Career and personal life of Alena Peneva

In the fall of 2017, a new glossy editor-in-chief appeared at the popular glossy publication Cosmopolitan Russia. They became Alena Peneva, who had headed the favorite magazine of Russian fashionistas, Grazia, for 8 years. The new head of Cosmopolitan Russia is a truly unique woman who has managed to prove that for the sake of a career you don’t have to give up your private life.

The smallest woman on the planet: the life of Joti Amji after receiving the title

Jyoti was born December 16, 1993 in Nagpur, which is located in Central India. According to her mother Ranjana, the girl was of normal height until she was five years old. Later, it became apparent that its growth is hampered by some kind of frustration. Subsequently, it turned out that she has achondroplasia and will never grow above a certain height

Power Balance - Divorce or Truth? How to distinguish the original from a fake?

The wave of "bracelets", which swept the whole world, does not subside. Advertising, which suddenly struck consumers from all sides, is shocking and says that without these bracelets, you simply cannot live a quality life. Such jewelry can be found on the wrists of celebrities, athletes and Hollywood stars, they are recommended in NASA, but are they as effective as the creators of Power Balance say

Press photographer Andrei Stenin: biography and cause of death

The work of a journalist is always fraught with danger. And probably the hardest test is the choice of conscience. It is this choice that, as a rule, at every hypocritical time of honest people leads to the sacrificial altar of greed. And photojournalist Andrei Stenin, of course, was one of such victims

Galina Timchenko: the way of the journalist

A bright journalist with an interesting professional fate - Galina Timchenko. She draws attention with her sharp remarks and bright projects. Her biography is full of mysteries and dark spots. How does the fate of this strong woman? Childhood and youth On May 8, 1962, a girl was born in an ordinary Moscow family - Galina Timchenko

Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna, journalist: biography, personal life

Bright, independent and intelligent Elizabeth Osetinskaya is simply doomed to everyone's attention. This also contributes to the profession of a journalist. Ossetian Elizaveta Nikolaevna for her age has a powerful professional experience and an impressive track record. She is not afraid to change jobs, she constantly learns and knows how to maintain friendly relations with her colleagues

Daughter Khrushchev Rada Adzhubey: biography, photo

Rada Adzhubey - the middle daughter of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee N. S. Khrushchev. Having received an excellent upbringing and education, she worked for more than half a century in the publication Science and Life. Today Rada Nikitichna is on a well-deserved rest. Despite her advanced age, a 87-year-old woman eagerly shares memories of her life with journalists

Air crashes in the United States: causes, investigation. Last air crash in the USA

Attempts to take off were made by people from time immemorial. Recall at least the legendary Daedalus and his son. True, their experiments were crowned with dubious success. Times have changed: now the wingless man flies in all directions and how much he wants. But the people themselves could not take to the air, therefore the disasters of aircraft have often very tragic consequences

The site is always on the pulse of events, both local and global

Nowadays there are quite a lot of news resources where a huge reservoir of various information is stored. However, due to large volumes and insufficient staff, often stated on the pages of such resources are of very poor quality, and it happens that, in general, it is not true. Therefore, you should always check the topic of interest in different sources, and only after such monitoring can you understand what is true and what is not

Human Information Activity as Key to Progress

Not so long ago, advanced countries (Europe, United States of America, Canada) entered the era of post-industrialism. The most valuable resource was information. Gradually, knowledge begins to prevail on its value over capital and the rest of the world. This process is visible in virtually every area

The tallest man in world history. Tallest people

Since 1955, the Guinness Book of Records captures interesting facts, events and phenomena from life. It was originally conceived as entertainment for visitors to beer pubs, but soon gained immense popularity and became the best-selling book. It was there that the highest man in world history was noted, or rather, several people

Emergency landing on the Hudson: an accident January 15, 2009

One of the most anticipated premieres of September is the American film “The Miracle on the Hudson, ” directed by Cléne Eastwood. The Todd Komarniki scenario is based on real events on January 15, 2009, when pilots of the New York-Charlotte (North Carolina) flight made an emergency landing on Hudson of an aircraft of US Airways 308 seconds after takeoff. The

Russian journalist and publicist Dymarsky Vitaly

Dymarsky Vitaly Naumovich - hereditary journalist and publicist. He was born on February 22, 1947 in the city of Lviv. His father is Naum Aleksandrovich, a famous sports journalist, commentator, television and radio host. Vitaly Dymarsky: biography The hero of our article graduated from school with high marks, then received a higher education

Is an editorial board a heart or a brain?

Reading, layout, meetings, scheduling, news from the fields, deadlines, proofreading, editing - the process of issuing a periodical takes away and captures. It is infinitely interesting creative component and technical embodiment. This article will discuss an important element of the editorial team - the editorial board

Top of the most interesting photos taken by journalists last week

All the photos you see below are very different. They are made by different photographers in different countries and under different circumstances. They are united by one thing - they were all made last week - from January 26 to February 2. Screen Actors Guild Award Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurir backstage

Biography of Anatoly Romanov. The health of General Romanov

Every country has its great people. One of such heroes of Russia and an example for imitation was General Romanov. This courageous and strong man has been fighting for his life for many years. Next to him all this time is his faithful spouse, who also performed her special, feminine feat and became an example for many wives of the military

Stanislav Kucher: famous journalist today

Kucher Stanislav is a modern journalist and publicist, television and radio host, since last year he has been a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, the author of the book “In the same breath”. From November 2017 until October 2018, Stanislav is the editor-in-chief of the RBC Snob international project, and now is the face of the international TV channel RTVI. In

Pyshechki can also be attractive: a unique collection of drawings that confirms

Brazilian artist E. Santos believes that everyone can become like a favorite character from the Marvel or DC comics. To demonstrate this, he created a series of illustrations depicting women with curvaceous, dressed in outfits favorite superheroes. Artist's opinion “I've been working on this topic for six years now, ” Eduardo admits. -

What are the actors ready to do for the role?

On the set, actors are not always in comfortable conditions. The script often forces performers to overstep themselves and do things they frankly do not accept. Here are the sacrifices that the actors are willing to make so we can enjoy the movie. Keith Harington Like any normal person, Keith was not at all impressed by the idea of ​​being buried alive, but this was precisely what the leading role in the “Game of Thrones” demanded of him. We can

The main genres of journalism

Specialty journalism, like other professions, has its own characteristics. Here the specialist is faced with the problem of finding the topic and its design in the text version. To correctly reflect the reality and present your own thoughts, the journalist first of all needs perfect knowledge of the language and its modern norms, then possessing a literary talent that allows you to “feel” the words and intuitively distinguish their semantic features (and thus harmoniously embed them into the text), and Finally, knowledge of the fundamentals of textology, which will give an understanding of genr

Rockefeller David: "Heart transplant opens new breath"

David Rockefeller was born in one of the richest and most influential families in the world. His grandfather was a dollar billionaire, and older brothers held senior positions in the US government. He himself is famous for his progressive views on world order, his contribution to business development, and his desire to make this world a better place

Vladimir Kornilov - Ukrainian journalist, political scientist, historian: biography, personal life

Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov - Ukrainian historian, an expert in the field of politics. How did he manage to make the way from a simple worker to a well-known journalist, with whose words are considered in the highest echelons of power? On the development of a career known political analyst and his personal life, read this article

Isabel Preisler - the social lady and loving mother

A dedicated wife and mother, an enterprising woman, a professional journalist, a social lady, a model and a philanthropist - and this is not the whole list of good qualities that characterize Isabel Preisler. In the Spanish press, she is better known as La Reina de Corazones (which means the Queen of Hearts)

The history of life and work Olesya Elderberry

The famous writer and journalist Oles Buzina was a representative of modern literature, acted as a literary critic and led the program on television. The prose writer went down in history by writing criticizing books about Taras Shevchenko and ridiculing the nationalism of Ukraine. Biographical information The writer was born in Kiev in 1969

Taratuta Mikhail, journalist: biography, family, career

Mikhail Taratuta, a journalist whose biography has been associated with the United States for many years, is considered a true symbol of perestroika. He embodied the hopes of the Russians to improve relations with the West, but they were not destined to come true. We will tell you about how Mikhail Taratuty’s life was shaped and what he does today.

German media: list, title, language and broadcast

The media is actively flooded the whole world. Every day we succumb to their influence, analyze, tell friends and acquaintances, draw certain conclusions and change our opinion. The system of imposing with the help of the media has become quite powerful since ancient times and to this day it has not lost its positions

Alexey Andronov. A few words about his life

The world of sports journalism is literally replete with good masters of their craft. However, as in any sphere of human activity, there are true professionals, it will be interesting to get acquainted with everyone. One of the persons deserving close attention of the public is Alexey Andronov. Some biographical facts The future master of Russian journalism, race car driver and television commentator was born in Moscow on August 21, 1975

The largest air crash in the world. The worst air crash in the world

Man has always dreamed of flying into the sky. Ancient Greek myths tell that Daedalus and his son Icarus flew into the sky with the help of wings, which were made of feathers, wax and thread. And the greatest scientist, inventor and artist Leonardo do Vinci once created sketches of an unusual aircraft

How to make a crossword yourself?

Today, hardly anyone remembers when exactly the crossword puzzle came to us from foggy England. Solving crosswords so firmly included in the circle of our hobbies that it is already difficult for us to imagine how to spend your leisure time on the road without this puzzle. Have you ever thought about how to make a crossword yourself and give it to your family and friends or put it on the Web

How Rovshan Lankaran was killed: details of the event

One of the most famous "authorities" of the Russian criminal world, who for several years now has been suspected of involvement, perhaps, in the loudest murder in the 21st century (this is about the reprisals against the patriarch of the post-Soviet mafia Aslan Usoyan - Grandfather Khasan), - Azerbaijani Rovshan Lenkoransky killed in Turkey

Mass media is the press, radio, television as a media

Mass media, mass media, and the media consumer have a great influence on the progressive information revolution. They also have a great influence on political life. It is the mass media, or the mass media, that contribute to the formation of public conclusions and views on the most significant political issues

UK media: history, development and current trends

Every person's life is closely connected with the media. If earlier these were print and radio publications, then recently more and more large and small enterprises prefer to deliver information via the Internet. Consider the features of the development and formation of the UK media, what types of publications exist at the moment, and also analyze the specifics of their work and possible development prospects

What is the media, their characteristics

Mass media are the channels for attracting people's attention. Through them, most sellers are trying to influence consumer preferences. What is the media? This television, press, radio, Internet and so on. Consider each of the species separately. The press is print. These include magazines, newspapers, directories, booklets, brochures, etc

Karma catches up instantly: a man kicked a dog and immediately regretted it (video)

There are many versions explaining everything that happens on Earth. One act entails some kind of event that can be regarded as an encouragement or punishment of higher powers. Or, as others believe, the so-called karma works. "The more I get to know people, the more I love dogs ..." This expression best suits the event captured on the video

Where and how to find a dead soldier in the Second World War?

The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 is a terrible grief, the wounds from which still bleed. In those terrible years, the total loss of life in our country is estimated at about 25 million people, with 11 million soldiers. Of these, approximately six million are “officially” killed. In this case, it is considered that it is somehow well known to relatives where their own people died and were buried. Al

Irina Petrovskaya: creative biography, civil position

Journalist Irina Petrovskaya constantly appears as an ordinary TV viewer, defending the right to acquire complete and impartial information. In publications, the television critic reveals new ideological trends in the broadcasting of central television channels. Creative way Irina graduated from Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov in 1982, specialization - TV

Essentukskaya panorama - interesting about the main thing

The socio-political city newspaper "Yessentukskaya panorama" is an information mirror of the life of the famous resort city. The newspaper has been published since 1992, and during its existence it has managed to firmly establish itself in the status of the main informer on events in the city and its surroundings

Mediamagnat Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich: biography, activities, photo

Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich - co-owner of Hearst Media. He owns 80% of the holding's assets in Russia, whose president he is. Glossy magazines, Internet portals and mobile applications made a businessman the most influential person in the country. He is better known to the philistine as the father-in-law of the most rated TV reporter for Channel One, Andrei Malakhov

All because of poverty? 15-year-old girl marries a 56-year-old man because she has no other chance of marriage

This girl, who will soon become a bride, is only 15 years old. Her wedding with a 56-year-old fiance is due to take place this year at Easter. A couple lives in Anambra, Nigeria. The girl comes from a poor family in the Ihiala community, the family cannot provide her with a decent education, and therefore the teenager had to drop out of school

How grandchildren saved a grandmother during a heart attack by performing resuscitation

Children tend to depend on the adults around them who care for them and help them navigate the world. Partly the joy of childhood lies in the fact that you can easily get lost in your own children's world, especially since the kids are there most of their time. However, this is not always the case

Pissed off at all: an old man with sophisticated revenge on the residents of the city, scratching their cars

Just imagine: in the morning you leave the house and notice that your car is scratched, and the door lock is clogged with toothpicks. Horrible! But residents of the Spanish city of Vigo have to deal with this every day. Blame it all - the terrible nature of the harmful retired grandfather. By the way, to eliminate a recidivist from the streets is not so easy

Svetlana Mironyuk: biography and career

Svetlana Mironyuk - a well-known personality in the journalistic environment of Russia. First of all, she remembered well all of her work at RIA Novosti, which she headed for eleven years in a row. In addition to national recognition, has many prestigious awards of both Russian and international standards

The woman gave birth to a 60 year old healthy child. Muscovite gave birth to 60 years (photo)

According to statistics from the Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, women mostly give birth at the age of 25-29 years, pregnancy after 45 years and generally considered a rarity. But just recently an amazing event happened in Russia: a woman gave birth at the age of 60. As you can see, there are exceptions to all the rules

Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin: biography and creativity

Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin - a figure very famous. He earned credibility for his biographical work and television projects. He has developed his own particular style of presenting historical facts and details of the lives of many prominent political figures. Many historians know his thoroughness in studying the material in the process of preparing books and TV shows

Bay leaf is a useful spice: cures cough, relieves pain and drives away cockroaches

This spice certainly has everyone in the kitchen. Bay leaf gives meat and vegetable dishes aroma and pleasant taste. And he can relieve headaches, cure coughs and even help expel annoying cockroaches. But even this does not end the benefit of the miracle spice. Not only spice With the help of bay leaf, they treat respiratory diseases, fight cholesterol, regulate high blood pressure, relieve stress and cure insomnia

Victor Shenderovich: a brief biography

One of the most prominent TV presenters and satirist writers in post-Soviet Russia is Viktor Shenderovich, whose biography is an example of a successful career as a representative of the Russian intelligentsia. Over the years, he managed to stay and theater actor, and critic, and columnist. Recently, Viktor Shenderovich focused on political activities, being one of the key persons of the Russian liberal opposition

A press tour is a PR event for media workers: goals and examples

The media is the surest and fastest way to disseminate information. The only question is how to attract the attention of all-powerful journalists to the company, product or service being advertised. There are various ways among which such phenomenon as a press tour is widespread. This is one of the most effective tricks that brings good results

"Daily Prophet": where are they reading and who are reading?

Each of us, if not read, then just heard about the exciting adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. Books by JK Rowling about the life of wizards from Hogwarts have always become bestsellers. In the world of wizards, like ordinary people, there were also periodicals. The most popular source of information was the Daily Prophet newspaper

What is the Pulitzer Prize and for what it is awarded. Famous Pulitzer Prize Winners

Today the Pulitzer Prize is one of the most famous and, as a result, the prestigious world awards in journalism, photojournalism, music, literature and theatrical art. It was approved on the seventeenth of August 1903 by Joseph Pulitzer, who was a well-known American publisher and journalist, whose name is still associated with the emergence of the yellow press genre

Media rating: news agencies, radio stations, TV channels and newspapers

One of the important indicators of the success of a magazine, newspaper, radio station or Internet portal is the citation rating. The value is calculated as the number of published links to the material of a particular publisher or TV channel on third-party resources (on social networks, blogs, forums, news and thematic sites) divided by the number of days in a month and rounded to hundreds

Journalist Alexander Prokhanov: biography, personal life, family

Alexander Prokhanov, whose biography is given in this article, is a well-known domestic writer, public and political figure. He is the chief editor and publisher of the newspaper "Tomorrow". Biography policy Alexander Prokhanov, whose biography you can read in this article, was born in Tbilisi in 1938

Vadim Karasev: life and political career of the Ukrainian political scientist

Karasev Vadim - a political scientist, author of many scientific articles and theses. Today he is one of the most famous Ukrainian scientists working in the field of politics. However, despite his popularity, many consider him a charlatan, since Karasev's predictions do not always coincide with reality

Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad. Berlin Bridge collapsed in Kaliningrad

Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad is not only a landmark, but also a piece of history. Unfortunately, it gradually becomes a thing of the past. One way or another, not all connoisseurs of antiquity are in favor of preserving the rarity trestle, because to spend long hours in traffic jams is an unpleasant pastime

How to submit an ad to the newspaper quickly and easily

Often there are situations when you need to place an ad in the newspaper. Regardless of the type of announcement, this should not arise if you don’t live in a very small village where there are no periodicals. And even in this case, you can go to a larger administrative unit, where newspapers are published.

TASS: Abbreviation

Consider whether the question is trivial: "How to decipher the abbreviation TASS?" What is an abbreviation? This term is derived from the Italian abbreviatura and the Latin brevis - short. In ancient books and manuscripts, abbreviations of words or their groups were so called. Today, an abbreviation is any abbreviation of words or their combinations

Yuri Zhukov, Soviet international journalist: biography, books, awards

Zhukov, Yuri Alexandrovich, is a well-known international journalist, a talented journalist and translator who was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor in Soviet times. In the terrible war years, he was always on the front, wrote his notes and essays. For his work, he was awarded medals and orders

Famous people who predicted their own deaths

To know the circumstances of his death is a rare gift, but bleak. They had legendary writers, musicians and singers. Someone described the finale of life in detail, others made only vague hints. Many performers were obsessed with death and left tragically young, not reaching the 30th anniversary. These stars anticipated their sad end - and their expectations were met

The story of Elena Suetina

The story of Elena Suetina "roars" in social networks for 5 years. Who is Elena and why does she need so many blood transfusions? Fatal october The family of Elena Alexandrovna Suetina was an ordinary Russian family, happy and beautiful. A woman and her husband raised a one-year-old daughter, rejoiced at her first successes and did not even think that happiness could end so quickly

Biography of Boris Polevoy, an outstanding journalist and prose writer

"The Russian man has always been a mystery to a foreigner, " - a line from the story about the legendary pilot Alexei Maresyev, which was written by Russian journalist and prose writer Boris Polevy in just 19 days. It was in those terrible days when he attended the Nuremberg trials. This is a story about a mysterious Russian soul, about the desire to live and survive in the most difficult conditions, without losing the strength of the spirit

Journalist is not just a profession, this is a vocation.

In the modern world, when everyone polls himself to be the most intelligent and knowledgeable in social, political, educational issues, being a journalist is quite difficult. But journalism has always been needed. A look into the past At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Russian journalism, although it existed, was not yet fully strengthened

Roman Vasilishin: biography and activities

Roman Vasilyshyn is a political scientist from Ukraine who is distinguished by his sharp anti-American views. As an analyst, he opposes the manifestations of globalization and gives tough assessments of the events taking place now in his homeland. In addition, he serves as the author of several books and is the editor of an analytical bulletin called “Control Shot”. Ro

Public resonance: a tool for manipulation

Recently, one can often hear that an event had a “wide public response”. However, everyone understands this expression in his own way, so we first deal with the theory. A bit of physics So what is resonance? From the point of view of the physics textbook for the 9th grade, everything is quite simple: this is a sharp increase in the amplitude of forced oscillations in the system. Th

Viktor Nikolaevich Baranets: who is he?

Viktor Nikolayevich Baranets today is a very significant military commentator in Russia. He was born in the Kharkiv region in 1946. Today he is a military journalist, writer and publicist, retired colonel. In 1965, he became a cadet in a tank regiment. So his fate is closely associated with the Armed Forces

Top 10 most unusual and amazing women in the world

Have you ever wondered what strange women are in this world? Some of them made some feats, others set world records or stunned by the whims of others. On the other hand, some of the fair sex just suffer from genetic disorders that separate them from the crowd and make them special. Regardless of the reason, few can deny that these unusual women defy the norm

Ernest Mackevicius. Persons of Russian television

Today it is impossible to imagine the channel "Russia", its entertainment, journalistic and news programs without the participation of this person. Ernest Mackevičius dedicated more than twenty years to working in television, his merits are marked by state awards. In 2008, he received the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, in 2010 and in 2013, thanks to the Government of the Russian Federation, and in 2014 he was awarded the Order of Friendship.

Alexander Nevzorov: biography and personal life of a journalist

Director, video blogger, reporter and TV host, publicist and journalist, TV host and State Duma deputy, participant in military conflicts and hippologist, politician and novice of the monastery. Who is the hero of this list that can go on and on? Speech about Alexander Nevzorov - a talented person with irrepressible energy and a thirst for justice

Newspaper genre: types and description

Journalism is a diverse activity that is reflected in the many genres used. The newspaper is the oldest type of media, therefore the genre journalism system was formed in newspaper journalism. Worked out the basic techniques and methods of conveying information to readers. Today, newspapers are changing, trying to keep up with the times

Andrey Karaulov: biography and personal life of the TV host

The hero of our material, Andrei Karaulov, whose biography arouses interest among a large number of viewers, began to engage in journalism immediately after serving in the army. Biography Facts Karaulov's hometown is Kaliningrad, situated near Moscow, now bearing the name of Korolev. Date of birth of Andrew - 1958

What is the output? Definition

Imprint in books and media plays the same role as a citizen's passport. Thanks to them, the reader can familiarize himself with the summary of the work, and the advertiser can see the print run of the print edition and, depending on this, calculate the effectiveness of the submitted ad. What is the output

Ronan Farrow: biography, career, scandalous details of birth

Ronan Farrow - the son of stellar parents, but he was able to achieve success in life only because of his talent, intelligence and charisma. This is a world-famous fighter for human rights, a successful lawyer, journalist, statesman. Only by his persistence and cognition to knowledge, he was able to prove to the whole world that success loves aspiring, stubbornly reaching the goal of his people

Ravreb Maxim: the cost of truth

Ravreb Maxim is a man about whom they talked and talk a lot. Being an excellent journalist and blogger, he gained the most popularity during the notorious Maidan in Kiev and the events that followed it. Dangerous for the time views and statements forced him to leave his native country and seek refuge in neighboring Russia

Aircraft accidents and incidents

Aircraft, although considered the safest mode of transport, accidents with aircraft have more tragic consequences. Such incidents are characterized by a large number of casualties, significant damage or destruction of the aircraft, public outcry and close media attention. Flight Accident Classification Aircraft accidents and incidents are classified according to several criteria

Chilingarova Xenia: the south and north poles of life

Kilingarova Ksenia was born in 1982 in Moscow. According to the girl, she grew up in a family of a real hero, because her father is the famous traveler Arthur Chilingarov, the hero of Russia, a famous polar explorer and organizer of many expeditions to the Arctic. About childhood and adolescence Chilingarova Ksenia says about his father that he is a real wizard

The life of foreign students in Russian dormitories: the investigation of a photographer from Tambov, which many did not like

About twenty years ago, foreign students began to come to Tambov to get a higher education. At first there were only a few of them, and they attracted a lot of attention. Over the course of 20 years, the number of students has increased significantly, and now about 2, 000 people from Africa and the Maghreb countries enroll at local universities every year

Journalism is ... History and the basics of journalism. Faculty of Journalism

The profession of a journalist can be obtained in a huge number of universities around the world. However, its specificity is learned precisely in practice, it is comprehended through experience. The choice of the university depends on which media area the applicant is going to study. There is such a job - to know about everything Is journalism a service or a vocation

A letter of appreciation to parents: the style and rules of writing

Moral values ​​and principles of a person largely depend on the atmosphere in the family in which he grew up. Therefore, it is sometimes important to write a letter of thanks to parents to encourage their efforts and instill hope that they are raising their child properly. They, too, want to realize that their work is appreciated! Em

Tabloid is a newspaper. How is it different from other publications?

Nowadays, you can often hear the word "tabloid." Many of us define it in our own way or have a concept far from reality about it. Everyone should get acquainted with it, especially those who decide to devote themselves to journalism. A tabloid is a newspaper that differs from its counterparts in a special type of layout

Dmitry Dzhangirov: activities, views, biography

The revolution not only brings problems to people, but also opens up new names. And even if the Ukrainian events are considered by many to be a coup, he gave a chance for fame to people revealing the essence of change, having their own opinion. Among them, Dmitry Dzhangirov - political scientist, speaker, leading their own programs

What is the most readable book in the world? Meet the three leaders!

In the era of high technology, despite the frantic pace of life, people continue to devote time to reading books. Whether it is a print edition or its electronic version, the content remains the same. Access to a huge number of books on the Internet makes it easy to find the right literature, and also gives us the ability to track with sufficiently high accuracy with the help of search engines what are the preferences of modern readers, in particular, what is the most read book in the world at the moment

Sergey Pashkov - Russian journalist

Sergey Pashkov - a talented Russian journalist, military special correspondent, owner of the TEFI-2007 statuette. Sergey Vadimovich is an extraordinary and many-sided personality. He is known not only in the journalistic environment. Pashkov worked as a presenter of the Vesti program, engaged in the production of films, developing a bard song and for many years covering Israel for the Russians

Konstantin Vybornov: biography, career, professional activity

Konstantin Vybornov - sports commentator. A native of Moscow. He is the son of a famous correspondent Yuri Vybornov. Mother of Konstantin - Elena Smirnova, philologist. Konstantin has been working in television from the beginning of his professional career until today. In addition, engaged in journalism

The nanny found a hidden camera in the bathroom and filed a police report

This nanny can not be intimidated - neither by a policeman, nor by a prosecutor, nor by a former judge. According to court records, twenty-three-year-old Vanessa Rivas found in the bathroom of the apartment of her superior - assistant of the district attorney of Manhattan, Lauren Zeltser - a hidden camera in January 2018

Journalist Eva Mercacheva: biography, personal life

This article is about the bright journalist of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, deputy chairman of the public monitoring commission Eva Merkacheva. She is known to many readers for materials covering the situation in Russian prisons and pre-trial detention centers. The materials published by her are always motivated by humanistic principles

What is an analytical article? Example, analysis, types. How to write an analytical article

An analytical article is a text that contains an analysis of the facts and conclusions regarding a particular topic. You could even say that this is a small study. If an informational article gives a general understanding of an event, things, then the analytic reveals those facts that were not previously known, makes a deeper analysis

Shindand, Afghanistan: hostilities, photo

What is the megalopolis of Shindand in Afghanistan? What military actions were carried out here? We will answer these and other questions in the article. Shindand is a city and center of Shindand County in the province of Garant, located in the Republic of Afghanistan. It was founded on the site of the Iranian medieval city Sabzevar

Alexander Kruglov: biography and creativity of the writer

On the wave of revolutionary sentiments of the second half of the XIX century, a prominent place in literature was occupied by works whose authors are little known. Partly because many of them were not democrats, but, nevertheless, their work carried in itself educational ideals. Among them stands out the name of the Russian writer, poet, publisher and journalist Kruglov Alexander Vasilyevich

Komarov Dmitry Konstantinovich, journalist: biography, personal life, career

Dmitry Komarov is a well-known TV journalist, photo reporter and TV host on the Ukrainian and Russian channels. You can watch Dmitri's work in his extreme inside-the-world TV show. This is a TV program about traveling around the world, which is broadcast on the channels 1 + 1 and Friday. Dmitry Komarov - Honored Winner of the Viva

Sergey Korzun - a journalist who is used to telling the truth

Sergey L. Korzun - famous Russian journalist, writer and public figure. Many know him as the founding father of the radio station Ekho Moskvy. In addition, Sergey Lvovich is a respected professor and teacher at the department of media and communications at the Higher School of Economics. Sergey Korzun: a biography of his early years The future journalist was born on February 14, 1956 in Moscow

Victoria Vantoch - famous American writer

When the name of Victoria Vantoch is given in Russian-language publications, it is invariably mentioned in the context of information about her spouse, the popular film actor Misha Collins. In America, this woman is known primarily as the author of two popular books on sexuality and gender relations

Plane crash over Lake Constance: the list of the dead, photo

The crash over Lake Constance, which occurred in 2002, is a tragedy that took the lives of one hundred and forty people. The largest collision of two airplanes in the air occurred due to the error of the dispatcher, whose life soon also ended. TU-154 The Russian aircraft belonged to the Bashkir Airlines

Pros and cons of the media as the fourth power

Nowadays television is the main source of news. Many may argue and argue their arguments in favor of the World Wide Web, but here you can argue. Still, the news television broadcasts from the screens more impressive audience. However, the line of news on TV is served rather poorly: briefly, succinctly, mostly just facts

Secrets of the deep sea. "Titanic", Bermuda Triangle

Water is the most common substance on Earth, occupying more than a third of the entire surface of our planet. The variety of shapes and sizes of this life-giving force is amazing. Water is omnipresent, it is present in all living organisms and fills the numerous hollows of the world. Meanwhile, for the modern person, the water element remains one of the greatest mysteries in the world, since people have studied only 5% of the oceans

Daria Aslamova. Biography, creative successes

The first Russian woman is a war correspondent. From the very beginning of her career, the young writer almost instantly gained many opponents and no fewer fans. Daria Aslamova. Biography Daria was born on September 8, 1969 in the city of Khabarovsk. Mikhail Feofanovich Aslamov (father) - the famous Khabarovsk poet

Sports journalist Andrei Malosolov

Future journalist and public figure Andrei Malosolov was born in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Year of birth - 1973. The love of football came to him in his youth. Already in 1987 he joined the subculture, which consisted of football fans - ardent fans of CSKA. Andrey Malosolov: the biography of a talented person Andrei’s life is interesting in that he, at the age of 14, traveled throughout the country, trying to attend all the matches of his favorite team.

Olga Radievskaya: biography of Sergey Mironov's wife

One of the most charismatic politicians, Sergey Mironov, takes an active part in the political life of the Russian state. He is the leader of the Just Russia party faction in the State Duma. A few months ago, the politician celebrated his 64-year-old birthday. In 2013, his wife was Olga Radievskaya, with whom he is happily married to the present

How to interview

How to interview and can this be learned? Well, let's start with the fact that you can learn almost anything in this life. Of course, in the interview, in fact, nothing complicated. It is only important to prepare properly. A curious fact is that the question "how to interview" really interests many

Examples of objective information and biased

Information surrounds us everywhere. It is presented in different forms, obtained from a variety of sources and serves a variety of purposes. Information exchange is needed by society for education and management. Information as the most important component of modern life has certain properties that characterize it from the qualitative side

The concept, functions, types of media and their characteristics

Now the entire population of our planet spends quite a lot of time tracking news. After all, to be aware of everything is to be an advanced person. But does everyone have an idea of ​​what the media is? Media concept The media are the means by which information is distributed today. They are characterized by several properties: Directional impact on the masses. Cl

Photos illustrating why women live longer than men

Men were always considered stronger than girls, but they generally lived less. To this day, this trend has continued. Women are experiencing the “strong” half of society as a whole. And some are trying to understand why this is happening. Biological reasons for the survival of girls can be listed indefinitely. Bu

Dodolev Evgeny Yuryevich, journalist: biography, personal life, books

Yevgeny Yuryevich Dodolev was born on June 11, 1957 in the city of Moscow and already from school age got into the team of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, in which at that time his father worked - the famous writer Yury Dodolev. The future journalist’s mother taught mathematics at the Moscow Aviation Institute.