Paraguay anaconda: description, photo, interesting facts

Paraguayan anaconda is the smallest among the representatives of the genus, but still this snake looks pretty impressive. She is not poisonous and has never been convicted of cannibalism, but it is not worth fighting with her. This snake attracts lovers of exotic animals, professional serpentologists, owners of zoos and private breeders

The highest mountain in the solar system: in search of truth

One of the most beautiful, mysterious and attractive to tourists and travelers natural objects are mountain systems in different parts of our planet. Their study and conquest involved scientists, climbers. By the way, every continent has its highest mountain point. The world famous Mount Everest is recognized as the highest mountain point of our planet (8848 m)

Common Zhiryanka - insectivorous plant: description

Common Zhiryanka - a plant of the genus Pinguicula. Perennial and insectivorous representative of the flora. It belongs to the family of bladderworms and is the only representative of this family that has a root system, albeit a very small one. The name of the plant was due to the fleshy and oily leaves, which look very juicy and covered with multiple glands

Minerals of the Irkutsk region: gold, coal, iron ore. Gold deposit Sukhoi Log. Slyudyansk marble deposit

Today we will talk about the mineral resources of the Irkutsk region. We will consider the main deposits, and also discuss what this territory is rich in in general. For a start, let's get to know this part of Russia better Irkutsk region The population of the region as of 2016 was approximately 2

Does a black lion exist in nature?

The lion is an intelligent, strong and very dangerous predator, a storm of deserts and savannas. This beautiful and proud animal many of us associate with the king of beasts, which evokes fear in everyone, but he is not afraid of anyone. We are used to seeing these muscular big cats with a red mane and golden hair, but more and more photos with dark animals have been appearing lately

An amazing creature of nature - viviparous lizard

How beautiful and great our world is! Its diversity is simply amazing, since the man still has not recognized all kinds of animals and plants. Earlier, little attention was paid to the study of nature, because scientists worked on the development of science and industry. The trend towards the discovery of new living organisms began to appear only at the end of the 18th century: first, European scientists became interested in the flora and fauna of our Earth, who then had the latest technology and knowledge in Asia, which also began to study all life on the planet

Zbruch River: length, location, nature of the coast and attractions

Zbruch - a small river with a large and interesting history. Its picturesque valley is oversaturated with various monuments of antiquity - castles, palaces, wooden churches and stone churches. In this article you will find a detailed description of the river Zbruch. In addition, we describe the main attractions located on its shores

Lake Athabasca: description, flora and fauna, environmental problems

Athabasca Lake is located in two Canadian provinces: northeastern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan, on the edge of the Precambrian shield. With an impressive area (7935 sq. Km.) And a coastline of 2140 km, it is the eighth largest in Canada. General information about the lake The lake belongs to two provinces at once and is the largest in Alberta and Saskatchewan (Canada), which owns about 70% of the surface area

Slab-fish: description, features of fishing and habitat

These very elegant golden-black inhabitants of the sea depths are harshly named fish-croaker because of the distinctive withers, resembling boar. Another fish is called a drummer, a grumbler, a corvina, a meagrom, umbrina, and melopemia. I gave some nicknames to the croaker for their ability to make peculiar sounds, reminiscent of the sound of drum sticks, grumbling

Horchie dressing: description, habitat, reproduction

The alter-dressing refers to the predators of the Mustelidae, listed in the Red Book, is the only species of its kind. For the beauty and originality of coloring wool they are called "marble ferrets" or pereguzny. Ferret-ligation: description, characteristic Externally, the ligation or reload resembles a miniature ferret, the literal translation of the Latin name ( vormela peregusna ) means “little worm”. Hi

Pike (molva): brief information

Everyone knows that in the rivers there is a fish like pike. But the fact that there is a pike, do not know everything. In fact, this inhabitant of the sea depths got its name because of its great similarity with its river relative. Science, this fish is known by quite a different name. Brief description of the form Sea pike is called a fish, whose name is transliterated from Latin as a prayer letter

Red-breasted Goose: Description, Habitat, Breeding

Red-breasted goose is considered a narrow real species. At the present moment, the number is stable, although the species remains in a rather serious condition, since the places for molting and nesting are actively developed by people. The bird in appearance is a small goose with a very bright plumage

Filly - an insect of the Locust family

Filly - insect from the order Orthoptera superfamily Locust. Their closest relatives are grasshoppers and crickets. The appearance of the fillies To date, more than 3, 800 species of these insects are known. Only in Russia there are more than six hundred species. A filly is an insect very similar to a grasshopper

Extinct subspecies - barbarian lion

The fauna of our planet was diverse at all times. But, unfortunately, the populations of some representatives of the fauna are declining. Previously, the main factor reducing the number was climate change and habitat conditions. But lately, man has become the cause of the extinction of many species. Unfortunately, with his "help" some rare animals disappeared irretrievably

African fruits: photos and description

The fruits of Africa are an inexhaustible palette of tastes and forms. Tourists visiting this continent are delighted with their diversity and quantity. After all, sometimes it happens that the already ripe fruits do not find sales and rot, never reaching the inhabitants of the northern continent. So what are the fruits of Africa

Black goat: breeds, photos, interesting facts

Each farmer selects animals for his farm, focusing on their own reasons, preferences, tastes. If you decide to have a black goat, our article may be useful for you. There are several popular breeds with this color of economic value. You can settle in such an animal and as a pet. Breed with black color The most common breed in Russia, whose representatives are painted in dark colors, was bred from wool and angora goats

Fish-stuck - sea shadow

The sticking fish is one of the most amazing creatures inhabiting the oceans. They spend almost all their life attaching to various “masters” with the help of the first dorsal fin, displaced to the upper part of the head and transformed during the evolutionary process into a special sucker, which has the shape of an oval disc. Th

The mysterious nature of Australia

Australia is one of the most amazing continents on earth. It is unusual primarily because a huge number of unique plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world are concentrated in such a small area. The nature of Australia, which most can only see through the Internet, is amazing and unusual

Water lilies: photo and description

For some, water lilies — namely, white lilies — are what they call, flowers that are habitual and of little interest, for others, they are shrouded in legends and mystery. This plant has several names - nymphea, even a lotus (the name is used in Egypt and India in relation to individual species). We

Drupey is a centipede

In this article, you will learn about who such a drupe is, where it lives, what it feeds on, and other interesting details of its existence. Very often people are afraid of insects. It is said that this fear has been preserved on a subconscious level since ancient times, when these representatives of nature were of enormous size and could really scare

Where do bison live? On which mainland, in which country?

Even just the sight of these animals is filled with horror, a trembling runs through the body. This is a huge bison. The ancient Indians ranked these individuals as sacred. Their population today is small. About this amazingly strong animal, about where the bison lives (in which zone of the planet), about its features can be found in this article

The Minusinsk Basin is a repository of Siberian history.

The Minusinsk Basin, also called the intermontane depression, is located on the border of Khakassia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Around the basin rise ridges. Its southern and southwestern borders are framed by the mountain systems of the Western Sayan. The North-Western and Western sides of the basin are “guarded” by the Abakan Range, and to the east is the Vos exact Sayan. Th

Horse trot: types, characteristics and speed

This is a graceful and magnificent creation. When you look at a horse, everything inside you is dimmed by the look of this noble animal. I want to reach out and touch the soft, slightly rough lips, touch the silky hair, run your fingers into a tight mane. And if someone once happened to find himself in the saddle, then he is unlikely to want to repeat it again

Brachypelma emilia spider (Brachypelma emilia): issues that concern future owners

Cats, dogs, parrots - pets familiar to us. However, they all bring a lot of trouble, need attention, often violate the calm atmosphere in the house with sounds. But there are calm pets. Only now for many people they cause fear and horror. These pets are tarantulas with a Latin name Brachypelma emilia

Ohio River: description, nature of the flow

The largest affluent left tributary of the Mississippi River is the Ohio River, which carries its waters in the eastern United States. Before we give it a description, consider what constitutes the reservoirs of North America and briefly represent the territory through which Ohio flows. General information about the rivers of North America All water bodies of North America belong to the basins of three oceans: the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic

Is plum a berry or a fruit? Is a plum a tree or shrub?

Plum - a fruit plant from the vast family of Pink (Rosaceae). Many well-known fruit and berry crops, such as apple, cherry, cherry, apricot, peach, strawberry, and raspberry, belong to the same systematic group. We will understand the question that most often sounds like this: "Is plum a berry or a fruit

Prudovik ordinary: description, food, enemies and habitat

In Russia and Europe, there are different types of pond cleaners. Among them, the largest is the common pond snail, whose shell can reach 7 centimeters. All species breathe light, therefore, from time to time they are forced to float to the surface. It is often possible to observe how the snail pond snail, the photo of which is presented in this article, smoothly and slowly slides along the lower part of the surface film of water, gathering oxygen from the air

Why are the fish silent and is it really so?

Even children know that fish are silent, it’s not for nothing that they invented the saying “it is like a fish”. Everyone saw how a caught carp or a crucian only silently wiggles its mouth, as if the air is enough, but it does not make any sounds. Then the question arises of why the fish are silent, because other animals make some sounds, communicating with their relatives. On t

The main environmental problems of Africa

The environmental problems of Africa are of great importance for the whole world, because it is the second largest continent and its population exceeds 1 billion inhabitants. The average population density is 31 people per square kilometer. Scale The environmental problems of Africa affect 55 countries in which there are 37 cities with a population of over a million

Seahorse: reproduction, description, habitat, features of the species, life cycle, characteristic features and characteristics

Of the inhabitants of the underwater world, the most unusual, but known to everyone are seahorses. They belong to the needle-needle family. The fact is that they are fellow fish called sea needles, whose body is retracted, narrow and long. The largest horses are called dragons, and there are about 50 types of sea horses

Beauty Caribbean. Sea - a paradise on earth

One of the most beautiful places on Earth is the Caribbean Sea. It got its name from the Indian tribe of the Caribs, who lived in the area. There is a second name - the Antilles, which is used much less frequently. The beauty of the Caribbean - the sea and islands that belong to its basin, are considered the most interesting and romantic places on the planet

Stone fianit: description, photo, interesting facts

Fianit is perhaps one of the most popular crystals used in jewelry. In fact, stone cubic zirconia is a precious synthetic crystal obtained under artificial conditions. The beauty is not inferior to many natural gems, but the price for it is significantly lower. The hue that a stone can emit is determined by its chemical composition

What is the biggest freshwater fish in the world?

Oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, even small ponds - the entire hydrosphere of the Earth is a wonderful world, mostly hidden from prying eyes. The bottom of many reservoirs is practically not studied, but we cannot deny that complete freedom and weightlessness reigns there. Endless expanses, coral reefs, underwater waterfalls, smart dolphins, deadly jellyfish, luminescent microorganisms - the wonders that the oceans harbor

Plains of Russia

Plains are land areas that have an elevation fluctuation of no more than 200 meters, and the terrain slope is no more than 50. If we estimate the surface of our planet, then 64% of the land is represented by this type of terrain. In addition, the plains can be not only on land, but also at the bottom of the seas or oceans

The photographer found mice in his garden and gave them a charming photo session.

What would you do if you found a family of mice running around the garden of your house? This photographer did not start chasing them out. He pulled out his tool box and set to work to create his own mouse house. Does this sound disgusting to you? See how amazing this design turned out! Even the best of architects would not have made such a creative project

The yellowtopuz lizard is not a snake! Description and photos of amazing creatures

If the snake looks at you and blinks, you know - this is not a snake, but a yellowtopuzik lizard. This amazing animal has no paws, and this misleads an unenlightened person. Where can you meet this unusual reptile? The main habitats of the yellow-lizard lizard are Middle and South-West Asia, Eastern Europe, China, West Africa, and North America

Redstart - a beautiful and useful bird

Redstart - a bird belonging to the family of thrushes, a suborder of singers, a passerine group. It is comparable in size to a sparrow: body length is only 16 cm, wings are about 8 cm, weight is less than 20 g. Females and males differ in color. In males, the back is gray, the belly is reddish, the tail “burns with fire” (hence the name), often startling. On

What are forest plants. Plant with edible fruits: how not to be mistaken

The forest always attracts people with its beauty. He served people as shelter, gave food, protected from dangers. Today, man no longer needs to protect the forest. He comes under his shelter to recharge energy and stock up on vitamins, which in abundance give forest wealth. The plant with edible fruits can be found in any corner of the green array

What wolves eat in different habitats

A wolf is a predatory beast from the Canine family. The length of the body together with the tail reaches 160 cm, and the height at the withers is up to 90 cm. The weight of such a beast is about 62 kg. According to scientists who have studied genes and DNA, the wolf is the ancestor of an ordinary dog

Chalcedony onions: description, cultivation and reviews

Onions - an indispensable vegetable in the kitchen of every hostess. It is not only added to different dishes, eaten just like that with bread, but also used in the treatment of virtually all colds. Onions began to be used by people more than 5 thousand years ago. Homeland of the vegetable is considered Central Asia

Ussuri - the river in the Far East

The Ussuri tributary on the right joins the Amur. The border between Russia and China passes precisely along the line of this river. Until the early seventies of the last millennium, this water artery bore the name of Yammuthouse in its section going to Arkhipovka in the Chuguevsky district. The next part of the river between the village and Upper Breevka of the same area was called Sandagou

Powder is what? Powder - what kind of snow?

Surely each of us heard the expression "lay down porosha." What is meant by this phrase, they do not know everything. In fact, the powder is snow that fell at night and stopped walking in the morning. "Cheat Sheet" for hunters Due to the fact that the snow powder clearly traces the traces of animals that were looking for food at night, the search for wild animals is greatly facilitated

The main importance of algae in nature and human life. Application in various industries and agriculture.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of algae in nature and human life. Thanks to the processes of photosynthesis, they are the main producers of a huge amount of organic matter in fresh and saline water bodies. Special attention should be paid to the fact that algae intensively produce oxygen in water, which is so necessary for river and sea inhabitants

Kish Island (Iran): rest, tours, tourist reviews

Not many travelers have heard about Kish Island. Iran is generally not associated with a place of rest for Europeans, but with a beach one even more so. But the island of Kish is able to turn over all prevailing stereotypes about this Muslim country. Of course, the resort has its own specific, Iranian features

Nature of Sweden: photos, description of features

Everyone knows that Scandinavia is a harsh region with special, rather harsh climatic conditions. However, the region is distinguished by a certain beauty, and therefore attracts many tourists from all over the world. One of the countries worthy of our attention is Sweden. This prosperous European country receives thousands of visitors every year

Dwarf antelope - an animal that nests

These bush antelopes are the smallest in the world. The dwarf antelope weighs like a hare, only 2-3 kilograms, and its dimensions are the same. The height of this micro-antelope does not exceed 30-35 centimeters. Despite its toy appearance, the dwarf antelope is very collected, armed with sharp horns and can easily fight back even the largest predator

How to determine the trees of central Russia? Deciduous trees of central Russia

In terms of species composition, temperate forests are much less tropical. Trees in central Russia are few and seemingly should be known to everyone. But it is not. Of course, everyone can easily recognize birch, pine or spruce, but not everyone can tell elm from maple or be able to describe what a linden looks like

Asian halibut: sizes, photos

Asian halibut is a very beautiful fish of an unusual type, which is also quite tasty. It is considered a delicacy, and for a dish of it will have to pay a large sum. She lives in the depths of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, so it is quite difficult to mine. But not only this increases the cost of delicacy

Amur leopard Far East: description, photo

People usually think that leopards are representatives of the savannah of Africa, although a rare subspecies of leopards can be found in the Far East of our country, as well as in northern China. This subspecies was named the Amur leopard in the Far East. He is also known as the Amur leopard. This predator was listed in the Red Book

The importance of animals in nature and the role of plants. Animals in human life

The fascinating world of nature includes everything from water sources, soil and ending with such living organisms as plants and animals. Man himself is part of this natural habitat, to which, however, he not only managed to adapt, but which he largely changed to fit his needs. World of nature The Earth is a planet, which is already about 4

The biggest mouse in the world. The largest rodent

The mouse is an amazing animal. They are smart, beautiful, easily adaptable to any living conditions and unpretentious. No wonder that these rodents became the characters of folk tales in our country and among other nations. Usually, those people who keep these rodents as pets sooner or later begin to be interested in questions about how big the biggest mouse in the world is, what these animals are like, how much they can weigh

The red cardinal is a small bird with bright plumage and a wonderful voice.

In some US states, one small but very beautiful bird is recognized as a symbol. It is also called very representatively - the bird cardinal. This is a very loud and important name for such a small creature of nature. Why did this bird deserve such respect? Beautiful singing or bright, cheerful colors

May beetle green - amazing handsome

In May, a deaf buzz rang out through the gardens and orchards of our country — the May beetles went fishing. These insects of the platyla family are very common throughout Europe and Asia. Often they are also called crunches. Their first, more common, name is really due to the fact that they appear in May, although in cold years they can linger until June, and in the warm spring the hum of May beetles can be heard already in April.

Tenacious bedstrap - aggressive weed plant with healing properties

Tenacious bedstrap (also known as velcro, scratch or chain) is used in folk medicine to treat many ailments. Though he is a weed, healers have long been harvested during flowering to prepare their potions. Used inside as a decoction for the treatment of diseases of the liver, kidneys, intestinal tract

Epiphyte (plant): what it is and where it grows

In the plant world a lot of interesting things. Some of his representatives catch and eat insects. Others climbed on their own kind in order to survive. This is how an epiphyte comes in - a plant that had to fight for life in difficult conditions. Thanks to this method of survival, the epiphytes were able to get more air, light and protect themselves from animals

Knyazhik Siberian - creeper from the taiga

Knyazhiki, like clematis, belong to the family Buttercup. They are very similar to each other and some botanists believe that both plants belong to the same genus, Clematis. Their difference consists only in the fact that the princes have petals of flowers, while clematis do not have them. In Russia, one can meet a Siberian prince (a photo of this plant is presented below), a prince of Okhotsk and a krupnolepestny

The Torah Well - an impressive sight

Planet Earth is rich in amazing natural phenomena. Inanimate nature is so diverse that it often forms something new, unusual for the human eye. Residents of the middle and equatorial belt come to the snow caps of the planet to observe the northern lights. Geysers, waterfalls, canyons attract travelers

Persian leopard. Disappearing view. Description

Leopard is a representative of the cat family, which delights with its attractive, variegated color. These predators belong to the genus of panthers and are divided among themselves into subspecies. The largest Asiatic leopard is considered the largest representative of this species, which is currently under special attention of wildlife defenders

Burdock: description, photos

Each gardener has repeatedly fought on the beds with a green weed, having large leaves and inflorescences-baskets with small hooks on the edges. This biennial plant is burdock arachnoid. The Aster family, to which it belongs, has 11 species. Almost all of its representatives are considered medicinal plants

Semi-monkey of the Lorian family: peculiarities of a mammal, appearance and habitat

In children's cartoons often draw funny small animals with huge sad eyes. These are small half monkeys. Several families belong to this suborder, one of which is the half monkey of the Lorian family. About them our story will go. Who are the half monkeys Half monkeys are primate mammals. These include animals of six families: tarsiers; stupid handshakes; lemurs; indri; lory They are distinguished from ordinary monkeys by the structure of the brain, which is less developed

Tunguska (river): description

In the far East of Russia, among its many rivers, stretching along the endless, rich in natural gifts, open spaces, there is an amazingly clean and beautiful river Tunguska. It is the left tributary of the Amur. It is the border between the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region, respectively, located on the left and right banks

Where are the extreme points of Eurasia

The largest continent on our planet - Eurasia - occupies a little more than a third of the entire land, about 54 million square meters. km Moreover, Asia accounts for most of it, about 4/5, and only 1/5 - to Europe. The continent itself is located in the Northern Hemisphere, although some of the islands belonging to the mainland are in the southern half of the globe

What is the meaning of lichens in nature and human life?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of lichens in nature and human life. Indeed, despite their tiny size, they are an essential element in the Earth’s ecosystem. Moreover, over the years of research, man has learned to use lichens in various areas of production. But, unfortunately, not many are able to boast that they are familiar with this amazing family of plants.

Inhabitants of the Baltic Sea: types and description, habitat, photo

The Baltic Sea belongs to the Atlantic Ocean basin, is located in Northern Europe and has a surface area of ​​415 km 2 . Many rivers flow into it, so it has an average salinity, it is one of the largest seas in the world with this feature. There are no big storms in the Baltic, the maximum wave height rarely reaches more than 4 meters, so it is considered calm compared to other seas. Th

Jacaranda (violet tree) in Russia is growing and where? Where does Jacaranda grow?

Without exception, all lovers of flowering plants with amazement and delight look at the photo, which shows jacaranda (violet tree). Does this unusually beautiful tree grow in Russia? What does it love? How to grow it? We will try to answer these questions in this article. Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) belongs to the Bignonium family

American ostrich. American Ostrich Nanda: photos

More than 10, 000 bird species currently inhabit our planet. Almost all of them know how to fly. But among them there is a separate group of birds, popularly called heavy giants. Not only can they not fly, but they cannot even leave the ground! They have no wings, they are solid decorative appendages

Sowing rice - description, varieties, cultivation, pharmacological properties and use

Sowing rice is one of the most important plants for humans. He is the second most popular cultivation after wheat. This plant has been cultivated for thousands of years. Historians estimate that he was domesticated in China 13, 000 years ago. Morphology Rice sowing (Oryza Sativa L.) - an annual plant of the family of cereals (Poaceae)

Candy tree: description, cultivation and application of the plant

The candy tree is an exotic deciduous plant native to China, Korea and Japan. Also found in the foothills of the Himalayas and at an altitude of up to 2 thousand meters. In botany, it is known as govenia sweet. Used in traditional medicine of Eastern countries, landscape design and cooking. Candy Tree Description On average, the height of the plant is about 15 m

What is the name of a crocodile with a narrow muzzle? Brief description of the form

In our article we will tell about a crocodile with a narrow muzzle. What is the name of this creepy? Gavial. This is a rather unusual crocodile among others. Today, the Ghanaian Ghana is the last of the representatives of this ancient genus. They settle in the calm muddy waters of deep water bodies with a fast current

What is the name of a fish with a long nose?

Freshwater fish paddlefish is a member of the family of Paddlefish, detachment of Sturgeon, species of Luciferous. Why does a fish have a long nose? Until recently, scientists believed that it serves only for the extraction of food from the bottom of reservoirs. However, recent studies have shown that the snout of the paddlefish for several kilometers can feel the approach of fish and other inhabitants of the waters, and also helps to strike and chase prey

Crocodile marsh: description, size, lifestyle, habitat

Crocodiles are the oldest animals, the only surviving members of the Arcoshosaurians subclass - a group of reptiles, to which dinosaurs belonged. It is assumed that their history began about 250 million years ago in the Early Triassic, if we talk about all crocodilomorphs. Representatives of the current detachment appeared a little later - about 83

How the jerboa lives and what it eats

Today, jerboats are quite common animals that not only live in the wild, but are also kept in domestic conditions. When you look at these animals, natural questions may arise, for example, about what the jerboas eat and where these crumbs live, what is their lifestyle and how to keep them in an apartment

Unusual underwater inhabitants: who lives at the bottom of the ocean?

Ocean - boundless expanse, consisting of trillions of liters of salt water. Thousands of species have found refuge here. Some of them are thermophilic and live in shallow depths, so as not to miss the rays of the sun. Others are accustomed to the cold waters of the Arctic and try to avoid warm currents

Red Sea (Egypt) - a unique ecosystem

The subject of this article will be the beautiful and unique Red Sea. Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Sudan and several other countries border its shores. Many of these countries, due to their well-developed infrastructure, are tourist Mecca, especially during the winter period. And what is the uniqueness of this area

How to store tangerines at home: description, recommendations and reviews

Mandarins are those treats that everyone loves, but not everyone can properly store. In order for fruits to not spoil for a long time, you need to follow a number of requirements. How to store tangerines at home? You will learn about this by reading this article. Factors affecting the shelf life of citrus How much to store tangerines at home

Where do snakes winter in Russia, photo

The unique ability of snakes to recover from hibernation in ancient times inspired mystical horror to people. Even nowadays, snakes are credited with magical properties, using their dried skin to attract wealth and protect against enemies. Whatever it was, but gradually zoologists studied the habits and properties of reptiles

Carapace fish: description

In this article, we will find out what the shellfish is (placoderm). Where does she naturally meet, can she live in a home aquarium, besides, can she be with other fish in the common body of water? Crabfish Dunkleosti Dunkleosti is an armored extinct fish, known for its skulls, whose age is 360 million years

Fry fish: stages of development

Fish fry are the main planting material for pond farming. With the help of it, fishing of all reservoirs, both natural and artificial, is made. Spawning Spawning is a crucial time in fish. At this place it is always noisy, frequent bursts of water are heard. Spawning generally occurs at sunset. Continues all night, capturing the morning

The elk fly is an annoying parasite

At the end of summer, an annoying elk fly appears in the forests of Siberia and the central part of Russia (an insect photo is presented in this article). In addition to the territory of our country, it still lives in the north of China, in North America and Scandinavia. The number of parasites directly depends on the number of deer and moose

Mulberry mushroom: where it is found and what is its uniqueness?

Russian language is great and original. This is especially well known to mushroom pickers. Even the most experienced of them do not always know what a mullein mushroom is. And the solution to this mystery is simple. This is the second (or tenth) name of the white fungus! And if you have forgotten what remarkable qualities he is known for, we will tell more about it

Where monkeys live: their habitat

Monkeys are cute and charming creatures that you can admire forever. They belong to the highest primates. Surely you have heard this word more than once, but do you know its meaning? The word "primacy" can be translated as "first", although monkeys are superior to other animals only by better ingenuity

Are there white panthers?

All panthers are associated with aggression and cruelty. Probably, to some extent this is due to the black color of their wool. It is believed that this is the main color, which arose due to an overdose of melanin. In fact, black cats of this species are not as many as they seem. The bulk of the animals has the skin of black and brown tones

Rona River: description, features, photos

The Rhone River is one of the most magnificent waterways of Switzerland and France. It is important for industry, agriculture and culture. Characteristic The length of the river reaches 812 km. Its total area is 98 thousand square meters. km The river begins in Switzerland. Ron takes his sources from the Lepontine Alps, in places of melting glaciers

Tsetse fly

The tsetse fly has the glory of an extremely dangerous insect. It is capable of causing a disease in people and animals called trypanosomiasis. There are two forms of this infection: Rhodesian trypanosomiasis, sometimes referred to as East African, and Gambian, or West African. Rhodesian is transmitted from animal to animal and mainly affects cattle, horses, wild ungulates

Active volcanoes

Active or active volcanoes are the subject of many volcanologists discussions. Scientists express their different views and ambiguous points of view about this definition. Some propose to refer to active volcanoes those that are erupting at the moment, as well as those that show all sorts of signs of activity

Sea commercial fish savarin (warehou): description, photo

Savarin (warehou) is a fish that belongs to the family of perciformes. It inhabits the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Most often large shoals of savarin can be found off the coast of New Zealand and Australia. What is this fish? Photo and description will consider below. general description Savarin - sea commercial fish

Is a tomato a berry or is it a vegetable?

As most reference books say, a tomato is a plant of the family of the nightshade. In Latin, the name of the culture sounds - Solánum lycopérsicum. Cultivated tomato as a vegetable, and its fruits are often called tomatoes. The type of fruit is a berry. Does this mean that a tomato is a berry? Today, due to the fact that a tomato has valuable nutritional and dietary properties, a variety of varieties, as well as high responsiveness to proper care when grown, it is one of the most popular crops on the entire planet.

Farmers in the United States Insulate Livestock Due to Abnormal Colds

In the state of Wisconsin, because of the cold weather, farmers had to take urgent measures: the cattle freeze here so much that it threatens the loss of livestock. And that's what people came up with: in order for goats to not suffer from frost, they are dressed in warm coats. In addition, other animals are added to them, which also suffer from the cold: pigs, sheep and llamas

The beauty and grandeur of water giants: what is a waterfall?

Water is one of the four elements. Many consider it soft, docile, devoid of any aggression and strength. But everything changes at that moment when the view of the waterfall opens before your eyes. When the noise of a thundering stream of water spreads throughout the district, overshadowing all other sounds

Animal lama: where it lives, a description of what eats

Almost five thousand years ago, the Incan Indians of Peru tamed the strong and enduring animal - the llama. It was a bit like a camel, and the Incas, who did not know the wheel, needed a pack animal to carry goods through the Andes mountain paths. For this purpose, only male animals were used, females were necessary for the production of offspring

Karakul is a lake where time stops. Description, interesting facts, origin

The area where one of the most beautiful lakes of Tajikistan is located is Karakul, severe and difficult to access. However, the flow of travelers here does not dry up, because this is one of those rare places where you can admire the virginal beauty of nature, which is very rare in our age. Acquaintance with Karakul Karakul Lake is the largest drainless lake in Tajikistan

How insects breed: a description of the main ways and interesting facts

In the world there are a huge number of insects, which can be found both in forests and fields, and in the house of man. Consider how insects breed. Breeding features For insects, sexual dimorphism is characteristic, that is, by appearance, it is quite easy to distinguish the male and the female. They have different sizes (with many species of females many times larger than males), differing in color, length of antennae

What places to visit when there are white nights in St. Petersburg? Why does this phenomenon occur and how long does it take?

The period of white nights in St. Petersburg is especially fascinating and attracts tourists. When twilight envelops the city, it literally comes alive at this time. Everyone wants to enjoy this unusual natural phenomenon, and it was then that various cultural events are held. When there are white nights in St

The reticulated python is the largest snake in the world.

People, trying to offend the interlocutor, sometimes call him a reptile, a viper, a snake, a cobra, having in mind that these reptiles have a deadly poison, aggressive behavior and irritability. These reptiles in the period of laying and guarding their nests may even throw themselves at their own shadows - their behavior becomes so inadequate

Banana bird: habitat, description, photo

Birds, which are the closest relatives of our Russian cuckoos, form a whole family. Banana eating bird lives in Africa. Especially a lot of turaco (also called bananoedov) south of the Sahara desert. The name of the bird, it would seem rather prosaic. But the feather outfit is very attractive, bright and exotic

Scorpina (ruff sea) - a formidable inhabitant of the deep sea

In the Black or Azov Sea, you can find a very interesting fish, which has an unusual and formidable look, reminiscent of a real sea monster. A large head covered with outgrowths, huge bulging eyes, a hefty mouth with thick lips and many sharp teeth, rays of the dorsal fin, similar to real spikes. This terrible inhabitant of the sea depths is called the ruff of the sea, or in another way, scorpion

Bird Martyn: description, photo

Martyns are medium-sized birds that lead a gregarious way of life. They build nests and migrate. Because of their peculiar color, ornithologists call these birds black-headed gulls. Another name of the species is Larus Ridibundus. True, from Latin this beautiful phrase is translated rather prosaically: “trash gull” (if there is a shortage of food, the Martyns show interest in landfills). Ap

River Psekups: source, estuary, settlements, tributaries

Psekups is a large mountain river in the North Caucasus, flowing through the territories of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea. The length of this waterway is 146 km, and the basin area is 1, 430 km². In the river valley of Psekups there is a large resort town Hot Key. origin of name Psekups has two generally accepted translations: "a river abundant in water"; "blue water".

Brown mushroom: description of where it grows

With the arrival of autumn, many experienced and novice mushroom pickers rush into the nearest forest and planting in search of delicious mushrooms. At the same time they grow a great many every year. Their species are diverse, but they are all divided into edible and inedible. There are also conditionally edible mushrooms, to which the row is brown

Bryce Canyon National Park (photo)

Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) - Natural Geological Museum. It is located in America, in the state of Utah. In addition to Bryce Canyon, there are two more national parks there. Bryce Canyon is distinguished from them by fantastic remains of ancient rocks, painted in different colors. History of the park Bryce Canyon National Park has been known since the 18th century