Anus whitening - new-fashioned procedure

Recently, such an amazing procedure as bleaching the anus has been very popular. We can safely say that it is also one of the most popular abroad, not only among the beautiful half of humanity, but also among men. At the present time, such an intimate procedure is performed mainly in the USA and Western Europe, the highest quality specialists, who did not work long enough, would help you to whiten the anus for a symbolic fee, at least for many it is, which averages $ 2, 000

Optical sight for the SKS carbine: how to choose?

For those who wish to engage in commercial hunting, weapons such as the Simonov self-loading carbine (SKS) are the best option. This model has found its buyer among both professionals and amateur beginners. Any hunt must end with a trophy. To provide this, an optical sight for the SKS carbine will help

Survival Knife Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate: description, reviews

The modern market of knife products is represented by a wide range of various piercing-cutting products. Especially popular with the consumer are the blades, which belong to the class of survival knives. Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, Gerber Bear Grylls blades have proven themselves very well

Engine K20A: characteristics and reviews

The K20A engine is a modern four-cylinder, two-liter inline gasoline engine manufactured by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. This type of engine is installed in many modern models of Honda cars. At the moment, this engine is the most high-performance and perfect serial "heart" of the Honda brand. Engine K20A: technical specifications As already announced, the unit is installed in cars with front-wheel drive

Pump gun IZH-81: characteristics, photos

Today, the Russian weapons industry for the needs of hunters produced a wide range of different rifle models. The rifles of the pump group are in great demand among the consumers. The first Russian pomp is the IZH-81 rifle. The Soviet hunter could only see this model in foreign action films. And only in the late 80s the production of the pump was established at the IzhMech plant

152-mm gun howitzer D-20: description, photo

After the Great Patriotic War, Soviet designers were given the task: to replace the outdated 1937 ML-20 cannon-howitzer with a more advanced one. Soon in Yekaterinburg, employees of the Special Design Bureau designed a new artillery towed gun. Today it is known as the 152-mm howitzer gun D-20. In 1955 workers of the Volgograd Plant No

A man of medium height. What is the average height of a man?

"God, how men were crushed!" - do you know this exclamation? Interestingly, is the male population really getting lower or just to grown and climbed ladies, does it seem like that? We will talk in the article about what a man of average height is and what exactly determines this indicator in the world and in our country

Why do guys stand in the morning? Why do men get up in the morning?

An erection that occurs at night and morning hours, due to the special condition of the male sexual organ. Due to spontaneous blood flow, the phallus increases significantly in size. Full bladder Many young people are worried about the question of why the guys have a dick in the morning, previously explained the reason for the overcrowding of the bladder, which gives a signal to the spinal center

How many lines do paratrooper parachutes have?

Skydiving is popular in the modern world. Some people are professionally involved in this sport, for others the parachute jump is a way to tickle your nerves and get a dose of adrenaline. Has anyone ever wondered how many lines have parachutes? What is a parachute? Parachute is a brilliant and simple invention of the engineer from St

Electric cultivator "Countryman" KE-1300: reviews, specifications

If country troubles take you quite a lot of time, they can be alleviated by using special equipment. Especially diligent owners are increasingly choosing aggregates lately, with which they can work the soil in their own land. You can also follow their example and buy a cultivator. They are different, and in weight - light, medium and heavy

MP-156: reviews and review

There is an eternal dispute over the vapor and inertial systems of weapons automation. Each of them has pros, cons, admirers, reprimands. The first Russian inertial hunting rifle - the MP-156. Characteristics, reviews of the owners will be discussed in this article. The purpose of this article is to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the novelties from Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, referring to the general theme of fundamental differences, refuting some established myths

Minesweepers: history and modern times

Minesweeper - a warship specifically designed to search, detect and eliminate sea mines, carrying ships through the minefields of the enemy. We will tell about it in the article. A bit of terminology By their principle of operation, minesweepers are divided into sea, base, raid and river. Trawls are still divided into acoustic, contact and electromagnetic

American Army. Service in the US Army

What is the most famous army in the world? Most likely, American. There are Yankee bases around the globe, on all continents, except Antarctica. In general, the American army in recent years has been overwhelmed with such an incredible amount of rumors and conjectures that it becomes difficult to isolate something more or less real from there

HF 20634 (city of Vladikavkaz, Sputnik village). 19th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade

Since July 1922, the 19th Separate Motorized Rifle Division began to function in the city of Voronezh. According to experts, this is the first division of the Red Army, which was awarded in 1925 the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Initially, the 19th Division, also known as military unit 20634, was listed as belonging to the Moscow Military District (VO)

Ginger for men is no less useful.

It so happened that women are more often told about the benefits of this spicy root - still, it helps so well to lose weight, it tones and uplifts, and many people simply like it. But no less useful is ginger for men. Another thing is that they may not know about it. In this case, does not interfere with equipping them with useful knowledge

Russian armored personnel carriers: history of development, technical characteristics and new technologies

To transport the soldiers and the command of the motorized rifle, infantry, motorized infantry and airborne units, as well as all the necessary materiel, to perform combat missions, special armored vehicles are needed. In the army, such vehicles are known as armored personnel carriers. Mostly they are called abbreviated BTR

The structure of the motorized rifle battalion: the number, composition, units, organization and weapons

The battalions are the main combined-arms tactical units of the brigades, which include various combat missions. Also, according to experts, the battalions can act independently. One of the most combat-ready are motorized rifle troops (MSV). Information on the organizational structure of the motorized rifle battalion can be found in this article

The main parts of the Makarov pistol and their purpose

In 1948, the Soviet gunsmith N. F. Makarov developed the design of a pistol, which today is known to all as the PM. From 1951 to the present day, this model of the pistol is used by officers of the Russian armed forces and law enforcement agencies as personal weapons for defense and attack. The main purpose of the PM is to defeat the enemy at a short distance

6th Army Air Force and Air Defense: Description, Structure, Functions and Objectives

According to the Decree issued by the State Committee of Defense of the Soviet Union, in April 1942, the 6th Leningrad Red Banner Army of Air Defense was created. During the years of the Great Patriotic War, the airmen and anti-aircraft gunners of this formation opposed the fascist German forces on the outskirts of Leningrad

Army kit bag assembly. How to tie an army knapsack?

Many generations of military personnel will surely remember such a wonderful accessory as an army duffel bag. This is a convenient and multifunctional thing, the history of the origin of which goes back to the era of the formation of Tsarist Russia. It has a number of significant advantages and is widely used by the military, hunters and fishermen

"Double Eight" knot: when knitting is recommended, the scheme

The “Double Eight” node is very popular in specific areas, namely, among fishermen, tourists, climbers. Proper use of it allows you to quickly and competently connect the gaps on the fishing line, securely connect cables or tourist ropes between each other, ensuring safe and timely ascent of mountain peaks, descent on rivers or the organization of a place to sleep. Sp

How to start a chainsaw "Shtil": the process of starting and review

All chainsaws from the manufacturer "Shtil" have two-stroke engines. Their cold start is carried out by a similar algorithm. However, on sale you can find models on which there is additional equipment, it can be used to start a saw without any special effort. For this reason, the start method may differ

IL-26, hunting rifle: device and characteristics

During the Great Patriotic War, a large number of hunting rifles were seized from the population for the needs of the army. Much of them were destroyed. After the war, the country needed a “fur” currency and meat of game animals. The issue of the lack of hunting weapons has become particularly acute. Po

Bosun's whistle: description, photo

It is known that, in the distant past, oars were used as a ship's engine, and the speed and maneuverability of a ship depended on both the number of rowers and their well-coordinated work. For the rowing process to be rhythmic, special sound signals were given. Flutes and gongs were used for this

How to check the battery capacity with a multimeter? Ways to check

In the modern world there are various types of batteries. Such devices allow the equipment to operate autonomously, provide user comfort. On how fully the battery works, depend on the functional characteristics of the device. Therefore, battery control is an important condition for proper operation of equipment

A grandson prepared a gift for an old grandfather for a whole year, and the result was worth the time spent

Everyone loves to receive gifts, but sometimes make them even more pleasant. This story proves once again that grandchildren’s love for grandparents has no limits if they grew up in a happy and friendly family. Cam Deadman spent a whole year to see a radiant smile on his face. A pile of scrap metal The boy's father and grandfather were avid motorists and often took part in various races and exhibitions.

MP5 submachine gun: description with photos, specifications and firing range

Probably every person, at least a little interested in weapons, heard about the MP5 machine gun. Although, since he uses a pistol cartridge, it would be more correct to call him a submachine gun. The MP5 has excellent performance and is also reliable, as are all German weapons. It is not surprising that he is trusted by professionals from around the world

"Glock-19": description, characteristics

Today, the arms market has a wide range of different types of small arms. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, the Glock-19 pistol is very popular among connoisseurs. Since 1988, this model has been used by the police and the army in many countries. Information about the device and tactical and technical characteristics of the "Glock-19" is presented in the article

M24 rifle: the history of creation, device and specifications

In 1980, the American weapons designers began designing a new large-caliber sniper rifle. The result of intensive work, testing and fine-tuning the design was the M24 sniper rifle. Information on the history of creation, design and technical characteristics of this rifle unit can be found in the article

Tape screwdriver - a tool for professionals

When laying drywall sheets, in the case of large volumes of work, it is often possible to see how professionals, without turning off the screwdriver, without a break wrap up several dozen self-tapping screws. Looking closely, you can see that they are fed to a rotating bit, tucked into a special plastic holder

Hunting in the Moscow region: the beginning and closing of the season, animal species, hunting permits, membership fees and hunting clubs

In Russia, hunting has always had and is very popular. She is loved by representatives of all social classes. And nowadays it is also a good business. Indeed, in the Russian forests a lot of fur animals and other game. No less favorite trophies are birds, especially ducks and pheasants. In this activity, hunters often use special dogs and birds

Flintlock in a Firearm

Flintlock - a special design for igniting gunpowder in a firearm (sparks in it are obtained by striking the flint on the chair). This type of castle was invented at the beginning of the 14th century in the countries of the Middle East. The weapon in which this device was used began to be called flint

S7 Airlines fleet: age, charts and reviews

S7 Airlines is among the top three leading Russian carriers. Her planes make 42 domestic flights and 41 international flights from Novosibirsk and Moscow. Flight geography includes 26 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific. Thanks to the impressive fleet of aircraft, the S7 is constantly developing, as the statistics clearly show

Border Guard Takes: History, Description

The berets first appeared in the army in 1936. At first these women wore these hats. Over time, the berets have become integral attributes and male military uniforms. In order to distinguish servicemen by type of military service, special colors were fixed for these hats. The Soviet Army began to use berets later than other countries

Strategic cruise missile X-55: characteristics, photos

The time is long past when the main weapon of the aircraft was an automatic gun. Of course, such is available on board each modern combat fighter or interceptor, but its real value is very small. The basis of the combat power of modern air force is a cruise missile. The X-55 is one of the first and most effective models of such weapons that were adopted by the Soviet army

Army special forces - the elite of the Russian army

The successful implementation of any military company depends on the availability of information about the forces of the enemy, his weapons and numbers. For a long time, before the beginning of a large-scale offensive, volunteer detachments were formed, which infiltrated enemy territory to collect data or to carry out sabotage

"Glock-17" traumatic: description, specifications, reviews

Designed for the needs of the army by the Austrian gunsmiths, the Glock rifle system has established itself as one of the best in the world. In 2011, the Turkish company Target Technologies designed a traumatic pistol, the basis for which served as a combat Glock 17. According to experts, this is a high-quality rifle model with excellent characteristics

Vladimir Myasishchev: heavy supersonic aircraft

Recently, the mass media published a laconic message about the report of Vladimir Denisov, an employee of the Russian scientific and industrial space center. It sounded the idea of ​​building a spacecraft of a monoblock design, capable of making flights to the Moon or Mars, fly around Venus. The spacecraft, according to the plan, will move in the gravitational field of the planets using a combined nuclear propulsion system. It

What is PSM: description, specifications, photos

Often we encounter various abbreviations, the meaning of which is not clear to us. For example, what is PTS and PSM? The first abbreviation stands for a vehicle passport, which indicates the owner of the car and its main technical characteristics. The second is the passport of the self-propelled car registered in Gostekhnadzor

Russian submachine gun "Heather": photos, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Submachine gun "Heather" is different from the so-called peers range. Weapons can hit a target up to 200 meters away. In addition to high range, the submachine gun has other powerful parameters. For example, he easily breaks through the individual armor of the enemy. The first weapons were developed at the end of the last century, and the upgraded model used by the special services was only presented in 1999

High-quality washing "Vins" injector. What is the need for washing?

Quite often, car owners are faced with the need to clean the injector. This is especially noticeable during periods of snow melting and in summer. When environmental conditions cause the machine to operate at increased loads, the injector clogs faster. To clean up the process quickly and efficiently, motorists use special tools

Chuck 7.62x54: specifications, manufacturers. What weapon is used for?

Probably every person, at least a little interested in weapons and his history, heard about 7.62 54 mm R ammunition. This is not surprising - for half a century he was the main patron of the Russian army. And now he has not lost his popularity - he is actively used both in the army and in hunting. That is why to talk about it in more detail is not at all superfluous

Protection of Uzbekistan (army): rating, strength

The sovereignty, independence and integrity of any country is ensured by the army and depends directly on the state’s defense. The situation is the same in the post-Soviet republics, including in the territory of Uzbekistan. The army of this state is considered one of the largest in Central Asia. Today, this is given special attention, as in the nineties, after the collapse of the USSR.

The average length of a member of men in different countries - what do research scientists say about this?

Why are men much more often than women interested in what is the average length of a member of representatives of different nationalities? Perhaps because, deep down, they do not believe the assurances of most women that size does not matter to them. Many men try to use every opportunity to prove to themselves and their partner that the size of his penis is not so small, and some even make a lot of efforts to increase their genital organ

1K17 "Compression": description, principle of operation, characteristics, photos

Most people, having heard of the laser tank, will immediately recall a lot of fantastic action movies telling about wars on other planets. And only a few experts will remember the 1Q17 “Compression”. But he really existed. While in the USA people watched films about Star Wars with delight, discussed the possibility of using blasters and explosions in a vacuum, Soviet engineers created real laser tanks that were supposed to protect a great power. Al

Combat readiness is ... Readiness levels: description and content

The events of recent years prove the correctness of the ancient Greek proverb: “If you want peace, prepare for war.” By practicing the worst-case scenarios, you can check the combat readiness of the troops, as well as give a signal to a potential adversary or an unfriendly neighbor. A similar result was achieved by the Russian Federation after a series of military exercises. Th

Army of Italy: the number, shape and rank

The armies of different countries perform similar tasks, namely, they confront external and internal threats, protect the independence and territorial integrity of the state. Italy has its own armed forces. The army has been functioning since 1861. The article will review the history of the creation of the Armed Forces of Italy, the structure and size

Real Cossack drafts (photo)

Willingness to protect the Fatherland, stand in the way of the enemy - this is a sign of masculinity. The combat checker is the very symbol of Cossack freedom, loyalty to Russia and its family. History of The first documentary mention of the battle sword appeared at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Ozone Generators: Benefits and Features

Today, devices called ozone generators used to process air and liquids are becoming more and more popular. They are used to remove chemical contaminants, purification from microorganisms and disinfection. Ozone effectively fights with almost all pathogens due to its high oxidative characteristics, it removes fungi, viruses and bacteria both in the air and in water

Damask armor - what is it? Damask steel: characteristics. The mystery of the ancient Bulat

Sparkling damask is born Made of soft iron, hard steel. And the sword becomes a hundred times stronger And on the blade - patterned spirals. ( Alexander Simonov, "Bulat sword" ) Come from a fairy tale Everyone knows that fairy tales are not just interesting stories with which you can take kids, but also a storehouse of wisdom that weaves a cunning pattern with historical events and epics

Aerosol gun "Premier" - an effective means of protection against attack

Aerosol gun "Premier" - a convenient and modern means of self-defense. To purchase it, no permit or license to carry it is required. The only requirement is to reach the age of 18 years. Virtues The “Premier” aerosol gun is one of the latest developments of Tula gunsmiths. It is different: range of throwing aerosol cans at a distance of about 7 meters; simplicity of design and, as a result, excellent reliability; electronic detonation of ammunition. Pr

SAU-152: review of the combat vehicle, history of creation and application, photo

It is not for nothing that the Great Patriotic War is called the “war of motors”. The outcome of the largest military operations depended on tanks and self-propelled guns. The Germans one of the most popular combat transport units became self-propelled artillery installation "Ferdinand", the USSR - SAU-152. It

What should be a real woman according to men

Men have their own opinion about what a real woman should be. Representatives of the stronger sex make many demands on their chosen ones. This applies to appearance, character traits, and many more aspects. General requirements Men are quite demanding of their halves. They have their own idea of ​​what a real woman should be. In

Husqvarna 140: characteristics, comparison with competitors and reviews

Lawnmower and chainsaw can be called the most popular tools summer resident. If you own a private house, then this equipment will come in handy, because it is very difficult to take care of the lawn manually, and it is impossible to cope with the preparation of firewood and arrangement of the backyard territory without the corresponding units

Yakut knives: forging, sharpening, drawing

The knife, which is somewhat different from the usual in our understanding, is asymmetrical, with notches on one side of the blade — residents of Yakutia have long used such products. Today, Yakut knives are the hallmark of this region of Russia. History of The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is known in the world as the main supplier of diamonds.

Helicopter "Robinson": characteristics, photos, speed. Flight by Robinson helicopter

A rare driver, hitting a long traffic jam, did not complain that his car was unable to rise into the air and fly over a traffic jam. Especially annoying is the oversupply of transport when time is worth more than money. Such a situation happens to people managing large sums, for whom being late for a business meeting can turn into huge losses

The average age of men in Russia today

Demography - the science of the population, today is interested not only scientists, but also ordinary citizens. This area of ​​knowledge offers not only dry statistics on the percentage of the population of the state, differing in some specific characteristics, but also offers very specific figures. Am

Means of individual armor: classification and purpose

Nowadays, anyone knows about the means of individual armor protection. Still, at least from time to time people watch militants, news and other programs that regularly show strong guys, reliably protected from bullets, splinters and strikes with knives. Of course, this includes not only body armor, but many other elements that some readers will be interested to learn about

Badge "Excellence in Border Troops" 1 degree: description, date of approval

Many thousands of men in our country can boast that they served in the border troops. Someone served in military service there, while others held decades at the border with the rank of ensigns and officers. And some of them were awarded with a high award - "Excellence in Border Troops of the 1st degree"

How to sew an aglet: step-by-step instructions

Aiguillette - one of the components of the front military uniforms. This element additionally adorns the latter, underlines to become its owner. But how to sew the aglet? Among other things in detail we will sort process in this article. What is it - aglet? Before we figure out how to sew an aglet on a military uniform, we’ll reveal what it is for readers who have come across such a concept for the first time.

Performing a military salutation: military rituals, differences in the performance of salutation

It is very interesting to watch the performance of the ritual of military greeting. Without it, today the armies of many states are not conceived. Naturally, the performance of military greetings is strictly regulated. It may also vary depending on the situation. Specifically, with this military ritual we will look into the article on the example of the Russian army

Pheasant loops: materials for production, application

Pheasant hunting is quite an exciting activity. However, some hunters will be much more interesting not to shoot this bird, but to catch it alive. The task is quite difficult, but quite feasible. This will help you ordinary loops on pheasants. Of course, you need to know and be able to how to make loops and install them

The strongest army in the world. The best army in the world

Most of the XX was in the wars. By the beginning of the new millennium, serious geopolitical changes took place in the world, the Cold War ended, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the world socialist system followed it. It would seem that the passions around the issue of world leadership should have decreased, and the arms race, if not stopped, then at least slowed down

Modern conventional means of destruction: classification, general characteristics, damaging factors

What is modern conventional means of destruction? This weapon has become traditional. Mankind has learned to use the energy of explosives, various incendiary mixtures, a vast assortment of ammunition, mines, and much more, unrelated to nuclear weapons, which is rightly considered the last deterrence argument

How to do a piercing member?

It turns out that not only women are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of beauty and endure a variety of procedures in order to improve their appearance. Men also keep up with the fair sex. What they can surprise a lady? There is a way that will cause amazement, make sexual intercourse bright and unforgettable, give partners unusual, but very pleasant feelings

408 caliber Cheyenne Tactical: characteristics and purpose

In the modern world, all states are trying to occupy the best places in the international arena in all areas of activity. Not left aside and the army. Every day, engineers and designers of all countries of the world are trying to develop the best weapons, ammunition and equipment so that their state is safe and citizens can sleep peacefully

Senior sergeant: seniority, assignment, promotion and demotion

The senior sergeant (rank) is assigned to the deputy commander of the platoon. You can call the position of the most responsible among the soldiers. In the companies there will be as many such officers as platoons. All senior sergeants are assistant lieutenants and other officers. It is desirable that they were personally acquainted with each of their subordinates, know their strengths and weaknesses, know how to manage, punish, if necessary

Hob: size, description and reviews

Modern kitchen is unthinkable without a hob. It can be gas, electric and combined, various brands, types and manufacturers. How to understand this huge range and choose a comfortable, safe, and most importantly - exactly the right size? Burners Does the size of the panel depend on their quantity? And does it matter how much space does the hob occupy

Pistol "Desert Eagle meteorite" - the skin, which should be every gamer. The combination of character and style

Desert Eagle was designed as a semi-automatic weapon with a large caliber. A pistol with a vapor system receives cartridges from a replaceable magazine with a larger capacity than a conventional six-cylinder. Start of production The history of the development of the first "Desert Needle" chambered for

ATN-51 "Black Plague" - the newest Russian fighter. Specifications and purpose

Recently, the media reported that Russian military designers have begun work on the creation of the newest Russian fighter - ATN-51 "Black Plague". About the device, technical characteristics and purpose of this flying combat vehicle described in the article. Acquaintance ATN-51 "Black Plague" - the newest fifth-generation Russian fighter

A paratrooper is an elite soldier. Description of the landing

A paratrooper is an elite soldier in any army in the world. The use of assault is known from ancient times. However, it became a separate military formation only in the twentieth century. Marines are characterized by high training, moral and physical endurance, advanced weapons. They perform the most difficult tasks

What do the Emergencies Ministry shoulder straps look like and how should they be sewn on?

Each type of armed forces in modern countries has its own shape with corresponding insignia. This makes it possible to determine how the employee belongs to the type of aircraft, department or service, and personal rank, position. Shoulder straps are used as the basis for shoulder signs. EMERCOM of Russia, being a militarized structure, also has its own shape and insignia

Nuclear submarine "Virginia": design features, weapons and chassis

The change in the geopolitical situation after the liquidation of the USSR led to the need to create a submarine with a lower cost than a submarine of the type "Sea Wolf". Initially, the task was to preserve the main tactical and technical characteristics, implement new technical solutions in the equipment of the undercarriage and the warhead and get a multi-purpose submarine to solve a wide range of combat tasks

General assault armor 6B43

An assault body armor (abbreviated BZ) is a means of individual protection of personnel of ground units, marines, airborne troops, special forces during combat operations. History reference In the Middle Ages, the protection of the warrior provided plate plate. Closer to the XVII century, blacksmiths were able to bring armor to a new level

Contract service in the army

Contract service is far from work, as is commonly believed, because such soldiers are truly professional defenders of their homeland. Today, one of the main tasks of many countries is to improve the Armed Forces in all respects. In this process, the main priorities are the selection of reliable soldiers, not their number

US laser weapons: advantages, disadvantages and prospects

On July 18, 2017, the world media struck the public with headlines: "The United States tested laser weapons in the Persian Gulf." The American television channel CNN has released a video recording the test of a laser weapon produced by the US Navy. Two targets were successfully hit by laser gun shots, showing the world what the US laser weapon is capable of

AEK-999: specifications and photos

The armed conflict in Afghanistan has changed the views of the Soviet military command on modern domestic weapons. A conviction was formed that a successful outcome of tactical military operations is possible when going beyond the regimes and parameters intended for armament and identifying their shortcomings with subsequent refinement

How do men become models at different ages?

Today, quite a lot of people dream of becoming popular, so they are also trying to choose an appropriate profession for themselves. But not always everything turns out as we would like. And the title of a model does not mean at all that you will at once become an important person at any event. To be a popular person in the fashion industry, you have to spend a lot of time and effort

Kochergin's diversion knife: photos and reviews

In a wide variety of knives a special place is occupied by combat models. Despite the development of military technology and weapons, a simple knife to this day is an effective assistant in melee combat. Therefore, all the armies of the world are working to improve the characteristics of the combat knife

Garage crane: device, nuances, operation

To date, the mechanization of lifting work paid close attention. Modern technology of this direction makes it possible to use it even in rather small rooms for performing various operations (installation, dismantling, loading, unloading, etc.). Therefore, this article will be devoted to a special kind of lifting equipment called a garage crane

Army lacing berets

Judging by the numerous reviews, berets are very comfortable and durable shoes. They weigh like ordinary sneakers, but almost never get wet. However, during operation, owners often have difficulty lacing their berets. This is the only, but significant drawback of this shoe. Laces do not deliver a lot of trouble if you know how to handle them properly

Aircraft "Warthog": description, specifications, combat power, classification and use of attack aircraft

The plane "Warthog" (A-10 Thunderbolt 2) is an American single-armored attack aircraft. The device was created in the mid-seventies of the last century. Despite the honorary age, the flying unit is considered one of the best representatives of its segment. The main purpose of the vehicle is the liquidation of the enemy’s tanks and other armored vehicles.

Scientific research vessel of the Baltic fleet "Admiral Vladimirsky": history, description, photo

In order to carry out oceanographic research by the shipbuilding industry by the Navy of the USSR, project 852 was launched. In total, six ships were built under the project. Among them a special place was taken by the research vessel of the Baltic fleet "Admiral Vladimirsky". Information about the purpose, device and characteristics of this ship is presented in the article

Baryshev's submachine gun: characteristics (photo)

The world fame of "Kalash" for many decades remained indisputable. Due to the totality of its combat and technological qualities, this sample of small arms is unmatched among all the analogues produced on our planet. However, there was a designer gunsmith, who managed to create something so outstanding that the opinion of the indisputable superiority of the AK became controversial

What are respectable men? Tips for changing the image

Reputable men always seem attractive and reliable, which allows them to find a common language not only with women, but also with their work colleagues. You are not completely confident in yourself, is something wrong in your work and personal life? Consider changing your style. So, what traits are inherent in respectable men

Top 10 fastest aircraft in the world

The fastest aircraft tried to create many countries in the world. Some developers managed to achieve and overcome supersonic speed, along with excellent maneuverability parameters of the machine. The development of aviation does not stand still, moving further and further in improving the tactical and technical characteristics

Automat AK 107: characteristics and photos

The AK 107 machine gun, like its counterparts under the symbol 108 and 109, was designed by engineers Aleksandrov and Paranin, who are employees of the Izhmash enterprise. This unit belongs to the 100th series of "Kalashnikovs", among themselves the models differ only in the charges used. The main feature of a combat unit is the use of balanced automation

Do they take to the army with sinusitis? Features of diagnosis, treatment, military recruitment and the reasons for exemption from military service

For most young people and their parents, delaying the army is a matter of urgency. Indeed, there are a number of pathologies and chronic diseases, in the presence of which the guy can avoid the service. Today, many people have sinusitis. However, not all young people suffering from this disease can get a reprieve

How to install, remove and repair car generator. "Priora": wiring diagram and features of the generator

Perhaps one of the most important parts of a modern car engine is a generator. Priora from AvtoVAZ is no exception. There are so many electricity consumers in the car today that very much depends on the power of the generator. But what if he suddenly "decided" to break down? First, it’s worth taking off.

Machine gun Thompson: photos, tactical and technical characteristics

The gangsters and military men were created by the American retired colonel, the army supplier and the experienced merchant John Toliver Thompson. The automatic weapon created by him in the documentation is listed as a Thompson submachine gun. The model proved its high efficiency in the years of the Second World War and in the post-war period was in great demand among police officers, criminals and civilians

Army backpacks. Varieties, characteristics, selection rules

Army backpacks occupy an important place among the other attributes of equipment fighter. They differ from civil and tourist ones in approximately the same way as the BTR tractor differs from. And this is not surprising, because a backpack, especially belonging to the tactical class, is just as important for the preservation of a soldier’s life and the performance of a combat mission as an automatic weapon.

11-year-old child prodigy became an Internet celebrity because of his unusual talent

He took his first pair of hooks when he was only five years old, and learned to knit thanks to a simple lesson. By 6, he became a competitor for all the grandmothers with whom he competed at the city fair. Today, his business has become so popular that he had to temporarily stop taking orders. Boy's popularity “Over the past two weeks, he received about 2, 500 orders, ” his mother, Jennifer Larson, said in an interview with Good Morning America. Hi

What is a harpoon? Harpoon for spearfishing

Calm fishing is not fun for everyone. But for fans of extreme entertainment there is a variation of this hobby. You just need to add a few special tools - and it will immediately become interesting. Very few people know what a harpoon is, and even more so they know how to hunt fish with it. This is not an easy task, and perhaps patience is needed much more than on ordinary fishing

Boxing bandages are an essential part of training. How to reel boxing bandages.

Sport - is life. This statement has been around for a long time, and you can add to it that sport is health and keeping your body in good shape. And the correct conduct of the training will give an even better result. One of the most important moments in training, this is the right equipment and equipment

Dorian doors: variations and benefits

In order to create a warm atmosphere and comfort at home, you should pay attention not only to the finishing of the floor and walls, but also to choose the right interior doors. Domestic manufacturers offer products that are not inferior in quality to imported products and at the same time significantly differ in price policy

The most powerful weapon for hunting pneumatic

Hunting and gathering are those actions that helped a person to become reasonable and survive in a not too friendly world. Today, collecting has reached a new level of its development and has become known as collecting, and its objects are no longer roots and fruits, but artistic and other values. Hunting also accompanied humanity at all times of its existence, and from the category of necessity it became a hobby

American weapons of a new generation. US modern weapons

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the two main nuclear powers remaining in the world, namely the United States and the Russian Federation, the first years were in relative strategic nirvana. The leadership and the peoples of both countries had a deceptive impression about the peace that had come, guaranteed for many decades

Shotgun shotgun: history of weapons, advantages and disadvantages

Ultra-compact shotguns at the expense of a very spreading battle has always enjoyed great popularity. Shotgun shotgun adapted for quick shooting at a short distance. The constrained conditions do not prevent the owner of such a rifle unit from using it for his own safety. To do this, the arrow does not even have to take aim

Automatic CP3 "Whirlwind": description and photo

Created about 20 years ago, the automatic machine CP3 "Whirlwind" still has no analogues and direct competitors. According to the professionals, not a single weapon in the world is able to replace it. It differs from its counterparts in the first place by its small size, a very non-burdening weight and at the same time retains all the advantages of a serious military weapon

Machine gun "Pecheneg" bullpap: review, characteristics, photos

“Pecheneg” with bullpap is a worthy continuation of the weapon range of the same name. Produced at the plant named after V.A. Degtyarev in the city of Kovrov. The product is produced for the cartridge of 7.62 x 54 mm caliber. How does it differ from the standard sample and why is it considered more promising? Th