Railway: the population of the city. The number and ethnic composition

At the end of 2014 (right on New Year's Day - December 24), there was less by one settlement called Zheleznodorozhny in the country. The population obediently voted for unification with another Moscow region city of Balashikha, and in fact a takeover. Won by this former railway or not, time will tell

Lagarde Christine, IMF. Biography, personal life

The current IMF director, Christine Lagarde, has been in his current post since July 5, 2011. Before that, she was in the Union for the Popular Movement, a liberal-conservative political party. Christine Lagarde, whose family consisted entirely of teachers, has chosen a different path for herself since childhood

Population of the Orenburg region: number and ethnic composition

The population of the Orenburg region at the moment is 1 million 989 thousand 589 people. Such data for 2017 leads Rosstat. As in the whole of Russia, the number of urban residents is greater than rural. 60% of Orenburg residents live in cities. At the same time, the population density is 16 people per square kilometer; according to this indicator, the region is in 49th place in the country between the Perm Territory and the Novosibirsk Region

Refinancing rate in Belarus. National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

The refinancing rate of the Republic of Belarus is interesting not only for residents of this country. This topic is of interest to anyone interested in macroeconomic policy. It is no secret to anyone that the rate of inflation in the fraternal country is beyond. All Belarusians, until recently, were millionaires

Economic behavior: the concept, types and essence

The economy is a sphere of vital activity of the society, which somehow affects absolutely the entire population of the planet. Any actions related to the exchange, purchase or sale, hiring of labor, are already economic. Therefore, the beginning of economic history is considered to be the beginning of human history

At first, everyone thought he was crazy, but it turned out that a man has visual snow syndrome

Only a couple of decades ago a new term appeared in international medicine - “visual snow”. This phrase designates a disorder of the visual perception of the surrounding world, in which a person sees everything as if on the screen of a poorly tuned TV. The “image” is not too clear, but before my eyes the snowflakes are constantly falling from the sky. The St

Kazakhstan exports: structure and performance. Kazakhstan economy

Kazakhstan is a state in the center of the Eurasian continent. It borders with Mongolia, the countries of Central Asia and Russia. The country is an economic leader in Central Asia. Within the CIS, this is the second economy after Russia. Kazakhstan is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union. There are various types of minerals in the country, which are presented in sufficient quantities

The average salary of a primary school teacher in Moscow and regions of Russia

For the majority of our fellow citizens, the salary of a primary school teacher seems unattractive. At the same time, most people will agree that rather complex and responsible tasks are placed on the shoulders of this specialist. Indeed, after all, these teachers form the perception of the world of our children and lay the beginnings of knowledge in the initial stage of schooling

Bonded loans: medium-term, long-term, state. Bond issue

Subjects operating in the real or financial economic sector, often enter the bond market. Here they use a special tool for raising money, which has a number of significant advantages. Let us further consider in detail what constitutes bond loans. General information A bond is a security. It confirms the owner’s right to receive funds or property from the issuing entity.

Suburbanization - what is this concept? What is the difference between urbanization, deurbanization and suburbanization?

Man - a creature, of course, social, aspiring to the society of other people. That is why the population of the planet continues to rapidly "flow" into the big cities. On the other hand, man is a natural being. It is an integral part of the natural, natural landscape. Thus, cities and natural areas - without industry and exhaust gases, remain today the two main axes around which the life of modern society revolves

Project risks: example, risk assessment, analysis of possible events

This article will discuss the risks of the project, examples will be given, as they say - "from life." To manage the process of performing work, the same goals are always set: to save time and money invested. To minimize project risks, examples of which are quite numerous, risk management is created, armed with a special methodology

What is mercantilism? Representatives of mercantilism. Mercantilism in the economy

Many people have heard the word "mercantile", but not everyone knows what it means and where it came from. But this word is closely related to one of the most well-known systems of doctrines, which first appeared in the XV century. So what is mercantilism and what significance does it have in the history of mankind

Economic choice is a difficult but necessary process of managing

The economic choice involves the selection of the preferred option of all. At any particular point in time, the limitations of various sources necessary for the implementation of the activity of the subject can be traced, which forms a certain objective boundary for production possibilities. Economic resources and the problem of choice - a constant dilemma facing the experts in this field

Thermal power plants in the economy

In the economy of any country, the energy complex is of paramount importance. The power industry is important in all aspects of the functioning of the state (both in the industrial sector and in everyday life). One of the main links in the power industry are thermal power plants. Consider this question in more detail

What is innovation? Examples, types of innovation

Innovation is a key factor in the economic development of modern states. Their development and implementation require significant resources - labor, financial, organizational, but the solution of relevant problems is necessary in order to ensure the efficiency of the country's economy. What are some innovations

History, economy and population of Shadrinsk

The population of Shadrinsk is 75, 623 people. This is the second largest settlement of the Kurgan region after the regional capital. It is located on the West Siberian Plain, directly on the Iset River. It is considered a city of regional subordination. A large educational, cultural and industrial center in the whole of the Trans-Urals

Basic macroeconomic identities: description, features and formulas

Economics is the science of the fundamentals of efficient production of goods and services, their proper distribution and consumption. Her study allows not only a deeper understanding of the processes that we face in everyday life, but also to change the surrounding reality. The main macroeconomic identities characterize key processes in the national and world economy

GDP per capita: calculation method

The GDP abbreviation stands for gross domestic product, which today is the main indicator of economic development. This ratio is determined by taking into account the market price of all goods and services created in the state over the period of time, which is usually equal to a year. With the growth rate, taking into account inflation, we can talk about economic growth, an increase in the scope of services and production

External effects in the economy and their regulation

Today the market economy in the territory of the Russian Federation is actively developing. The market is a special field of activity where commodity relations between sellers and buyers are built. External effects in a market economy play an important role. The relationship between producers and end users is based on a decentralized price signal mechanism

Modern pay systems and their characteristics

Compensation motivates all employees of the organization to perform the tasks assigned to them. The effectiveness of the entire production process depends on the correctness of the organization of this system. There are several motivation options for employees. Modern wage systems are marked by a number of factors

General unconditional income in the EU and Russia

Unconditional income is a form of social security system in which all citizens and residents of a country regularly receive a certain amount of money from the state or from any other public organization in addition to their possible earnings. If the funds so provided are less than the minimum subsistence minimum, then it is considered partial

The biggest country in the world

There is no doubt that the largest country in the world by area is Russia. Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, it retained its leadership position. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine another so great in power. Moreover, Russia is the only country located both in Europe and in Asia. According to statistics for 2012, the population in Russia amounted to 143 million people, and the total area of ​​the state exceeds 17 million square kilometers. Su

What is the average salary in Kiev?

In 2015, the situation on the labor market of Ukraine showed a slight improvement in the situation, and an increase in household income was recorded. However, difficult economic conditions have affected the level of wages. The labor market is becoming less paid jobs. The situation in the capital looks best - the average salary in Kiev in the last month of 2015 was UAH 8, 486 (20, 604 rubles)

The subject of study is an important part of any scientific theory.

The concept of "subject of study" is found in the scientific community. It is inextricably linked with another concept - the “object of study”. The object is the situation in which there is a problem - it is supposed to be studied. The subject of study is that which is inside the object under study. Ob

When is a certificate of currency transactions provided? Transfer of foreign currency to the transit currency account

Every year Russia's foreign economic activity increases its volumes and the number of contracts concluded. When performing foreign economic activity, settlements with companies occur mainly through foreign currency. The Central Bank of Russia records and controls the currency received or decreased as a result of the resident companies conducting foreign trade

An informal group is ... Informal groups in an organization

In any team there are several groups of like-minded people, which in the language of psychologists are called informal groups. Why do informal groups arise? In the work collective there are leaders and subordinates whose activities are regulated by orders and instructions. On paper, everything is simple: responsibilities and responsibilities are defined, you only need to execute what is written

What is indexation of pensions?

Under the indexation of pensions, it is customary to understand the process of increasing labor benefits solely on the basis of the relevant decision of the Government of our country primarily in order to raise the general standard of living of pensioners. According to experts in this field, it is possible to recalculate the insurance part of labor benefits in several cases: old age, disability, after the loss of the breadwinner, etc

How much does gasoline cost in Kazakhstan? Price analysis, comparison and forecast

Kazakhstan belongs to the category of oil-producing countries and is among the top twenty countries in terms of proven reserves of raw materials - about 11-12 billion tons of oil. Prices for gasoline in the Republic of Kazakhstan are among the lowest in the entire CIS. According to the Globalpetrolprices agency, the country is in 11th place in the global ranking of countries with the lowest cost of gasoline

Moscow monorail transport system moves to the schedule. Why?

The Moscow monorail transport system as an idea arose very, very long ago, back in the seventies of the last century. Why, before the realization of the dream in life, the matter did not reach for a long time. In 1999, the project was finally launched. Moscow fought for the exhibition "Expo 2010", it was necessary to deliver its participants quickly to the venue (to the VVC)

NPV - what is it? NPV: formula. NPV investment project

Effective investment processes play a crucial role in the development of the economy, increasing its competitiveness. The problem of giving them a dynamic and uncontested nature is very relevant for modern Russia. With the help of them, a qualitatively new level of means of production, increasing its volume, the development of innovative technologies

Lerner index. Causes and consequences of market monopolization

Despite the economic and legislative measures taken by the authorities of different countries to combat monopolism, this phenomenon remains fairly common. The monopoly power of individual companies carries a serious threat to the development of the economy. Monopoly and its sources Monopolism is understood to mean market dominance of a single manufacturer (distributor) or a joint group of such entities (cartels)

Price policy. What is margin in trade?

How do retailers set prices for their products? What is margin and margin? These questions concern both consumers and beginner businessmen. Clearly understand what a margin is in trade, is obliged to everyone who is going to open his retail store. The concepts of margin and mark-ups differ, although there is an obvious connection between them

Document Analysis

A document is the main means of securing information, facts, processes, phenomena, problems of reality or mental activity of a person, which is carried out with the help of a special media (most often - paper). Documentary sources are able to contain very diverse and unique information about economic, social and other phenomena

How does the Latvian economy work

After the collapse of the USSR and the implementation of significant reforms, the Latvian economy for some time quickly rose in all respects. In the two thousand years - about five to seven percent per year until 2008, when the crisis began. In 1990, the Latvian economy in terms of GDP ranked fortieth in the world, and by the end of 2007, it was in third place among the post-Soviet countries

Economic regions of Russia: CED

Economic regions of Russia are represented by 11 regions. A special role is assigned to the central economic region, which includes Moscow, Yaroslavl, Tula, Tver, Smolensk, Ryazan, Moscow, Oryol, Kostroma, Kaluga, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Bryansk regions. By area, the central economic region of Russia occupies the 6th place (483

State budget and its structure

The financial system of each state includes a budget. This document is a very complex mechanism, the effect of which affects the standard of living of the country, its economy and the structure of the state system. The state budget and its structure should be balanced. First you need to figure out what the budget is

Mining - the key to the welfare of Russia

Despite the fact that Russia is fabulously rich in minerals, a century ago they knew little about them. The country's subsoil was practically not studied, and the necessary raw materials were imported from abroad. Coal was brought from England, phosphate fertilizers were delivered from Morocco, potash salts were bought in Germany

Industry France (briefly). French Industry Specialization

Industrial production is the leading sector of the French economy. It accounts for 20% of national GDP and half of all products exported by the state. Moreover, about 27% of all employed people in the country work in this area. The main branches of industry specialization in France are engineering, energy, metallurgy and automotive

Kazakhstan, Kokshetau city: population

The population of Kokshetau today is 145, 762 people. This is a city in Kazakhstan, which since 1999 is officially considered the administrative center in the Akmola region. How did the number of residents in this village, we will tell in this article. City `s history The population of Kokshetau is now very large

The economy of Afghanistan: stages of development, competitiveness, problems and prospects

The history of the state of Afghanistan begins in 1747, when Ahmad Shah Durrani united the Pashtun tribes. The territory of the country has long been the scene of struggle between the Russian and British empires. The influence of Britain ended in 1919, when the establishment of an independent country was proclaimed

The population of the Magadan region - numerical indicators and dynamics

The Magadan Region is one of the subjects of the Russian Federation belonging to the Far Eastern Federal District. In the north (northeast) it has a border with the Chukotka Autonomous Region, in the west with Yakutia, in the east with Kamchatka, and in the south with the Khabarovsk Territory. The administrative center is the city of Magadan

BTI documents: explication is ...

Translated from the Latin "explication" - is "interpretation", "explanation." This word is widely used in various fields of activity: directorial work, cartography, architecture, museum business. For example, in the latter case, the explication is text pointers with explanations of the exhibits

Omsk Metro. Why is construction suspended?

Omsk is a huge industrial city. He became a "million" back in 1979. And it was then that the idea to create the Omsk metro appeared. However, the implementation of plans stretched out over many years. Story So, it all started with the tram lines. They were launched in the mid 30s of the last century

Population Novotroitsk: number, dynamics and employment

Novotroitsk is one of the cities of the Orenburg region. Located on the Ural River, on its right bank. Nearby is the Kazakhstan border. At a distance of 8 km is the city of Orsk, and at a distance of 276 km - the city of Orenburg. The area of ​​the city is 84 square meters. km The population is 88 thousand people. In

Venice: the population of the city in different centuries. The modern population of Venice

Probably everyone would like to visit Venice. Where else can you see the flooded streets, gondoliers, slowly swimming along the canals and singing frivolous songs? But the locals all this seems commonplace. And since the conversation turned to this, let's find out what the population of Venice is

Parallel imports: the pros and cons

Often, original goods with the presence of a legal marking of a trademark are imported into the state by the official distributor, based on the appropriate license agreement. The same goods can be imported using either an unofficial distribution channel or not by the copyright holder. This economic phenomenon is called “parallel imports” (or “gray imports”). From t

Nabucco gas pipeline: scheme, route

The Nabucco gas pipeline (Nabucco) is a 3.3 thousand km long trunk line. With it, fuel can be delivered from Azerbaijan and Central Asia to the EU countries. Nabucco is a gas pipeline that was supposed to supply Germany and Austria in the first place. Its name comes from the eponymous work of the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi

The economic crisis in China

The world economy is developing in the same way as the economic complexes of the countries that are included in it are developing. It is natural that they are interconnected, and when something happens in one state, it also affects others. The locomotive of the world economy today is called China, but certain negative trends that are in effect or are beginning to manifest themselves gradually deprive him of this title

Social entrepreneurship - what is it? Examples

Social entrepreneurship is a special kind of activity located at the intersection of charity and business. It involves making a profit and reinvesting it in solving or mitigating the most pressing problems in society. Incomes are not distributed among the participants of economic societies, but are invested in such areas as reducing unemployment, strengthening the protection of the rights of citizens, and the environment

Countries with the highest population density: rating, features

Everyone knows that the population of the earth is growing steadily. But at the same time, people are very unevenly distributed across the surface of the planet. What is the reason? We will tell about which country has the largest population density and how this can be explained. Earth's population: features Throughout the history of the Earth, people migrate around the planet in search of better living conditions

The richest people in the world - a new rating

In this article we will look at the top richest people in the world. One way or another, these people influence our lives. It depends on them what fashionable clothes, cosmetics will be like or how our computer will work. Some reputable agencies, such as Forbes magazine, annually publish a new list that includes the richest people in the world

Registry is the order of documentation

A registry is a list or a list. According to another interpretation, this word means a book for recording documents, property, and other cases. In the process of work of any company, documents are created that reflect the essence of its activity. The number of such papers is constantly growing. The storage and destruction of such documents is governed by rules established by federal authorities

Construction economics: what is it?

Construction economics is a scientific discipline. This science helps to evaluate the results obtained in the process of introducing scientific achievements in production, improving methods and techniques of work, rational organization of the construction process. The economy of construction studies the construction industry of the national economy of the Russian Federation as: The process of reproduction of fixed assets, which requires constant investment

Turkish tomatoes are back. Removed sanctions on Turkish tomatoes

Most recently, the media blunted messages: "Turkish tomatoes are back." What happened? Have they lifted the sanctions? Is the government building relations with its southern neighbor? These and other issues will be discussed below. Official message According to the Minister of Economy, from December 1 of this year, the ban on the import of certain agricultural products is lifted

Shopping centers in Kazan. High-quality shopping

In Kazan, you can find many shopping centers. They can be large-scale, such as "Mega" or "Tandem", and can occupy a small area. However, they can find a lot of clothing stores, groceries. Almost every shopping center in Kazan offers not only shopping and buying things, but also fun for the whole family

Calculation of the economic effect of the proposed measures as a way to determine the effectiveness of investments

The calculation of the economic effect of the proposed activities is carried out in order to determine the feasibility of financing a specific project, the essence of which is to make a profit. Types of economic effect Investment activity involves the investment of capital in order to generate additional profits to achieve a social effect

Korean Peninsula: area, population, history

The states of the Republic of Korea and North Korea, united by one peninsula, are located in eastern Asia. They are washed by the Sea of ​​Japan, the straits of Jeju and the Korean, Yellow Sea. The area of ​​the Korean Peninsula is more than 220 thousand km 2 , and its length is 1 thousand km. Most o

High technology: the trend is an increase in sales growth

Information technology development trends are all the time directed in one direction - increasing sales growth and expanding markets. So, the analysts of the company IDC has increased this year's forecast for the sale of tablets by about 20 million units. It is not known where such hidden reserves will come from

Singapore miracle. The author of the Singapore economic miracle

Singapore gained its independence only in 1965. At this point, the island state belonged to the category of the poorest and most problematic in the world. The country does not have large reserves of natural resources, fresh water - and that was delivered from Malaysia. The Singapore miracle is that today the capital of the state can be compared with New York in America

Ministry of Finance: powers, main tasks and activities

According to the official declaration for 2017, the income of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov was 25.1 million rubles. At the same time, the minister is only on the 7th place in his department. The question arises, for what the state pays officials such money? Structure of the Ministry of Finance The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has 5 main divisions: The Federal Tax Service; Federal Insurance Supervision Service; Federal Service for Financial and Budgetary Supervision; Federal Financial Monitoring Service; Federal Treasury

Debt of Greece. The debt crisis of Greece. Background and consequences

Today, the news is increasingly referred to the external debt of Greece. And they talk about it in the context of the debt crisis and the possible default of the state. But not all of our compatriots know what this phenomenon is, what its prerequisites are, and what consequences it may entail, not only for this small country, but for the whole of Europe

Silhouette of the city. History and basic principles

The silhouette of the city is based on a planning solution, but is visually perceived through the outline-boundary between the infinite sky and the "body" of the city. As noted by the famous American critic Paul Zucker, depending on the nature of this line, an impression of mobility is created

The largest tanker in the world. The largest oil tanker in the world

The tanker is a specialized cargo-type vessel that can be adapted for both sea and river routes. Water transport is designed to transport bulk cargo. Ocean supertankers are considered the largest in their series, which are used not only for the transportation of oil, but also for its storage. One of the biggest supertankers The largest tanker in the world was launched from the stocks in 1976

Myanmar currency: exchange rate, banknotes, coins and exchange features

Kyat is the national currency of Myanmar since July 1, 1952. It consists of 100 drunk. Along with the national currency in the country, American dollars are actively used. Previously, they could pay in almost any area, although such actions are officially prohibited by law. We will tell you today whether the situation has changed now and why some American banknotes are more valuable than others

Miass city: population, employment and interesting facts

The population of Miass is 151 856 people, as of 2017. It is a large city in the Chelyabinsk region, the center of the city district of the same name. It is located on the river of the same name, at the very foot of the Ilmensky Mountains, a little less than one hundred kilometers from Chelyabinsk. It is on the territory of this district that a significant part of the Ilmensky Reserve is located

Extrabudgetary activities of an educational institution: types. Regulation on extrabudgetary activities

There is an opinion that state and municipal educational institutions firmly sit on budget subsidies. However, it is not. Many schools and universities earn themselves. The laws of the Russian Federation provide for such a phenomenon as extra-budgetary activity of an educational institution. What it is

GDP structure of Russia

Gross domestic product shows the state of the economy. That is why economists pay special attention to it and suggest various ways to develop and stimulate economic growth. GDP reflects the growth of material production. When calculating it, only the market and final cost of goods and services are taken into account

Real and nominal wages: description, similarities and differences

Salary, or, as it is also abbreviated as it is called, salary is the most important and expensive element of economic resources, since it is the main, and for many, the only income item. Under socialism, wages were understood as a certain part of the total national income, which in monetary form was relied upon to each employee for personal consumption, taking into account the law of the distribution of labor

Price increase: Russian realities

Unfortunately, price increases have become an integral part of the realities of the Russian economy over the past three decades. The older generation periodically nostalgic for the Soviet times, when everything was fairly stable, and you could plan your personal expenses almost a year in advance. Then the amount of wages was well known, and the increase in prices of the goods was not expected at all

Who benefits from falling oil prices? Expert on the situation with oil prices

Since the end of summer 2014, the price of oil on the world market has begun to decline catastrophically. With 110 dollars she fell almost by half and today is trading at 56 dollars. An international analyst firm, known as the agency Bloomberg New Energy Finance, analyzed the situation, tried to find out which countries had won and which had lost from the collapse of the global fuel market

The minimum wage in Crimea: the new minimum wage from January 1, 2019

Crimea (Republic of Crimea) - one of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Previously was part of Ukraine. It has moderate autonomy. Included in the Southern Federal District. The entity was formed on March 18, 2014, after the peninsula left Ukraine and became part of the Russian Federation. The capital of the republic is Simferopol, located closer to the center of the peninsula, north of the Crimean Mountains

Dimitrovgrad population continues to decrease

A small town in the Ulyanovsk region did not escape the fate of renaming, according to Soviet tradition. In 1972, the Melkessians became Dimitrovgrad residents. The population of Dimitrovgrad in recent decades has been constantly decreasing, which is due to the poor state of the urban economy. General information The city is the administrative center of the city district of the same name and Melekessky district of the Ulyanovsk region

EEC countries: history of association, membership, goals and achievements, structure

The European Economic Community was a regional organization. The countries of the EEC have united to deepen and expand integration. And this goal has been achieved. The successor of the EEC is the European Union, which fully absorbed this regional organization in 2009. EEC countries: list Initially, the European Economic Community included six states

Construction companies in crisis: "L1" ("LEK") - business class apartments in St. Petersburg

At the end of 2014, the construction industry faced major external obstacles: the general economic crisis and stagnation in the banking sector. This trend has affected the volume and pace of construction: the decline in demand for middle-class and economy-class housing by more than 30%. For construction companies, a crisis is not a reason to freeze their facilities, but rather a chance to survive and gain a foothold in the world market

UK GDP: structure. UK economy

During its heyday in the 19th century, the British Empire occupied one fourth of the land. As a result of the redistribution of the world during the two world wars, she lost a significant part of her colonial territories. However, in the second half of the 20th century, UK GDP once again made the country one of the most developed

Roman Abramovich: biography and personal life. Roman Abramovich's condition and yachts

The whole world knows a man named Roman Abramovich. His biography, however, contains many controversial points. Why in 1992 did he almost go to jail? How was his family perceived by Boris Yeltsin? What is the state after the divorce got the second wife of the oligarch? And what he so pleased the population of Chukotka

Costs are ... Costs of labor. Production costs - costs

Any company tries to make decisions that provide it with the maximum profit, which depends on the cost of sales and production. Naturally, the price of such products is a consequence of the interaction of supply and demand. Cost is a factor that generates cost. However, this is not such a simple concept as it may seem

Analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activity of the enterprise

Analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activities of the enterprise are mainly based on the information support system, which is a complex of functionalities. It provides a targeted process of selecting information indicators in the study of the enterprise’s management and examining its positions in all aspects using various methods, models, and financial instruments.

Elasticity of the proposal: the behavior of the manufacturer and the buyer

Supply, like demand, is inelastic and elastic. With a sharp increase in the price of some goods will increase in his proposal, as the share in part of the profit increases. But in this case, few buyers will want to buy goods at an inflated price. As a result, sales will decline significantly compared to the volume of supply

Kazakhstan's GDP: structure and dynamics. Kazakhstan: GDP per capita

In terms of economic indicators, Kazakhstan is the most profitable and successful country in Central Asia. Included in the top ten largest financial powers in Europe. The main sources of income are oil and minerals, as well as mechanical engineering and metalworking industry. It is noteworthy that Kazakhstan is almost the only country in the continent in which agriculture is developing and flourishing at an incredible pace

Obviously dead-end startups

Any person who decides to start his own business decides for himself the main question. What exactly to do? What direction of business activity to choose? What to invest money in, if any, and what is the prospect of attracting investors, if they are not? More recently, some types of economic activity have promised high income prospects, and this factor often affects the plans of those who want to take an example from someone and also succeed

Indigenous peoples of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and their traditions

Russia is an amazing country! Where else in such a vast territory does such a number of various ethnic groups live, each of which has its own culture, traditions, religion and views on life? A particularly interesting demographic situation is emerging in the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation

The first capitalist country. Former capitalist countries. Economic development of capitalist countries

During the Cold War, the capitalist country of the United States of America opposed the socialist state of the USSR. The confrontation between two ideologies and economic systems built on their basis resulted in the years of conflict. The collapse of the USSR marked not only the end of an entire era, but also the collapse of the socialist economic model

Philippines population by cities and districts

The Philippines is an island nation located on the very edge of southeast Asia. Despite its remoteness from the continent, this country is a vivid example of the symbiosis of various cultural influences. That is why the population of the Philippines is so heterogeneous. Let's learn more about the inhabitants of this island nation

Ministry of Finance: functions, tasks, structure and value

The Ministry of Finance is a federal executive body. The main functions of the Ministry of Finance are to develop a unified state financial policy and leadership in the organization of finance. Story The historical predecessors of the employees of the Ministry of Finance are trusted trustees of the princely profits - treasurers

Population of Nigeria: number. Nigeria's population density

Nigeria is one of the largest and one of the most interesting countries on the African continent. The indigenous people of Nigeria are about 250 nations! It is this ethnic diversity that attracts the bulk of tourists to this country. What is the density and population of Nigeria? You will learn about this from our article

The concept of finance and financial system of the Russian Federation: the definition, structure and features

Modern society cannot exist and develop without the continuous reproduction of food, clothing, real estate, and the social sphere of life. As you know, the process consists of four stages, among which is the creation of a product, its distribution, exchange and, of course, consumption. These stages, in one way or another, are mediated by monetary resources

The population of Pinsk - features and national composition

Pinsk is the administrative center of one of the districts of the Brest region located in the Republic of Belarus. It is an important regional industrial, cultural and religious center. Both Catholicism and Orthodoxy are developed here. There are many Jews among the population. Pinsk is also an important historical site

Why is the dollar growing in Ukraine today?

Currently, the US dollar on the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange came to a delicate balance and stabilized in the range of 20-21 UAH. This situation cannot be considered long-term predicted, even though the price of world currency has dropped significantly compared with previously observed values, reaching 30 or more UAH / USD

Oil brands in the world. Russian oil brands

In the last decade, the topic of energy resources has been increasingly touched by the media. Oil is no exception. The cost of this type of hydrocarbon raw materials is formed depending on the trading exchange, as well as its grade. Oil grades are characterized by chemical composition and place of origin, which directly affects their cost

Parisian club of creditors and its members. Interaction of Russia with the Paris and London clubs. Features of the Paris and London clubs of creditors

The Paris and London clubs of creditors are informal informal international associations. In their composition a different number of participants, the degree of their influence is also different. The Paris and London clubs were formed to restructure debt in developing countries. Let us further consider in more detail how the relations of the Russian Federation with these associations proceeded

Fed rate. What will the Fed rate increase lead to?

The Federal Reserve of the United States of America obliges any bank of America to form a certain amount of cash reserves. They are needed for transactions with customers. This is necessary in case the majority of customers have a desire to withdraw all their deposits at once. In this case, the banking institution of finance may simply not be enough, and then, most likely, another banking crisis will occur

Tranche - what it is and how important it is for the state

In the modern economic world it is very often possible to meet such a thing as a tranche. What is it, let's try to figure it out. General definition of the term So, a tranche is an issue of certain securities, as well as a certain share of a bond type loan issued by individual series. There is also another definition of the term “tranche” - that this is a loan or a loan that is transferred to the borrower in the form of a single portion. A

Remediation is a set of measures to prevent bankruptcy.

Sanation is a series of legal, financial, economic and organizational measures aimed at improving the financial condition of enterprises in order to prevent bankruptcy. This term is derived from the Latin word sanatio, which means health improvement. Sanitation is a system of measures that is especially necessary for many enterprises in the conditions of economic crises

Risk analysis

Any company, business, campaign assumes the presence of certain risks that may affect the final result of their conduct. The implementation of a business strategy implies a change in the rights, obligations and obligations of entrepreneurs, the possible emergence of unintended and not previously used processes, as well as other consequences

Metro St. Petersburg: development plan until 2028

Together with megacities, their transport system is also developing rapidly. Metro St. Petersburg is no exception. Let's see how it is planned to expand and modify it in the coming decades. General plans for the development of St. Petersburg metro by 2020 The development plan for the metropolitan of the Northern capital is fixed in a document that came into force in 2011 - in the program "Development of the transport system of St

Ban or not? What is a moratorium?

In a general sense, the question of what a moratorium is is answered as follows: the period of time for which any specific actions are suspended. This refers to the "freezing" of one event in anticipation of the occurrence of the next. Let's look at specific examples. Application in business Suspending operations can be undertaken if they become unprofitable by one

What is a regional market? Formation, management, analysis, problems of regional markets

Many people ask, what is a regional market? How does he work? What are his problems? We will discuss these and other issues in the article. The development of the regional economy, the unification of economic entities and the division of social work in national and regional production determine the functioning and formation of the regional market

The population of Sochi. Population of Sochi

On January 1 of last year, the population of Sochi was almost 400 thousand people. It is worth noting that it is not very much for such a large-scale and significant city. But after the Olympics, something has changed, and now the indicators are somewhat different. Rapid growth I must say that the population of the Southern slope of the Greater Caucasus before 1864 was about 300 thousand people

Google ranks fifth in the ranking of the most expensive and influential companies in the world.

To begin with, it must be said that Google appeared in March 1996 when a joint research project of students at Stanford University was implemented. When writing his dissertation work, Larry Page, on the recommendation of his supervisor, chose the theme “Development of promising technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library”. Th