City of Moscow, Northeast District: Prefecture

The capital is divided into 12 administrative districts. The Northeastern District of Moscow among them occupies one of the first places in the territory; the number of areas included in its composition; the number and density of the resident population; the number of objects of cultural value. The district is administered by the prefecture

Tbilisi Metro: history, features, reviews of tourists

The Georgian capital attracts a huge number of tourists for its unique temples and architectural monuments. Travelers do not bypass the underground part of this ancient city. The Tbilisi Metro in Tbilisi is the second largest in the South Caucasus. Read about the features of this transport system in our article

Japanese combat knives: names, appearance history, size and description with photo

Japan is a country of old traditions, where for hundreds of years, the accumulated knowledge and experience is transferred from master and teacher to student. From flower arrangements of ikebana to martial arts and kabuki theater, each tradition has its own set of rules, procedures, school styles. Japanese knives - one of the integral parts of the culture, whose history goes back over a thousand years

Arsk fishing village is a great place to relax

In this publication, the focus will be on the fishing village of Arsk. It will be about the conditions of recreation, fishing and prices for the main types of services offered by the administration of the recreation area. Description and location The fishing village of Arsk is located near the town of the same name, about six kilometers away

Open Air Museum in Nizhny Novgorod - Victory Park

If you think about what attractions you can visit in Nizhny Novgorod, Victory Park will be one of these places. It is located near the Volga coast, on the Nizhnevolzhskaya embankment. What kind of place it is, what it is interesting, let's take a closer look. Story As in Cheboksary, in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Victory Park recalls the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

Society and nature, their connection and problems of interaction

Society and nature is a definite symbiosis, and the parasitizing role here belongs to the society here, because initially a man came to everything that was ready. Nature is many billion years older than even the most ancient progenitor of man. Miraculously, the streamlined system of interaction between living beings and did not want a gross intervention on the part of a reasonable subject

Suborbital flight: from preparing for travel

Korolev prophesied that in the near future, people will be able to travel to space through the "trade union vouchers". Now the suborbital flight is becoming a reality. But no one could imagine that dreams could become reality. Already at the moment, people can reserve a place to understand what suborbital space flights are

Environmental problems of the planet. Global environmental problems of the planet: examples

Every modern inhabitant of the Earth is well aware that the ecological problems of the planet are a scourge of the 21st century. Also, many think about the issue of preserving and restoring the environment. After all, otherwise future generations will get only a lifeless surface. No man is an island

The population of Volgodonsk. Key indicators of the population of the city

The city of Volgodonsk is located in the southeastern part of the Rostov region and was founded in 1950. Volgodonsk is a large commercial, industrial, geographical and scientific center of the Rostov region, the energy center of the south of the Russian Federation. The city has the nuclear power plant Volgodonsk NPP (Rostovskaya) and the most large-scale industrial association Atommash in the Russian Federation (the industry of nuclear power engineering)

Unauthorized garbage dump. Utilization of industrial and household waste

The widespread pollution of the environment to this day has become global. One of the first mired in the garbage big cities and cities. Over time, the widespread "littering" got to small towns and villages. Not escaped this sad fate and the coast of rivers, lakes, forests and fields. That is why the elimination of unauthorized dumps is one of the most important tasks that modern humanity simply must solve

People's control of the Republic of Tajikistan: device, functions and tasks, principles of work

Often the same problem that we are repeatedly ignored by public utilities, the system of local self-government, is our eyesore. This is the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages, the extremely unsatisfactory condition of the roads, spontaneous dumps. What to do? How to encourage local authorities to take action

The causes of global problems of mankind

Confrontations of military, political and economic forces in different regions of the planet occur constantly. As soon as there is a lull in the western hemisphere, the causes of global problems in any other part of the Earth appear. Sociologists, economists, political scientists and representatives of various cultural and scientific circles give explanations to these phenomena from the point of view of their vision, but the difficulties of humanity are of a planetary scale, therefore it cannot be reduced to problems that exist in one particular region and a single period of time

"Metropolis": a list of shops and their location on the floors

The shopping center "Metropolis" was built on the site of the plant "Rubicon" and is located in one of the most popular areas of the capital near the metro station "Voykovskaya". It is designed for an average audience segment, has the largest food court in the city and an exciting children's area

A strong and independent woman: an American woman after a divorce from her husband lives with a thousand cats. A photo

Everyone copes with their emotional experiences in different ways, but for an American cat became a real salvation after a divorce. The woman said that thanks to these animals she feels needed again and they give her real happiness. cat house Loneliness completely devoured Linea Lattanzio after a divorce from her husband

Aircraft: general definition and features

The interaction with air masses, through which the aircraft is maintained in the atmosphere, has significant differences from the relationship with the air, reflected from the surface of the Earth. The concept of "aircraft" is defined by the current legislation of the country, as well as the Chicago Convention

Beaver Island: location, description, infrastructure, reviews

Many Muscovites and guests of the capital have been to the Beaver Island supermarket, but hardly everyone, especially visitors, know where the name comes from. We are glad to inform you that this is no fiction and such an island really exists. And in this article it will be about him. Island in the metropolis Moscow is a big city, and there are even islands in the midst of this bustling metropolis, where as many people live as in the middle European power

The most interesting fact about Africa: features, history and reviews

Everyone heard about Africa - such a distant hot country. According to scientists, this very territory became the home of the first people on the planet. At present, Africa is a haven for the poorest strata of humanity. The standard of living there leaves much to be desired, people live beyond poverty

Valley of the Pharaohs in Egypt: Description, Features and History

Valley of the Pharaohs - an amazing place on the planet, representing a huge ancient cemetery of Egyptian nobility. To the tombs of the richest people of ancient times and the burials of the Egyptian pharaohs, you can go through a single narrow path. Where is the Valley of the Pharaohs? This area is located opposite the city of Thebes (west bank of the Nile)

Where is Warsaw? Geographical position, history of the city and interesting facts

Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Europe. Together with the suburbs, it is home to at least three million people. Where is Warsaw? In which country and in which part of Europe is it located? What is interesting and remarkable this city? You will find answers to all these questions in the article

Anti-erosion measures: features, causes, types of development and results

Anti-erosion measures are a set of measures to counter destructive processes leading to the destruction of the soil layer. Such processes may be: flushing of the soil cover, blowing, mudflow, landslides. Events may have engineering, forest reclamation, agronomic and organizational orientation. The choice of one or another type of anti-erosion measures depends on the specific conditions of the area

Maryland, USA - America in miniature

The United States of America is a huge country, the 4th largest in the world in terms of area, where 327 million people live. In the state of 50 states and one federal district. Each administrative unit has its own history and is interesting in its own way. State of Maryland, USA This state is located in the south of the country and occupies a little over 32 thousand square kilometers

Village headman: history and modernity

In Russia, the village has always been a limited territory. Here, life flows in a different way. And often the authorities pay very little attention to rural infrastructure. And in order to help solve various issues, a responsible position appeared - the village headman. Story In 1861, many peasants came out of serfdom

Manezhnaya Square, St. Petersburg: history, description, interesting facts and location

Manezhnaya Square (St. Petersburg) is one of the squares in the very center of the city. Cross its streets Italian and Karavannaya. This is a beautiful, quiet square with an old fountain and square in the center, decorated with busts of Italian architects who participated in the construction of the city

Manor Rastorguev-Kharitonov, Ekaterinburg: description, history and interesting facts

Manor Rastorguev-Kharitonov is not only an interesting architectural monument, but also a building with its unique history, which includes many myths, legends and interesting facts. This house is considered to be practically the most valuable heritage of the city of Yekaterinburg. Moreover, at one time it was of federal importance

Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don: description, photo

Six years ago (in 2009) a magnificent dolphinarium opened in Rostov-on-Don. It is not the only one in the city, but differs significantly from its predecessors. The building, built specifically for the maintenance of marine animals, is a unique complex, which takes into account all the subtleties of the content of dolphins

Why is the train called a dog? Most Common Versions

Now you can often hear how young people call the train a dog. It would seem that this type of transport with a pet has no external similarity. But then why is the train called a dog? No one can give an unequivocal answer to this question, but there are several assumptions. Below are all the options for guessing why the train is called dogs

Soil pollution monitoring. Types of soil pollution

Currently, much attention is paid to environmental issues. Humanity is sometimes recklessly and brutally exploiting its planet, not noticing what consequences come after such interactions. But at the same time, pollution of the atmosphere, soil and water in some areas of the Earth reaches critical values

Cities of Vietnam: the largest, most beautiful, resort

The state of Vietnam is located on the Indian subcontinent. The southern and eastern sides are washed by the waters of the South China Sea. The area occupied by the republic is more than 337 thousand km 2 . In total, almost 94 million people live here. 30% of the total number lives in cities. The official language is Vietnamese

Mine "Osinnikovskaya": history and current state

The Osinnikovskaya mine is located within the city of Osinniki (Kemerovo Region), in relative proximity to the city of Novokuznetsk. The distance to Novokuznetsk is 25 km. There is a road and rail connection between the cities. The district center is the city of Novokuznetsk. Railway communication is carried out at the expense of the Novokuznetsk - Tashtagol railway line

Cologne: population, location and history of the city, sights

In Germany, there are over two thousand cities. And each of them is interesting in its own way. Our article will tell about one of the largest megacities of Germany - the city of Cologne (with photos and descriptions of its main attractions). When did the city arise? What is it remarkable? What is the population of Cologne

Klaipeda port city: photos, description, sights

One of the business cards of the city of Klaipeda is the port, founded in the XIII century near the fortress walls of Memel. Until now, it is an important and largest transport center in Lithuania. From here all year round (the port never freezes) passenger and cargo ships depart to Europe, America and Asia

Federative republics: list, history and interesting facts

A federal republic is a state with a complex structure and a two-tier system of government and legislative activity. This is a union of several territorial entities that have legal and political independence. That is, the state-territorial units of the federation do not have sovereignty, but have sufficiently large powers in the sphere of domestic policy

What is a neighborhood: its layout and features

The word "neighborhood" is translated from the Greek as "small area". This is a whole complex of residential buildings, as well as many institutions of social and commercial purposes. Any transport hub or highway necessarily adjoins the neighborhood. Features of the neighborhood The neighborhood as an urban structural unit has a number of features

Temperature as an environmental factor: description, standard indicators

The environment affects the organisms that live on Earth. Temperature, light, humidity are environmental factors. Their changes lead to a change in the biological properties of living organisms. The geography of habitat, reproduction, nutrition. Environmental factors Environmental factors include the conditions around that affect organisms

Museum of Musical and Theater Arts: Description, History, Features, Exhibitions and Reviews

The Museum of Theater and Music in St. Petersburg has one of the best exhibitions in the world. The funds contain a lot of unique exhibits, gathered together by enthusiasts and experts in their field. Formation was not easy, but today the complex of museums, united under a single wing, implements the mission of preserving and enhancing the Russian cultural heritage and educating the masses

White crocodiles. Their features and places of stay

The white crocodile is a type of common reptile. This is a very rare animal that can be either an albino or a leucist. There are also individuals with partial or full white skin. There are features of the eyes of albinos. They can be pink and even blue, which is quite rare. White individuals are the exception rather than the norm

Waterpark in Shelehov: description, features, services and reviews

In recent years, water parks have become incredibly popular not only in the United States, where such an entertainment establishment was first invented, but also in the world, including in Russia. For example, in Europe they are considered an inseparable attribute of a healthy lifestyle. Such water parks, which are combined with large shopping and entertainment centers, are especially popular

Palace of Youth Creativity in Perm: description

The Palace of Youth Creativity in Perm is a place where children from all parts of the city can do those activities that they like. This is where guys can play, sing, draw or play sports in the company of their peers. In this publication, you will learn about various circles and classes of the Palace of Youth Creativity in Perm, as well as learn about its location in the city and how to get there

English garden: history, main features and interesting facts

English gardens, or irregular, landscape - this is the direction in the garden and park art. There was a current, as the name implies, in England and replaced the regular or French direction. Gardens, made in a regular style, require space so that the visitor can maximally merge with nature or even get lost in the garden

Pereslavl, "Russian Park": description, history and reviews

Ethnic parks around the world have become a familiar place for leisure activities, but for our country this is quite a new phenomenon. In 2014, the “Russian Park” (Pereslavl-Zalessky) opened, which introduces the culture and traditions of the Russian people. Here, in an entertaining way, you can learn a lot of new things, as well as have an interesting time. Hi

"Big dipper" Dzerzhinsk: description of the base, reviews of tourists

Dzerzhinsk - one of the cities of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Until 1930 was listed as a working village. It ranks second in the number of inhabitants among the cities of the Nizhny Novgorod region. It has 231797 people. Previously, it was considered one of the most unfavorable cities in the ecological sense of Russia

Cable car in Moscow will soon expand transport infrastructure

The cable car in Moscow may soon successfully complement the urban transport infrastructure. Today, the funicular in the Sparrow Hills area is mainly used only by pupils attending a ski school. The authorities promise that the opening of the 2018 World Cup will radically change the situation. Cableway (Moscow, Sparrow Hills) The history of the Moscow "cable car" begins in 1953, when it was built to service the ski jump

The Russian Embassy in Tunisia and the history of interstate relations. School at the Russian Embassy in Tunisia

Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the Tunisian Republic began in 1956. After the collapse of the USSR, the Russian Federation became its successor and relations between the countries were officially established on December 25, 1991. History of interstate relations The first meeting of the two presidents took place in New York at the Millennium Summit in 2000

Melnikov House in Krivoarbatsky Lane - history, description and features

It is possible to go past Melnikov’s house in Krivoarbatsky Lane and not to notice it. Although this is a real classic example of constructivism and the Soviet avant-garde. The house was built in 1929 for only one family, which is quite a rarity for those times. Short description In order to better view the structure from the outside, it is best to enter the neighboring courtyard.

Oster is a river in the north of Ukraine. Photos, descriptions, legends and ecology of the river

Oster is a river mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years. It is associated with a huge number of legends, fables and fantastic stories. Where does the river begin? Where does it flow? And what is the current ecological state of the river? Oster River (Chernihiv region): general information The length of the river is almost 200 kilometers, and the total area of ​​the water basin is about 3000 square kilometers. Os

A loving husband made a gift to his blind wife to return the smile to her face.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki got married in 1965. They had beautiful plans for the future. At first they worked on their own dairy farm, where they looked after 60 cows. Together they raised two children. And all this time, the couple dreamed of retirement to go on a trip to Japan. But their plans collapsed when Mrs

Causes and effects of climate change

The geological age of our planet is approximately 4.5 billion years. During this period, the Earth has changed dramatically. The composition of the atmosphere, the mass of the planet itself, the climate - at the beginning of its existence everything was completely different. The red-hot ball very slowly became what we used to see it now

Saratov city: where it is located, climate, ecology, areas, economy

Saratov is one of the major cities of Russia, which occupies the 263rd place in the overall ranking of cities in the Russian Federation. Included in the ranking of the top 20 settlements of the country, while not being a city with a million people. In a more detailed rating, Saratov is located in the following places: 269 ​​- in terms of safe living; 289 - by the purity of the streets; 184 - for the cost of living; 127 - according to the children's living conditions. In

Statues of angels: overview, history and interesting facts

The image of angels, the purpose of which is to serve God and fight against his enemies, is often used in art. The symbols of light and the invisible world adorn the palaces, parks, temples, small statues of cute figurines with wings can be seen in houses. Amulets guarding a person have strong energy, and according to Feng Shui teachings, angels bestow strength and inspiration on their owners

Why bridges are raised? Classification, device and equipment of movable bridges

St. Petersburg is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities, not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. Largely due to drawbridges. Thousands of tourists come to see this engineering marvel every year. Why bridges are raised in St. Petersburg and other cities of the world? How are they arranged and how do they function

FSBI "National Park" Ugyd va ": description, history and interesting facts

In 1994, the Yugyd va National Park was created on the territory of the Komi Republic. Its area is about two million hectares. Nowhere in the world is there such a large number of northern forests with untouched wildlife. Mountain peaks, extraordinary landscapes, reservoirs with the purest water - all this can be seen by visiting the vast territory of the park

Pacific Fleet Commander Avakyants Sergey Iosifovich: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Sergei Avakyants - Commander of the Pacific Fleet of Russia. This man is known for all the determination and demanding of himself and his subordinates. Without the presence of these qualities, it is impossible to make a good career in the military, as the commander of the Pacific Fleet Avakiants did

Surgut: population, history and description of the city

Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug has the largest city - Surgut. The population is over 300 thousand people. Surgut has become an important transportation hub, the oil capital of the Russian Federation, the energy and industrial Siberian center. Story In 1594, February 19, the king issued a decree to build a new city on the banks of the Ob River

Description of the night club "Colosseum" in Voronezh

Almost every person, at least once in his life, attended a nightclub. Someone celebrated a birthday there, someone just rested with friends, and someone came to the club to meet new people. The main visitors of nightclubs are young boys and girls, students who are accustomed to live for one day, have fun, dance and socialize

The origin of the name of Uvarov: roots, history of origin, meaning

The number of now famous surnames is huge. Some are derived from the appearance or characteristics of the character, others - from the type of activity or place of residence. You always want to know the origin of your surname - who were your ancestors, whose surname you now wear. In this article we will consider the origin of the surname Uvarov, its meaning, etymology, who carried it from famous people

Where in Russia is a good climate: an overview of the territory, features and reviews

Russia is a huge country, the territory of which is represented by five main climatic zones. It is no secret that the best climate for a person is Mediterranean, so most of the population strive to get to the sea, where there is a lot of sun and fresh air. Scientific studies have shown that 77% of all people in the world are deficient in vitamin D

Phuket Botanical Garden: description, opening hours, interesting facts and reviews

Phuket Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful recreational attractions of Thailand, which introduces tourists to the diversity of the flora of this exotic country. Territory and zoning The botanical garden, located on the island of Phuket, was opened in 2012. It covers an area of ​​1 ha. The garden is divided into 30 zones, each of which contains a collection of plants planted in accordance with a specific theme. Th

Silver-Grape Ponds - a great place to relax. Story

There is a wonderful place for walking and having a good time with a sandy beach, a boat station, a sports field and even a golf course and stunningly beautiful park areas with benches. This place is Silver-Grape ponds located on the territory of Izmailovo Park. Story The history of these places is remarkable in that well-known historical personalities are involved in it

The coat of arms of Mytishchi, the flag of the city, historical information and celebration of the City Day.

Mytishchi is a city located literally on the outskirts of Moscow, just 19 km from the capital. This is an administrative-territorial unit with its own symbols, such as a coat of arms and a flag. Mytishchi, although they have a small population by the standards of Moscow (a total of 205, 397 inhabitants), but is considered one of the largest centers of culture, science and industry

Preserving the safety of planet Earth is the main task of mankind

From time immemorial, humanity in its essence aspires to a state of security, security and tries to create the most convenient and comfortable conditions for life. On the other hand, all living things are constantly in the world of a wide variety of risks. The threat is everywhere and comes from everywhere: from criminogenic situations, from rulers, from accidents, from the risks of diseases of various infections, from the risks of military conflicts, and more

Fed the child with chili sauce: the father of the newborn drew the attention of the police with a rash statement on Facebook

A funny story recently happened to one of the residents of California. Funny, because it ended well ... An American published a humorous post on Facebook in early January stating that he allegedly fed the baby chili sauce. Among the users of the Network there were conscious citizens who considered it necessary to report the grief-father to the police

Kolomna, Cathedral of the Assumption Cathedral: description, history and interesting facts

The Assumption Cathedral in Kolomna, located on the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin, impresses with its strict beauty, easy flying form. He stands like a candle, aspiring flame in heaven, burning with prayers for Russia and its people. The cathedral was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, rising from the ruins along with his country

Modern intelligence. What is intelligence and what does it give

What do we know about intelligence? With intelligent people we like to communicate. Even just being next to them is somehow nicer. From them comes a special power: understanding, awareness, goodwill. Is this what intelligence is? What is and how to recognize it in a person, we will try to formulate in our short conversation

Nizhny Novgorod Metro: construction, scheme

Nizhny Novgorod Metro - the largest carrier, participating in off-street traffic. He is known even outside the country. Nizhny Novgorod are proud of their metro, because it was formed in Russia by the third - after the subway in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Story Metro Nizhny Novgorod began to build in 1977

Butterfly Park (Perm) - a tropical oasis among the stone jungle

Many residents of Russian cities in the cold season do not have enough sunlight, heat and bright colors. So why not arrange a fascinating excursion to the tropics from the harsh Russian winter for your own family? Visit the butterfly park! Perm is a city in which there will be entertainment for every taste

Qingdao Bridge - the world's longest bridge over the water

The Qingdao bridge passes through Jiaozhou Bay, which connects the eastern and western regions of the Qingdao region in China. The construction reduces the distance from Qingdao to Small Qingdao, Red Island and Yellow Island by 30 km and allows access to the airport. It is estimated that more than 30, 000 cars pass through it every day

It is worth a ride at least once: the 15 best Ferris wheels from around the world

Regardless of whether you want to admire the skyline of the city or enjoy the views of nature, ferris wheels around the world will provide an opportunity to see the incredible sights and get a thrill for people of all ages. The article describes the best of these attractions. "Big O", Tokyo, Japan Miracle of modern technology was the world's first Ferris wheel Hubless, which operates in the entertainment center of Tokyo Dome City

By the 20th anniversary of the ISS: alien bacteria, sinking astronauts and other insane accidents in space

Work in space is not only daily observations of the planet Earth through the porthole. It also repairs the modules, various experiments and experiments, as well as communication between the astronauts. And most importantly - it is a closed life in weightlessness, which is very different from the bustle of the earth

Portugal: interesting facts about the country

The list of amazing facts about Portugal is huge. This small European country occupies no small place in the world. She has many geographical discoveries, the invention of their own drink, musical direction and architectural style. Let's find out what else she can brag about. Geography Interesting facts about Portugal begin with its geographical location

These ingredients and other restaurant secrets that we are not told about.

At the mention of expensive, reputable restaurants in front of us a beautiful picture. An impeccable fabric is placed gently on the table. Chairs are aligned. The menu is neatly laid out, stocks of seasonings replenished. The interior of the hall is complemented by a soft candle light. The table looks great, and in addition plays a wonderful, tastefully selected music

Sightseeing: Mozhaisk invites (description, history and interesting facts)

What kind of city, where eighteen square kilometers focused on the great importance of attractions? Mozhaisk is a city whose life for many centuries has constantly acquired some of the most glorious moments of its history for the motherland. Located on the Moscow Upland, in the upper reaches of the river of the same name, up to the borders of the Gzhatskoy Depression, this is not a single major political event, not a single war has not bypassed and toured, starting well before the thirteenth century, when Mozhaisk was first mentioned in the chronicles

Radioactive waste. Radioactive waste disposal

Radioactive waste has become an extremely acute problem of our time. If at the dawn of the development of the nuclear power industry few people thought about the need to store waste material, now this task has become extremely urgent. So why is everyone so worried? Radioactivity This phenomenon was discovered in connection with the study of the relationship of luminescence and x-rays

Petrovsky dock in Kronstadt: description, history and interesting facts

The city-fortress, which was founded by Peter the Great, is a symbol of Russia's maritime glory. For a long time it was closed to the public. It was possible to get here only by special passes. More than twenty years have passed (1996) since the city was opened to tourists. But even today, every visit to Kronstadt is fanned by some mystery

Ekaterinburg Metro: history, current state, prospects

The Ekaterinburg Metro is the newest of the Soviet metro lines. And at the same time, the first in the Urals. Opening date - April 26, 1991. Includes 9 stations. Opening hours - from 6:00 am to 24 nights. The time interval between the arrivals of trains at the station - from 4 to 11 minutes. As of 2014, the total length of the metro is 13

Sasov explosion: causes and consequences

The mysterious explosions in Sasovo that occurred in the distant nineties shocked the whole of Russia with their power and consequences. This story, which did not find any logical explanation, was gradually overgrown with guesses, rumors and put forward versions. Subsequently, it became a real legend of this small district center in the Ryazan region

Pied color - a smile of nature

Color plays an important role in the life of animals. A person seeks to diversify or introduce a piebald color in any kind when it is profitable from an economic point of view. Fashion for colors gives impetus to the breeding of individuals of rare stripes to meet growing demand. There are breeds of different types of animals, where the “peg” is a prerequisite for the recognition of breeding value. De

Oil capital of the Russian Federation: a brief history, description, population. Nizhnevartovsk - a city in Western Siberia

The lands and riches of the Siberian region have been famous for all time. To conquer the expanses of Siberia, the Russian people began many centuries ago. So, from the small settlements founded by immigrants from different parts of Russia, entire cities grew over time. One of them was Nizhnevartovsk

Flag and coat of arms of Ulyanovsk. Historical emblems of the city

Coat of arms and flag are the main symbols of any city. This article will discuss the symbols of Ulyanovsk. When was his flag approved? What does the modern coat of arms of Ulyanovsk look like and what was the first heraldic sign of this city? You will find answers to all these questions in our article

10 families in whose hands control over the world

Probably everyone is familiar with the theory that a huge proportion of all money is under the control of several families. Some dispose of them of their own accord, others try to live without attracting attention. But all the rich dynasties have one thing in common - their social status and position in society are surrounded by many mysteries

Kadyrov Bridge in St. Petersburg: construction history and names

In any settlement of modern Russia, the history of long past years or of literally yesterday’s events is always vividly reflected, be it a remote village, a regional center or a capital. The official name or an inadvertent nickname, the decision of state bodies or people's will - and now a new name of a small street, a large avenue, an artificial or natural reservoir, a geographical area appears on the schematic map and is officially approved or in people's memory.

Members of society: definition, concept, classification, society and personality, needs, rights and obligations

All people are members of society. Of course, society has its own characteristics, the laws of development, to which individuals within society are subject to individuality. However, the very concept of “society” may not at all be synonymous with the word “society”, but be something else. For example, a group of people united by common hobbies or goals is also a “society”. Even every

Traffic sign for a paid parking in traffic rules

In recent years, innovations have appeared in our lives, which for many have come as a surprise. One of them was charging for parking vehicles in the central districts of Moscow. Without questioning the feasibility of this project, we will try to figure out how and in what amounts the payment is made, which paid parking sign is provided for by the traffic rules

The highest waterfalls in Europe: where are, descriptions, photos

Since ancient times, people looking at the waterfalls, have compiled legends that only with the help of higher powers could such magnificent and frightening wonders of nature appear. And still the power of the waterfall, the roar of falling streams of water, a cloud of small droplets of water, which reflect the rays of the sun, make you think about the power of nature

Forest resources of the world - gifts of nature to mankind

Currently, a very active pace of development of world-wide economic activity has led to a significant reduction in natural resources. The land and forest resources of the world are subjected to severe exploitation due to the ever-growing population of the planet. The vegetation of the Earth can be divided into two large categories: wild and cultural flora

Americanoid race: history of appearance, genetics, typical representatives, description and appearance with photos

From school we learned that humanity is divided into three main races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. But this is not the limit. Even school textbooks mention such things as intermediate race or racial type. And there are already a considerable number of them. And the concept of "basic race" is absolutely not correct

Chimkent region: description, list of cities, climate features and population

The Chimkent region was formed on March 10, 1932. Initially, it was called South Kazakhstan. In 1962 it was renamed Chimkentskaya. However, in 1992, the region again became South Kazakhstan. This area is quite large. The area of ​​its territory is 117, 249 km 2 . The region has existed in real borders since 1973. Wh

The largest tsunami in the last 10 years in the world

Tsunami - a formidable natural phenomenon, resulting from volcanic eruptions or earthquakes in coastal areas. This is a giant wave that covers the coast for many miles inside. The term “tsunami” is of Japanese origin, it literally means “big wave in the gulf”. It is Japan that most often suffers from the impact of the elements, because it is located in the zone of the Pacific "ring of fire" - the largest seismic belt of the Earth. Causes

Ferris wheel Pripyat makes the first turns

In September 2017, an incident occurred that shook the Internet community of the entire post-Soviet space and beyond. A video appeared on the YouTube channel, the main object of which was the Pripyat Ferris Wheel. About what shocked the audience, and why the video instantly disappeared from the channel, wrote many newspapers and online publications

The time difference of Vienna with Moscow and other cities of Russia

The countdown, by universal agreement, in our world goes from the zero meridian, which is otherwise called Greenwich. The time in the countries located on the right hand from him is counted with the error expressed by the “+” sign, and on the left hand by the “-” sign. The number of hours of lag or advance from the main time is calculated based on the distance from the zero meridian of the time zone in which the country is located. The qu

Metro in Novoperedelkino: history and features of the station

"Novoperedelkino" - one of the stations of the Moscow Metro. Located under the Borovsky highway on the Solntsevskaya line. Located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow. The station received the same name as the area where it is located - Novo-Peredelkino. Geographically, it is located between the street

Underground passages, construction. Unusual subways of Moscow

Back in the USSR, due to the growing load on the streets of cities, as in other countries at that time, large-scale construction of subways began. Why precisely underground? Because they do not greatly violate the architectural appearance of cities, in contrast to the ground. Two more advantages are the possibility of combining them with exits from metro stations, and they are the most convenient and safe for pedestrians

Kharkov Embankment: history, modernity, sights

The Krasnoshkolnaya embankment of Kharkov is located between Moskovsky Prospect and Uritsky Square. It has its own special history associated with the buildings and objects that are located on it. And in this publication we will tell about the most interesting facts from the history of Kharkov Embankment

Zelenograd: parks, green areas

Zelenograd is one of the districts of Moscow. Literally "Zelenograd" means a green city. It is located 37 km north-west from the central part of the Russian capital. Located on the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road. One of the centers of recreation and science. Specializes in electronics manufacturing

Land border of Russia with Azerbaijan

The main state symbol of the country are its borders. Their stable condition, the absence of problems in territorial relations with neighboring states are signs that the state has taken place. At present, relations between Russia and Azerbaijan are largely based on the successful process of border delimitation

What to do when in the toilet, but there is no toilet paper? Life hacking will come to the rescue

There is always the possibility that at the most necessary and crucial moment you will find the absence of toilet paper in the public or home toilet. Just do not panic! You can always find a way out of this situation. Remember these layhaki. First consider the case of a public toilet. Ask for help Make your pride silent and ask for a little paper from the person in the next booth

The most awesome slides in the world: overview, description, views and feedback

Thrill is not enough for many. They help get rid of the everyday hustle and bustle of life. We have many opportunities to see the world through different eyes. All people who have tried to ride on the most extreme roller coaster, experience an unusual mixture of a wide variety of emotions: tension, fear (even horror), immense exultation and indescribable delight

Monastery of Alcobaça: Excursion to Portugal

If you went on a trip to Portugal, then you need to visit the monastery of Alcobaça. Our short article will tell you about the history of a religious institution. This Cistercian monastery is located in the small Portuguese town of Alcobaça. It was founded by the first king of Portugal - Afonso Henriques - in 1153.

China's pride: Chang'e 4 spacecraft is the first to land on the far side of the moon

For the first time in the history of mankind, the spacecraft landed on the back side of the night star. From the board of Chang'e 4, an image of the previously inaccessible part of the lunar surface was transmitted to Earth. According to Chinese state media, Chang'e 4 landed in the crater von Karman (Aitken basin) on January 3 at 10

Popular shopping centers of Yaroslavl

In our article we will look at the shopping centers of the city of Yaroslavl. This information will be interesting and useful for tourists and residents. TRC "Altair" - a great place to relax and shopping We begin to describe the shopping centers of Yaroslavl with the most famous. TRC "Altair" - is one of the most popular complexes in the city

The cleanest sea in the world: myths and facts

Already by the beginning of the XXI century, it became known so much about the pollution of the World Ocean that it is not fitting to look for the cleanest sea in the world, but for the clean sea in general. At the risk of not finding it ever! The barbaric attitude of man to nature is clearly seen in a contrasting example