The population of the Altai Territory. Major cities and districts

Altai Krai ... This region can often be heard from various sources. And this is not surprising, since it is very interesting. Probably most of all he is known for his unique nature. The magnificent mountains impress many tourists. However, this is not all that this region can boast of. The industry and economy, as well as cultural life, are well developed here

Why contact lenses can not be flushed down the drain?

About 15-20% of those who wear contact lenses, wash used accessories into the sewer. According to a new study, they have a great impact on the environment, falling into the oceans. Sea animals mistakenly take these products for food and swallow. How do contact lenses fall into the oceans? About 125 million people worldwide use contact lenses

Catching stray dogs: good or bad

Quite often, at grocery stores or stalls, you can see stray dogs fed up by pitiful citizens. Is it safe and correct? Opinions on this topic divide people into two camps. Someone advocates that it is necessary to feed such dogs, otherwise they will die, others are inclined to cause catching stray dogs, as they are dangerous to others

Kazan Metro: features and prospects

Kazan Metro is a network of metro lines in the capital of Tatarstan Kazan. This subway is quite new. He appeared in August 2005 and became the next after Ekaterinburg. The metropolitan is built in a modern style and is recognized as the safest in Russia. The rolling stock is represented only by modern domestic developments and has 2 types of trains with different types of interior and design

Gurans (nationality): history and modernity

Have you heard about the people, called "Gurany"? "Nationality? What kind of nation? ”- you will surely think. This word is borrowed from the Buryat language. So they call the males deer. The Mongols, Evenks, Kalmyks and other Altai peoples called these graceful animals the similar word “guru”. So w

Kerch, Enikale: history of the fortress creation, date of construction, interesting excursions, unusual facts, events, description, photo, tourist advice

Enikale in Kerch - is a fortress, which is located on the Crimean peninsula. This building played a large role in its time, and for the possession of them were fierce battles. About the fortress, its history and interesting facts will be described in detail in this article. "Key" from the Crimea Initially, the fortress in the narrowest place of the Kerch Strait was built around the V century BC

The origin of the name Yakovlev: education, famous Yakovlev

One of the common names in Russia is Yakovlev. The origin of the surname in Russia mostly originates from the baptismal name of the father. Initially, at baptism, the child was given a name that was chosen according to the calendar, the name of the father was attributed to him, so it was possible to distinguish to what kind (family) the born baby belonged

The most dangerous cities in the world: rating, description, history and interesting facts

Are you tired of relaxing in the open spaces of your homeland and are you looking for which exotic country to go to? Are you attracted to adventure and beckon uncharted cities? Do not rush to the choice of the country, ask what the most dangerous cities in the world and where exactly should not fly. And we will help with this

The dirtiest river in the world. The dirtiest rivers of Russia

If you look at our planet from space, it is predominantly blue. The predominance of this color over the others means the presence of a large water space dominating all others. Water is the source of life necessary for every living being on Earth. Without food, a person can do for quite a long time, but without water - a very limited time

Kivu - a lake in Africa

Each of us has heard, probably, the saying that devils are found in still waters. This expression perfectly describes Kivu, a lake located in Africa. Unusually beautiful in appearance the pond conceals an incredible danger to the entire Earth. The water in the lake is crystal blue, the banks are overgrown with tropical forests, and every day against the background of sunset the birds flock back to their nests

White stone monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal, Vladimir region: description, history, list and interesting facts

You can often hear the stories of historians and architects about the Russian stone architecture. Especially among all areas stands Vladimir-Suzdal architecture. This is absolutely not surprising, since many cultural monuments that can be seen in our time have been preserved in these places. The white-stone monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal are impressive and astounding many generations of people

Shallow Bay Embassy Sor - description, attractions and interesting facts

The shallow bay, which is separated from the reservoir by a sand spit, is called the litter on Baikal. The water here warms up to 20 ° C in summer and is quite pleasant for swimming. The water in the sorah with algae, which are the natural habitat of many species of fish: carp, pike, roach, perch. In honor of the Bay Ambassadors litter is named and the type of omul, which comes here to spawn.

Problems of the present: pollution and soil depletion

From time immemorial land resources were considered one of the most important types of material values. Nevertheless, at present, the soil cover has a significant load. In the material below will be considered one of the most important problems of our time: pollution of the earth. Main reasons Soil pollution and depletion is currently a special kind of land resource degradation

Ishutinskoe mound: why tourists love it so much. History of the place, location map

Many of us believe that the Tula region is extremely modest by nature. Experienced tourists, of course, know that it is not. If you also think that in these places you cannot find a breathtaking view, then our advice to you is to visit Ishutinsky site of ancient settlement. All the interesting things about him, we have collected in this article

Parking is what it is?

Here it is! It is finished! You have become the proud owner of your own car. The first tentative steps on the path of the city driver were overcome, the starting line was passed, it was possible to get from the car dealership to the house. Here the lucky one can wait for the first, but far from the last unpleasant surprise - there is no place to put the car

Izmailovo Kremlin: reviews of tourists, history of creation, description of the complex. Museum of the Izmailovo Kremlin in Moscow

In the east of Moscow is the famous historical complex. It is noteworthy that it was built in our time, but according to the drawings of the 17th century. Construction was carried out for about 10 years, after its completion, the Izmailovo Kremlin was included in the cultural heritage of the capital

Route number 6 in Moscow: history, route, interesting sections of the route

The abundance of cars in the capital leads to the fact that many car owners are transplanted to public transport. Therefore, it becomes relevant information about the schedule of its movement and routes. Indeed, for many, it is preferable to transfer from cars and without delays to get to work or to a meeting, using underground or overhead transport

Areas of Barnaul: statistics, features, interesting facts

Barnaul is the capital of the Altai Territory, the largest city in the southern part of Western Siberia. It was founded in 1730. What are the areas of Barnaul, how many of them all and what each of them is interesting? This article is about that. Districts of Barnaul: general statistics Barnaul is a large industrial center with a population of about 630 thousand people

124 region - Krasnoyarsk Territory. Short review

So, visiting various cities of the country, many tourists are interested in: “124 region is where?” This code is the number of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Many people come here from foreign countries, and the Russians themselves are not averse to visiting such a large city, where the population exceeded 1 million. Ge

Metro Akademicheskaya: opening hours and location

The Kirov-Vyborg line of the St. Petersburg subway is rich in “dithyrambs” of the achievements of Russia and the USSR in the field of art and science. Pushkinskaya, named after the world-famous Russian poet, Technological Institute, decorated with bas-reliefs of famous scientists, and the metro station Akademicheskaya, the interior of which is dedicated to scientific achievements - all these stations are located on the "red" branch. Wh

Paper flash point: features and recommendations

"Manuscripts do not burn!" - wrote the famous Russian prose writer and playwright M. Bulgakov. In fact, the legendary quote has nothing to do with the real facts. The fire easily turns the fibrous material into ash, and the ignition temperature of the paper depends on its grade, air humidity, oxygen level in the atmosphere and power of the heat source

Environmental problems - water pollution. Sources of water pollution. The problem of pollution of the world's oceans

Water is the most valuable natural resource. Her role is to participate in the process of metabolism of all substances that are the basis of any life form. It is impossible to imagine the activities of industrial and agricultural enterprises without the use of water, it is indispensable in the everyday life of a person

The nature of Belarus is a unique heritage of the relic ecosystem

The nature of Belarus is one of the most unique, most amazing and fascinating phenomena on the planet. This is a land without seas and high mountain ranges. But there is a lot of dense forest, meadows, unique in origin of swamp massifs, picturesque rivers and lakes of glacial origin with crystal clear water

Social health is what it is?

Modern society is incredibly multifaceted, and it is sometimes difficult for a person to adapt to the “inconvenient” conditions of existence and interaction for him. And it is his adaptation in the circle of other people that determines how strong his social health is. This definition is difficult to interpret unambiguously, to give it a clear indication, because it includes many components, and for each person different factors and conditions may matter. In

The most beautiful cities of Russia: top of the best

Every Russian city is beautiful in its own way. Regardless of whether it is a metropolis or a small village. However, there is an objective top of the most beautiful cities. It was compiled based on the popularity of local attractions with foreign tourists. This article presents the top 10 most beautiful cities in Russia

Solid wood is ... Definition, characteristics, application

Things made of wood, recognized as one of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. But besides this, solid wood is a rather expensive material that requires some care. Furniture made of it can dry out in the heat or swell if the air is too humid. Products from the massif differ from other alternative materials and the weight which is much more

Reproduction of the population: how many children per day are born in the world

The population of the planet is growing rapidly. At the end of 2017, there were 7, 576, 951, 385 people, and soon there will be eight billion inhabitants on earth. What will it bring with you, what problems will people face? How many children are born per day in the world? Statistics figures The inhabitants of the earth are unevenly distributed around the planet

Metro "Novokosino": station features

Metro "Novokosino" - one of the stations of the Moscow Metro. It is located on the Kalinin line, being its eastern end. It has land exits both to the Novokosino area of ​​the Eastern Administrative District and to the city of Reutov. The station is located on the site Novogireevo - Novokosino. Th

Paris Metro: photo, history, station, mode of operation, how to use

Paris is the most mysterious and romantic city on the planet. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit this wonderful place every year. Most of the population has ever dreamed of visiting this city, because in Paris there is wonderful architecture, as well as exquisite food. The capital of France is considered a place where almost always something interesting happens

Stanitsa Raevskaya Krasnodar Territory - features of rest

The village of Raevskaya (Krasnodar Territory) is located in the south-west of the Krasnodar Territory, on the territory of the Novorossiysk urban district, near the Black Sea coast. It is located at a distance of 21 km from the center of Novorossiysk and approximately at the same distance from Anapa

Difference with Paris in time for Moscow and another world

Gathering on an urgent business in European countries, it is useful to preliminarily clarify the time gap. Suppose a man from Yekaterinburg flies in February for talks with representatives of the French automobile concern. The time difference with Paris amounts to 4 hours for the capital of the Middle Urals in winter and 3 hours in summer

Russian-Abkhaz border: description, features of the passage and documents

Abkhazia is often called the "land of the soul." Due to the hospitality of the locals and the beauty of nature, this state is one of the favorite places for spending summer holidays among our compatriots. All the advantages of rest in Abkhazia are obvious: there is no language barrier, there is no need to change the currency, no need to issue a visa or passport

Crimea, Simeiz: attractions, description, history and interesting facts

Travelers who love warm sunny places, and even with an abundance of luxurious landscapes, it is best to go to Simeiz. Sights and entertainment of its quite interesting. This is a small town in the Crimea, near Yalta. Translated from Greek, Simeiz means “sign”, or “point, which is noticeable” (meaning for sailors). Not fa

By the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg: Lebyazhya Canal

Very often, in relation to St. Petersburg, various epithets are used: Northern Palmyra, Fourth Rome, Northern Venice, the City of Lions, the City of Islands, etc. Among them are the City of Rivers and Channels. And this is not by chance. After all, it originated on the banks of the Neva, which in its delta is divided into 5 branches and has a fairly large number of tributaries and channels

The history of the Russian polygamist: how to live 3 wives and 13 children under one roof

Who would have thought that the story of Comrade Sukhov would receive a new round of its development in our day. The famous cinematic red guard wrote letters to his beloved Katerina Matveevna from the battlefields, but was not averse to talking with women from the harem. Our today's hero is the namesake of the main character of the film "White Sun of the Desert", but in communication with the opposite sex has quite unusual principles

Rainbow Mountains in Peru: what are they interesting for and how to get there?

No wonder they say that the best artist in the world is nature, however, like a sculptor, designer and, perhaps, even a musician. This is confirmed by the numerous amazing corners of our planet, including the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, created as if in the best traditions of abstractionism. Why they are and how to get to them - read about it in our article

The fateful decision: in memory of her sister, the girl brings up her daughters

October 19, 2012 was the fateful date for the 26-year-old Englishwoman Sam Jones. On this tragic day, she suddenly lost the closest person - her older sister Karina Menzies. That she could entrust the most intimate secrets, ask for advice, and just chat with her about her, about women. The irreplaceable bitterness of the loss plunged Sam into a state of deep depression, but the sudden awareness of responsibility for orphaned nieces brought her to feelings

Tram station. Moscow trams

Tram - one of the types of public transport in the cities. Refers to the rail transport, operating on electric. The name "tram" comes from the English combination of the words "car" (trolley) and "way." Trams move along certain routes and only along those streets where special tram rails are laid

10 most incredible creatures in the world: the secrets of nature

How many beings in the world live, looking at which our mind is surprised by the leprosy of nature, no one knows. And if the world seems to someone absolutely clear, then the other does not cease to be amazed at the amazing phenomena that exist in real life. Until now, biologists have discovered previously unknown species of animals, although it often seems that all organisms in nature are supposedly studied

Rating of the largest cities in Europe by population

According to some data, in Europe there are about 92 cities, where the population exceeds 500 thousand people. This is without taking into account the suburbs and directly subordinate settlements. It is not necessary that such a settlement was large in size, most of the cities do not grow horizontally, but grow upwards

Pangody (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area): history and interesting facts

The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District was formed in 1930 and incorporated into the Tyumen Region of the Ural Federal District. There are quite harsh climatic conditions. It is divided into three bands: arctic; subarctic; north. On the territory there are many marshes, bays, lakes and rivers, near the Kara Sea, the duration of winter is about 8 months

Where a lot of mushrooms in the Leningrad region. The season of mushrooms in the Leningrad region

It is believed that the ideal time to collect mushrooms is summer and autumn. This is justified by the emergence of great fungal abundance just this season. The more experienced mushroom pickers have already outlined, so to speak, fruitful places in the forests. What mushrooms are common in the forests of the Leningrad region They form the following list: Maslata These mushrooms have distinctive features in the form of an oily cap

Destroyed bridges: causes, the biggest tragedies

Bridges across rivers are attributed to important structures of antiquity. This is a unique design that allows you to cross rivers, gorges and other natural barriers. The construction of bridges in ancient times marked the opening of the wheel. The construction of these objects contributed to the strengthening of economic relations and the mobility of the army

Cheap labor: who sews low-priced clothes that are filled up with all the markets in the world

Probably, each person has in the wardrobe cheap, but very cute gizmos, which were bought on the market or in an inexpensive store. They are not always qualitatively sewn, but their attractive price crosses out all the flaws. Next time, before buying such things, look at the label to see the country of origin

Fires in Buryatia. Fire fighting. Effects

For several centuries in a row, man has considered himself the master of nature. But the planet with each cataclysm assures arrogant people that their forces are still unequal. One of the events where the technology was powerless - fires in Buryatia. Edge of cold and winds In the center of Asia is one of the most beautiful republics of the Russian Federation

What is a gatehouse? History and description

What is a gatehouse? This word has come to us from past centuries. Just a room in which the guard works, rests, and sometimes lives. Usually a small house - wooden or brick. As soon as they call the gatehouse: a checkpoint, a checkpoint, a guard’s booth, a hut, a hut, a guardhouse, a doghouse. The names are different, but the essence is the same.

Diamond in the tourist crown of the East. The beauty of the ancient world: Azerbaijan (Sheki)

Most tourists visiting the country, mainly focus their attention on its capital - Baku. However, not only Azerbaijan is famous for its metropolis. Sheki are often undeservedly overlooked. But this small city can rightfully be considered the tourist pearl of the Greater Caucasus. The town itself and its environs are full of historical monuments and artifacts

Hookah in St. Petersburg: addresses, description, feedback from visitors

Hookah today is a ritual. In every district of St. Petersburg you can find dozens of institutions that not only include smoke in their list of services, but also specialize in it. The article tells about some hookah in St. Petersburg, where it is worth a look to taste the fragrant steam cocktail. The Office Nargilia Lounge This is a project of the famous restaurateur Nikita Sonin

Local history museums of Moscow. Names and description

Each museum has its own direction and theme. In them you can learn the history of the development of technology, art, typography and much more associated with the development of mankind. Much attention is paid to the development and creation of research centers. This article describes the main local history museums in Moscow

Teen suicide: causes and methods of prevention

Statistics of teenage suicide in Russia is disappointing. Our country on this indicator ranks fourth in the world. The first three are divided between India, China and America. For example, in 2013, according to statistics, 20 out of 100 thousand people voluntarily passed away. Child adolescent suicides have an uneven prevalence

Metro station "Vladimirskaya" - another feature of the subway of St. Petersburg

Metro St. Petersburg - an interesting system of underground railways and stations, outbuildings and outlets to the surface. It unites a megacity in a single whole. The subway network consists of 5 lines with 7 transfer stations. That is exactly what the Vladimirskaya metro station belongs to. Subway Leningrad On November 15, 1955, a significant event took place in the city on the Neva River - the Leningrad Metro opened

Yurkharovskoye gas and oil field - features, history and interesting facts

The Yurkharovskoye oil and gas condensate field is a large hydrocarbon field located in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation off the coast of the Kara Sea. The Arctic zone is attractive because there are explored large reserves of oil and gas, which are still almost untouched by production. Taking into account the depletion of traditional land oil reserves, the development of hard-to-reach new fields is one of the priorities when planning the future economy of the Russian Federation

Robot Igor - the Russian answer to the dream of Iron Man

Among its other achievements, intended for civilian and military use, the Kalashnikov Concern presented at the international army forum of this year some kind of development, referred to in the press as a robot, drone and anthropomorphic complex. Since the model is designed to control a person from the inside, the latter definition is most likely the most appropriate

The world's most amazing parks and gardens: the top 23

Regardless of whether you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or just crave solitude in a quiet place, the gardens always provide an oasis of peace. From the Norwegian Arctic Alpine Botanical Garden in Tromso to the ancient rock fortress in Sri Lanka, which has one of the oldest landscaped gardens of the Earth

Tricks that will relieve the problem of freezing glasses in the car

With severe frosts, daily morning cleaning of car windows becomes a routine duty. What tricks will help prevent the freezing of the windshield of the car? You will be interested to know that some vehicle owners use non-standard methods. What do we have to do So, how to stop the freezing of the windshield: In the evening, rub the windows with half onions

East Jerusalem: history, location

East Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, a city of three religions, the origin of which dates back to the biblical figure of Abraham. For several centuries, it was destroyed and rebuilt. Until now, the city is the center of conflict between representatives of Christians, Jews and Muslims, who are united in reverence and respect for this holy land

Ult-Yagun: a rural settlement with interesting features

Yugra is a subject of the Russian Federation located in the Northern Urals, referred to the Tyumen region. The main component of the region is the oil and gas industry. There are several urban districts (13) and municipal districts (9) in the county. Surgut district The city of Surgut itself is one of the largest settlements of Ugra

The Lost Cities of the World: Photos

At all times, the lost cities excited the minds of not only antiquities hunters, but also just adventurers. Some of these objects hid the jungle for hundreds of years, and they were discovered by chance, others rested under the layers of the earth and were found during archeological excavations or on the construction site, and there are those that are mentioned in ancient documents, but they are still not found

Where is the cat hiding in the picture and a few other comical photos

Optical illusions on the Internet appeared literally from his first days, constantly driving people crazy, stirring up heated debates and taking our minds more than daily tasks. The development of social networks has only served this, and photos posted on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are constantly confusing social network users

Lower California: location, description of the area, features, photos and reviews of tourists

Lower California (North) is the northernmost state of Mexico. It is located in the polar part of the arid peninsula California. It borders on the state of California USA. Formerly (before the appearance of the state) lands in the north of the California Peninsula were called Lower California. The western boundary of the state is the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the eastern - of the California Bay

Gamow Peninsula, Primorsky Krai: photos, how to get there?

The Gamow Peninsula (Primorsky Krai) successfully combines a magnificent clear sea and coastline with picturesque landscapes. Another feature of this place are underwater landscapes, where you can observe stones, bizarre forms, and sunken ships. These beaches are considered one of the most suitable for unforgettable diving

Moscow ring railway: a scheme with stations, features

The Moscow Ring Railway (MKZD) is a looped Moscow railway line. It appeared in 1908 and was used to transport goods between the main railway lines, diverging in different directions from the center of the Russian capital. The article describes the peculiarities of the Moscow Ring Railway and provides a scheme with stations of the Moscow Ring Railway

Where is Taz (river)?

In the list of "Rivers of Russia" Taz is one of the key places. According to its power, this water stream is in the third position after such West Siberian giants as Irtysh and Ob. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the Taz River. In this article we will tell about this important waterway of Russia

Do I need to put an end to the grave of granite?

Sooner or later, each person is faced with the sad need to design the burial of his dead relatives or loved ones. Of course, everyone without exception wants the burial of people close to them not only to look decent and aesthetically pleasing, but also to be durable, not requiring careful maintenance and annual decorative restoration

The youngest general in Russia. President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov (born October 5, 1976) is a very popular and respected person in the Republic of Chechnya. One of the main streets of the capital of the region is named after him, which smoothly passes into Putin Avenue. Do not underestimate the merit of Kadyrov to the Fatherland and the Federation as a whole

Time will tell! Exchange Building in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is not only the cultural capital of Russia. This is a city-museum, which contains monuments of sculpture and architecture that preserve the memory of the cultural heritage of different civilizations and peoples. One of these architectural structures is represented in the photo by the Stock Exchange building in St

The city of gas workers Yugorsk: the population is growing

One of the most prosperous Siberian cities, and, possibly, of the whole of Russia, is successfully developing thanks to the gas fields located in the region. The job offer in this harsh region far exceeds the capabilities of a small town, so the population of Yugorsk in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area is constantly growing

How to survive in the desert - features, practical tips and reviews

Under the deserts on the planet is occupied 1/5 of the entire surface. The most famous: the Sahara, Gobi, Karakum, Arabian. However, the concept of “desert” itself includes not only the territory that is covered with sand, it can be a saline steppe, rocky terrain. In any case, when a person finds himself in such an area, he has only one thought: “To survive at any cost in the desert”. After

Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world

There are many attempts to make the top beautiful cities of the world. Every year various magazines, travel agencies, travelers write their own ratings, and they always differ from each other. Although there are, of course, unconditional favorites that fall into any list. We will try to make a generalized top 10 beautiful cities in the world

Ecological problems of Russia

Despite the rather sharp decline in production and the adoption of a large number of protective measures, environmental problems in Russia, especially in the industrial areas of the country, are kept at a critically high level. And often they are aggravated not only by the waste that has accumulated over the decades and pollutes the environment, but also by some weakening of state control

10 most beautiful cities of Russia

Many Russians are drawn abroad: they believe that only there you can truly relax and enjoy the extraordinary beauty. Meanwhile, in our country there are many beautiful corners of nature, cities, large and small, which are not inferior either to Switzerland, or France, or Italy, and especially Turkey

Migrant workers - who is this? How many migrant workers in Russia?

Migrant workers are temporary foreigners. The word itself came from the German language and literally translated as "guest worker". In Russia, it is slang and is often perceived by people as having a negative connotation. On the territory of our country, the concept of “guest worker” has become widespread since the late 1990s, first in the media, and then colloquially. Hi

The history of Petrozavodsk - the basis, development, occurrence and interesting facts

The history of Petrozavodsk is interesting and eventful. In less than 300 years of existence, he went through three stages of development: the factory settlement, the provincial city, the capital of the republic. Each time the city changed not only its status, but its face and architectural appearance changed

The coat of arms of Grodno is the pride of all Belarusians

Today, almost every city has its own coat of arms, usually reflecting the specifics of a particular locality or any symbol relating to the city. The coat of arms of Grodno In 1988, on June 15, at the meeting of the executive committee, in the Grodno city council of people's deputies, a modern image of the city coat of arms was approved

South Ural Railway: figures, facts, history

The South-Ural railway is one of the largest in Russia. Today, as at the dawn of its history, it is important for industry and passenger traffic. Facts about SUD The South Ural Railway has a total length of about 8 thousand km, of which 4545 km are operational. Its paths pass through the territory of two countries: Russia (the lands of the Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Samara, Kurgan, Saratov, Sverdlovsk regions, Bashkortostan) and Kazakhstan

What to do when bored? Interesting ideas and ways to have fun.

At some point, everyone feels bored. Psychologists believe that this situation is associated with a lack of novelty and may result in depression. Boredom is a passive psychological state, which is characterized by a decrease in activity and a loss of interest in everything. A small historical excursion What to do when bored

The city changes people sometimes beyond recognition: Internet users shared their photos "before" and "after" the move

Most likely, it will not be a secret for anyone if we say that a big city changes people. Arriving "provincial" can be seen from afar. His, as a rule, give manners, style of communication and clothing, hair and makeup. However, over time, these people change beyond recognition. We offer a look at a kind of collection of “before” and “after” photos of city life. Tranny

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark - water park in Paphos: description, prices and address

Today Paphos is on the list of the most luxurious and pleasant resorts in Cyprus. And this is not surprising, since at the dawn of civilizations this city was the ancient capital. Every year, tourists from all over the world come here to admire historical sights and enjoy modern entertainment. One of the most popular tourist infrastructure is the water park in Paphos, it is called Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

Nightclub "Crazy Daisy" in Moscow: photos and reviews

This institution is famous for its pleasant both externally and in the sense of manners staff. The Crazy Daisy Club is a place where you will never be bored. Here you can entertain the pretentious taste with good alcohol, and the soul with pleasant conversation. Here you are waiting. And the bar staff are always happy to see you

The main environmental problems of the Black Sea

Currently, the Black Sea is an important part of the Atlantic Ocean and covers an area of ​​420, 325 km 2 . More than three thousand species of flora and fauna inhabit it. A remarkable feature can be considered the fact that all the above described diversity is found only at a depth of no more than 150 m. Fu

Niger River Regime: Characteristics

Niger is a West African river that flows through the territory of 5 states. In the world rankings, it occupies the 14th position in length, which is approximately 4, 180 km. This watercourse is unique and quite interesting, which is why it is important to find out what is the regime of the Niger River

Reprua is the smallest river in the world.

Have you ever thought about which river is the smallest in the world? It is possible that there are several such water bodies. But the most famous little river is Reprua. And now more about what is the smallest river in the world. Abkhazia - the birthplace of a small river An interesting natural object in the form of a short river is located on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia, and more specifically in the area of ​​the resort place Gagra. Pa

Zvenigorod: population, infrastructure, attractions and tourist reviews

Located in the Odintsovo district, on the banks of the Moscow River, the city of Zvenigorod was founded in 1152. However, he acquired the status of a city only in 1781. The population of Zvenigorod has 22, 500 people, but this does not detract from the place of the city in the history of the Fatherland

An elderly Thai man has been sitting by the road incessantly for 10 years. Gaining popularity pierces the heart

One of the Internet users recently published a post in which he spoke about the sad meeting with an elderly Thai. One day, while walking around the city, a young man noticed an old man sitting on a fence along a road in Bangkok. He looked homeless, and as it turned out, he had been sitting here for 10 years

Maykop-Tuapse road. Quality and condition of the road. Planned Reconstruction

Going on a journey, every motorist, first of all, will try to find out about the most profitable route, so that it is short and comfortable. It is not without reason that forums where experienced drivers who have crossed Maikop-Tuapse share their secrets and give advice on how to overcome all the difficulties of this path are very popular on the Internet

Art Park "Nikola-Lenivets": how to get from Moscow, description and interesting facts

Art adorns life, expresses the aspirations of creators, interprets reality and encourages people who are not involved in creative explorations to look beyond the boundaries of everyday life, to understand that the fabric of the universe is much brighter and more complex. Art galleries, exhibition halls, festivals - events, where you can always come at a certain time, and there they will gladly explain what the artist meant and what messages his work generates

Gostiny Dvor in Kronstadt: description, history, photos

The city of Kronstadt is a suburb of St. Petersburg and is located on the island of Kotlin, thirty kilometers from St. Petersburg. Several other small islands adjoin it. Until 1983, the island was cut off from the mainland, and it was possible to reach it only by sea transport. Now the island is connected to the coast by a ring road, which is also a protective structure for the St

Kizlyar district (Dagestan): geographical location, nature, population and economy

In which part of Russia is Kizlyar district, what area does it occupy? What nationalities live within it? What makes this region of the country interesting? Kizlyar District (Republic of Dagestan): General Information This is one of the largest (both in size and in population) municipal districts of Dagestan

Talas region, Kyrgyzstan - a mecca for tourists

Central Asia is inhabited by peoples with ancient history. Excavations proved that the first settlement of people on the territory of Kyrgyzstan was still in the Stone Age. More than ¾ of the entire area of ​​the state is occupied by mountains. And the whole territory of the country is at the level of 500 meters above sea level. Sta

Ancient temples of Cambodia: description, history and interesting facts

The main attraction of Cambodia are its temples, of which there are a great many in the country. Today we will tell you about the most interesting and majestic, which amaze imagination with inconceivable bas-reliefs and original masonry. The complex of temples in Cambodia occupies vast territories, and it should be noted that many of them are still in the research stage

Where to give unwanted clothes? Good deeds

In the modern world, tons of new things are produced every year, most of which go out of fashion or lose their appearance within six months. Alas, this is the policy of the modern mass market: it is easier for companies to produce clothes of poor quality, thus stimulating the sales market. But after all the place in houses and apartments is limited

St. Petersburg State Museum of Religion: overview, description, history and interesting facts

It is unlikely that someone counted how many museums exist in the world. The State Museum of Religion in St. Petersburg is the only one in Russia and one of the few in the world whose expositions present the history of the formation of religion. The collection of exhibits collected in St. Petersburg has more than two hundred thousand copies: these are cultural and historical monuments of various nations and eras

Urban passenger transport: types, routes and rules of use

Urban passenger transport (synonyms: public, municipal) is intended for use by the majority of the population. Most often it works on a paid basis. Most of the means of public transport can carry a large number of people both at a time and for a day. In this case, the movement is carried out in accordance with the route established by the transport company

House Volkov. About Russian merchants

Houses Volkov, Osipova or Morozov. In each Russian city, merchant houses have survived, which today, in addition to historical value, perform some other function. This may be a museum, a house of creativity, a library. Merchant houses form entire residential streets. Built "conscientiously" many years ago, they are still suitable for living

Abandoned grain elevators in Yaroslavl - a place of pilgrimage for lovers of the whole mysterious

In almost every city there are abandoned buildings that have become local attractions. In Yaroslavl, for example, such popular objects include elevators, which have become a place of pilgrimage for all lovers of dilapidated buildings and thrill seekers. What is an elevator Elevators are highly mechanized facilities for storing grain

Novosibirsk: 154 region. Short review

Novosibirsk is the third largest city in the Russian Federation. During its existence, the history of the village significantly enriched. At the time of the Russian Empire, Novosibirsk was one of the main cities of the country. Tourists, coming here, enjoy its history and originality. Some do not even know the area code and ask: "154 region is what city

Where and how to find out when my house will be demolished?

In most regions of the country, the construction of houses is carried out by leaps and bounds. Experts and analysts point out that these are positive changes for society and the entire state as a whole, however, in the mass media there is information about numerous disputes going on between the organizers of the construction of new houses and the owners of old housing

Khmelnitsky wholesale market: reviews. Khmelnitsky market: advantages and disadvantages

Across Ukraine, it’s just not to find a better place to shop than the Khmelnitsky wholesale market. Here you can find things from different manufacturers for every taste and at the most affordable prices. On its huge area, comprising as many as 24 hectares, there are more than twenty different individual bazaars, which were formed for certain groups of goods.

Where to go in Omsk for tourists?

Having visited the wonderful city of the Russian Federation, many tourists wonder about its sights. No wonder. After all, having arrived in an unfamiliar locality for the first time, everyone can get confused. What better places to visit? Where to go in Omsk with a girlfriend or boyfriend? Naturally, all people are different

Water protection.

Legal protection of waters is a large system of legislatively fixed measures aimed at comprehensive regulation of the protection of waters from all sorts of pollution, depletion and pollution. Water pollution is the deterioration of their quality as a result of discharges into them, or if various other harmful substances enter there in some other way, and clogging results from the ingress of suspended matter or objects