INN / KPP of legal entities

In the details of any legal entity operating in our country, there are always values: TIN, CAT. These numbers are assigned to organizations upon their registration with the tax authority. The taxpayer identification number for legal entities is a code of 10 characters indicating that the company is registered with the FTS

Innovative environment: concept, definition, creation and basic functions

World experience suggests that an innovative economy is created based on the development of entrepreneurship. Peter Drucker, a famous German scientist, emphasizes that innovation is a special business tool that forms new resources. In our article we will discuss the organization and the factors of the innovation environment

Export is one of the directions of development of the state economy

Trade relations with foreign partners are an important element of foreign economic activity. In particular, exports from Russia facilitate the implementation of transactions for the purchase and sale of a variety of services and goods. Outside the state, the export of products amounts to thousands of tons annually

Economic activity as the most important process of creating life's benefits

In order to function normally in society, the population must drink, eat, wear shoes, dress, live in an apartment or house, etc. And since it does not exist in its pure form, people have to produce it. And at the everyday level, it turns out that the economy and production are one and the same. But in a primitive, slave-owning or feudal society there was no such thing as "economy"

Iranian oil on the market. The quality of Iranian oil. Where Iran delivers oil

The lifting of international sanctions against Iran has added another source of supply of hydrocarbons, the prices for which are already quite low. What can Iranian oil on the market mean for it, as well as for international and national oil companies operating in the Middle East? Iran's potential 1976 was the best year for the country's oil industry

A free customs zone is ... Customs territory. Customs Code

To solve strategic problems, modern states often create free (special) economic zones on their territory. SEZs (SEZs) may be located within and under the jurisdiction of one or several countries that are members of the union. However, they have a special status, as they provide facilitation of business activities for foreign as well as national entities

Business societies

Such societies are the most universal, and therefore common. Business societies are created by one person (owner) or by several persons at once by separating property in order to conduct its business activities. They are a type of enterprise. Business companies and their types of Russian legislation is divided into three categories: with limited liability, with additional liability and joint-stock

Central ring road of the Moscow region - the scheme and features of the object

Under the Central Ring Road mean the central ring road of the Moscow region (the diagram is presented below). The Central Ring Road will have a much greater length than the existing Moscow Ring Road. The decision to build such a wide ring was made taking into account the prospects for further expansion of Moscow and its suburbs, increasing the intensity of air pollution in the city and traffic overload

Correlation and regression analysis and its widespread use in economics

The basic statistical methods have been used for quite some time in all areas of human activity. However, the most important role is played by statistics for the economy. After all, it is this scientific industry that regulates the socio-economic relations of business entities, is engaged in the analysis and processing of a huge amount of information

Underpowered gasoline, price per half liter and other ways of cheating drivers at a gas station

More and more business owners are guided by the principle “you can't fool - you won't live.” Some gas stations have long been famous for their underfilling and fraud, but it seems that the situation may worsen in the near future even more. How to protect yourself from fraud? You can read more about this in this article. Pr

Pricing: formulas, principles of calculation

The value of prices in a market economy is very high. It determines not only the profit and profitability of the organization, but also the structure of production, affects the movement of material flows, the distribution of commodity mass, etc. Properly constructed pricing policy is key to the effectiveness of the organization

Monopolization of markets - what is it? The concept, the main forms, the consequences of monopolization

Modern man can hardly be surprised by the presence of several hundred varieties of cheese and lemonade, a huge number of brands of clothing and technology. On the contrary, he is often confused by the existence of only one manufacturer in the industry. Monopolization of markets is a situation where the supplier of a certain type of goods or services is only one enterprise or person

Financial Director System. Solving financial management problems in business

Modern economics and science are developing very quickly, and the government now and then issues new legislation. It is very difficult to keep track of all the information, but if you want your business to grow and develop, it must be done. What to do in this situation? Numerous courses in management and finance are a dubious way out, since no one guarantees that they are led by professionals, not amateurs, and it is difficult to drive around all the time because of their studies

Comprehensive economic analysis

It is difficult to overestimate the role of economic analysis in the organization and management of a modern enterprise or firm. Its most complete option is a comprehensive economic analysis, which allows making optimal decisions in these matters and ensuring their maximum efficiency. In the course of any economic research, primary information is analyzed for: - comparing the performance of the enterprise with indicators of previous periods, planning and forecast and indicators of other enterprises; - establish the most important factors influencing the economic situation of the enterprise; - i

Subventions are financial support for budget expenditures.

Subventions are some amounts of funds that are allocated from the highest level budget by decision of the state authority on a non-repayable and non-refundable basis to the lower level budget. However, these moneys must be spent for certain purposes. Grounds for subventions Subventions are provided in case of insufficiency of income sources, regulated and fixed, in order to equalize the minimum level of financial support for municipalities and subjects of the Russian Federation

How much oil does Russia sell per year? How much oil and gas does Russia sell per year?

The Russian Federation is the largest exporter of natural gas. She has the second largest coal reserves. There are more and more discussions in the press that the Russian Federation has long been on the energy “needle”. Therefore, now even ordinary people have become interested in how much oil Russia sells per year. Th

Special economic zone "Tolyatti". Special Economic Zone "Tolyatti"

The Tolyatti Special Economic Zone is an economic zone of industrial production format, which is located on the territory of the Stavropol District in the Samara Region. The zone was formed by a special decree of the Russian government from 2010. Its territory stretches adjacent to AvtoVAZ, and the area is 660 hectares

The principle of the invisible hand: a popular explanation

Economic science knows several fundamental directions of economic thought, arranged in chronological order as follows: the school of mercantilism, classical economics (the principle of the invisible hand of Adam Smith), the school of physiocrats, neo-classical, Marxist school, Keynesianism and monetarism

Gas contract with China: pros and cons

After years of negotiations, Russia finally concluded a gas contract with China. Since then, the controversy over the signing of this contract does not subside. Opinions are divided. Some consider this transaction extremely profitable, others - unprofitable. This article will discuss the positive and negative consequences of the contract for the supply of Russian "blue fuel" to the PRC

What studies macroeconomics and microeconomics: examples

How and what is studying macroeconomics and microeconomics? This is a simple science. But in order to deal with them, should be given enough time. Now let's get down to figuring out what macroeconomics and microeconomics are studying. What is microeconomics? This is the name for the part of economic theory that deals with the study of business processes at the level of individual subjects

Military equipment of Ukraine (photo)

The situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, having passed, apparently, the peak of intensity, remains critical. Regular troops, units of the National Guard and the remaining volunteer units that the command is trying to lead to unity of command, have difficulty with material support. The military equipment of Ukraine, given the main sources of its income, is assessed by experts as outdated, and does not always meet the requirements of modern combat

Accumulation of funds: the concept, functions and examples

Many people are engaged in one or another accumulation. So, some people save up working days so that later they get a big health holiday, others collect things, and then everything accumulated is transported safely to the dacha, and still others prefer to accumulate money. In the article we will take a closer look at the latest hobby, which is called “accumulation of money” in literary language. Co

Imputed costs - what is it?

Any process and life itself is a series of elections. Having decided to invest the earned money in the purchase of new equipment, the entrepreneur refuses an infinite number of possibilities for their use. Here there are opportunity costs. This is the projected profit from deciding in favor of the best alternative after the planned course of action

Why do we need a liability matrix?

Project activities can most effectively handle the ratio of available resources, time and quality of the final product. With the help of competent planning, it is possible to timely carry out corrective management actions at any time at each stage of the project life cycle. Using the appropriate methodology makes it possible to calculate in advance the total cost of manufacturing technical documentation, the average duration of implementation, to determine the responsible persons at each stage (OBS-structure, RAM matrix)

Solar power. Principle of work and prospects

Solar energy is among the renewable species. Solar power plants in Russia are becoming more common. Such energy is becoming more and more confidently introduced into the life of people, and this is natural, because it not only does not dry out, but is also environmentally friendly, unlike fossil fuels

Konakovskaya TPP: construction history and description

Konakovskaya GRES is one of the largest power plants in Russia. The main goal of its construction was to increase the level of energy supply to nearby areas and to strengthen energy links with the nodes of the central and northwestern power systems of the country. General information Konakovo GRES is located at the address: 12

Documentary credit

International trade has several key problems. One of the objectives is to reduce the risk of non-payment for goods or non-deliveries. As early as the 17th century, a fairly reliable tool for this decline emerged - a letter of credit. Over time, this letter turned into a modern "documentary letter of credit" ( accredo - lat

The effect of Veblen, or why we make irrational purchases

Each of us probably came across small shops with a catchy signboard of a well-known brand and truly "space" prices. Despite the fact that such quality goods can be easily purchased at a more reasonable cost, there are people who prefer to overpay for the useful properties of the products sold in such outlets

Performance is ... Performance Formula

Productivity is a measure of work efficiency. In this case, this indicator is used both to assess the performance of the tasks assigned by the personnel of a firm or enterprise, and for the operation of machine tools, personal computers, their components and individual software. Usually, productivity refers to the amount of production or the amount of information processed per hour, minute or second

How many people are on the planet and what does it depend on

The question is a considerable number of people from children to old people: "How many people are on the planet?" Of course, it is impossible to answer with absolute accuracy, since every minute in the world someone is born and someone dies. According to estimates, in 2012, a seven billion people were born on Earth from those who are now living, therefore, the answer to the question of how many people are on the planet now is more than seven billion

Transport system - what is it? The development of the transport system of Russia

Modern living conditions dictate the need for rapid development of the global transport system. The economy and social sphere of any state directly depend on the rational organization of transport systems, including both passenger and freight traffic. It should be noted also the personal dependence of each person on transport


Since its founding, the European Monetary System (EMU) has attracted much attention as a structure that coordinates political relations. Frustrated by the prospects of the global monetary system with its floating rate, the founding fathers of the EMU intended to restore the system of fixed but regulated exchange rates in most of the European Community

Welfare economy. Economic equilibrium. Questions on economics

The welfare of the population in economics and sociology means the provision of people with various kinds of benefits (material, social, spiritual). Among them are items, services, living conditions, products. Welfare is characterized by the level of income, the amount of consumption of material goods, the availability and quality of housing, the provision of transport, housing and communal services, personal services, the level of health care, education, cultural services, social security, working hours and free time, etc

Far Eastern economic region: characteristics and features

The Far Eastern economic region is the largest territorial unit of Russia, occupying an area of ​​more than six million square kilometers with a population of more than 7 million people. It includes the Chukotka and Koryak Autonomous District, the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, the Magadan, Sakhalin, Amur, Kamchatka Regions and the Republic of Sakha. Th

Factor income

The concepts of "factors of production" and "factor incomes" are interconnected between themselves, and this article will reflect this relationship. Factors of production can represent the following types of resources, using which: - the organization of the production of goods; - regulated volumes of finished products

Macroeconomics is a holistic study of the national economy

Economic theory includes several subsections, one of which is macroeconomics. This is a branch of science that explores the economy as a whole, including the spheres: the state, large sectors, etc. It can also be said with confidence that this particular union of theory and practice tells about the relationship between the “total consumer” and the “total producer” . Macroe

Types of budgets

The budget is a certain financial plan of the country. This concept also means the painting of all expenses and incomes. There are various types of state budgets. In this article we will look at the main ones. The federal budget of the Russian Federation is a system in which all expenses and incomes of a country are taken into account

Resource limitations as the basic principle of economics

The limited resources and unlimited economic needs form the basis of the movement of the entire economy and express the basic principle of economic theory. In essence, the whole economy comes down to exploring how a society with a shortage of resources decides what to produce, how and for whom. The main goal of production is to use its economic opportunities most effectively in order to satisfy the material needs of a person to the maximum

The emission mechanism is ... The monetary system: the procedure for issuing money into circulation and their withdrawal from circulation

In the sphere of monetary regulation, priority is given to economic methods. They include a specific set of tools. One of them is the emission mechanism. This means of regulation is used according to strictly centralized rules. Consider its features in more detail. General information According to Art

The level of use of basic production assets is characterized by ... Capital productivity and capital intensity

Any, even the smallest production requires the presence of certain equipment, tools, inventory, etc. Everything that is used by an enterprise for carrying out its activities is usually called fixed assets. The value expression of this indicator is also called fixed assets. To assess the overall efficiency of the enterprise, it is necessary, among other things, to analyze the level of use of fixed production assets

Placement of the population of Russia. Territorial structure of the population of Russia by regions

The inhabitants of the planet has always been characterized by migration. People are looking for the most pleasant conditions for living and moving around the country. For state administration, planning of social and economic activities, it is necessary to study the location of the population of Russia

Essentials and Luxury Items

In market relations, the main participants are the consumer and the manufacturer. They participate in price formation and form supply and demand. Modern economic theory hypothesizes that the consumer is the last resort, because only he can assess the result of the labor of a producer, whether or not he buys his goods

Free port of Vladivostok: what does it mean? Free port of Vladivostok: the pros and cons

The Free Port of Vladivostok is a port area in which a special customs regime operates. This project began to function quite recently, in the fall of 2015. The government of the country pinned great hopes on him. Let's see what tasks the program of the economic zone "Free Port of Vladivostok" pursues, what this concept means and what the implementation of this plan promises Russia

Medvedev Pavel Alekseevich - financial ombudsman

Medvedev Pavel Alekseevich - a person quite recognizable for those people who are interested in Russian politics and finance. This person is a deputy of the State Duma of the first five convocations, is an adviser to the chairman of the Central Bank, and until recently was a financial ombudsman. As you can see, the personality is very multifaceted, and if we add that in his time he devoted a lot of time and science, then the ideas about Pavel Alekseevich expand even more

What is the cheapest country to live in?

Many Russian tourists go abroad, hoping to save significantly on the costs associated with rental of housing, the purchase of food and the use of basic urban services. How justified can such expectations be? In which countries are prices significantly lower than in Russia? Cheapness criteria If we are interested in the cheapest country to live in, it is important in which context we can explore this economic characteristic

The theory of supply and demand: the essence, characteristics, basic concepts

The theory of supply and demand is the basis of the market model that prevails in most developed countries. The relative simplicity of the wording, clarity and good predictability have led to the fact that this concept has gained immense popularity among scientists and economists all over the world. The fundamentals of the theory of supply and demand were laid by the well-known apologists of the market economy A

Kuznetsk population - dynamics

Kuznetsk is a city in the Penza region of Russia. It has regional significance and forms the Kuznetsk urban district. The population is 83400 people. It is located in central Russia, in the east of the Penza region. Its height is 254 meters above sea level. This is due to the influence of the Volga Upland

Track is what is it?

For a car, gauge is the distance between the midpoints of the tire wheels left by the car on the road. By its width, you can determine the stability of the car on the track. It is well known that the wider the track, the more stable the vehicle. Effect on stroke quality If we talk about transport, the track can be in any of its kind: a tractor, scooter, tram and even the train

The most liquid asset is cash

Liquid asset represents the resources of the enterprise, which quickly enough with minimal cost can turn into cash. The most highly liquid assets are various funds, represented by cash on hand, in bank accounts and short-term deposits. Another liquid asset is represented by current assets in the form of short-term financial investments (as examples are securities for which there is an opportunity to sell them at any time due to the high quotation on the stock exchange)

What to do with rubles? What to do with the ruble today? The ruble falls - what to do?

The theme of the fall of the ruble in recent times quite often rises in the press. Publications are different: from chaotic philistine (“What to do with rubles?”), To fairly thorough, analytical. This article is intended to give a certain systematized generalized material on this topic, based on the publications available in the Russian press. Wh

Efficiency is a statistical parameter.

For competent management of an organization, it is necessary to know many statistical indicators. Instead of thousands of meaningless words, emotional convictions and persuasion, the manager can look at the numbers that objectively reflect the state of affairs and the work of the staff. Efficiency is, above all, a statistical indicator

The cost of gas for the population in different countries

Gas is widely used throughout the world. The developing industry produces a type of fuel that is fed into the homes of residents of cities and villages to heat their homes and prepare food. This type of fuel is much cheaper than other options. What is the price of gas? For greater savings, private houses and cottages are often connected to gas communications

Is bribe just a bribe?

Annually, on December 9, the Day of the fight against corruption is celebrated in the Russian Federation. This phenomenon is very, very old, rooted for many centuries in the depths of history. Only earlier it was most often expressed in bribery or, as it was called more precisely, bribery. The meaning of the word "bribe" is quite multivariate

Luxembourg economy: stages of development, incomes and living standards

Luxembourg is the state of Western Europe, which is traditionally called the Grand Duchy. It has very small dimensions and does not have access to the sea. In the north it has a border with Belgium, in the south and west with France, in the east with Germany. The area of ​​this state is 2586.4 km 2 . Th

What does the phrase "Frames decide everything" mean? Who said this phrase?

Probably many had heard in their lives the phrase "Cadres decide everything." Who said it for the first time, what meaning does it have, in what context was it said? And considering who uttered this phrase, what was the implementation of the words spoken by him? How important is this expression in our time and can it be applied now

Ishim: population, geography, reviews

Ishim (Tyumen region) - one of the cities of the Tyumen region. It is the center of Ishim district. The city was founded in 1687. It is located on the left bank of the river. Ishim, which is one of the tributaries of the Irtysh River. The area of ​​the city of Ishim is 4610 hectares or 46.1 km 2 . Th

The absolute advantage is ... Basic concepts, principles, theory

Since the most ancient times, people have been trading. Initially, between separate settlements, and later - whole regions. With the development of the manufacturing industry and technological revolutions, the production of goods has become much simpler. There was a need for the development of new foreign markets, the international division of labor and capital

The physical capital includes ... Definition, content, varieties

Macroeconomics operates with a specific list of important terms. Capital occupies a key place in it. However, this in itself is an extremely broad concept. Let's determine which objects are related to physical capital. Let's start with a general theory. Capital is ... Capital is all material assets: equipment, buildings, other structures, tools, goods, infrastructure and so on

What is the average life expectancy in the world

Every year, social and demographic background studies are conducted in every country of the world. Its change is influenced by many factors: birth rate, mortality rate, state policy in the social sphere, retirement age, nation health index, inflation rate and much more. This study forms the basis of a rating that demonstrates life expectancy by country

The average salary in Ukraine. Dynamics of change in recent years

Recently, the head of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, Volodymyr Groysman, stated that the dynamics of the growth of the average wage in Ukraine are ahead of inflation. At the same time, he cited a comparative analysis of the average wage for 2017, 2016 and 2015. According to the data provided by the Prime Minister, in 2017, the income of Ukrainians increased by about 37%

Living wage in Belarus: concept, numbers, comparison

Belarus is considered by many of us to be a fraternal RF state. Therefore, the Russians want to be aware of how the social, political, economic affairs of their neighbors are, and at the same time compare their position with theirs. In this material we will consider a very important characteristic of the quality of life in Belarus - the cost of living

How to save electricity in the apartment and private house?

Today, the question of how to save on electricity in an apartment and a private house, is only gaining relevance. The reason is simple - no one wants to pay extra money from his wallet without receiving any benefits in return. Given the constant trend towards higher rates for utility payments, it becomes harder to save money earned through honest labor

Finnish economy: industry structure

Finland is absolutely modern in all respects and practically the most highly developed power in the European Union. And this is despite the fact that in this country there is the lowest population density in the EU, a very harsh cold climate, long distances between human settlements and a significant limitation of natural and raw materials

What are cash flows and how are they classified?

In modern conditions, financial management due to limited financial resources is extremely important for almost any enterprise. Ultimately, its competitiveness and business success depend on how efficiently an organization controls and directs cash flows. Analysis of this indicator plays a big role in assessing the financial position of the company

Netherlands imposes a tax on flights at 7 €

According to the portal, the Dutch Cabinet of Ministers plans to impose a tax of 7 euros on all air tickets. Earlier, the ministers considered a draft tax charge of 3.80 euros for European and 22 euros for intercontinental flights. But he was rejected because of its complexity. Earlier, the head of the tax service of the Netherlands, Menno Snel said that he considers strange the absence of a tax on flights

The cost of living in Khabarovsk: size and dynamics

Khabarovsk is a city in eastern Russia. Located on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory. It is a major cultural, educational and political center. The total area of ​​the city is 386 km 2 . The population is 618 150 people. The city is an important transportation hub: railway, road, air and water transport center. Th

Market capacity is the most important indicator for shaping the strategy of enterprises.

Market capacity is the likely volume of services (sales of goods) for a fixed period of time at an established price level. Or effective demand for them. As a rule, one calendar year is the measure of time in calculations. The main indicator of this aspect is expressed in monetary terms (dollars, euros, rubles, yuan, etc

What is a budget?

Any state cannot perform its main function (regulation of the economy) without using appropriate economic methods. At the same time, it cannot earn money and carry out entrepreneurial activities to implement this function. That is why the necessary financial resources form the state budget, the revenue of which is replenished, mainly due to taxation

Pure national product

To determine the state of the economic system as a whole, one should aggregate (sum up) the position of the economy of each organization. Thus, it is possible to identify statistical indicators that will characterize aggregate social production. These indicators are called macroeconomic. In turn, their combination forms a system of national accounts

Budget deficit and ways to finance it

The government of each state faced a situation when a budget deficit arises. It represents a state of the balance of payments of the country, when the expenditure part is much higher than the revenue, that is, a negative balance is formed. Budget deficit is an unfavorable situation, the occurrence of which the state is trying to avoid in all possible ways

Washington: population and its composition. Washington population

The capital of the United States, Washington, is the 27th largest city in the country. Although it is the main administrative center of America, it is not part of any state, being a separate unit. Washington should not be confused with the state of the same name, which has its major cities. Americans themselves, in order not to be mistaken, call their capital D-C

French economist Jean-Baptiste Say: biography, research. "Treatise on political economy"

Jean-Baptiste Say, whose photo will be presented in the article, is considered one of the outstanding followers of the theory of A. Smith. This figure absolutized ideas about the spontaneous mechanism of economic management in market conditions. Consider further than the famous Jean-Baptiste Say. Biography Born on January 5, 1767 in Lyon, in the family of a merchant, a priori suggested that he had such a trait as entrepreneurial ability

Article costing and features of their use in analytical accounting

Costing items determine the cost in terms of value for the production of a unit or group of units of finished goods. We can talk about individual types of production. Costing allows you to create and compare the planned and actual cost of the object or product, which gives her the right to be the basis for their evaluation

Economics: definition and subject of study

The concept of "economy" was introduced by Aristotle in the III century BC, but the development of the economy as a science occurred only in the XII-XIII centuries, simultaneously with the birth of capitalism. The economy, which was defined by many scientists, eventually became one of the basic sciences

Petr Fradkov: biography, career, family, view on Russia's prospects in foreign markets

In the summer of 2016, newspapers were filled with headlines that the son of the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Fradkov Peter, resigned from the board of Vnesheconombank. However, he retained a position in his subsidiary structure, which is the Russian Export Center

Resource demand depends on two factors: resource productivity and market price.

Resources are the basis of economics. Today labor comes to the fore as a production factor. The demand for a resource depends on how you can use it. Important and the price of it. However, economic laws also apply here. The price of demand for resources is an increase in its value in the market. If she grows up too quickly, then no one else wants to buy them

Market economy: the concept, the main forms of the economic system and their models

A market economy is an economic system. It synchronizes the actions of individual subjects in the market. In the modern world, the structure of the market economy is a reflection of the partial regulation of the market by the state in its interaction with other actors. Definition Market economy is a special variant of the economic order, which contains elements of planning and command at the same time

Market infrastructure

Market infrastructure is a holistic system that enables sellers and buyers to make a free process of buying and selling goods. The problems of creating an efficient market infrastructure are particularly relevant for those countries whose economy is at a transitional level. This structure acts in a variety of forms

"Garbage" rating - what's this? What awaits Russia after the "garbage" rating

Today, in the mass media, messages about assigning Russia a rating with the specific name “junk” rating continually slip through. For many, this definition remains incomprehensible, because an ordinary person may have a poor understanding of financial terms, and if the rating is more or less clear, then such slang terms like “trash” should be described in more detail. This a

How many states in America: start counting

The United States of America (USA) is located in the North American continent, south of Canada and north of Mexico. The country is economically developed, politically stable, for 200 years living under one constitution. The status of the USA as a superpower is indisputable, the standard of living is high

Stockholm: population, standard of living, social security, average salary and pension

A country with the highest standards of living has long been an example of successful economic development according to its own model of "capitalism with a human face". The capital of Sweden is the main showcase of achievements. How many people live in Stockholm and how, this short article tells

Different types of economy: basic information

The economic activities of different states have a lot of differences. In many ways, it depends on the state system, for example, in the Soviet Union private property was banned, and for running their own business they could simply be put behind bars. Different types of economy imply its division into several types, such as market, planned and mixed form

What is the difference between economic growth and economic development? comparison table

The concepts of "economic growth" and "economic development" are quite close in meaning, but not at all identical in their essence. What do the terms mean? What is the difference between economic growth and economic development? The essence of economic development Economic development is a long process, which is characterized by a wide range of factors, covering not only the state’s economy directly, but also the social sphere and other areas.

The population of the Irkutsk region: the number and ethnic composition

The Pribaikalsky Krai is the heart of the Siberian part of the country. It is rich in its own traditions, different tempered mentality and a wide variety of residents. But how many people in the Irkutsk region? And by what nations is it represented? Irkutsk region: quantitative data The Irkutsk Region is a Russian entity located in the south-eastern part of the federal district of Siberia

The essence of money in the modern world. The concept of cash flow

Money is an important link in all industrial relations. Together with the goods they have a common essence and similar origin. Currency is an inseparable part of the market world and at the same time opposes it. If goods are used in circulation for a limited period of time, then the essence of money is so important that without finance this sphere cannot exist

Orekhovo-Zuyevo: population, real estate, ecology

Orekhovo-Zuyevo (Moscow) is one of the cities in the east of the Moscow region. Located at a distance of 97 km east of Moscow. The number of residents is 118, 822 people. Forms agglomeration. The total population of Orekhovo-Zuyevo is 276, 000 people (including migrants). History of the city of Orekhovo-Zuyevo (Moscow) The agglomeration was formed in 1917 at the connection of settlements: Orekhovo and Zuevo

Republic of Russia: list in alphabetical order

Of the 85 subjects formed the composition of Russia. The republics make up one fourth of this amount. They occupy about thirty percent of the total territory of the country. There lives a sixth of all residents of the state (excluding Crimea). Next, we analyze the term "republic" in more detail

Miner's salary in Russia by year. How do miners live in Russia

Many people living in Russia know little about who they are and how the miners live in Russia. Usually, all knowledge relates to the fact that they work deep underground and mine minerals. In general, the way it is, but in this profession there are still a lot of nuances. In order to fully understand who the miners are, you must first understand what a mine is

Tomsk: cost of living, ecology, standard of living

Tomsk is one of the cities of Western Siberia, located on the Tom River. It is the administrative center of the Tomsk region. A characteristic feature of the architecture of the city - a large number of dilapidated wooden buildings. The area of ​​Tomsk - 277 km 2 . The population is 557179 people. Th

Competition strategies: types and their characteristics. Protection against unfair competition

Competition strategy is a set of priorities of market participants (entrepreneurs), which determines the scenario of interaction with rivals. This concept captures the significant established goals and resources used, aimed at occupying a leading position in the market. Current problems of competition Before considering the characteristics of competition strategies, you should pay attention to the conditions in which firms operate

What is globalization and how does it manifest itself

Globalization - how much is inherent in this word. Today there is not a single country in the world that does not have any political / economic relations with others. All states are dependent on others. International trade benefits all parties involved. The process of globalization is irreversible. Today, there is a growing need to unite countries into a single whole

What is South Stream? South Stream Project

Man exists in a constant information flow. Far from every topic he is trying to figure out on his own. Some are not interested, others are too complicated. However, many are trying to keep abreast of economic news. After all, the living standards of everyone depend on the success of the state in this area

The population of Ukraine: may decrease to 28 million

Every year the population of Ukraine inexorably continues to decline. You come to this disappointing conclusion by reading the next data of the State Statistics Service. In the second half of 2012, the population of Ukraine was at about the same level, which was not observed in the last 19 years. September 2012, even pleased with a slight increase, and the following month, in October, this situation repeated itself again

You just need to know what place Russia occupies in terms of population!

The population of the planet is rapidly increasing. According to the UN, it is unlikely that the situation will be rectified in the next few decades. At the moment, 7.3 billion people are registered in the world. The magnitude of the growth of the last century can be estimated by comparing this figure with the one that was in the 60s of the last century

Population and employment of the Ulyanovsk region

The history of the Volga region has more than one millennium. Once these lands were part of the Volga Bulgaria, the Polovtsian Steppe, the Golden Horde and Russia and were habitat for different peoples. The composition of the population has changed over time. Today here is the Ulyanovsk region. Who now inhabits these lands, what is the size, living conditions and work of the local population, what is the specificity of the region as a whole

Belarus: will denomination reduce inflation?

In July 2016, a quite expected event took place in the economy of the Republic of Belarus - the denomination of the national currency. Of course, it was predicted, because samples of modern banknotes were printed back in 2009. But then the government postponed reform. How the denomination in Belarus was held in 2016 and whether it will solve all current problems, let's talk in more detail

What is a budget surplus and what to do with it

The concept of “budget” is more or less familiar, although it is often found a primitive idea of ​​it as the amount of money, the treasury, which can be spent this year. In fact, it is planning income and expenses for a period of time, most often for a year. It may be balanced, deficient or surplus. In Rus

What is the poorest city in Russia? Top of the poorest cities in Russia

Specialists of the Department of Sociology at the Financial University of the Russian Federation annually conduct a large-scale study to assess their material well-being by citizens of the cities of the country. The poorest city in Russia, according to experts, is Tolyatti. The study involved cities with a population exceeding 500 thousand people

Novosibirsk industry: list of enterprises, level of development, prospects

Since the region occupies a rather favorable geographical position, the economy here is quite well developed, and the industry of Novosibirsk is closely connected with the neighboring industrial centers - the Omsk Region and Kemerovo. Here are the most important highways that have long connected European and eastern regions of Russia

The subsistence minimum in Ulyanovsk: size and dynamics

Ulyanovsk is a city in the Russian Federation. Located on the European territory of Russia (ETR), on the bank of the r. Volga. It is the center of the Ulyanovsk region. Located on the Volga Upland. Ulyanovsk is located at a distance of 890 km east / southeast of Moscow. 626540 people live in it. The total area of ​​the city is 316.9 k