Talented Journalist: Biography of Olga Skobeeva

All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company is the largest media holding in Russia, which unites a team consisting exclusively of professionals. Probably every citizen of the Russian Federation who has decided to devote himself to journalism, dreams of joining the staff of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company

Airplane crash in Egypt in May 2016: causes, investigation, dead

On May 19, 2016, the Egyptian airline Egyptair crashed into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The liner made a flight from Paris to Cairo. Onboard were 56 passengers and 10 crew members. They all died. The incident On the night from Wednesday to Thursday, May 19, 2016, a plane crash occurred in Egypt over the Mediterranean Sea

Vladimir Kondratyev: biography and photo

In the modern world it is prestigious to be a journalist, but to achieve some heights in this profession is not so easy. The article will be devoted to a well-known journalist who began his professional career in the Soviet Union. Vladimir Kondratyev - journalist, biography: the beginning Vladimir was born on December 25, 1947 in Moscow

The secret of the wife turned out to be too heavy for her husband: he wants to tell the children about the past of their mother

Every marriage has its secrets. But what if the secret is so great that it can cause serious harm if children learn about it? It was in this situation that the father turned out to be when his wife asked him to destroy evidence from her past, including items that indicate that she has another daughter

The smallest pair on the planet proves that physical defects are not a hindrance

What is the life of Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katutsii Li Hoshino, a family from Brazil, in the world of high people? The smallest couple in the world, whose height is 88.4 cm and 89.4 cm, respectively, married in 2016 and never regretted their decision. Together it is easier to manage the household and cope with everyday problems

Journalist Olesya Ryabtseva: biography, personal life

Journalist Olesya Ryabtseva became unusually popular and recognizable after her not quite standard air on the legendary radio Ekho Moskvy. But this fame is very ambiguous. Rapid rise She was credited with a novel with the master of opposition journalism, Alexei Venediktov, who, by the way, is older than a young shark pen by more than 20 years

The newspaper "Rodniki", Mytishchi: address, opening hours, correspondents, articles and editions

In the subway, on the street, in a cafe, at the bus stop and in public transport - in any public place you can meet a person who reads a newspaper. Getting information through this "carrier" became popular in the XIX century. Nowadays, when electronic communications dominate the world, a newspaper does not lose its high positions and always finds a person who wants to read it

What is the most stupid Guinness record?

Everyone heard about the Guinness Book of Records. And everyone knows that the most diverse achievements of ordinary people from all over the world are collected here. However, in addition to the impressive achievements of the human mind and spirit, there are funny and silly Guinness records. Someone is trying to become famous or to earn money, another is just eccentric and does not hesitate to show his oddities, still others do something for the love of this occupation

Journalist Victor N. Travin: Biography

Viktor Nikolayevich Travin - journalist, president of the non-commercial structure “Board of legal protection of car owners”. He gained great popularity due to the program “First gear”, which he leads on NTV. Travin Victor Nikolaevich: family Victor Travin was born in the German Democratic Republic in the city of Frankfurt an der Oder in the spring afternoon of May 9, 1961. The jo

A request letter is our emotional message that requires a mandatory response.

Whether you like it or not, no type of activity is possible without asking for help and assistance. Working in a small or large company, you are sure to interact with many managers and employees of other organizations, your colleagues or employers, partners and clients. At the same time conduct business and personal correspondence, often using e-mail

Terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg from the time of the Russian Empire to the present day

It is believed that in recent years the number of terrorist attacks has increased significantly. Compared to the relatively quiet times of the USSR, this is true, but the average number of victims and terrorist acts (especially considering the whole world) still remains the same. Revolutionary terrorism: terrorist attacks in the Russian Empire The first terrorist attacks in St

Pavel Felgengauer: biography, family, interesting facts

The journalistic profession is quite difficult, but at the same time interesting and unpredictable. Communication with people, a review of significant events, trips to previously unknown places and many other features of this non-permanent job attract inexperienced young people, intriguing and disturbing the imagination

The role of the media in modern society and in the formation of public opinion

Society has repeatedly noticed how great the influence of modern media. Television, newspapers and magazines, radio and the Internet - all this is so familiar to each of us that we tend to trust any written word. In turn, people who need the support of the public are doing everything to make this word sound as profitable as possible

Elena Kostyuchenko: journalist and public figure

Elena Kostyuchenko is one of the most scandalous journalists in Russia. She does not hide her unconventional orientation, which is not typical for well-known public people. Courage? Maybe ... Who is she really? Everyone must decide for himself. Facts from childhood Elena Kostyuchenko Elena Kostyuchenko was born (her biography is not known to everyone) in the then Soviet city of Yaroslavl on September 25, 1987

Poddubny Evgeny: biography, personal life, photo

Military journalism is highly appreciated by politicians and society, as it provides an opportunity to follow developments. Unfortunately, today's reality is such that military leaders do not remain without work. One such journalist is Yevgeny Poddubny, whose biography is set out in this article

Magazine "Charly Ebdo" (Charlie Hebdo)

The scandalous satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo publishes cartoons, discussions, jokes and reports. The magazine became known all over the world after the terrorist attack that occurred on January 7, 2015, but even before that, the press repeatedly discussed scandalous cartoons published in the weekly

The Incredible Story of Natasha Campus

Many, perhaps, heard about this terrible and at the same time amazing story that took place in a quiet and prosperous Austria. A young girl held in captivity by a maniac for eight years! In 2008, after the happy release of the girl, the story of Natasha Kampush became known to the whole world. The photo of the victim of the abduction, her sharpener, as well as a detailed description of this story - later in our article

Journalist Lee Matthew: biography, photo

Lee Matthew is a journalist who is a very colorful person, a worthy specialist in his field. Today, he works in an agency called the Associated Press, and still has accreditation with the US State Department. Matthew Lee: Biography USA is famous for its popular publications, agencies, corporations. And of course, journalists too

Journalist and human rights activist Zoya Svetova: biography, activities, photo

Zoya Feliksovna Svetova - journalist, journalist and human rights activist. Her articles are always objective and honest. An exceptionally pure and straightforward person, Zoya Feliksovna exposes meanness and cowardice where corruption and deceit flourish. She takes to heart the fate of the people with whom they acted unfairly

Elena Masyuk: biography, family and education, journalistic career, work in battle spots, photo

No wonder the media called the fifth power. No, they do not issue the laws by which people live, do not ensure that these laws are enforced. But journalists form the information field on which people’s perceptions about the events taking place in the world are built. And this is a big responsibility.

"Victor Leonov": why the ship causes panic, for what purpose was it built, where is it now?

In February of this year, while patrolling the eastern part of the American coast, the Russian ship Viktor Leonov was noticed, which, according to the NATO codification, is called Cherry. Then the reconnaissance ship of the Navy of the Russian Federation passed along the coast of Delaware approximately 130 kilometers (70 nautical miles) from land

Brilev Sergey: biography, photo, family

Modern journalism is rich in vivid characters with a scandalous reputation, and Sergey Brilev embodies the classic ideal of international journalism. He is educated, charming, intelligent, has a distinct citizenship. Where do journalists like Sergey Brilev come from? The biography of this person is full of interesting facts, and it all began, as usual, in childhood

Konstantin Dushenov: biography, prosecution, books, films

Konstantin Dushenov - a popular domestic publicist, public figure. At the moment, he heads the analytical agency "Orthodox Russia", he has written a large number of articles on topical issues, books, shot several films of patriotic orientation. Biography Konstantin Dushenov was born in Leningrad in 1960

How to write a thank you note and do it correctly

In our life, sometimes we have to thank completely strangers to us. You can do this verbally, you can with the help of gifts or just a letter. The last option is not so rare as to discard it. So, you have decided that gratitude should be expressed in writing, but now there is another problem. It consists in the need for proper selection of words, their use and design of the letter itself

An eight-year-old boy took control of a car at a speed of over 90 km / h, when his mother lost consciousness at the wheel

Englishwoman Lauren Smith can be proud of her son. The eight-year-old boy did not lose his head when his mother suddenly lost consciousness behind the wheel, but took control of the car in her own hands. He was able to drive on a double highway with heavy traffic, get to a safe place and stop the car, after which the child called the rescuers

Who is the most dangerous criminal in the world?

Since 2008, the FBI has annually compiled a list of the world's most dangerous criminals. These are people who have committed serious crimes in the past and present a certain danger to society. For providing information about the location of international villains, the US Bureau of Investigation is ready to pay a decent reward

Interviews are contemporary art within the media.

Modern art interviews in 2013 is very far from the banal questioning. This process is fraught with quite a few pitfalls and requires knowledge of the subtleties of the profession. Although it is still believed that the interview is one of the easiest genres in modern journalism. It would seem that difficult: ask your counterpart questions and listen to the answers

10 shocking sentences of killer maniacs

As it turned out, fires, floods, earthquakes - this is only part of our fears. The real horror of humanity leads to the existence in our world of people who can kill only for the sake of pleasure or to compete in the number of victims. But even more shocking is the fact that not one of them has feelings of guilt, pity, leaving a dark stain of hatred in the hearts of relatives and loved ones forever

Nikolay Kononov: biography and books

Is it possible to do business in Russia? According to a NAFI study, 49% of Russians believe that it is impossible to honestly conduct business in our country. 98% of the FOM survey participants are convinced that they need to be a millionaire, an owner of power, or a family member of a person belonging to the upper class

3rd breast size at 7 years old: for Christmas, the parents gave the girl implants

Usually, little girls want a Barbie doll for Christmas. But 7-year-old Juliet Manson from California had other wishes. Unlike peers, the girl asked her parents for breast implants. Or rather, pay for the operation to increase her breast. Strange desire Parents found Juliet's wish very strange. They tried to convince my daughter to forget about a strange dream

Online media is ... The concept, types, audience and prospects for the development of online media

The Internet is one of the key aspects of modern society. The World Wide Web has a huge impact on human life, because for him it is the main means of communication with the world around him. Today, the Network performs not only the function of communication, but also the function of mass information, which made it possible to single out a separate group called Internet media

The courier noticed an alarming inscription on the package and reacted instantly.

It is amazing how quickly and timely the natural survival instincts work. The most dangerous and seemingly hopeless situations force us to immediately come up with a solution. That is why it is so important to be able to cope with panic and despair in order to find a way out. Especially if it means saving our lives

How to write a report: an example and recommendations

In modern journalistic practice, there are many genres. One of the most popular and sought after is considered to be a report. It is he who is first born after every socially significant event. What is a report? The definition of one of the most important concepts in the media can be found in any dictionary of journalistic terminology

"Secrets" of the production of popular products: this is how it happens

Many of the things that we use in our daily life have some secrets of production. Carefully read this list. One of these facts will surprise you, and maybe it will help you save money. Hamilton Beach We know who to thank for the great kitchen assistant. Hamilton Beach, which many people associate with toasters and other appliances, was the first to patent an electric mixer

Missing expeditions: secrets and investigations. The missing expedition Dyatlov and Franklin

Glory to them, who were not afraid to leave warm and comfortable dwellings, hospitable tables and went into the unknown, risking their lives, with the sole purpose of knowing the secret or bringing the others closer to its solution. However, not all trips ended successfully. Many expeditions were inexplicably lost

US journalist Greg Weiner biography. Details of life.

Human life is unpredictable. We never have an idea that we have prepared for tomorrow. Often, on federal channels, viewers notice characters with a tangled biography, those who are hiding behind someone else’s image. What is behind these mysterious stories? American journalist Greg Weiner has many situations in his life.

Yana Lepkova: biography and photo

Petersburgers are different from others. Do you know Jan Lepkova? Editor of Russian gloss and Internet projects. With it, everything will be "OK!" Yana is a famous and ambiguous person. The poisonous mastodon journalist on the one hand, the tender girl on the other, the desperate feminist on the third

And still not alone: ​​the homeless, placed in the hospital, visited only ... dogs

This story was told by employees of the Alto Vale Regional Hospital in Brazil - Chris Mumprim and her colleagues. Once, a homeless man named Cesar, who had great health problems, was asked to help them at the clinic. He was not only at home, but, of course, not a penny of money. But if wealth was measured by friendship, then Cesar would probably be a billionaire

Biography of Greg Weiner - the story of a swindler, an impostor from St. Petersburg

Now, probably, you will not surprise anyone with characters with extremely complicated biographies, whose faces often flash on federal channels. For example, in the biography of a US journalist Greg Weiner, you can find many interesting stories. Some of them have recently become public. Now in Russia, many viewers are interested in the biography and personal life of Greg Weiner

Social journalism: concept, meaning, main issues

In modern civil society, social journalism is of great importance. It is a tool for public control and regulation of various processes. Worldwide, public journalism is an integral part of democratic governance. With the advent of the Internet, this phenomenon has new opportunities. All over the world, including Russia, even special resources are being created for the association of journalists and citizens

Mass media and law about them

The media, as many are convinced, is the “fourth estate”. So much the influence of newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online sources is noticeable in modern society. What is the role and function of the media? How is the legislative regulation of the media sphere? What innovations can we expect in this aspect? De

Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich. Detailed biography, photo

Fate presents pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Often you want to get away from everyday activities and try to find a new, your own way. Each person creates his own destiny. Someone consciously, and someone - how it goes. Pavlovsky Gleb Olegovich looks at his life philosophically, his detailed biography is replete with ups and downs, sharp turns and inexplicable zigzags

Why Ukrainian journalist Alena Berezovskaya moved to Russia

To a young and beautiful girl to become an outstanding journalist, you have to go through a lot of obstacles. First, everyone needs to prove that beautiful and clever are compatible things. Secondly, around the young, beautiful and talented always goes a lot of rumors and gossip. It is hard for beautiful women journalists, especially for blondes, with high-ranking friends

Examples of useful information: where to look and how to recognize

The amount of information poured into the ears of a modern person, just rolls over. Television channels, print media, Internet resources are fighting for their users, trying to get ahead of each other in access to the minds, while seeking the latest news, any topical information, and feeding them to their consumers

As a result of an accident on the roads of Arizona poured thousands of liters of liquid chocolate

January 14 happened, perhaps the most desirable car accident on the planet. As a result, she was damaged by a huge truckload of chocolate, which spilled onto the road and formed a river of chocolate. Chocolate incident Fortunately, as a result of the accident, no one was hurt. Even many people liked and remembered the process of cleaning the road

Kazan newspapers: a variety of newspaper space in the city

Today, the Internet - the main source of information. There are many digital resources and publications from which the public learns about current news. All this creates an impressive competition to traditional print media. Nevertheless, their release and distribution continues to this day. Periodicals remain an important element of the information space of the Tatar capital

Ksenia Sokolova - the world through the eyes of brawlers

Ksenia Sokolova is a journalist whose biography is filled with many scandals and incredible facts. She is rightly called one of the most courageous and straightforward writers of our time. Many famous people fell under the sights of her pen, and at the same time only a few left with an untainted reputation

Vitaliy Portnikov: the life of a Ukrainian journalist

Vitaliy Portnikov is a famous Ukrainian journalist and public figure. Over the long years of work, he was repeatedly awarded honorary awards and titles. In addition, Vitaly Portnikov's articles are published in the most respected publications of the country, and television shows with his participation are collected by a serious audience

Critic Nikolai Fandeev: scandals

Noize MC and Nikolay Fandeev. It would seem that can bind these completely different people? It's simple: between them is almost a real war. Critic Nikolai Fandeev impartially spoke of one of the artist's albums, publicly insulting him. If you still do not know this story and are not familiar with the person of this person, then this article is for you

Who is the feuilletonist? Features of the profession of satirist and its origins

It so happened that the feuilletonist is a profession that only a few can master. After all, this work requires from the writer not only the competent use of words, but also the ability to subtly manipulate the image. Alas, such criteria lead to the fact that only the most gifted authors write in the feuilleton genre

The strangest habits of Hollywood stars

Many strangeness of stars are shocking and defy logical explanation. Food addictions - one of the main subjects for secular gossip and anecdotes. Celebrities do not hide their gastronomic weaknesses. They confess their love for low-grade food and dubious combinations of products, make excessive demands on the diet

Correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny: biography and interesting facts of life

Journalism is one of the most important professions in the twenty-first century, and all because modern life obliges a person to possess information. At the same time, each representative of the media is a kind of mouthpiece that brings details of various events to the masses, as well as analyzes incidents and political news

Russian journalist Kuritsyna Svetlana Igorevna

Our heroine is Svetlana Kuritsyna, a journalist, aka Sveta from Ivanovo. Her biography and personal life are interested in many fans and envious. All the necessary information about it is presented in the article. You may proceed to familiarization. Biography: childhood and adolescence Kuritsyna Svetlana Igorevna was born on July 20, 1992 in the town of Privolzhsk, in the Ivanovo Region

Why did an Australian couple decorate a Christmas tree with snake skin instead of tinsel? You will be surprised when you find out

To prove their love for their pets, an Australian couple decorated the Christmas tree with snake skins. Santa Claus will be surprised for sure! In preparation for Christmas, the 27-year-old Loren Rose and her friend Stuart Lalorie came to the conclusion that an ordinary Christmas tree does not look at all in their living room

Tatyana Danilenko: dossier

In Russia, her name is known only to some. Nevertheless, Danilenko is one of the few modern journalists who have incredible charm, character and intelligence. In a conversation with her, even the strongest politicians are beginning to speak frankly and admit uneasy things. We tell from where Tatyana Danilenko, how she started to work in journalism, about her personal life and career now

Sergey Parkhomenko: biography of a journalist

Sergey Parkhomenko was born in Moscow on March 13, 1964. His father was a journalist, and his mother was a music teacher. Therefore, it is not surprising that the child’s hobbies were connected with everything that surrounded Russian language and art. At school, he studied French in depth, which in the future greatly helped him in his work.

Remchukov Konstantin Vadimovich, Russian journalist: brief biography

Remchukov Konstantin Vadimovich - famous Russian businessman, politician and journalist. Editor-in-Chief, CEO and owner of Nezavisimaya Gazeta Former deputy of the State Duma. This article will present his brief biography. Study Remchukov Konstantin Vadimovich was born in 1954 in the city of Morozovsk, Rostov Region

Alexander Gamov - political commentator

Many people who read newspapers are interested in who writes all these articles. Some journalists have their own special “handwriting”, which distinguishes them from all the others. These include one of the main political observers of the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda - Alexander Gamov. Journalist Biography The biography of this man begins April 12, 1954 in the city of Novotroitsk, Orenburg region. He

Maxim Kalashnikov - writer, politician, journalist

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kucherenko - futurist writer, journalist, public and political figure. Born in the city of Ashgabat on December 21, 1966, later moved to Ukraine. Vladimir Aleksandrovich is published under the pseudonym of Maxim Kalashnikov. He is a member of the Federal Council "Party Affairs"

Biography of Ali Feruza, Novaya Gazeta journalist

The problem of obtaining asylum in the Russian state has existed for several decades. Unfortunately, government agencies are too subjective in relation to certain individuals. Often, this leads to rather pitiable consequences. Thus, a considerable number of cases where people were unfairly subjected to deportation were recorded

Igor Fesunenko: journalist, publicist, writer

The name of Igor Fesunenko is well known to the older generation of people throughout the post-Soviet space. A talented journalist died in April 2016 at the age of 83 years. After the collapse of the USSR, Igor Sergeyevich disappeared from television screens, where he conducted the popular programs “International Panorama” and “The Camera Looks into the World”. The po

American journalist Michael Bom: biography, family, photo

The strained relations between Russia and the United States of America have turned the American political observer and journalist into a star of Russian television. Who is this American and why is the biography of journalist Michael Bohm interesting for so many Russians? Michael Bohm (Michael Robert Bohm ) is known to fans of Russian political talk shows as a person who always protects the United States in front of a multimillion audience

Czechoslovak journalist Julius Fucik: biography, family, memory

115 years ago, the famous Czechoslovak journalist Julius Fucik was born - the author of the book “Reportage with a noose around his neck”, which was well-known in his time in the entire socialist camp, which he wrote while in Prankrat Prison during World War II. This was the revelation of the author, who was awaiting his sentence, presumably mortal. Th

Sknilov tragedy that occurred during the airshow

Fourteen years ago, one of the most terrible incidents in the history of modern Ukraine took place - the Sknilov tragedy. July 27, 2002 at the airport "Sknilov", which is located near Lviv, an air show was held in honor of the 60th anniversary of the 14th Air Corps of the Ukrainian Air Force

American journalist Paul Khlebnikov: biography, books, murder

Glavred of the Russian version of Forbes magazine Paul Khlebnikov was allegedly shot from a Stechkin machine gun on the evening of July 9, 2004, when he was leaving the editorial office. The offender made several shots in the direction of a journalist from the car. Paul died in hospital after experiencing clinical death and not regaining consciousness

Worldwide Information Resources

An information resource is an organized form of data: documents, technologies stored in information systems: libraries, databases, archives, the World Wide Web, which is accessed via the Internet. Every business striving for prosperity needs information services based on the relationship between suppliers and consumers

Sergey Leskov: biography, journalistic career and personal life

Sergey Leskov is a famous journalist who hosts one of the programs on the popular television channel OTR. In his program, he touches and raises the most acute and most pressing problems of modern society. His judgments about politics, public life and society are interesting for a large army of spectators

What does the magazine "Beauty and Sport"

Today, most publishers switched to creating their own gloss in online mode. Among the many such instances, “Beauty and Sport” is immediately highlighted - a publication that successfully combines publications about style and physical fitness, the lives of successful celebrities and occupations that are beyond the powers of mere mortals. Ov

Anastasia Drapeko: "Every girl dreams of becoming a ballerina"

As a child, Nastya dreamed of becoming a ballerina and even tried to stand on pointe shoes in the famous Petersburg Vaganovka. However, high growth prevented - I had to forget about the career of a dancer. Now many people know Anastasia Drapeko as a talk show host (Radio Mayak, then Radio Maximum). By asking questions to others, she talks little about herself

Likes are more important than a child's life: on the 8th month of pregnancy, a powerlifter crouches with a 140-pound barbell (video)

Michelle Oller is an American professional powerlifter who is currently in her 8th month of pregnancy and should give birth in February of this year. But an interesting position is not an obstacle for sports training. Pregnant Michel even squats with a barbell at 140 pounds. Oller leads a page on Instagram, where he uploads videos and photos from workouts

Mikhail Antonov: the way to journalism

Once Michael Antonov correctly noted: "Journalists are not born, they become." This phrase fits perfectly with his own biography. After all, being quite young, he could not even imagine that in the future he would become one of the most famous news broadcasters in Russia. Mikhail Antonov: a biography of his early years Mikhail Nikolaevich Antonov was born in Moscow on April 11, 1972

Chingiz Mustafayev - long life in an instant

In the modern history of Azerbaijan, the Karabakh war has left a big mark - it claimed thousands of lives and turned many of these people into a run. People still can not recover from the pain associated with the loss of loved ones and native lands. One of such families is Mustafayev, where Chingiz Mustafayev was born - a TV journalist who covered the course of the war until the last minute of his life

Media Functions

The functions of the media in politics today are extensive and multifaceted, which makes it possible to speak of the media as another branch of government. Being a direct distributor, carrier of important information, they have a rather powerful degree of influence on the masses. Because of this, they perform various tasks and acquire different functions

Fires in Omsk: causes, statistics

Fire. From this word shivers. Based on the data provided by the EMERCOM of Russia, in 2017, the number of fires was 132, 406, the death toll was 7, 782. This article will discuss the main causes of fires, as well as provide information on fires in Omsk over the week. Causes of fire Based on the same data, EMERCOM of Russia compiled a list of the reasons that caused the fire, and also indicated the number of cases that occurred in 2017

Rake - a creature found in the vicinity of Birobidzhan. Rake man

In March 2014, a Reik creature was discovered by local activists of the Stalkers movement in the vicinity of Birobidzhan. This is evidenced by two videos posted on the Internet. In the first video, Rake screams, and in the second, the guys face him almost face to face. The exact location of the creature is the abandoned workshops of the Dalselmash plant

The newspaper "Diocesan sheets": a general description, history

The Diocesan Gazette is a church newspaper published from 1860 to 1922. 63 dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church took part in this project. This project was developed in 1853 by the Kherson archbishop. And it is presented to the Holy Synod only after six years. The synod liked the idea, and the approval of the program was signed in November 1859

Dmitry Kostyukov: the transition from journalism to photography

Dmitry Kostyukov is not just a journalist who has seen war. First of all, this is a person who wants to improve his skills in photography and to remain honest with himself and the profession of a journalist. Dmitry Kostyukov: biography A well-known journalist and press photographer - this is what any citizen can say about him

How to get a journalist ID?

And you were not interested in the question of why in some museums, where it is forbidden to take photos, you can often see journalists who are shamelessly shooting? At the same time, the museum staff not only does not interfere, but also tries in every way to help these people. You, inspired by the fact that someone can do it, are trying to take a small photo on the phone

“Gonzo” journalism - what is it, how did it appear and why do you like creatively-minded young people?

Sometimes from the mouths of representatives of the media world you can hear the word "gonzo". What this term means is understood by a few. And this is despite the fact that this phenomenon in our country is already more than forty years. Fortunately or unfortunately, the concept of "gonzo" is not very common today

Anastasia Meshcheryakova: the death of a girl

On February 29, 2016, the country shuddered at the horrific crime against the child. On this day, Gulchekhra Bobokulova killed and beheaded a four-year-old girl. After that, she set fire to the apartment and left her with the head of the child in the package. The victim of this terrible crime was Anastasia Meshcheryakova

Kononenko Maxim, journalist: biography, career

Journalist Maxim Kononenko (“Vesti FM”) is known for his scandalous statements and views. His life story is full of contradictions and unconfirmed facts, he creates around him a lot of various myths and legends to shock the public. Let us tell you authentically how Maxim Kononenko lives, whose biography raises many questions from the general public. Ea

Fire in the hotel "Leningrad" on February 23, 1991. Eyewitness accounts

1991 for Leningrad turned out to be not entirely successful. On the eleventh of January there was a flood in the city, and the overflowing Neva brought heavy material losses. The capital did not have time to survive the water element, as another incident happened - the largest hotel burned down. This was the Leningrad Hotel

Denis Kazan: success story of a famous sports commentator

Denis Kazan - commentator, featuring unsurpassed charisma and excellent diction. His sports reviews are watched by millions of Russian viewers, not to mention those who listen to him from radio speakers and radio tape recorders. But how did Denis achieve this success? What is his life path? And what does he do today

Aram Gabrelyanov: biography, nationality, photo

Aram Gabrelyanov, whose nationality is Armenian, is a famous Russian entrepreneur. He is the president of a holding company producing high-circulation tabloids in the Russian Federation. Launched video portal Life.ru. He is chairman of the board of the newspaper "Izvestia". Education Aram Ashotovich Gabrelyanov was born in 1961 on the tenth of August in Dagestan, in the city of Derbent

The man "fell" in the workplace in order to receive insurance compensation. But his plans were spoiled by the camera (video)

You still do not know how to get extra money? Then follow the example of this resourceful man. True, not very resourceful, but very unlucky. What happened? Most likely, this employee decided to cheat not from a good life. But, be that as it may, his cunning plan declassified a hidden camera. Tricky plans Watch the video below and see how 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky falsified his fall in the workplace, scattering ice cubes on the floor

Eduard Sagalaev: biography, nationality, photo

Eduard Sagalaev - one of the pioneers of Soviet and Russian television, president of the National Association of Radio Broadcasters, professor, doctor of political sciences, founder of TV-6 ... The list of merits of this public figure can be enumerated endlessly, but first things first. Edward Sagalaev - who is he

The youngest parents in the world. The youngest and oldest moms in the world

There is an opinion that the laws of biology do not provide for the early birth of a child due to unformed reproductive function and hormonal levels. However, there are exceptions to all the rules, and there must be the youngest parents in the world? This article will talk about these exceptions, which shocked doctors, scientists and researchers

A man found out who he really was when he saw his picture in the list of missing children

Everyone wants to know where they come from. There is something in our DNA that gives us this burning desire to explore our past. One person knew very little about his origin. However, everything changed after visiting the website with lost children. Family secret revealed? Steve Carter spent most of his life with a very obscure view of his family history

The face of Channel One - Zhanna Agalakova: biography, photos and personal life

Only during the last year, and more specifically, since January, the well-known presenter Zhanna Agalakova, besides living in America, also works there. She is a special correspondent for Channel One in New York. But oddly enough, for all TV viewers who regularly watch the news on the “First”, Zhanna is associated with the city of love - Paris. Ch

Vadim Sinyavsky - the founder of the profession of sports commentator

In August 2016, the 110th anniversary of a man whose popularity was hardly inferior to the popularity of the most famous football player of his time. Sinyavsky Vadim Svyatoslavovich passed away at 65, becoming the identifying mark of an entire era, the voice of the country's return to peace and the personification of the standard of the profession of sports commentator

Street photographer spotted people who shot 30 years ago

In the seventies, eighties and nineties of the last century, Chris Pors spent hours wandering around the city of Peterborough, taking interesting pictures of strangers and strangers. Now, many years later, Pors sought out the same people to take exactly the same photos. Take a look at some of his photos below

Five heirs to the throne, who are young, rich and beautiful, but still not married

The British prince Harry left the dating pool, having married actress Megan Markle in May 2018, but besides him, there are many educated and sophisticated young men of royal blood who still remain unmarried in the world. Here are the five most desirable bachelors of our planet. Prince of Dubai Hamdan Prince Hamdan was 36 years old, and he is considered one of the most enviable suitors in the world

Advisor to the President Vladimir Tolstoy: biography, work, life ...

Now in our big and prosperous country - the Russian Federation - there are not so many who can be called really such members of the government who do everything not for themselves, but for their beloved country, for the citizens living in it, for all who supported them. and maintains to this day. But such people are still there


After ten years of unsuccessful attempts to have a child, we had only to hope for a miracle. And the miracle happened ... Last resort I was already 33 years old, ten of them happy marriage, overshadowed by only one - the absence of children. Actually, by this age I was planning to be a mother more than once, but nothing worked out for us