Where do chipmunks live in nature?

In Latin, the name Chipmunks is spelled Tamias. Regarding the Russian name, there are two versions of the origin. One of them is borrowing and transformation from the Tatar language, where “chipmunk” is written as “borandyk”. The second option is the origin of the Mari word uromdok, but there are few followers of this version. Chipmu

Snake turtles: characteristics, species description, range

Creations of nature sometimes amaze imagination. For those who want to learn new things about their neighbors around the planet, our article on the representatives of the family of serpent-necked turtles will certainly be interesting. These amazing animals are different from their brothers in the squad, and some of them have a truly bizarre appearance

European badger: habitat, description, food

One of the most common animals in our country is the European badger. This small animal leads a very interesting way of life, quite unpretentious and omnivorous. It is completely safe and not aggressive, but in recent years its population has been greatly reduced. This is due to the destruction of badgers due to fur or healthy fat

Nature is an amazing world around. Why and how are stones destroyed?

Nature is an amazing, mysterious outside world, obeying laws that have been formed over many millions of years. The definition of the word "nature" is interpreted by scientists in different ways, but its essence is primary. Nature was not created by man, and it should be taken for granted. And even shorter, nature is an amazing and many-sided world around

The world of amazing animals. Marsupial moles: lifestyle, species description, structure characteristics

The sense of humor of nature can only be envied. Sometimes she manages to combine incompatible elements in one animal. Can you imagine a mixture of moles and kangaroos? A sort of small underground resident with a bag on the abdomen. Description of the species Marsupial moles are absolutely amazing animals

Platidoras striped: maintenance, care and reproduction

For lovers of ornamental fish, Platidoras striped occupies an honorable place. This is a beautiful large catfish with a bright color. It has a peace-loving character, so multi-species aquariums are suitable for it. The fish prefers to live an active life at night, but in comfortable conditions it can “walk” during the day, delighting the owners with its curious temper. De

Reindeer: reader, reaper, and igrets

These inhabitants of the tundra and northern forests are different from the rest of their brethren by the presence of horns, available not only to the males, but also from the females. The peculiar habitat of these cloven-hoofed animals left, excuse the pun, their mark on their hooves: they are very wide

Freshwater fish - species, habits, habitat

The area of ​​our planet is inhabited by about 20, 000 different species of fish. Approximately one tenth of them are commercial. In addition to food, commercial fish provide us with medicines, industrial raw materials, technical fats, fertilizers, pet food. Commercial fish are divided into freshwater, migratory and saltwater. Fr

Larkswort high: description, composition, properties and features of the application

The plant, which will be discussed in this article, is a well-known decorative flower used in floriculture. This is a delphinium, many species of which are grown in parks and gardens. The article will give a description of the composition, the properties of the larkspur high. It may seem surprising to many, but this beautiful plant has excellent healing properties that promote healing from many and a wide variety of diseases

Eared hedgehog: description and photo. What eats a hedgehog?

Nature has created unique animals, each of which takes its place in the chain of development and the vital activity of the whole world. One of the representatives is an eared hedgehog. It is considered an important representative of insectivorous animals. Eared hedgehog: description This animal belongs to mammals, to the family of hedgehogs, but it is considered the smallest representative and has a peculiar structure

Humid climate: features and harekteristika

The names of the main types of climate and the corresponding belts on hearing all. Very few people know such words as equatorial, tropical, moderate and polar. And even imagine, at least in general, the characteristic weather for them is quite simple. Also, many are familiar with the terms referring to their transitional variants, characterized by the prefix sub-

The climate of the Ulyanovsk region: features

The Ulyanovsk region is one of the subjects of the Volga Federal District. Located in the Middle Volga. The center of this region is the city of Ulyanovsk. To the east of the Ulyanovsk region is located the Samara region, to the west - the Penza region and Mordovia, to the south - the Saratov region, and to the north - the republics of Chuvashia and Tatarstan

What is jasper? Mineral jasper: description, photo, deposits in Russia, properties, application

Jasper is one of the most common minerals on earth. A rich palette of colors, exquisite patterns, the physical properties of this stone, an unusual texture attract jewelers and stone carvers. That is jasper, we will tell in this material. You will learn how this mineral looks like, how it is formed, when it was mined and where it is applied

Where is tilapia in its natural habitat? How is tilapia grown? Tilapia - what kind of fish?

On the shelves of our stores and in the households of aquarists today, it is often possible to see these types of fish, which only recently could be read only in encyclopedias. A vivid example is tilapia. This fish is especially popular with aquarists, as its behavioral features and appearance are interesting not only for beginners, but even for venerable specialists

About how many dolphins live, and about other interesting facts about these animals.

Do you know who the dolphins are? These are not fish, as many think, they are mammals. Studying these animals, scientists have discovered many surprising and even fantastic facts. The article will tell about them and tell you what they eat, how they communicate and how long the dolphins live. Let's get to know each other Dolphins - mammals whose native element is the World Ocean - belong to the order of cetaceans

Collection of edible roots, berries of wild fruits is ... Collection time and harvesting of wild plant fruits

Harvesting edible roots, berries, wild fruits is a fascinating activity! It will appeal to those who experience the euphoria of the chirping of forest birds, the magnificent splendor of greenery, the ringing brook and a bevy of multicolored butterflies circling over the forest flowers. Before you go on a trip, you need to figure out what is so valuable in the forest gifts of nature

What is a plant is a whole kingdom

All the nature of our planet is divided into two huge kingdoms - it is flora and fauna. What are plants? These are organisms that develop in a static position and receive nourishment from inanimate nature. The source of food for them is water, minerals and sunlight, which they convert into organic compounds during photosynthesis

Russula edible: photo, description, how to distinguish from inedible?

Autumn is a real expanse for avid mushroom pickers. The measured rustling of leaves under your feet, the cool breeze and the unforgettable aroma of the rain forest are the main companions of the hunt for mushrooms: russula, chanterelles, champignons ... So that such a pastime brings only joyful memories and pleasant moments, one should be well versed in mushrooms

Dangerous plants and mushrooms for humans

There is a huge amount of poisonous mushrooms and plants. It is almost impossible to list all of them, especially since there are any in every corner of the planet. In any case, dangerous plants with their poison can cause significant harm to human health. Moreover, there are known cases of death. But all this could have been avoided

How many legs does a spider have, or Why is it not related to insects?

The oldest arachnids now living on Earth are scorpions. Millions of years have passed, and they have not changed much. Today, science knows more than 700 of their types. Scorpios - inhabitants of not only desert areas, as is commonly believed. They are also found in humid and hot tropics and subtropics, some species can be found in cooler places - in the mountains at high altitudes above sea level


All animals are subdivided according to the degree of fodder specialization into two types - stenophages (they feed on one food or similar in composition feed) and euriphages (omnivorous). Omnivorous is the ability of animals to use the most wide range of products and organisms in their writing: plants, fungi, and other animals

Types of ants. The most common ant species in Russia. How many species of ants in the world?

Ants are one of the most common insects in the world. According to some estimates, this family includes just over 12, 400 species, in which more than 4, 500 subspecies. But this figure is not final and is constantly growing. Considering how many species of ants exist on the whole earth, many people are interested to know which of them are found on the territory of Russia

What is rambutan? Description, useful properties

What is rambutan? This is an exotic fruit, widely known in eastern countries. For us, its name is not quite familiar. However, this fruit is popular in a number of countries because of its richness and wonderful taste. Where does rambutan grow? Starting a conversation about rambutan, I would like to note that this is a tree from the sapindo family

Turtles lifespan. Age of turtles. Turtles size

When we are going to get a pet, not the last question is how much time our pet will spend with us. The life span of turtles today is considered the longest, for some individuals, its duration reaches 150 years or more. Recently, the fad to keep them at home has become very popular. Turtle Features Their appearance is so peculiar that these reptiles can not be confused with anyone

Dzhugdzhursky Reserve Ayano-Maisky district of the Khabarovsk Territory: territory, plants and animals

Unfortunately, the active and tough human activity on the planet has threatened the extinction of many species of animals and plants. Some of them have already been lost forever, and for the preservation of others, special zones have appeared - reserves, where scientists have the opportunity to study the plant and animal world, which is not exposed to man

Natural phenomena. Natural and Natural Hazards

Natural phenomena are common, sometimes even supernatural climatic and meteorological events occurring naturally in all corners of the planet. It may be the usual snow or rain from childhood, or it may be incredible devastating volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. If such events take place away from the person and do not cause him material damage, they are considered unimportant

Amazing near: body, wings, dragonfly eye

A person sometimes pays so little attention to all sorts of bugs-caracas crawling and flying very close. And all because he knows about insects very little interesting and unusual. But this small world, occupying the entire planet, is full of important, interesting and unsolved secrets. Here, for example, the eye of a dragonfly

Loire - a river in France: description, description

This amazing river has been for centuries one of the most important waterways that led from the very center of France to the world's oceans. And it was here that huge vessels from the Atlantic to the heart of the state passed. Today this river is navigable, but the way to the center of the country is closed

Bombardier (bug): description

Nature is the creator of all life on Earth. Her creations are unique and beautiful. Sometimes very tiny and innocuous creatures can strike with their capabilities, the presence of which no one even guessed. An example here is an unusual insect called the bombardier (bug) from the subfamily of ground beetles

Where do hares live and do they dig holes?

A white hare and a brown hare are widespread in central Russia. In the summer, both members of the hare-type squad have a gray-brown color. In winter, the hare becomes much lighter, and the white hare is painted in pure white (hence the nickname of the beast). Where do hares live? Belyak lives in the forest

Brahmaputra River. Gene storage bioresources

There are many amazing places in the world that fascinate, amaze the imagination and make you enjoy their contemplation. Brahmaputra has been recognized by scientists as one of such striking places. Let's look at what the mainland is the Brahmaputra River, than its valleys so attract tourists from all over the world

Wormwood: medicinal properties, application

Since childhood, many people know the bitter grass wormwood silver. It has a fragrant smell and unusual bitterness, the strongest of all plants. Where can you not meet this unpretentious culture! It can be found even along fences and roads. This available herb consists of many useful components, therefore it is widely used in medicine, everyday life, cooking

Caucasian grouse: description with photo

What is a bird like the Caucasian Black Grouse? What is the lifestyle? Where dwells? What eats? How to reproduce? Let's consider the description of the Caucasian black grouse with a photo, and also try to answer the above questions. Habitats The most numerous populations of the Caucasian grouse are observed in the high mountains of the Caucasus, for which, in fact, the bird got its name

The most interesting animals of the Red Book of Moscow Region

The Red Book of the Moscow Region is an official document in which all rare and endangered animals, plants and mushrooms of the Moscow Region are described in detail. People cut down forests and destroy nature, forgetting about our smaller brothers. Just a little bit more, and many animals listed in the Red Book of the Moscow Region will disappear from these lands forever

Hoofed Lemming: photo, habitat

The flora and fauna of the northern latitudes do not shine with diversity. There are not so many animals that have adapted to live in permafrost conditions. Each schoolboy will name a polar bear, an arctic fox, and a fox among the animals of the Arctic Circle. But not everyone knows that the existence of these predators directly depends on a small fluffy inhabitant of northern latitudes, whose name is the hoofed lemming

What is the wind like? Local winds

What is the wind like? This question cannot be answered unequivocally. The wind is largely formed under the influence of local conditions. Therefore, each part of the planet has its own specific winds. Along with constants, they take part in the formation of local climatic conditions. Vivid examples include the Barguzin wind on Baikal, the Afghan, the hairdryer, the canyon winds, the sirocco and others

Natural Lake Iseo, falling in love at first sight

This amazing place attracts both tourists from different parts of our planet and talented people looking for inspiration. The alpine lake of Iseo (Italy), surrounded by olive trees, is compared with a precious stone, and the bewitching mountains and picturesque hills serve as a setting for it. In the 18th century, the English traveler M

What kind of flowers they eat and how are they used?

Few people come to mind that there are many colors that you can eat. In nature, many beautiful plants and even quite edible. Some of them will unusually decorate any salad or ready-made dish with their bright color and texture. What flowers eat There are plants that can be used on their own, as they are pleasant to the taste, and there are also those that need to be seasoned with certain spices

Reserves of the Volgograd region: a detailed description

Volgograd region of Russia is located in the south-west of the country. On its territory there are 7 natural parks. The article describes some of the reserves of the Volgograd region. Tsimlyansky sands These scenic spots are located in the valley of the river Zimly. The reserve lands are not fully covered by vegetation due to the fact that sands are constantly fluttering under the influence of quite strong local winds

Hidden pearls of the United States: unique corners of nature, which are striking in their beauty (photo)

There are many beauties in the United States of which not everyone knows. After all, the country is replete with ancient relics, impressive landscapes and other sights. This article presents the real "pearls" of the United States. These are the unique places that created mother nature. The landscapes of the two first sights can be seen on the main photo

What is polynya? Causes of ice gaps

How many people know about what is polynya (not to be confused with polynya plant)? In fact, this is a very interesting question. Indeed, despite the fact that every person came across this phenomenon in real life, only a few know about its true nature. And therefore let's dwell on it in more detail

Narrow-leaved snowdrop: description

The forest flower snowdrop broadleaf, narrow-leaved and Caucasian is a bulbous plant belonging to early-flowering perennial flowers. They are of different types and differ from each other in the form of leaves and flowers, in size, and each of them looks like a delicate business card of spring. Narrow-leaved snowdrop is the smallest of all types of these flowers

Hyena striped (Hyaena hyaena): description, habitat. World hyenas

The striped hyena is a very intelligent and cunning beast. Thanks to her sharp mind she managed to survive in the most adverse conditions. At the same time she learned not only to hunt on her own, but also to skillfully establish contact with other predators. And this is not all the advantages of this beast

South America: Lakes Interesting to Tourists

South America has the highest rainfall compared with the rest of the Earth’s continents. This created good conditions for the emergence of an abundant system of lakes and rivers. They play a serious role in various aspects of the life of mankind and the Earth, among them there is also a tourist component.

Types of ostriches. Where does the ostrich live and what does it eat? Ostrich egg

In our article we want to talk about the biggest bird in the world, though not flying. An ostrich is a funny and unusual bird. Generally speaking, each breed is unique and has its own characteristics. Ostriches, however, fascinate above all by their dissimilarity to others. In our country, these beautiful birds can be found infrequently, and therefore it is so interesting to watch them

Watching the birds getting ready for winter

The usual body temperature in birds is + 41 ° C. To maintain heat in the blood, small creatures need to eat hard. But if there is a lot of food in summer and autumn, then winter, especially in our latitudes, is a time of severe tests. The easiest for urban birds. Pigeons, sparrows, crows and jackdaws will always find food near human habitation.

Field bindweed: description, useful properties and application

Field bindweed - it is almond grass, bitterness, puff, creeper and birch bark. It is a weed grass, but a very beautiful plant, with a thin stem and flowers in the shape of a funnel or bell. And thanks to the tales of the Brothers Grimm, it got the name “Cups of the Mother of God”, according to the legend of the same name, which says that the driver, not carrying any drinking containers, could still drink the Virgin Mary using the opened bindweed buds. Bo

The speed of the Earth around the sun. What is the frequency of the earth’s revolution around the sun?

The mysterious and magical world of astronomy from ancient times attracted the attention of mankind. People raised their heads up to the starry sky, and asked eternal questions about why the stars change their position, why it comes day and night, why there is a blizzard somewhere, and somewhere in the desert, plus 50

Ambrosia wild grass: what it is and what harm it can do to health

Ambrosia is a grass that terrifies all allergies. After all, when it blooms, its pollen particles get into the air, causing a runny nose, puffiness, and sometimes suffocation. It is difficult to hide from it, and for people suffering from allergies, nothing remains but to be less on the air and take medicines that suppress the symptoms

Spruce Invers: short description, sowing and care

Today, conifers are more and more often used in gardening of suburban areas. This is due to the fact that their crowns remain unchanged both in the sultry heat and in the most severe frosts. At the same time, in recent years one of the most common types of evergreen trees is Invers fir. This amazing plant not only could take over all the positive aspects of their relatives, but also acquire their own

White lions - a legend that has become a reality

Cream color, blue eyes, nobility ... Until the twentieth century, it was believed that white lions - this is just fiction, mythical creatures, an old African legend. What is it about? Tradition says that he who sees this beast will become strong, atone for all his sins and be happy! So who are the white lions really

Mushroom places in Chuvashia. Places of congestion. Nature reserves

The forests of the Republic of Chuvashia are literally teeming with mushrooms of all kinds and types. Mokhovikov, milk mushrooms, boletus, volnushki, boletus mushrooms, wild mushrooms, honey agaric, chanterelles - and this is not the whole list. The past year has allowed locals to stock up on mushrooms that grew everywhere and in large numbers

Unpretentious September women - autumn flowers

Sentyabrynki loved gardeners, because this perennial herb is very well propagated and does not require special care. They grow wild: even though they are small, there are a lot of them on the bush, therefore flowering sepyabrinki, star flowers, look luxurious, and above them swarms of bees and bumblebees always swarm

Krasnodar Territory: Kuban, Pshekha, Belaya, Kirpili rivers, It

One of the most talented places in Russia is the Krasnodar Territory. Rivers, lakes, mountains, fertile lands, natural resources and two whole seas - all these riches are concentrated in the Kuban. This abundance brings the region to the forefront of economic development due to the density of the population and the level of industrial production, services, development of recreational areas

Humboldt squid - the mysterious giant sea depths

Humboldt squid is a cephalopod mollusk belonging to the family Ommastrephidae. Predominantly lives in the part of the Pacific Ocean where the Peruvian current passes, at depths ranging from 0.2 - 0.7 km. Its dimensions are impressive, length can reach up to 2 m, and weight up to 50 kg. The body consists of a head, legs and 10 tentacles

Varany Komodo: description and photo

Varan Komodo is an amazing and truly unique animal, which is not without reason called a dragon. The largest of the currently existing lizards spends most of the time hunting. It is the object of pride of the islanders and the incessant interest of tourists. Our article will tell about the life of this dangerous predator, the characteristics of its behavior and characteristic of the species signs

Aroid plants: description and names

Aroid plants are a large and very diverse group. It includes marsh grasses, tropical shrubs, creepers and much more. Among them are both very poisonous and quite edible species, some of which are widely known as indoor flowers. Photos of aroid plants, their description and features you will find in our article

What were the ancient crocodiles (crocodiles)? Ancestors of modern crocodiles

Many of us are interested in the ancient history of the Earth, and not only related to human civilization, but also what happened before the first people appeared on the planet. For example, what were the ancient crocodiles and their immediate ancestors? Classification The group of reptiles, which included, besides the ancient crocodiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs and other animals, is called Archosauri

Cuckoo bumblebees are ... What is the difference between Cuckoo bumblebees and real bumblebees?

A cuckoo is a bird. Bumblebee - an insect. Cuckoo bumblebees are ... who? Even experts did not immediately understand this issue. More precisely, more recently they have not been isolated at all into a separate species. About their existence did not know. To observe these insects, to study their habits and way of life began only about two hundred years ago

Apatity. Minerals Description, properties, deposits and interesting facts

Apatite - minerals with phosphate nature, the most common on the planet from its group. They are widely used in the production of mineral fertilizers, and for some time been actively used in the creation of jewelry. A cut mineral takes on a very noble appearance and is often given for a more valuable semi-precious stone, such as topaz

Earth's magnetic pole: is pole inversion possible?

The Earth’s magnetic poles are a component of the planet’s geomagnetic field, arising from the movement of molten iron and nickel flows around the central solid core, currents in the ionosphere, local anomalies of the earth’s crust, etc. The magnetic pole is recognized as right angle to the surface of the planet. In t

Sot - river in the Yaroslavl region

A great many rivers envelop the entire territory of Russia like a web. In total, if you count even the smallest, there are more than 2.5 million of them! And the vast majority do not even have a name. The rivers Sot in the Yaroslavl region also belong to the rivers of Russia. About her and will be discussed in the article

Crustaceans Cyclops: structure, nutrition, coloring, reproduction, breeding, importance to humans, interesting facts, representatives, photos

Cyclops belong to the family of copepods. Entering the class of crustaceans, Cyclops has a unique body structure, significantly distinguishing it from other representatives. Surprisingly, despite its insignificant size, these crustaceans not only serve as food for most fish, but also can eat the fish itself until it has grown

Nile crocodile: description, features and interesting facts. Nile crocodile in St. Petersburg

On January 18, a miracle happened in St. Petersburg: local residents learned that a guest from Egypt lives next to them, namely, the Nile crocodile. This animal is highly respected in its natural habitat - in Africa. They found a Nile crocodile in the basement of a house in Peterhof, after which nothing was known about the reptile's fate

Bluebird butterfly What eats a butterfly bluebird?

This is the second largest family after the scoop. It includes six thousand species, which is about forty percent of all currently known butterflies. As a rule, these are small individuals (up to five centimeters), with bright colors and a characteristic metallic luster. Some species have peculiar outgrowths on the hind wings (“tails”). Fo

Kingdoms of wildlife

Biological taxonomy - the science that develops the principles of classification of all existing living organisms and the application of these principles to the construction of an integrated system. The classification of living organisms implies their description and hierarchical placement in the system of organisms

Common Hamster: description, content and photo

Probably everyone is familiar with such cute rodents like hamsters. There are several types of them, and they live very well with people as pets. But the ordinary hamster is not the same as his domestic counterparts, he is very different from them. Animal description This type of hamster is considered the largest of all, which are now known

Musk deer: description, interesting facts, photos

Musk deer is an animal that gave rise to many myths and superstitions. Its extraordinary appearance has long attracted the attention of naturalists, who were ready to easily overcome hundreds of kilometers of mountainous terrain, just to see this creature alive. Even today, interest in him is still not extinct

Mount Kilimanjaro. Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest mountain in Africa

Kilimanjaro Volcano is one of the most famous and popular places on the planet. This place is unique for many reasons: the splendor of the appearance of the mountain, the diversity of climatic zones, snow glaciers. Kilimanjaro is popular not only among tourists. Here were filming the most famous films, the events on the mountain formed the basis of the plots of legendary stories

Want to know where is growing gruzd?

Each mushroom picker will confirm that salted milk mushrooms, especially raw ones, are great food. However, it is not always possible to collect them, even after heavy summer rains. Today we will talk about where the weight grows and what kind of environment is favorable for it. Mushroom Description This mushroom belongs to the Syerazhkov family

Fish-needle - a paradox of nature

Needle fish belongs to the needle family. About 200 species are known, and each species has a specific body length, which can be from 3 to 60 cm. This fish fully justifies its name. It can be compared with a needle or colored faceted pencil. The body of this fish is thin, elongated, with evenly spaced bone thickenings, like an external skeleton

Plant leaf shape

The shapes of leaves, flowers and roots of plants are very diverse. Today we will talk about one of the main organs of all green plants. This is a sheet. It is located on the stem, occupies a lateral position on it. The shape of the leaves varies considerably, as does their size. For example, in duckweed, aquatic plants, they are about three millimeters in diameter

Natural Resources of China: Evaluation and Use

The natural resources of China are quite rich and diverse - a country that ranks third in size after Russia and Canada. Their economic use depends on many factors, including geographic location and climatic conditions. Geography features Most of China, the entire area of ​​which is 9.6 million square meters. km

Lake Tengiz in Kazakhstan: photos, description

In sunny Kazakhstan there are more than forty thousand lakes. More than 4, 000 artificial reservoirs have been built there, collecting huge reserves of fresh water. The quality and quantity of water in lakes differs depending on natural zones: there are about 740 lakes in forest-steppe zones, more than 1870 in steppe zones, 216 in semi-deserts, and 142 in desert territories

Immortal jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula

Recently, scientists are interested in the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula. What could attract so close attention of experts, and even more so geneticists, such a simple creature? And it's all in the next opening. A certain scientist from Italy Fernando Boero (especially for his personal research) planted jellyfish of this species in an aquarium

Geostationary Orbit - Battle for Clark's Belt

Few aspects of the era of active space exploration have had such a strong impact on the daily life of mankind as the concept of a geostationary orbit, which is closely associated with the invention of a communications satellite. These two factors turned out to be a real technological and scientific breakthrough, which gave a tremendous impetus to the development of not only telecommunication technologies, but also the entire science as a whole, which made it possible to take people’s life to a new level.

The water level in Ob is sometimes critical.

Ob has never been such a river, where the inflow of flood waters takes place in winter, as is typical of some rivers in the European part of Russia. Usually this phenomenon is typical for the spring months. The first wave of the leash, which raises the water level in Ob, is in March. Every year a thaw begins at about the same time, rarely when winter lingers in Siberia until April

Chicken blindness flower: healing properties and harm

Probably, in nature there are no such plants that traditional medicine would not find application. Chicken blindness flower - the gouty or stinging grass, the buttercup caustic also concerns to such. This is a very poisonous plant that, when freshly picked, represents a serious threat to the health of both people and animals

Vyazel motley: description, composition, therapeutic properties, use and reviews

Very interesting and useful herbaceous perennial - motley knit. Latin is known to be used for the international designation of plant and animal species. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the Latin name of the motley of the variegated - Coronilla varia L. Other names of this plant: mouse pods, hare clover, hazel grouse, field peas

The longest legs are the most ideal.

Mother nature gave someone a charming smile, someone gave her gorgeous hair, and there are those who can boast beautiful long legs. But even the longest legs can not always be called the most beautiful. After all, there are plenty of parameters by which one can judge the ideality of the legs, besides their length

The Kara River: origins, extent, depth, rafting, nature, fishing, stories and legends

Where is the river Kara? Komi, the Nenets Autonomous District, the Arkhangelsk Region and the northeast of the Bolshezemelskaya Tundra are the lands of the northern part of Eurasia, through which it carries its waters. The bed of the river in low-flow periods varies from 150 to 300 meters. Its depth is three meters or more, in some places it reaches the five-meter mark

Why did the city swallow so rarely meet us?

The name of the city swallow in medieval literature, many people know. The people narek her funnel. The size of a city swallow is about a sparrow. But her pure white nadhvoste and abdomen, black back with a bluish tint, tail with a pretty neckline, legs covered with cannon and feathers are so attractive that people have always been very gentle towards this bird

Barbel oak - an insect listed in the Red Book

The big oak barbel is a coleoptera, which belongs to the barbel family. This species is of Mediterranean origin. It is found in southern and central regions of Europe, in the north of the African continent and in Asia Minor. On the territory of the post-Soviet space, the beetle is common in countries such as Ukraine and Belarus

Falcon Mountain (Kush-Kaya): features, ascent, interesting facts

Crimea attracts tourists from all over the world. Unique views from the top of the mountains. Of course, it is possible for some time to soak up the warm rays of the Crimean sun on the beach, to plunge into the cool waters of the Black Sea, but the adventures still beckon their heroes. Sokol Mountain is waiting for its explorers, ready to climb its steep slopes

Semi-white mushroom: description, benefit and harm

The semi-white mushroom, the description and photo of which you will find in this article, is a typical representative of the Boletov family. Rod - Borovik. We will tell you what this fungus looks like and where you can find it. Description The semi-white mushroom (the Latin name is Boletus impolitus) is more popularly known as the yellow boletus

How does a cheetah differ from a leopard: description and differences of predators

Many people do not know the difference between a cheetah and a leopard, because at first glance, these two representatives of the cat family are so much alike. They are beautiful, graceful, have almost the same color, gorgeous teeth, claws and similar predatory habits. But it turns out that these animals belong to different genus and are rarely located next to each other

Giant Sequoia: photo. Where does the giant sequoia grow?

A giant sequoia or mammoth tree (as it is also commonly called) is considered to be one of the largest trees in the world. Also, this long-liver is one of the many wonders of the world. This giant tree of the conifer family can reach a height of more than 110 meters, and its trunk is 12 meters in diameter

Common Pheasant: Description, Nutrition, Breeding, and Interesting Facts

The common pheasant was first discovered in the territory of the ancient Caucasus. Hence its second name - the Caucasian pheasant. It is not known for sure how, but the bird was brought to other countries, and today it can be found in many corners of the earth. It was partially domesticated, and they also learned how to breed hybrid breeds, crossing representatives of different species and even genera of the Fazanov family

Do you know how much an ostrich weighs?

Contrary to popular belief, only one species of flightless birds belongs to the ostrich family - the African ostrich. According to the zoological classification, the emu, the nanda and the cassowary are not ostriches, although they are similar in appearance to them. Let's try to figure out what is the difference between these unusual representatives of the fauna, and also find out how much this ostrich and its closest brothers weigh

10 interesting facts about ants. The most interesting facts about ants for children

More than 100 million years ago, ants already inhabited the Earth and practically did not undergo evolutionary changes. And today, these insects accompany people, wherever they are: in their homes, on the way to work, on vacation, and all because with their extremely small size, they make up 25% of the biomass living on the surface of the planet

Do horses know how to swim? How to teach a horse to swim?

A man domesticated a horse several thousand years ago. Horses accompanied people in military campaigns, trade caravans, and research expeditions. The horse was the main assistant to the farmer and merchant. Today, horses are bred not only for practical purposes, but also just for fun. Communication with these intelligent and friendly animals has a recognized therapeutic effect, therefore, hippotherapy is recommended for the treatment of a number of diseases

Cadet Party: History and Program

The Constitutional Democratic Party, also called the Cadet Party, was created in 1905 and was a left-wing current of liberalism. She was also called a "professorial party" for the high level of education of its members. The Cadets offered the empire liberal values ​​and constitutional decisions that were introduced in European states. Ho

Park Safari, Primorye. Timur and Amur's strange friendship

We are used to seeing animals in the zoo aviaries, but park safari (Primorye) offers a completely new format of excursions. Here, the animals are in their usual environment in a vast territory, where spectators walk behind the cages. Safari Park is a real adventure with the ability to touch the predatory world of wildlife

The unique Green Lake: the underwater world in the middle of Austria

It is believed that behind the underwater wonders you need to go somewhere to the ends of the world, to the ocean coast and to exotic islands. And few people know that in the very center of Europe there is a unique Green Lake, which provides lovers of underwater travel with a unique opportunity to pursue their favorite hobby

Bumblebees Nest: Where Bumblebees Live

Bumblebees are a genus of Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera) of the bee family. In the world there are only about 300 of their species. Species of the genus Bombus, of which more than 80, are common in almost all parts of the world, except Australia. Where do bumblebees live and how do they create families? Answers to these questions will be given in the article

What is a placoid scale?

Placoid scales are characteristic of fossil fish that became extinct tens and some hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, in our time there are representatives of the underwater world, who still have a similar skin cover. About what fish have placoid scales still remain, about its structure, as well as other interesting facts can be found in this article

Potomac River in North America (photo)

Calling the Potomac River an important waterway of the USA is not exaggerated. Indeed, over its northern coast rises Washington, the main city of a huge state, its majestic capital. Washington occupied both sides of the waterway in its lower reaches. To the city on the river water surface rise small vessels

How many eyes do bees have? Faceted and photographic vision

People have long "tamed" bees, formerly wild, and today successfully use them to get honey, mostly. As a by-product - propolis, pollen, wax, bee sting. And the benefit of these hardworking insects for pollination of many plants is difficult to overestimate! At apiaries and cottages, you can often see simple beehives inhabited by bees, carefully bringing people the products of their livelihoods

What is the green lizard called? What do green lizards eat

In the science of reptiles, there is the concept of "family of real lizards." This term does not mean that such animals are the most typical representatives of their species. Just this family of scientists found and studied in the first place. The green lizard, as this genus of animals is called by scientists, is a member of the “real” family. Th

Do you know which predator has the smallest heart?

We are all different: someone is lower, and someone, on the contrary, is higher, someone is thinner, and someone is fuller. And this is not surprising. In principle, it should be so. In the animal world, everything happens the same way. Although ... That's what you think, which predator has the smallest heart