The smallest girl in the world - primordial dwarfism

The smallest girl in the world, Charlotte Garside, was born 6 years ago in England. Charlotte became famous because of her illness. When her mother, Emma Garside, was pregnant, doctors diagnosed fetal dwarfism in the fetus, and the girl was born with a weight of 800 grams and 20 centimeters tall. Charlotte Garside was so tiny that she was placed in the palm of the doctor who took birth

Shahri Amirkhanova: biography, personal life, career

Shakhri Khizrievna Amirkhanova - one of the four granddaughters of the Soviet poet Rasul Gamzatov. Became known for hard work, not family ties. Despite the exotic Dagestan name and surname, Shahri was born and raised in Moscow. The first attempts to gain independence were undertaken by a girl at 13 years old

Content analysis of the text. Method and its description

Content analysis is necessary in order to reveal certain tendencies and facts of interest to the reader in the content of the documents. Studying the content of documents in their social context, the analysis can be of different directions (political, analysis of periodicals, survey results) and can be used in any areas of public activity as the main method of research

Marina Litvinovich, a political scientist and journalist. Biography, professional activities

Litvinovich Alekseevna Marina, Russian journalist, public figure, human rights activist - an example of women of the new time. She understands the Internet, masterfully conducts political activities, organizes investigative journalism, but Litvinovich has realized herself as a wife and mother, she looks great and finds time for a hobby

Tips from the death letter of a young girl who will change your life

Not enough money, boring work, complicated relationships ... Unsatisfied with real life, you may spend precious hours and minutes self-affirming on the Internet. Sometimes each of us feels that something is missing, but perhaps all we need is a small push to finally start enjoying life. Holly butcher “If something makes you unhappy, you have the power to change it, it’s not so important whether it’s work or love, or whatever. Have

Journalism as a profession. Key Features

In the recent past, young people from secondary school were attracted by the creative work of artists and singers; at present, talented young people are more realistic: in addition to the desire to express themselves, everyone wants to get big money for the opportunity to become famous throughout the world

US media: press, television, radio, internet, news agencies

Today, a person has a choice: watch TV, read a newspaper or surf the tape on a social network to get the first news. Wherever people are, even on the road, they can always hear the latest news from the radio news. It is good, you say. And how did it all develop? After all, a hundred years ago the telephone did not exist, and the sending of telegrams and letters by means of servants and pigeons was actual

How to write a motivational essay?

If you decide to go to work in a serious organization or enroll in a prestigious educational institution, you will need not only a resume, but also a motivational essay. This addition is obligatory and should contain an explanation of why you will be the best candidate, and also reflect your aspirations and motives that prompted you to declare yourself

State information resources: basic concepts, formation and provision

Modern society is called informational. This is due to the fact that various news and information are relevant goods in the markets. In all areas, information is of particular importance, special systems are created for its collection, storage and processing. The state is one of the largest producers and at the same time a consumer of this database

Elizaveta Listova: biography, family, activity

Listova Elizaveta Leonidovna - famous Russian TV host and journalist. For most viewers, she is familiar with the programs of the NTV, Russia, TV-6 and TVS channels. Having worked on television for more than two decades, Listova does not stop improving her professional skills and regularly releases new projects on the air

The information revolution - what is this process, what is its role?

Nowadays, one can often hear discourses about the information society and the so-called information revolution. Interest in this topic is due to significant changes that occur almost daily in the lives of every person and the world community as a whole. What is the information revolution? In the process of the development of human civilization, several informational revolutions took place, as a result of which qualitative changes took place in the society, contributing to the improvement of people's living standards and culture

Is a pregnant man true or fiction?

On June 29, 2008, a sensational message spread through the news sites - Thomas Beaty, known as the first pregnant man in the world, fathered a girl through a caesarean section. Four weeks before this event, Thomas agreed to take part in a naked photo shoot. Then he and his wife Nancy gave an exclusive interview to the magazine “News of the World”. Th

How did the Sicilian crime bosses appear?

The criminal authorities of Sicily in the XIX century were sure that everything could be achieved with a kind word if you hold a pistol in your hands. The evil irony reflects the essence of the ugly phenomenon that originated on the island after long, plundering and robbery by the inhabitants of the island by their neighbors

Life after death ... Stories of surviving clinical death

There is no such person born on the planet who can calmly relate to death. Such thoughts cause fear to more than half of humanity. What is the reason for fear? Disease, poverty, stress, difficulties do not frighten us, but why does death make us afraid, and human stories that survived clinical death lead to a shiver

Placement in Russia. Impressions of a British photographer who visited the 2018 World Cup

How do foreigners see us? See this selection of photos. They were made by the British press photographer Peter Dench, when he visited Russia to watch the World Cup. Below are photos of Dench, as well as some of the photographer’s comments on his pictures. Several frames and comments Russian cheerleader.

How is the world record for breath holding? Guinness record for holding your breath

Scientists have long established that the human body can do without food from fifty to seventy days, and without water you can live up to ten days. But the most important for life support is the need for breathing. Without oxygen, the body will last only a few minutes. Recently, it has become a popular tendency to set various records and achievements in many areas of activity

The most famous people of Russia

The history of a great country is unthinkable without many people. All over the world, Russia is famous not only for its vast territories, mineral deposits and the cleanest lake, but also for its abundance of scientists, artists, actors and musicians. In each generation, like rare golden grains, washed out of the sand, there remain famous people of Russia

Paparazzi are sensation hunters.

If you are a celebrity, then your unwanted companions will surely become paparazzi. These are freelance journalists who earn money by selling screenshots of screen stars, politics, sports and other spheres of life, whose heroes are of great interest to the public. Forget about ethics The meaning of the word "paparazzi" is invariably colored by negative semantics, since the way that tireless photographers use is tactless and immoral

Record Nurburgring. 5 fastest Nürburgring machines

For many, the Nurburgring is not just a small village, but the eponymous name for a race track located in Germany. It was created and almost simultaneously tested by the racers of the universal German autoclub in 1927. At the moment, the track is an excellent sports base for pilots in the GP2 and DTM categories

Lemesheva Maria Nikolaevna - creative, extraordinary personality

Lemesheva Maria Nikolaevna - a person quite famous in television circles. She leads programs on television, is engaged in journalism, is the editorial director and chief editor of the Russian version of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Lemesheva Maria Nikolaevna. Biography: the beginning of the journey Maria is a native Muscovite

Golovanov Andrei Aleksandrovich: life path and opinion about the profession of sports commentator

Andrei Aleksandrovich Golovanov is a famous Russian sports commentator. Many people know him as a leading reviewer of NHL matches at Eurosport 1. In addition, Andrei Golovanov’s voice was repeatedly heard from TV speakers during live broadcasts of the last Olympic Games and some football matches. The beginning of the way Profession journalist Golovanov Andrei Alexandrovich mastered at Moscow State University.

Vitya Katz: cause of death established?

On June 11, 2014, a 3-year-old boy disappeared in the village of Lipovsky (Turinsky District, Sverdlovsk Region), named Vitya Katz. Turinsk is a small town, and the village of Lipovskoye is even smaller, but it took the police 7 days to search. The boy was found dead two kilometers from the house. Will the killer be punished

The groom ran away from the wedding ceremony and became a real hero.

Young people Cindy and Zack have planned a wedding ceremony on the ocean. Indeed, it is very romantic and will be remembered for a lifetime. When the young people were photographed against the backdrop of impressive landscapes, an unfamiliar woman approached them and began to ask for help. Ran off the wedding It turned out that nearby a teenager was carried away into the open ocean and he could not get to the shore at all

Terrorist attacks in Moscow, 1999

Unfortunately, in the modern world the threat of terrorism is gaining enormous proportions. Russia, like a number of foreign countries, has directly addressed this issue. Today, kidnapping, hijacking of aircraft, explosions in public places are not uncommon. At the same time, terrorists, as a rule, justify their actions with religious dogmas, which they interpret in order to please their personal interests

Lauren Sanchez - Fox's talented host

Wendy Loren Sanchez is a journalist for one of the most famous American television channels Fox. Some consider her to be a very ordinary person, since she has not been able to ignite her fame star in her long career as a reporter. But the truth is that, even without universal acceptance, Lauren Sanchez is a very influential person on American television

Grandma is in a hurry: in Taiwan, a woman almost fell under the high-speed train (video)

The security cameras of the checkpoint in Hsinchu (Taiwan, China) recorded the miraculous rescue of an elderly woman. She decided to cross the railway, even though the barriers were lowered, the warning signal and traffic lights. The woman managed to get through the danger zone, but after a fraction of a second, the train passed at high speed

Where to look for missing in the Second World War 1941-1945? Search for missing in the Great Patriotic War by last name

“Missing the Missile” - many people received notices with such a phrase during the war years. There were millions of them, and the fate of these defenders of the Motherland remained unknown for a long time. In most cases, it remains unknown today, but there is still some progress in clarifying the circumstances of the disappearance of soldiers. Se

Yacht Patriarch Cyril. Where did Patriarch Kirill have a yacht? What does the Russian Orthodox Church say about the personal yacht of Patriarch Cyril?

Luxury transport always causes envy and unreasonable conversations. Especially when it comes to ministers of the church. Here and the yacht of Patriarch Cyril in 2011 caused a lot of noise. The most beautiful yacht in Russia It is impossible to forbid billionaires to spend their money on luxury ships and stylish sea yachts

The incredible story of the brave little Charlotte Garside

When you are expecting a baby, of course, you hope that the birth will be good, and the baby will be born strong and healthy. But life is arranged in such a way that our expectations do not always correspond to reality. And in some families, children are born with pathologies. But they do not give up and try to make the life of their child happy

Daniel Dondurey: biography, photo, family

Daniel Borisovich Dondurey is a film critic. This is a man who has been analyzing the essence of the film process for decades. A person who is able to accurately analyze films and honestly express his position has proved the need for the profession of “film expert”. And deservedly he is recognized as one of the most respected experts in this field. Do

Journalist Oleg Kashin: biography, activity

Oleg Kashin was born in Kaliningrad in 1980, June 17th. This is a famous political journalist and writer. People who are fond of journalism, definitely know this person. He has a rather interesting biography, full of interesting facts. Well, this person should be told in more detail. Start Oleg Kashin has a higher education - in 2003 he graduated from the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet

Journalist Irina Aroyan: biography, photo and interesting facts

Fame came to the journalist "Gazeta Dona" after the May 2004 press conference in the hotel "Rostov" Philip Kirkorov and Anastasia Stotskaya. The cameras were captured by a scandalous dialogue, in which Philip Kirkorov and Irina Haroyan became participants - a “pink blouse” (the photo is presented in the article). Ha

Biography of journalist Sergey Dorenko

Known scandalous Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko has extensive experience in the media space. During his career, he collaborated with several television channels, did not stint on loud statements, for which he paid his dismissal from ORT, was engaged in social and political activities as a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and received management experience in the TV-6 channel management

Artificial intelligence successfully learns the art of persuasion.

IBM Research has created an artificial intelligence system that can analyze 300 million articles, records on a given topic and create a compelling speech about it. A man who reads twenty-four hours a day will need about 2, 000 years to get through the same material. The IBM Project Debater does this in 10 minutes

Article analysis: procedure, application

Any article (scientific, news, narrative) must meet certain requirements, otherwise it would be difficult to read and extremely interesting. Therefore, it would be helpful for authors to analyze the article before publishing it. Moreover, if the article is not submitted to the editor for review, and, bypassing this stage, it is immediately sent to the reader

Deadly accident in Zimbabwe: what really happened?

Regular bus ride can end badly. Take a close look at your fellow travelers, because one of them may carry a fire hazardous item with them without thinking about the safety of other people. It was such a sad event that happened in Zimbabwe. The accident claimed the lives of 42 people, about 20 more passengers are in the hospital with various burns and injuries

Landing of the Tu-124 on the Neva (August 1963rd). Emergency landing of the aircraft on the water

The landing of the Tu-124 on the Neva River was one of the first cases of the successful landing of a passenger plane. The crew at the cost of incredible efforts managed to land the plane in the very center of Leningrad. The catastrophe was avoided, no one was hurt. Circumstances of the accident On August 21, 1963, the Tu-124 passenger airliner of the Aeroflot company was preparing to make the regular regular flight Tallinn-Moscow

Flight recorders: device, location on the plane, photo

Flight recorders are devices designed to maintain flight characteristics and negotiations in the cockpit. The device is an electronic unit that records on digital media. The system is reliably protected by a hermetic metal housing. Flight recorders are able to be sufficient time in the most adverse conditions

Political commentator and journalist Valentin Zorin: biography

Valentin Zorin is the master of political journalism. He was a publicist, international political observer, author and TV and radio host, American historian, author of many books. For more than a quarter of a century from the TV screen, he talked about the situation in the world, interviewed the first persons of the states, his opinion and estimates were trusted by millions of viewers

Yuri Dud: biography and personal life of a journalist

Recently, many Internet users are interested in the biography of Yuri Dudi. This is not surprising: this guy managed in a short period of time to become one of the most top video runners of the Russian Internet, with millions of people watching each video. It should immediately be said that it is rather difficult to find any information related to the biography of Yuri Dudi, since he tries not to speak about his personal life once again

Disabled cyclist defies the desert at the International Cycling Competition in Wuhai

The city of Wuhai in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia is a city of great beauty and contrasts, where the majestic sand dunes of the desert are replaced by the boiling waterfalls of the Yellow River. But for one person, the desert of Ulan-Bukh will become an arena in which he will throw an important challenge to his own capabilities

Alexander Zubchenko - famous Ukrainian journalist with a capital letter

Alexander Zubchenko is famous for his wit and wit. Writes articles on various topics. But his main fad is domestic and foreign policy. He is worried about everything that concerns his native Ukraine and relations with the aggressor Russia. He writes a lot about the fighting in Ukraine, about the bombings in Lviv, about the Crimea and so on

Anders Breivik: biography and life in prison

The name Anders Breivik is surely known to everyone around the world. That is the name of the Norwegian terrorist, who, without batting an eye, became the murderer of 77 people, more than 150 people were injured of varying severity. At the same time, a forensic medical examination did not recognize him as insane

Biography and personal life of Ksenia Basilashvili

Many do not like journalists. Why? Because they climb into someone else's life? But, to some extent, it is thanks to them that people become popular. In this article we will tell about the journalist Ksenia Basilashvili. Childhood Ksenia was born in St. Petersburg in 1973 on June 4th. She was a late child, her dad at the time was already over forty

"And the water is warm!" Brave Santas made a swim in Baikal (video)

The subzero temperature never frightened the team of hardy Russian swimmers from Irkutsk. They are convinced that bathing in icy water helps maintain optimism and a positive outlook on life. Therefore, this year the "walruses" put on festive outfits for a swim in the rather cold waters of Baikal

The main achievement of Russia. Great scientific and technical achievements of Russia

Today we live in a world where there is practically everything that a person can wish for. But it was not always so. Humanity has long and painstakingly created such conditions. It is difficult to imagine that people used to do without the modern benefits of civilization. Russia is certainly the engine of progress

War correspondents are the bravest people

The correspondent is a multifaceted and quite interesting profession. A person who wants to do this business should be able to quickly collect information, analyze and correctly identify the main idea. In addition, it should be interesting to many. There are war correspondents - these are people who collect information in hot spots

Matilda Brain: biography and photos

Today, she is known not only as the spouse of the king of the scandal and outrageous Sergey Shnurov. Matilda Brain has already managed to establish herself as a successful business woman, a beautiful and stylish woman who does not deny herself the pleasure to buy exclusive designer clothes in fashion boutiques

Russian journalist and TV host Artem Sheinin: biography, personal life

Today, Russian television is literally replete with numerous popular shows devoted to political debates. Among these varieties, the program that regularly aired on the First Channel stands apart. Her almost permanent leader is Artyom Sheinin, whose biography will be discussed in detail in this article

Vyacheslav Kostikov: a man of interesting fate

The fate of a person is determined by the makings and abilities of the individual. Even if the wrong choice is made, sooner or later a person enters the life line that was originally laid. Kostikov Vyacheslav Vasilyevich - statesman, diplomat, journalist and writer, one of those people whose lives are striking in their unpredictability and saturation

Interviewer - who is it? Let's see

When we hear about the results of opinion polls on TV, the question often arises: “Interviewer - who is this?” Let's look at the terminology. Interviewers in sociology call people who interview respondents or interview other people who fall into a particular sample. At the same time, not the entire population is polled, but only those categories of citizens who meet certain criteria. Th

Review of the article: an example of writing and drafting rules

Now a lot of people are faced with the problem of writing reviews. Especially often this need arises from students and researchers. Often reviews are confused with reviews. This is a big mistake, since these two forms of expressing opinions on any kind of work have fundamental differences. Ignorance of these nuances is fraught with the manifestation of ignorance and illiteracy on the part of the author

Journalist Andrei Arkhangelsky: career, biography

Scientific journalism has not yet come to a unanimous opinion about whether a column is a full-fledged genre, but one thing it confirms unanimously: in order to write to an author's column, one must be an educated, creative and multifaceted person. Such is the Russian journalist and columnist of the newspaper Vzglyad

Odessa Refinery: history of development and failure

The Odessa Refinery (Refinery) has been operating since 1938. When the war began, the power plant moved to the city of Syzran. After a time, in 1949, it was recreated in the same place. Subsequently, it was repeatedly equipped with new equipment, reinforced sewage treatment plants, as industrial waste at that time was poured into the Black Sea (until the 70s of the 20th century), modernized, increased capacity, and, accordingly, expanded production

Vladislav Flyarkovsky - a talented journalist and broadcaster

Vladislav Flyarkovsky is a Russian journalist and broadcaster. The head of the studio "News" on the TV channel "Culture". Voice "Radio Lighthouse". This article will describe the brief biography of the presenter. Study and Service Vladislav Flyarkovsky (see photo below) was born in the town of October, in the Bashkir Republic, in 1958

Mikhail Zygar ': biography and interesting facts of life.

Mikhail Zygar ... This name is well known to those who are used to "keeping abreast". In a relatively short period of time, he managed to prove himself as an unsurpassed journalist, a good writer, and an editor in charge of one of the Russian TV channels. How did he achieve this, and how much effort did he put into his dream

Maria Shriver: Biography of a Journalist

Journalism ... How many famous people work and have worked before in this area ... And after all, we can talk not only about the USSR, Russia or other countries of the post-Soviet space, but also about America. Maria Shriver is a journalist whose news programs are known all over the world. Mary's childhood and youth She was born on November 6, 1955 in the city of Chicago

Russian correspondent Felgengauer Tatyana Vladimirovna: biography, creativity and interesting facts

Tatyana Vladimirovna Felgengauer - a child of Russian journalism, a well-known correspondent, deputy. editor-in-chief and a bright presenter on Ekho Moskvy radio station. She is the stepdaughter of a Russian biologist, military observer and journalist Pavel Evgenievich Felgengauer. Life and work She was born in far Tashkent on January 6, 1985

Details about where did Zakhar go with "Avtoradio"

For some time now, many compatriots have been interested in the question: “Where did Zakhar go with Avtoradio?” This is a leading radio station that has been on the air since 1993. Zakhar, one of the founders of Avtoradio, Mikhail Lvovich Zakharov and a popular character of the show Murzilki International. ”

The newspaper "Capital Fair" (Zelenograd) is pleased to offer you new opportunities

It is no secret that in any city there are print publications that publish various advertisements. One of these publications is the newspaper ad "Capital Fair". Zelenograd has been producing it since 1992. During this time, it has become the most popular print publication in the advertising field

"50 first kisses" in real life. Every morning he makes her fall in love with him again

Do you think that only in films can boundless love, able to endure all the problems and problems? You are deeply mistaken! In real life it happens and not so! A touching and striking love story between sick amnesia, whose morning begins like a “clean slate”, and a faithful young man who proves her love and does everything to make her fall in love with him every day touched the hearts of millions of people in Japan. Th

The most interesting facts about women

It is believed that women and men think in completely different ways. And this is absolutely true: with the daily calm rhythm of the thinking process, we use different parts of the brain. The differences do not end there, and interesting facts about women can be found in almost all areas of our life

"Test call", NTV: how to apply, write?

It is said that in order for a man to show his real face, he must be given at least a little power. In reality, it turns out. Often, the city officials and representatives of various departments, including utilities, triggered the so-called watchman syndrome. Therefore, there is a gross violation of the rights of consumers, the civil code and the rights of the inhabitants of Russia

Maxim Shevchenko: a brief biography

Even among critics, Maxim Leonardovich Shevchenko is considered one of the most sought-after journalists in the media space of Russia. He is not afraid to raise sharp questions. The journalist is the author of the program on the channel "NTV" and broadcast on the radio station "Echo of Moscow"

Is an obituary a sign of a person’s life?

Half a century and a century ago the word "obituary" and its meaning were known to all. Now, only a few remember or know what it is. The concept of obituary and its history The concept of "obituary" (from the Greek. "Dead word") came to us from those times when journalism was in its infancy, and the art of literature was incredibly popular and in demand

Ilya Dyer: biography and photo

Ilya Krasilshchik is an experienced publisher of the relatively young Internet resource "Medusa". Today it is a successful and cheerful person, whose career path was far from simple and smooth. In more detail about his rise on the career ladder, interesting fate, hobbies and life priorities, we will describe further

Latynina Julia: a journalist with a personal point of view

Very little is known about the life of Yulia Latynina - it is a taboo for everyone. By the way, the writer agrees to an interview only under one main condition - questions about his personal life are prohibited. Although, of course, it would be interesting for many to find out how clever and intelligent Yulia Latynina builds her relationship with the opposite sex

In California, the plane crashed into a house, five people died

The twin-engine plane fell apart and caught fire in the middle of the flight, before crashing in Yorbe-Linda, a suburb of Los Angeles. The first warning signs appeared just a few minutes after take-off from the local airport, about 32 km south-east of the village. The number of victims has not yet been determined

Viktor Baranets: a brief biography of a military journalist

Viktor Baranets is a respected Russian journalist, journalist and writer. He gained his fame thanks to numerous articles and books written on military subjects. In addition, the writer often appears with a speech at the military-political meetings, as he is the confidant of Vladimir Putin. Viktor Baranets: a biography of his early years and military career Victor was in the army at the age of 19, becoming a cadet in a tank regiment

Vasily Utkin - sports commentator and shocking showman

Who is Vasily Utkin, many people know. Some will recognize his voice while watching a football match, others look forward to the release of the program, in which this journalist will take part. There are also those viewers who frankly do not like him for his sharpness and unrestrained remarks during an interview

A man who survived the Holocaust told how he survived

January 27 is the day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and the day of sorrow for 6 million Jews who were systematically killed by the Nazis in the name of racial hatred and prejudice. Almost 74 years ago, World War II ended. Many of those who survived the Holocaust have already passed away

Infotainment is: the meaning of the concept, the scope of application

The modern world is saturated with various kinds of information that is not always easy for the general public to perceive. Journalists are constantly looking for such ways of presenting material in order to interest the masses. Recently, in the media sphere, more and more often, they use the methods of infotainment

Interesting facts about Lewis Carroll that are not told at school

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, was a versatile gifted person. Many researchers of his life and work called him a Renaissance man, mistakenly born in the Victorian era. He was a satirist, an experienced mathematician, poet, inventor, philosopher and one of the first photographers

Natalya Estemirova: biography, personal life, family, photo

Natalya Estemirova is a well-known domestic human rights activist and journalist. She was an employee of the Memorial Human Rights Center branch in the Chechen Republic. In 2009 she was abducted near her home in the Chechen capital and killed. Her body was found near the federal road known as the Caucasus

Who are the columnists and what is their job

Who are the columnists? The answer to this question is known to few people. However, it should be noted that without them there wouldn’t be something the modern man can rarely do without - the press. Definition of term So, the first thing to be done is to define who the columnists are. These are the workers of the printed press, who are the authors of their own column (section or heading).

Economic news of Khabarovsk

One of the main economic news of Khabarovsk in April was the signing of a protocol of joint activities between the regional government and the Amur region. Thus, the previously signed interregional cooperation agreement (valid until 2015) was supplemented. As before, the main focus of the protocol and the agreement was on trade relations - the regions are permanent and key trading partners for each other; the turnover over the past few years, on average, is about 10 billion rubles of positive dynamics annually

Famous journalist Andrei Ivanovich Kolesnikov

Andrei Ivanovich Kolesnikov is a journalist whose biography raises many questions from the public, with all his publicity he is a rather closed person. He believes that his private life should not interest anyone, but people want to know the details of his professional and personal path. early years Andrei Ivanovich Kolesnikov was born on August 8, 1966, not far from Rostov, in the village of Semibratovo, on the banks of the Ustye River

Layout of newspapers and magazines. How to make up a newspaper

The number of sections and headings, speaking in professional language, is the composition of the number — this is the foundation that underlies the development of the corporate identity and guarantees the publication of recognition among the broad masses. Layout of newspapers and magazines is an integral part of the production process.

Solomon Haykin - Internet ghost

A simple man in the street, every day looking at 21.00 news and "Good night, kids", it may seem that in our country there are absolutely no major and cruel political clashes. Nobody has been fighting for a long time in the State Duma, everything is also relatively calm on the street, it seems that the ruling power is an established and unshakable memorial

How many Russians in the world: numbers, facts, comparisons

On the question of how many Russians live in the world, there is no exact answer, but approximate data are available: 127, 000, 000 people, of which the majority live in the Russian Federation - 86%. The rest of the world accounts for 14% of Russians. The countries in which Russians are the largest number are called Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Vladimir Varfolomeev: "I present the main news"

Analytical mind, erudition, emotional intelligence, instant reaction to changes, curiosity, logic, stable morality and excellent spoken language. This is the minimum requirements for the profession of journalist news service. Vladimir Varfolomeev corresponds to this rare set of qualities for one hundred percent

Journal "Ethnographic Review": content, history, editors-in-chief

Ethnographic Review is included in the list of leading Russian magazines on social anthropology and ethnography. It is issued once every two months. In this article we will look at the history of creation, subsections and achievements of the journal in detail. Journal Information The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Sergey Sokolovsky

How to make a newspaper? The main stages of work. Newspaper publishing software

In the field of information dissemination sources, print publications are in one of the dominant positions. In the last decade, there has been a steady tendency to reduce the number of ordinary newspapers and increase their electronic counterparts. However, now there are many who want to buy printed materials for information

Types of interviews

Any conversation - an exchange of views. The interlocutors are in equal positions. But an interview called the exchange of opinions would not be entirely true, because it is - getting information. The journalist aims to get information, so discussions are often unacceptable. In journalism, the types of interviews can be viewed in different ways

Report - what is it?

The genre report is extremely popular in the Russian and foreign press from time immemorial. No self-respecting publication can do without it, because the report opens up many informational and descriptive possibilities for a journalist who help convey to the reader the maximum amount of information about any actual event of social reality

India made the longest dosu in the world with a filling (video)

The world record was recently set in Chennai - an Indian city on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai - a city known for its rich local culture and colorful landscapes, today ranks 13th in the world clean rating. However, this time they decided to surprise here not with purity, but with a new world record

In 2015, a video with a performance of a homeless musician with a unique talent was posted on YouTube. Since then, his life and appearance have changed drastically.

A native of Michigan, Donald Gould, who is a veteran of the army of the United States of America, turned out to be a useless street vagrant in his 50 years. A man literally lost everything: family, savings and a roof over his head. However, his life changed dramatically when a video appeared on the Internet, on which he masterly plays the piano

Famous journalists. Union of Journalists of Russia

Media representatives have long occupied a dominant place in the management of public opinion, deservedly receiving the unofficial status of the “fourth estate”. These are people who keep abreast of all significant events and shape our vision of this world. Profession Journalist In the field of mass communications, there are many branches. Jo

The results of the work of the police and the incident in Kazan

Over the past day in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, there have been many accidents involving injured people, as well as criminal proceedings have been initiated regarding previously committed crimes. The incidents in Kazan were of diverse nature, but it is worthwhile to dwell separately on some of them

"Advances in Physical Sciences" - the best review and critical scientific journal

The scientific journal "Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk" is a periodic monthly publication. Included in the list of scientific journals, published monthly, VAK. “Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk” is considered the most cited edition of the Russian scientific periodicals today Story The first volume of the journal was published in 1918. Th

In 2018, in New York, a ban on travel on the subway with large dogs was introduced. Residents of the city have found an original way to follow the rules.

A year ago, the Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York imposed a ban: "no" to big dogs on the subway. In the subway it became possible to carry only small, "pocket" size dogs. In other words, only animals were allowed in bags. What the law says This decision caused a lot of discussion among the inhabitants of the Big Apple

Julian Assange (Julian Assange), the founder of "WikiLeaks". Where is Julian Assange now?

Australian TV host and Internet journalist Julian Assange (photo) is a vivid example of an individual who is not indifferent to the fate of humanity. He was one of the first brave souls who made information about top-secret materials accessible to the people, spoke in detail about the spy scandals and war crimes of the great powers of the world, and made public numerous cases of corruption in the upper layers of power

The plane landed in 37 years: the mystery of flight 914 is revealed

An incredible event, the reality of which it is impossible to believe, occurred in South America. It is reported that in 1992, in the capital airport of the Republic of Venezuela, the plane landed 37 years after its disappearance in the skies over the United States of America. History of events The passenger airliner that made a flight from New York to Miami in July 1955 unexpectedly disappeared from radar

Russian publicist Ruslan Ustrakhanov: biography

Ruslan Ustrakhanov, whose biography recalls the life of a special agent from popular militants with a famously twisted plot, is a former colonel of the Interior Ministry. This man has been in the Scandinavian countries for a long time, since Russia was allegedly accused of espionage and collaboration with the Norwegian intelligence agency

Sungorkin Vladimir Nikolaevich: biography and career

Vladimir Nikolaevich Sungorkin - professional journalist. He began working in newspapers from Soviet times. Chief editor of the newspaper "KP" and the general director of the closed joint-stock company "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Founder of the eponymous publishing house. Vladimir Sungorkin is in the TOP-5 of the most influential media managers of our country, according to the publications of the Career and New Look publications

Sergey Aksenenko is a great author and just a famous person.

The article is devoted to the life of a famous poet, teacher, journalist. From childhood, he was a versatile person who dreamed of breaking out into people and doing everything to be proud of him, to know him, to talk about him. And he got it. Sergey Aksenenko. Biography and interesting facts about the person This is a well-known man in his circles, who from a young age began to conduct a rather stormy and vigorous activity that made him popular

Yuri Rozanov - a popular sports commentator

Yuri Albertovich Rozanov was born on June 12, 1961. Since childhood, he has a crush on the sport and he has tried himself in various sections. Engaged in football, hockey, basketball and table tennis. And if team sports were given with difficulty, then in tennis Yury Albertovich achieved great success

Mother and daughter became queens of beauty

According to Fox News, 56-year-old Tina Wilson won the title of "Mrs. South Dakota." And her 19-year-old daughter, Morgan - the title of "Miss South Dakota." Competition in South Dakota - the equivalent of "Miss America". It takes place in different age categories. Starting from 4-year-old girls to 56-year-old women

Masha Gessen - writer and journalist

Maria Hessen is a journalist and a writer who is equally famous in both Russia and the United States. Without concealing her homosexual inclinations, Masha Gessen is an activist of the LGBT movement. Members of this movement advocate for civil equality and respect for human rights, regardless of their sexual, social or political views

How much does a journalist earn in Russia and in the world

A journalist is a representative of the profession, thanks to which the public learns about the important events of the day, week or year. The presented materials, as a rule, are interpreted, accompanied by in-depth analysis and expert commentary. Without these people, society would feel informational hunger