Pistol "Grach": specifications and photos

The “Grach” pistol was developed in the late 2000s under the guidance of V.A. Yarygin. The serial production of the model was adjusted at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. Due to the fact that the gun was designed in a crucial period, its path into the series turned out to be rather long. Today, “Grach” is gradually crowding out the notorious PM and is becoming an integral attribute of law enforcement officers and the armed forces of the Russian Federation. This a

How to make a wooden knife with your own hands?

Mostly knives are made of steel. But sometimes for the manufacture of cutting tools masters use other materials. Often, on the shelves of shops you can see sets of ceramic and wooden knives. Such blades have their own special purpose. In the market they are represented in a fairly wide range. Those consumers who want to save or like to make, can make them yourself

French Navy: submarines and modern warships

The French Armed Forces include the army, fleet (Navy), aviation (Air Force) and the national gendarmerie. The French Navy consists of more than one hundred and eighty surface ships. This is the only European country that has a nuclear aircraft carrier in the fleet. Its submarine fleet consists of ten nuclear submarines, four of which are armed with ballistic nuclear missiles

Delays in firing PM and how to eliminate them

Makarov pistol - a weapon simple and reliable. It eliminated almost all the problems that arose when firing a pistol "Walter PP", taken as a basis for the design of the design, such as sticking a cartridge in the bevel of the chamber. However, delays in firing from the PM are and are mainly associated with improper operation and poor care of the weapon

Initial military training: a program for secondary schools, a history of development and development

Initial military training is the basis of a strong state and the formation of the national consciousness of the younger generation. The formation of basic concepts, training tactics and technology, the ability to protect themselves, if necessary, are the basis of the program. A synonym for this term is pre-conscription training, which consists in presenting young people about military affairs

Glock 23 by KJ Works: Review

Few have heard of such a well-known pistol, like Glock 23. To date, the guns of this Austrian company have acquired the status of one of the most popular and sought after in the world. Therefore, the question of how common airsoft drives with the form factor of such a colorful representative of the arms world does not need to be answered

Some recommendations on how to improve the potency

There is an opinion that “male problems” in sexual terms arise with age, but it is completely erroneous. Even young people who are in their prime are having problems with erection, which is a consequence of physical overstrain or any psychological factors. It is possible that the body has a banal lack of vitamins and nutrients. Ca

Rifle "Springfield": description, specifications, models and reviews

In 1898, American designers noted a number of shortcomings in the armament of US Army soldiers. The government decided to create a new, more advanced weapon. As part of its implementation, an American rifle, the Springfield, was created on the basis of a store that was captured from Spanish soldiers using the longitudinally sliding bolt of a Mauser rifle

American M14 automatic rifle - modern weapon

Until the middle of the 20th century, the US military used the M1 Garand self-loading rifle. Despite all its advantages, the hostilities of the Second World War showed that this model needs to be modernized. The US Armed Forces needed a similar, but more modern weapon. In the late 50s, the M14 rifle was developed, which for ten years was in service with many armies in the world

Worm wheel: advantages and disadvantages

The worm gear system consists of two components - the wheel and the worm itself. It is necessary in order to get the rotation and transfer it between the intersecting shafts (from one to the second), while reducing the speed and number of revolutions. The wheel works in a coupling with a worm, which can have left or right threads, as well as single or multiple

Smooth-bore hunting gun "Altai": description, characteristics, instructions

The modern weapons market is represented by various rifle units. In the group of smooth-bore models, Altai rifles are very popular. The high demand is due to their excellent fighting qualities, which many hunters managed to appreciate. Information on the device, principle of operation and technical characteristics of Altai smooth-bore hunting rifles is contained in the article

Soil for aluminum: detailed instruction

As you know, aluminum is quite difficult to paint, this is due to the fact that its coating is very smooth. The more complex the surface structure, the more rough it is, and the area of ​​contact with the material is larger. This characteristic is called the strength of the connection to break. The problem of complex deposition of a protective composition on the surface can be solved in two ways, one of which involves rough grinding, while the other is acid etching. Th

Comparison of Russian and US tanks. What are the tanks in service with the US and Russia

Today, more and more often one can hear discussions about the military power of two superpowers: Russia and the United States. Often it comes to heavy equipment, such as tanks and self-propelled guns. For example, the vaunted "Abrams" many consider the best in the world. But they do not take into account the same German "Leopard 2A7", as well as the Russian T-90

Crossbow "Tactic": description with photos, specifications, principle of operation and reviews of the owners

Hunting with a crossbow today is gaining great popularity. On the shelves of specialized stores there are several types of these products. One of the most popular is the Tactic block crossbow. This model has both advantages and disadvantages, which should be known to those who decided to become the owner of this particular weapon

Characteristics of the Object 195. Promising Russian tank of the fourth generation

Beginning in 2006, information about the creation and early entry of a fourth-generation tank into service with the Russian army periodically appears in the media. Almost a decade has passed, and no one has even seen a prototype image. It is only known that the creator is the Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau in Nizhny Tagil

Dangerous bear hunting in Kamchatka

Kamchatka Peninsula is famous for its nature. This land is rich in rivers, lakes, and therefore suitable for fishing. But the hunters will get great pleasure, as the world of animals and birds is very diverse. Big game Which trophy is one of the most desired? This, of course, is the clumsy master of the forest

Age of reservists in the Russian army. What is the age of reservists in Russia?

The growing geopolitical tension in the region led to the fact that for the first time in many years the Russian leadership began to seriously talk about modernizing the army of reservists, more precisely, about creating a fundamentally new management institution specializing in studying and organizing the mobilization potential of the country

Machine gun "Maxim": device, history of creation and technical characteristics

Since the first person picked up a cudgel to hit another person, humanity has been improving and perfecting it. Dubin replaced the ax, spear, bow - the list is very long. In the middle of the list is a machine gun. The first of the machine guns, most likely, was Maxim's machine gun. Before him there were the gun-case - rapid-fire systems of firing with a standard cartridge and rechargeable from the breech

Interesting facts about girls: top-20

Would you like to understand girls? Of course, this is completely impossible. But there are some tips worth resorting to. They will help to better understand the fair sex. Sometimes guys have a hard time communicating with girls. They simply are not always able to figure out how to please the beloved

Gun revolver type: types, characteristics and photos

Probably not everyone, even an experienced hunter, has heard of the gun of the revolving type MC-255. Needless to say, the decision is really original, especially for the domestic market. It is no coincidence that this sample is the only representative of a drum-powered rifle from those developed and manufactured in our country

Airborne armament, military equipment and equipment. History of creation, interpretation of the abbreviation, composition and structure of the troops

Airborne units belong to the elite unit and a separate version of the army units of the Russian Federation. They are included in the reserve of the Commander-in-Chief of the State, reporting directly to the Commander of the Airborne Forces. The armament of the troops is very diverse, ranging from knives and pistols, to self-propelled machines and aircraft

"Magnum" (pistol): photo, caliber

If the script of some modern action movie provides that the hero is the owner of a powerful pistol, then the directors' choice mainly falls on “Magnum”. The cinema hero, the owner of "Magnum", initially has more chances to win than his opponent, if that weapon is weaker. Having got on the front sight of this pistol, the enemy is definitely doomed - the bullet that hit it can tear off an arm or a leg. Th

1 barrel of oil was distilled - how many liters of gasoline?

The words “barrel of oil” are regularly heard on the radio and from TV screens. In the last three years, there is no word for Russians. From the school chemistry course, adults remember that they make automobile fuel from black gold. In the mornings at the gas station the mind of the people is busy thinking: 1 barrel of oil - how many liters of gasoline will give the country. Vo

Mando, shock absorbers: reviews, descriptions and specifications

Shock absorbers are needed for comfortable movement. This part reduces the level of impact on the body during shock and reduces friction. Thanks to the shock absorbers, the impact force is reduced and felt less clearly. It is important to check the condition of the shock absorbers in time, since their operation affects safety, sharp reaction and reduction of the braking distance, and at least half of the wear can lead to its dangerous increase

Tanks of Italy: types, overview, specifications

The idea to use armored vehicles on the battlefield to the military command of Italy came even before the start of the First World War. According to historians, the Italians were the first in the world to use armored cars in the Italian-Turkish conflict in 1912. Events unfolding in North Africa, marked the beginning of the creation of tracked armored vehicles

Vacha Finn: description, size, blade material

Vacha Finn belongs to the group of legendary rare knives. Most of them were destroyed in the 80-90s of the last century. Miraculously, the surviving copies are exhibited at various auctions and exhibitions. Collectors of this product is interested not only in terms of rarity, but also in connection with historical facts

Relay contacts. The principle of operation and purpose of the relay

Relay - a device for switching on and off electrical circuits, one of the "long-livers" among radio components. Despite its relatively simple design, it is highly efficient and reliable. Even now in some devices there is no alternative. Despite the existence of power semiconductor devices, relay contacts are still the easiest way to switch powerful loads in low-current circuits

Tactical jacket: model features and recommendations when choosing

For most people, tactical clothing is something related to military activities and does not represent much interest. And in vain! After all, the unique properties of clothes of this kind can become indispensable in various life situations. Find out what makes a tactical jacket, and in what circumstances it will not do without it, will help the following material

Cruise missiles of Russia and the USA

The development of military space technology in the fifties took place mainly in the direction of creating intercontinental means capable of damaging a strategic nature. At the same time, humanity has already accumulated experience gained in the development of a special type of ammunition combining the properties of airplanes and rockets

Modern tanks of the world. The most advanced tank in the world

Under the tank should be understood combat vehicle armored type on tracked. As the main equipment of modern tanks have a gun. What is a tank? The first combat vehicles were equipped mainly with machine guns. And only after the Second World War, the designers began to experiment. Accordingly, tanks appeared that had missile weapons

SVT-40 (sniper rifle): reviews of hunters, photos, specifications

Among the huge number of firearms used by the Soviet soldiers in the war of 1941-1945, not one is calling so many versatile reviews as the SVT-40 (sniper rifle). Experts and the military considered it not very successful, so the issue of the rifle soon ceased. The development of such weapons came during the war years, when, in favor of quantitative indicators, the manifestation of quality decreased

In which troops green berets?

You have probably heard more than once the mention of the red berets, but there are also military green berets. And to some extent they are no less important than, say, speckled headdresses. On the meaning of green berets, their application and history - in this article. Elite of the American Army The most famous "green berets" are the special forces of the ground forces of the United States

Folding knife "Magnum Boker": characteristics and reviews

Judging by the numerous reviews, there are situations when you can not do without a cutting product. In the market for knife products, a wide range of all kinds of skanders is presented to customers. The folding knife "Magnum Boker" is very popular. With excellent technical characteristics and attractive design, he received many positive feedback from the owners

Military unit 10003: location, secret methods, officers and military personnel. Training in the technique of military unit 10003: reviews

How to improve the quality of life and unleash their inner abilities? How to accelerate the achievement of the goal and learn to make the right decisions? How to get rid of fear, irritation and anxiety? Find answers to these questions will help a special technique used by the intellectual club “Team 10003”. Ho

"Motul 8100 X-cess 5W40": reviews

From the correct choice of lubricants depends on the operation of any engine. Modern oils differ in the improved operational characteristics and the long period of operation. They protect the mechanisms from wear, scaling, corrosion, etc. One of the most popular today among domestic consumers means for the motor is "Motul 8100 X-cess 5W40"

Complex EW "Khibiny": tools, equipment. EW "Khibiny" - what is it?

Modern military equipment is unthinkable without the broadest use of radio equipment. Radar, locators, targeting tools ... All this in the conditions of modern war is extremely important. It is not surprising that domestic engineers have always tried to develop an effective means to suppress the radio engineering of a potential enemy

Categories fitness to military service: decoding

In the Russian army there are 5 main categories that determine the state of health of a recruit. By what principle are they divided? And are there fundamental differences between subgroups within them? If so, which ones? You will find answers to all these questions later in the article. List of specialists Any man of military age in the Russian Federation before going to serve, passes a full medical commission

Armor-piercing cartridges: device and principle of operation

Armor-piercing cartridges are in service with internal and regular troops of the countries of the world due to the use of means of individual armor protection from potential opponents. They belong to special types of ammunition, expanding the functions of small arms, and are intended to hit targets in light armor

The million question: how do men like?

From early childhood, the female gender is concerned with the thought, as men like. The little girl, wearing her mother's beads and uncertainly hovering to the mirror in exorbitantly large shoes with heels, is already meticulously evaluating the measure of her attractiveness. The girl has grown up a bit

What ammunition for a hare to take with you to hunt?

Hunting any animal or bird is in its own way an interesting and exciting activity. This event must be carefully prepared. Cartridges for a hare and other animals should be prepared in advance. Features of hunting for eared animals Hunting a hare attracts men with its dynamism, excitement and sporting character

Georgievskiye weapon: description, history and photos

The Golden St. George Weapon "For Bravery" is the award attributed to the insignia in the Russian Empire from the 19th to the 20th century. It was made of precious metals, encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and other stones. About the St. George weapons, its varieties, history and production will be discussed in the article

Stechkin pistol: characteristics, types and reviews of weapons

In our army, pistols are given much less attention than other small arms samples that are in service with the Russian Federation. Many of the pistols are still descended from the USSR, and only in recent years have truly new models begun to appear in our country. However, this type of weapon still does not have wide distribution

US military helicopters. Names, descriptions and specifications

Helicopters got their development only in the second half of the 20th century. They were practically not used in World War II. However, in the Korean conflict fighting vehicles showed their best side. The first to develop such military equipment were the Americans, and at first they even had no competitors

Anti-ship missiles of Russia: list, types, description with photo

Today, the defense of coastal zones, as well as the destruction of offshore facilities, is carried out by means of the SCRC. Anti-ship missile systems are considered the most powerful, autonomous and mobile systems equipped with their own target designation equipment. According to experts, the combat use of the SCRC is not limited to ships alone

Prospective UAV of Russia (list)

Hardly ever robots have to completely replace the person in those areas of activity that require the rapid adoption of non-standard decisions in peacetime and in battle. Nevertheless, the development of drones in the last nine years has become a fashion trend for military aircraft. Many militarily leading countries massively produce UAVs

ATGM "Skif": technical characteristics

Recently, the development of weapons has leaped forward, significantly widening the gap in technology between countries that can afford the latest weapons and those that are unable to do so. One of such novelties on the arms market is the Skif ATGM - a joint creation of Ukrainian and Belarusian manufacturers

Military Unit No. 02511 (138th IMSBr) in the village of Kamenka, Vyborg District, Leningrad Region. 138th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade

In 1934, the 70th Infantry Division began its operations. In the course of the next decades, this military unit was repeatedly reformed. The result of such changes was the 138 th OMSBR. Information on the history of creation, composition and conditions of residence of the brigade can be found in this article

What distinguishes pneumatics from travmatiki. Features of these types of weapons

Carrying and storing firearms in our country is punishable by law. But there is a huge amount of available and legal means for self-defense. The choice of weapons is a very important procedure. You need to know a lot of subtleties that are important. At the same time, the goals for which they choose and acquire weapons are not so important: self-defense or rest

SVD with a silencer: description, device and specifications

Since 1963, the Soviet army has the opportunity to destroy moving and emerging, open and well-disguised single targets using the Dragunov 7.62 mm sniper rifle. This rifle unit in the technical documentation is listed as SVD under the symbol 6В1. The creation of Yevgeny Dragunov was widely used by Soviet specialists in several wars and armed conflicts.

Caliber 338 Lapua Magnum

A relatively new cartridge 338 Lapua Magnum was originally created for sniper shooting at long distances, however, it is now used both in bench shooting and by hunters. 338 Lapua Magnum takes place between .50 BMG and .308 Winchester ammunition. Purpose In 1983, the US Department of Defense announced a competition for the creation of a new sniper cartridge

Light aircraft Yak-12: technical characteristics, photos, history of creation

In the 1940s, the Soviet leadership approved a plan for the development and rehabilitation of the national economy. According to him, significant changes have affected the agrarian industry. In order to improve pest control and sanitary services for the population, air lines began to be intensively developed

BTR 82A: features, advantages, characteristics

BTR 82A is a new word in the production of heavy military equipment. This armored vehicle, in fact, is a deeply modernized and modified version of the BTR 80. Through the efforts of designers and leading military engineers, several units and parts were improved and refined, and the transporter was updated and armed

PM firing rate - how many shots per minute? Makarov pistol: characteristics

The Makarov pistol (PM 9 mm) is a semi-automatic pistol, which in 1951 replaced the TT pistol and the revolver of the Nagant system. It was developed by Nikolay Fedorovich Makarov, a Soviet designer, who also developed some other adopted weapons. The PM, simple and reliable, was and remains in service with law enforcement agencies and the armed forces of the Russian Federation, as well as in a number of other countries (Georgia, Syria, Latvia, Laos, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Ukraine, and others)

9-mm Makarov pistol: photos, characteristics, history of creation and modification

If you ask any man in our country what model of a pistol comes to his mind first of all, then he will surely remember the Makarov pistol. This 9-mm pistol has proven itself well over half a century of service and to this day does not lose ground. When Makarov created his gun Almost immediately after the end of the war, around 1947-1948, the designers of the Soviet Union were given the task of creating a new pistol that would become the main weapon of officers in the army and the police

Anton Automan is a national blogger. Interesting facts from the life of a motorist

Today we live truly in a unique time. Anyone can become a journalist or blogger and gain fame, while not finishing universities and not working for a long time in publishing houses. To do this, it is enough to have your own channel on popular video portals, be well versed in any subject and present it in a favorable context

MANPADS "Igla": characteristics, photos, application

Already during World War II, the domination of aviation over the theater of military operations was of decisive importance. Modern large-scale combat operations are accompanied by the use of hundreds of aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles. To counter the air threat, air defense and missile defense systems are used, differing in the principle of operation, effective radius and degree of mobility

Firearms - what is it? Concept and classification

When they talk about the use of firearms by the police, what do they mean? What items are usually denoted by such a term, often frightening impressionable inhabitants, far from any violence? Nowadays, firearms are the subject of interest of many men ... What can I say, and women too. What is this about

US Air Force: Structure, Equipment and Weapons

The armed forces in any developed country are designed to ensure the safety of its citizens, government, and the integrity of the country's constitutional order. Nowadays, the security threat comes from various sources. This may be space, as well as the risks associated with natural and weather cataclysms, and the human factor is not excluded

Tu-160 "White Swan" - a strategic bomber bomber

History should have taught the American military leadership that any, the most expensive and technically sophisticated project designed to put pressure on the USSR, and later on the Russian Federation, evoke a desire to create a system of opposition or to give a symmetrical answer. An example is the Tu-160, the White Swan, a strategic intercontinental bomber-rocket carrier

Farthest Sniper Rifle Shot: World Records

The sniper rifle is designed to produce precision weapons. In it an important element is a high-precision optics and precision mechanism. In this article we look at the features of the shot, as well as the characteristics of the rifle. Requirements for this weapon The rifle's amazing qualities increase the sniper's ability to perform the farthest shot from a sniper rifle

Draize's rifle: the history of creation, device and specifications

At the beginning of the XIX century, new breech-loading capsule guns appeared. According to experts, at that time one of the most promising weapon systems was considered to be a needle-like unitary paper cartridge. In Germany, the Dreize needle rifle was the first rifle unit using this system. The German arms designer developed it in 1927

MPL-50 - the most reliable girlfriend of a soldier

MPL-50 - most of the people serving or who once served in the army know what is hidden under this abbreviation; for the rest, this is just a set of letters. But the phrase "engineer shovel" is known, probably, to everyone. Moreover, they mean by this name, unknowingly, namely MPL-50. "Sapper" shovel for infantry The MPL is M-small, P-infantry, L-shovel, and the figure 50 implies a total tool length of 50 cm

Crossbow "Mongoose": device, strengths and weaknesses

To the attention of lovers of ray-crossbow shooting in the modern market a wide range of different weapon models is presented. The crossbows produced by a large number of different manufacturers may differ from each other both in their appearance and tactical and technical characteristics. Crossbows are block and recursive

Army Dumping: What Is It, How to Get It, Dates, and Duration

Many of us have probably heard such a word as “oval”. They call it a geographical object, namely the Kurgan microdistrict, as well as an elongated elevation, which has a convex top and gentle slopes. Also used the word "drift" in the army. What it is? What does this term mean? For those who have served, it has pleasant associations. Th

Mortar is what is it?

Mortar is an artillery gun, which is equipped with a short barrel (mainly 15 caliber), intended for mounted type shooting. The tool is focused on the destruction of particularly strong defensive structures, as well as aimed at the destruction of targets that are hidden behind strong dugouts or trenches

Chinese chainsaws: specifications, brands and reviews

When choosing any kind of equipment, you need to consider several factors that will be fundamental to you. For example, the service life of chainsaws is determined and calculated in hours. If you want to choose the simplest tool that you plan to use in everyday life, then you should choose a model for 500 hours

Does the army take with hepatitis B in Russia?

It is a question of whether people are taken to the army with hepatitis B, there are many young people of military age in our country. Independently, it is not always possible to find the answer and understand all the nuances of a particular case. In this article, we will address the following questions: whether they take into the army with hepatitis B, what is the disease, how to organize their lives, having a similar diagnosis

Electric current, sources of electric current: definition and essence

From the physics course, everyone knows that by electric current they mean the directed orderly movement of particles carrying a charge. To obtain it in the conductor form an electric field. The same is necessary so that the electric current continues to exist for a long time. Sources of electrical current can be: static; chemical; mechanical; semiconductor

What should be included in the set of this man

Time passes, and with time, the views on life and on everything that happens in residents of a particular country change somewhat. An interesting question today is how a modern man should be, what he should know, do and be able to do. About qualities The first thing to consider is the psychological set of a real man, i

Radiological weapons: the process of infection, the consequences, means of protection

Today, scientists in many countries, in addition to traditional weapons, are developing weapons of mass destruction. They are based on qualitatively new or previously unused physical (ONP), biological and other principles. The result of the achievements of different technologies and in different fields of knowledge was the emergence of a laser or beam, infrasound, radio frequency, geophysical, gene, annihilation, kinetic and radiological weapons

"Mossberg 500": reviews, photos, misfires in the cold

The American army of the twentieth century led all its wars with the active use of shotguns. Many historical books, records and documents contain information indicating that Americans have actively used shotguns in many military clashes and conflicts. The environmental conditions, the characteristic density of the Vietnamese jungle, in which the US military had to fight, who had to master the art of close combat, their changed needs, and their extensive combat experience in using shotguns became factors that prompted the creation of a new, more advanced pump-gun, which is known as “Mossberg 500

Steel H12MF: characteristics, reviews

Industrial manufacturing of bearings, stamped and cutting tools is carried out using various steel grades. Among them, a special place is occupied by steel H12MF. The characteristics of this brand are also appreciated by many companies that exclusively produce knife products. Today this material is very popular both among manufacturers and among buyers of various knife products

Machete is ... Origin, design and product features

On the world knife market, sharp-cutting products are presented in a wide range. Among the knife products machete occupies a special place. This device first appeared in South America. Over time, it has found wide application in other continents. Today machete is a fairly effective tool that people use in many areas of their activities

Reserve army of Ukraine and Russia

The word "reserve" in Latin means "to save." In the dictionary, it is explained as follows: 1. Stored resources, supplies, or cash that can be used as needed for specific purposes. 2. A place where you can take the necessary additional forces or materials. 3. Human resources and part of the army, saved to solve unforeseen tasks and assist the existing armed forces and the fleet

Benelli Vinci: owner reviews, features

Reviews "Benelli Vinci" will objectively determine the significance, characteristics and abilities of a smooth-bore gun. It refers to the innovative semi-automatic modifications that combine multiple technical achievements and solidity of classical variations. The uniqueness of the design lies in the basic modular system, making it possible to disassemble the product into three parts without the use of special tools

410 caliber hunting revolver

Hunting pistols and revolvers are gaining increasing popularity in the market of civilian weapons in the United States. Gradually and in other parts of the world, they find a response in the hearts of lovers of small arms primarily because of their universality. The first to appreciate the “pocket shotguns” were farmers. Th

Coupling screw for formwork: description and photo

The clamping screw for the formwork is one of the most important elements in the construction of the object, which contributes to the optimal endurance of the design parameters of the future construction. In this case, compliance with exact parameters and dimensions according to the project plays a significant role

Morgenstern: weapons of medieval cavalry and infantry

Of all the varieties of cold arms, the cudgel is the oldest. However, as the warriors of the Middle Ages considered, its possibilities turned out to be limited. To protect himself from a blow with a cudgel, it was enough for a man to don his plate armor. In connection with this fact, the need arose for a more effective strike weapon, for which heavy armor would not become an obstacle

How to control a quadcopter: options of the control panel, recharging and first flight

Quadcopter Syma X5C is one of the most modern, convenient and easy-to-use quadrocopters, so using its example it is convenient to show the basics of controlling all such mechanisms. The device is equipped with a camera that shoots at a resolution of 640x480 pixels; it picks up the signal from the remote control at a distance of up to 150 m

Cartridge Parabellum: description, characteristics

Patron Parabellum was developed in 1902 by the German designer Georg Luther, began to be produced in 1903, and a year later it was adopted by the German naval forces. The cartridge 9x19 Parabellum has the second name P.08, since in 1908 it was accepted into service in the German army. With a huge variety of modifications, the development of 1902 is the most popular in the world at the moment

What is KMB? The course of the young fighter: description, features and reviews

Most capable men of any country are the basis of the defense of the state in which they live and of which they are citizens. Of course, in our time, not every representative of a strong half of the society has served and is serving in army units, and a fairly large percentage of these guys simply have no idea about the characteristics of finding and behavior in military units

Camouflage: types and colors of camouflage countries of the world, photos, color names

Humanity has always been interested in disguise. Increased attention to this topic was caused by the instinct of self-preservation. The ability to merge with the terrain with the help of tied to the body of branches and grass guaranteed a successful hunt, as a result - a person could feed himself. Over time, the art of disguise became very popular in military affairs

Elghansa mixers: characteristics and reviews

In order for plumbing to last as long as possible, you should pay attention to German-made products, which are of high quality and good technical characteristics. Elghansa mixers have a presentable appearance and meet all European quality standards. Let us consider in more detail the advantages of this product, model range and cost

Unicorn: Shuvalov's cannon in Russian artillery

The use of throwing machines to defeat the enemy at a distance has been practiced since ancient times. A significant breakthrough in the improvement of artillery weapons occurred after the appearance of gunpowder. Throwing machines are a thing of the past; various models of guns, howitzers and mortars took their place

Radio Intelligence: the history of creation, composition, structure and technical equipment

Radio intelligence has its objects for study. This is an enemy armed potential: control points, warehouses, rear units, headquarters, etc. Such intelligence does not contact them, but involves radio-electronic means (RES). They, along with radio communications, are sources of information. Principles of operation Radio intelligence for the extraction of strategic information uses the following techniques: detection; intercept; location identification

Flanged gate valve: variations and characteristics

The flanged gate valve is installed on the pipelines to enable quick shut-off of the fluid supply and subsequent drying of the medium. To increase the level of security, these elements are located in all parts of the network. Description The flanged gate valve acts as a shut-off valve and has a simple design, despite the high showiness

Caliber .45-70: review, application and photo of the cartridge

Many people who are seriously addicted to weapons, argue about the advantages and disadvantages of different cartridges and layouts, have not even heard about the .45-70 caliber. There is nothing strange here - today it is produced mainly in the USA and is used by lovers of unusual solutions. But still expand your horizons, reading about the features of this caliber, it will be interesting to many

Automatic "Tiss": the creation, device and application

The beginning of the 90s for Russia was a time of great growth in organized crime. The aggravated crime situation was the impetus for the creation of special rapid reaction units (CORD), designed to strengthen the existing police units (OMON). For small military formations, army small arms were intended, the use of which in urban conditions carried a threat to the lives of civilians

Anti-tank battles: destination, history, arrangement

Our article will tell about antitank rabbits, which were used in the wars of the past years to protect against enemy heavy equipment. Today, when there are more modern methods, this type of barrier is used less and less. However, the assertion that this type of barrier is ineffective is fundamentally wrong

What is the most powerful pneumatic revolver?

The desire to possess firearms characteristic of, perhaps, every man. Hunting rifles do not fully satisfy this need. I want to feel in the hands of the cold gravity of the metal of the military sample, but the legislation does not allow. Pneumatics will help to resolve the issue. For lovers of not only destructive power, but also aesthetics, the best offer is a pneumatic revolver

Carabiner screw DIN 5299. Advantages

Now in almost every city you can see many high-rise buildings. Often such houses consist of hundreds, and sometimes of several hundred floors. Such buildings look quite beautiful and fascinating. But skyscrapers also hide a great danger and complexity in the construction and use. To safely create such an amazing miracle, as well as to save people in natural disasters, you need high-quality and durable tools

The strengthened cartridge of traumatic 9 mm

For those who are going to acquire a traumatic weapon, the question of how to choose the right ammunition for your pistol becomes very relevant. Before choosing the necessary cartridges, you need to decide for what purposes they will be used. Today, the gun shelves have a large number of different types of ammunition, among which 9 mm RA traumatic cartridges are particularly popular

Italian Air Force: Characteristics, State and Development

The Italian Republic has a rather powerful and dynamically developing air force. According to experts, the Italian Air Force is an independent branch of the Armed Forces. The range of tasks they perform is quite wide. You will learn more about Italian aviation in this article. Acquaintance with military formation The Italian Air Force is one of the branches of the Republic’s Armed Forces.

Knife "Glock 78": a description with a photo, appointment, quality and reviews

In 1977, the soldiers of the Austrian army received new rifles StG 77 (AUG). However, unlike the previous model, this bayonet was not attached to this rifle unit. Apparently, Austrian politicians thought that such cold arms were inhumane and would encourage the aggressiveness of the soldiers, which is contrary to the purely defensive military doctrine of Austria

Air rifles "Smersh": types, equipment, device, photo

Air guns "Smersh" offered on the domestic market are not inferior to other Russian and foreign counterparts. The secret of weapons lies in the variety of modifications, simplicity of construction and low cost. Consider the features of these guns, including the features of each model. About the manufacturer The Smersh air rifles are manufactured by JTC Group Inc

Which side of a man to comb his hair: tips

Fashion does not stand still. Around the world every month, if not every day there are new trends. Many men, like women, strive to conform to modern notions of style. To a variety of fashionable solutions look even better, you need to care for their hair. The cleaned neat hair and the stylish, classic suit make an ordinary presentable adult man out of ordinary guy

Air Rifle "Huntsman": technical specifications and reviews

Air rifles "Jorge Jaeger" can be safely attributed to the segment of high-tech pneumatics. One of the main advantages that the models of the Klimovsky Cartridge Factory possess is the price that favorably distinguishes them from European or American counterparts. And this despite the fact that the design uses original components from Germany

Grenade RGO: characteristics

In 1954, the Soviet army received a new grenade, RGD-5. It was much more convenient and reliable than the WG-42 adopted at that time, and therefore quickly took its place. Together with the old F1 it formed a pair of offensive / defensive weapons, and this combination is used to this day. Whatever it was, but only 15 years later, the development of a new pair of grenades began, which would fully meet the requirements of the new time

Radiator "Termal": reviews. Thermal radiator: characteristics

If you are interested in the topic of radiators, then you probably are a person who lives in a country with a cold winter. For residents of apartments and houses that wish to have warmth and comfort in the home, modern Termal radiators are suitable, the reviews of which will be useful to read before making a purchase

How to determine which category in which troops take

The boys and their parents are very interested in the results of passing the medical commission when registering when a young man reaches 17 years of age. On it establish the category of fitness for military service. The commission draws conclusions based on the health status of the recruit. An interesting fact is that if a young man is fit, he is ordered to undergo military service in certain parts of the Russian army