it becomes almost a global problem for its owner. People who look at the world through rose-colored glasses regularly become victims of fraudsters, often left abandoned and deceived in their best feelings

What was considered "not comme il faut" in the old days and what is inappropriate now?

In Russia, there were times when both the Russian word and the Russian face, according to the classic, were not easy to meet, of course, in the world of light and half light. Then our language was replenished with many French borrowings. In the twentieth century, in most cases they were abandoned, they can still be found in the works of Chekhov, Staritsky, Bunin and other classics of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, but they are used rather with an ironic tinge

Meet on clothes - escorted by the mind. Is it so?

Heard the proverb "meet on clothes - escorted by the mind"? I think yes. Given the many psychological factors of a person, it is incredibly relevant in the modern world. When a person sees you for the first time, he still cannot appreciate your intellect and mental abilities, therefore, he only captures in his consciousness a visual “picture” so far. La

Monopoly is the opposite of a competitive market.

Monopoly is the direct opposite of a competitive market. It is characterized by the presence of only one seller and manufacturer, which occupies all the space in the market for a particular product or service. The opposite phenomenon is a monopsony, where only one buyer has power in the market for a certain product or service

Pear color in the interior

Pear color is a fashionable novelty in creating an interior of an apartment or house. It will be the perfect solution for those who want to give a touch of nobility to the style of their home. Pear color in the interior of the apartment The pear is a juicy and tasty fruit. The interior of the apartment will be just as bright and juicy if you use pear color for decoration

The story of the creation of the aphorism "It is better to overrun than to underclass"

Aphorism deservedly occupies not the last place in the family of literary genres. And it is not surprising, because here a very deep thought is contained in the capacious phrase. This form is capable of striking surprise judgments, extreme expressiveness and implicit inner meaning. Often such statements are attributed to an instructive connotation, but one should not detract from a healthy grain of satire

The most unusual buildings in the world: top 10

Urban architecture - this is the familiar environment in which millions of people live on the planet. But citizens very rarely raise their heads to enjoy it. And very vain. After all, sometimes on the streets of cities you can find the most unusual buildings! They were created by different architects and at different times, investing in them with all their skill and imagination

What is the New Year: the history and traditions of the holiday

Practically in all countries of the world they like to celebrate the wonderful night of transition from the last day of December to the 1st of January. This is a magical period. The night is loved by both children and adults. What a holiday New Year: history, traditions One of the first (about III millennium BC) decided to celebrate the coming of the New Year in the Most Ancient civilization - Mesopotamia

What is feminism: history and varieties

There are a great many definitions of what feminism is, but they all correspond to reality. Very often, feminism is defined as science, politics or activity. Of course, it can be said that this is a theory of the protection of women's rights and its application in practice. In principle, it is, but it is worth noting which particular interests of women are being defended

The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is one of the famous museums in the world.

The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is a historical museum, known throughout the world. Story The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was created at the beginning of the 20th century; more precisely, the exhibition of 1919 in Moscow can be considered the first prerequisites

Who came up with emoticons: the history of the origin, what the interesting facts mean

In the history of mankind and art there were many creations. But the widest spread, brought the joy, pleasure and happiness the appearance of emoticons. Who came up with these clear icons for everyone? They are made so simple, but carry a lot of information. Let's go with you to the interesting world of funny faces, find out who came up with emoticons first, what they mean and interesting facts about them