"Land of the Leopard" - a national park in Primorsky Krai

The deplorable situation in which the population of the Far Eastern leopard and other species of plants and animals from the Red Book found in the Primorsky Territory found itself made the scientific community, the public and government officials take a cardinal approach to solving this issue. As a result, the Land of the Leopard was established - a national park that was formed by merging and reassigning environmental objects

Red book of the world. Plants and animals of the "Red Book"

The process of reducing the number of certain species of plants and animals on Earth has been observed for several centuries. The urgency of this problem in our days has not become less. IUCN Questions about the protection of flora and fauna were raised by the international community as early as the 19th century, but the first organization seriously tackling this problem was created only in 1948

Gulf of Aden

The Gulf of Aden is part of the Arabian Sea of ​​the Indian Ocean. Its length is about 890 kilometers. The northern shore of the bay is the Arabian Peninsula, on which the state of Yemen is located. The western and southern shores comprise the African continent with the states of Djibouti and Somalia. Fr

Common oat plant

Weeds bring a lot of trouble to farmers and gardeners. But this leader in its vitality, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it. It grows everywhere where cereals are sown. It coexists with spring wheat, barley, cultivated oats and other cereals. The name of the weed is common oats. Read more about this plant in the article

The highest mountain on earth is in Hawaii

The mountains have always amazed the imagination of man and attracted to him the proud majesty and fascinating beauty. No one can remain indifferent at the sight of the mountain peaks, covered with snow caps and covered with cloud coverings. Those who have seen mountains, even if they are not very high, will remember them for life

Lilies of the valley: description and photo. Forest lily of the valley

One of the most beautiful forest plants - May lilies of the valley. The description of this delicate white flower is often found in poets and novelists, painters paint it on canvases. It has many popular names: hare ears, wolf violet, silversmith. The flower grows in deciduous and pine forests, creating extensive white-green meadows during the May flowering period

The most beautiful landscapes of the world: description

When it's finally time to leave, a large number of people go to warm countries. Changing occupation and environment are important to them. On vacation, it is really possible to replenish the store of forces, gain new impressions, restore your nervous system. In this article we bring to your attention a review of the brightest landscapes of the world, which are magnificent creations of Mother Nature

Do you know how to distinguish false agarics from real ones?

The season of collecting honey agarics is September. It is this month that a rather large percentage of false doubles poisoning is observed. The main danger lies in the fact that it is very difficult to distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible ones. Therefore, each mushroom picker, going on a "quiet hunt, " is simply obliged to know how to distinguish the false mushrooms from the real ones

Brazilian luminous shark: photo, description, size, reproduction

What is the Brazilian glowing shark? How she looks like? What eats such predatory cartilage fish and how does it reproduce? Answers to these and other questions can be found in our material. Brazilian luminous shark: description Representatives of the species have a cigar-shaped elongated body. The muzzle of the animal is dull

What is the difference between sturgeon and starlet? Similarities and differences

In Russia, no royal feast was complete without exquisite sturgeon dishes. The fish was delivered to the rulers' courtyard in troughs hollowed out of oak trunks, shifting it with a damp cloth to deliver the sovereign alive. For the most important festive tables, the powers prepared the aspic and soup of sterlet, and the huge sturgeon baked with vegetables was the main decoration of the feasts

Shiksha (berry): useful properties, description and photo

Berry siksha, whose photo you can see below, in the central and southern regions of our country is known to few. Not even all pharmacists have complete information about its beneficial properties. And in the north, this plant is considered not just curative, but truly healing. For this shiksha was awarded many other names: "magician", "expensive grass", "guardian of the soul

Snakehead - a fish that moves easily by land

Snakehead fish (a photo of a predator can be viewed below) has a greenish-brown body with dark spots. Ahead, it is almost cylindrical, compressed only closer to the tail. The head resembles a snake, something as flattened and covered with large scales as snake shields. Some see in it a great resemblance to the head of a gurzy

Warm lake in Ufa

There are many unexplained phenomena in nature. It would be more accurate and more accurate to say that everything that surrounds us is wonders of nature that cannot be accurately described. You can only explain what a person has created. One of these wonders is the Bashkir reservoir or an artificial pond, or rather, the Warm Lake in Ufa

Igneous rocks

To date, igneous rocks are considered the most common rocks, which make up about 65% of the total volume of the earth's crust. These substances are formed from liquid magma and are the result of its crystallization. Igneous rocks and the mechanism of their formation It is no secret to anyone that in the bowels of the earth is magma - a viscous substance that contains complex silicate complexes enriched in gases and water vapor

What will tell the big nose

For a long time it was believed that the big nose in men is a sign of their sexual strength. More precisely, the big nose is directly related to the size of "manhood". But as it has long been proven, there is no relationship between the size of these two organs. Thus, the myth that supposedly short nosed and bald men are entirely sexual giants belongs to pure fiction

September flood: Turkey faces big losses and economic downturn

Not long ago, unpleasant news spread around the world, which this time touched warm and sunny Turkey. The natural disaster befell the Turkish lands and caused large-scale losses to the country, the size of which has not yet been definitively calculated. Natural disaster and unprecedented flooding of Turkey On a typical day, which did not bode ill, on September 22, an irreversible and irreversible phenomenon occurred

What is a glacier? Pulsating glaciers. Where are and how are the glaciers formed?

Do you know that our planet is eleven percent of its territory covered with ice? Yes, these white spaces visible from space occupy an area of ​​more than 16 million square kilometers. So, despite the worries of environmentalists, who are talking about global warming, the Earth is still largely ice-bound. Th

What is the difference between a crow and a crow? What is the difference between a rook and a crow?

With the onset of autumn, the cities are filled with the cries of crows, which are constantly circling until the arrival of spring. At the sight of any large black bird, many call it a "crow." But the facts show that these birds are often confused with other winged birds, which are very similar to each other

In Australia, snakes crawl into human toilets, fleeing from the extreme heat

Australia is a country that is famous for its exotic and sometimes dangerous animals and insects. Locals often become victims of huge spiders or snakes. The latter are found everywhere throughout the country, but they become especially dangerous in hot weather. Snakes love to hide from the scorching sun in secluded and cool places

Some important lessons on how to survive in the forest in summer and winter

There are a lot of cases when a person, having gone into the forest, went astray, lost his guideline, and found himself in a very distressed situation. Today we will give you a few lessons on how to survive in the forest in summer and winter. So, let's begin. How to survive in the forest in summer If you have lost your landmark, then immediately stop

What eats wood grouse? Wood grouse (bird): photo and description

Who is the grouse? What does he eat and where does he live? If you are interested to know the answers to these questions, then read the article. So what is this bird like? Capercaillie: description of feathered handsome The wood-grouse is a big bird of the order of the chicken. It belongs to the pheasant family

Baikal is the pearl of Russia. Baikal - waste or drainless lake?

Lake Baikal enjoys great fame, not only within our country, but also in foreign countries. Thanks to the fruitful work of specialists and scientists, Baikal was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Those who are interested in this natural object have many questions, for example, about what origin Lake Baikal is, what is its depth, what inhabitants can be seen in it, etc

Gemstone - Names, Properties, History

Meeting the descriptions of jewelry in literature, it is sometimes difficult to imagine their true beauty, since the names of the stones are not always heard. It is even more difficult if you have to deal with their old designations. As is well known, a semi-precious (lower category) or a gemstone of a name can have both inspired by legends and simply reflect their color

Gyurza is a dangerous snake, but with poisonous medicine

Gyurza is a snake belonging to the family of vipers. This is a large muscular reptile, reaching a length of 1.4 m and more. Its muzzle is dulled, temporal corners abruptly protrude. At the top of the head there are ribbed scales, which decrease towards the eyes. The body is thick, kurguzoe, in gray-brown tones

Earthquake in Taganrog: date, reason, consequences

Did you know that an earthquake occurred in Taganrog? We will tell about this terrible event in the article. In 2016, on August 7, on Sunday morning, in the city of Taganrog and its surroundings, citizens felt the fluctuation of the soil. The land went shaking in the villages of Troitskoe and Pokrovskoye (Taganrog Region), as well as in almost all areas of the megalopolis

The unique nature of Primorsky Krai (short description)

The nature of Primorsky Krai is rich and beautiful! It fascinates with its beauty and wealth of tourists at different times of the year. The nature features of Primorsky Krai, which we will briefly describe in today's article, really deserve attention. Nature needs to know Nowadays, people have practically ceased to be interested in the beauty of nature

What is collapses: definition, causes, consequences

Often in the news there are reports of collapses that occurred in various regions of the country or the world. Just as often we hear about avalanches that descended in mountainous areas. What are avalanches and avalanches? What damage can they cause and is there a way to protect themselves from these natural phenomena

Why does it rain - where does it come from?

Not many people think about why it rains or snows. Goes and goes, only the weather is bad, it spoils the mood. Meanwhile, this is a most interesting natural phenomenon, which it will be useful for everyone to study, because, having become parents, people often hear such seemingly simple questions: "Why is it raining or the sun is shining

Cases of Dolphin Attacks on People

There is an opinion that dolphins are the most friendly and peace-loving creatures on the planet, who often become guides and saviors of people in the middle of the water depth. Probably everyone had heard of such cases of the miraculous salvation of drowning people. Unfortunately, there is another, not so rosy, statistics

The seven-point ladybug: a description of the species and the benefits that it brings

The seven-point ladybug is known to everyone since childhood. Many kids are not afraid of this insect. They come up with many tales and funny poems about him. This species was first described in 1758. This red insect, according to observations of entomologists, is of great benefit to people. It destroys harmful insects that cause damage to plants in gardens and vegetable gardens

How to escape from the tsunami in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and friendly country with its own flavor, history and interesting sights. The main source of income for this state is the tourism business, so everything is equipped for a perfect holiday. World famous Thai resorts, such as Phuket, Pattaya, Phi Phi, Krabi and others, annually take more than a million tourists

What insects of the Red Book of Russia need protection

Insects are the most numerous species of living creatures. They are omnipresent and settled around the globe. More than a million insect species have now been described and studied. But according to scientists, there are much more. The process of evolution includes the constant change in the number of individual species

Chumysh River: description and sights

The Chumysh River flows in the Kemerovo Region and in the Altai. It is the right tributary of the Ob. A special feature of Chumysh is the presence of two sources - Kara-Chumysh and Tom-Chumysh, which are located in the Kemerovo region (on the Salairsky ridge). Geography The total length of the Chumysh River is 644 km

Flower Ivan da Marya: types of plants, legends, magical properties

We are surrounded by plants everywhere. Their diversity, flavor, color, delight and fascinate. Many of the plants have unusual healing properties, and various legends are associated with them. Herbs are successfully used to treat a variety of pathologies: from simple wound tightening to cancer therapy

Pilot Fish: Little Friends of Big Sharks

In the distant warm seas and oceans inhabited inconspicuous fish with striped sides and pointed head. Like many other fish, it feeds on crustaceans, small relatives and mollusks. Sometimes sent to migrate. One could say that a pilot is a fish that is no different from many thousands of others. But she also has an amazing feature that doesn’t have many analogues.

Mouse forest - what kind of animal?

This is a kind of medium sized mice. They are slightly larger than brownies. The body length is on average from 70 to 100 mm, the tail is about the same, sometimes even longer. Head in comparison with the body is a large, pointed muzzle with rather large eyes. Ears long (up to 22 mm), webbed, rounded

Field cricket: description, features, habitat and interesting facts

Surprisingly, the usual cricket can be among the pets. The species and lifestyle of these insects, as well as nutrition, reproduction, content and interesting facts can be found in this article. The history of the appearance and types of crickets These insects appeared on the planet about 300 million years ago

The main tributaries of the Kuban River: description, name and nature

Numerous tributaries of the Kuban River form a river network with a total length of 9482 kilometers. It takes its source from Mount Elbrus and flows through the territory of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, this river carries its waters into the Sea of ​​Azov. Major tributaries In total, about 14 thousand large and small rivers flow into the Kuban. Th

Reserve Karadag in Crimea. Flora and fauna of the Karadag Reserve

Karadag Reserve (from Turkic - "Black Mountain") - a beautiful corner of the Crimea, popular with most of the guests of the peninsula. Located in its south-eastern part, between the settlements of Kurortnoye, Koktebel, and Shchebetovka (near Feodosiya), it is the only geological object in Europe on whose territory an extinct ancient volcano is located

Wild horses, life in the wild

Horses have always been. There are domestic horses, without which a person can not, you need to plow and harvest, on holidays to ride with the breeze on a troika, but you never know what else. And there are wild horses, a free tribe, they live on their own, only steppe laws are observed, they never eat their fill, that is why they are smart and light

The highest tree. Handsome giants

The vegetation of the planet has always amazed humanity with its beauty, unusual forms, height and other indicators. Trees occupy a special place in the numerous flora world. These are green plants with leaves, roots, stems, flowers and seeds. They can be attributed to the oldest inhabitants of the planet

Aksu-Jabaglinsky reserve: photos, sights, flora and fauna

The reserve Aksu-Zhabagly is one of the first and largest in the whole of Central Asia. Visiting it, you can get acquainted with some rare representatives of flora and fauna, which are nowhere else in the world. General information Aksu-Jabaglinsky reserve is located (see photo in the article) in the mountains of Talas Alatau (Western Tien Shan)

Wildlife: Why does an elephant need a trunk?

Once I was walking around the zoo with my daughter. When we came to the enclosure with an African elephant, the daughter asked me a question that at first glance seemed simple: "Mom, why does an elephant need a trunk?" I hurried to explain to her that these were his "hands." My daughter was completely satisfied with my explanation, but I myself was not

Far Eastern Marine Reserve: photos, geographical location

In our article we want to talk about the wonderful Primorsky Krai. It is located in Russia, in the very south of the Far East. This land is beautiful. Here, ocean waters are found in taiga. There are animals that are not found anywhere else. The Far Eastern Marine Reserve is located on this amazing land

Commander Reserve. State Natural Biosphere Reserve

In 1741, an expedition led by Commander Vitus Bering opened the Commander Islands. For a long time they were uninhabited. The first settlers were Creoles and Aleuts, who began to explore the islands in 1825. Today the village of Nikolskoye on Bering Island is a Aleut settlement, the only one in the Russian Federation

Minerals of the Novosibirsk Region: Description, List, Names and Deposit

Mineral resources of the Novosibirsk region are quite numerous: 83 of the 523 explored deposits are exploited throughout the territory. Here there is coal - both coking and high-class anthracite, there are refractory clays. A lot of peat, but it is not yet mined. There are oil, gas, non-ferrous metals and gold

Department fern: general characteristics, features. How many species of ferns

The fern division is composed of vascular plants, which include both modern and most ancient higher ones. Now there are about ten thousand species of various ferns, widespread throughout the world, which can occur anywhere in the world. General characteristics of ferns, species, names Tropical rainforests have the best conditions for their growth

Who do Australians call the sea wasp? Especially dangerous jellyfish Australian waters

Australia ranks first in the world in the number and variety of all kinds of venomous creatures. And the danger awaits man not only on land in the form of spiders and snakes, but also at sea. Not all visitors know who the Australians call the sea wasp. This is the name given to the most poisonous ocean dweller - jellyfish Kubo

What is a man and why he lives on Earth

A few decades ago, the question of what a person was had a clear and unequivocal answer. Scientists have convinced us that this is the kind of genus Man representing a group of primates. This theory was initiated by Charles Darwin. The origin of man, from his point of view, is simple and clear. After conducting a comparative anatomical study and study of human and monkey embryos, he established their undoubted relationship and assured everyone that man was descended from a monkey

Leafy lichens: description, characteristics, structure and features

Lichens are a symbiotic group of fungi, green algae and cyanobacteria. The name of the organisms is derived from the similarity of their appearance with some skin diseases, and is translated from Latin as “lichen”. Symbiot Description They are distributed throughout the land and can grow equally well in cold rocky terrain and in hot deserts. Th

The Red Book of the Tyumen Region: plants, animals, birds

Tyumen region is part of Western Siberia. Its natural conditions are quite extreme, but the plant and animal world is very rich. The Red Book of the Tyumen Region makes a significant contribution to their preservation. A little about the area The Tyumen Region is part of the Urals Federal District and belongs to the region of Western Siberia

Whether ferns are blooming ... Opening the veil of secrecy

Who among us has not heard the legend of how on the night of Ivan Kupala blooms his fern flowers? How mad evil, the whole composition creeps out to protect the precious color. How do the brave souls go to the forest to find a flower that will point the way to countless treasures. And what to hide, many of us also went to look for a fern flower - some jokingly, some out of curiosity, and some just to argue

Why are lichens called pioneers of vegetation and what is their role in nature?

Lichens are a very peculiar group of living organisms that can live in such conditions where no other plants take root. They withstand severe frosts and very high temperatures. They grow in the most unusual places: on stones and trees, sandy soils and fences, in the tundra and Antarctica. After studying the characteristics of these unusual organisms, you can answer the question of why lichens are called the pioneers of vegetation

Oak toothed: description, distribution, cultivation

This oak tree belongs to the beech family, which includes about 600 plant species - these are deciduous and evergreen trees. Serrated oak is a tree up to 20 meters high and about 80 centimeters in diameter. Most often, this plant grows to an 8-meter height with a trunk diameter of about 40 centimeters

Anubias barter: types and content

Anubias barter will be the perfect decoration for every aquarium. At the same time, it is easily propagated and does not require any special care. Anubias is an aquatic tropical plant belonging to the aroid family. It lives in tropical Africa. It grows mainly in swamps, near streams, rivers. High humidity on plant growth is beneficial

Linden - therapeutic tree

Forest prevails throughout the globe. Numerous trees give coolness on a hot day. Very common in Russia is linden - a tree that has long been considered medicinal. Back in history ... The origin of this miracle takes its roots in Western Europe. Slavic peoples believed that the linden was the tree of the goddess Lada, a symbol of beauty and love

Mexican jerboa: photo

Among rare exotic animals, perhaps, the Mexican jerboa causes the most questions. What does he look like, where does he live, what does he eat, and most importantly, why is it said about the fur of this unseen beast with enthusiastic aspiration, then with frank sarcasm? Latin America in general and Mexico in particular are really full of all sorts of animals that are not found on other continents

Animals of the Arctic Desert: Natural Extremes

It is considered that mammals are able to live only at sufficiently comfortable ambient temperatures. But the animals of the Arctic deserts successfully disprove this statement. Of course, among them there are not only mammals, but also birds. The most famous representative of the local fauna is the polar bear

Killer Whale: Is it a whale or a dolphin? We will understand together

The sea is an inexhaustible source of mysteries and riddles, many of which are disturbing even venerable scientists. But there are also simple animal lovers who are haunted by much simpler problems. For example, the killer whale. Is it a whale or a dolphin? Let's answer this question! To begin with, the animal that belongs to the number of aquatic mammals, is a member of the dolphin family

Cotton tree: description and properties

In the tropics you can find an interesting plant called cotton tree. It looks very unusual, which attracts the attention of both locals and tourists. Near this giant you will not see a man with an ax, no forest vandal will begin to scratch on his bark: "Vasya was here." What is the secret, and why do so many myths go around an ordinary plant and accept it

Phalanx spider

From the Latin phalanx spider is translated as "running away from the sun." In different countries, this land animal is called differently - camel, fever, solpuga, scorpion wind. This species is most common in the hot and warm countries of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The phalanx spider is a rather large arthropod, its length can reach 70 millimeters

What is the atmosphere and what is it for?

The atmosphere is the “air coat” of the Earth, as it is called, and life on our planet without it would be impossible. Those cosmic worlds where there is no atmosphere cannot be praised by living organisms. This “fur coat” from the air weighs 5 billion tons, and we take oxygen from it, and the plants breathe carbon dioxide. Passin

Find out how many donkeys live

The donkey and the donkey are close relatives of horses, but they are much more enduring, can tolerate difficult living conditions. The owner does not need to bother too much and run around them, so they often get turned on and contain quite easily. Lifespan Despite the fact that the donkey is a rather unpretentious animal, you should not forget about its comfort and health

Interesting facts about beavers for children: habitat, reproduction, care and nutrition

The beaver is a very beautiful and funny animal. Many have heard of him, but by no means all have seen him live. The consonance of the name of the animal with such a word as "good" made it popular in the context of sharing. There is such a joke poem, the beginning of which sounds like this: “As you know, beavers are kind.

Vitim (river): description and photo

The Siberian rivers can be divided into two categories. These are large arteries and ducts flowing into them. One of the largest Siberian rivers is Vitim. This is the right tributary of the r. Lena, which, in turn, connects with the Laptev Sea. River history The Buryat rivers China and Vitimkan in the mountains of Western Transbaikalia merge together

Pepper mushroom. Is it edible?

Pepper mushroom is a rather rare tubular macromycete, which, as a rule, grows one by one. However, there are also small groups. Pepper mushroom grows quite rarely in open dry areas of soil in coniferous and deciduous forests. You can find it from mid-summer to mid-autumn. Description Pepper juice (it is depicted in the third photo) should not be confused with pepper mushroom

Comet Enke. Mysterious and elusive cosmic beauty

Comets are the finest celestial bodies that humans can observe even in the absence of binoculars or a telescope. When a comet appears in the sky, it immediately attracts everyone’s attention. Someone thinks that at that moment the star fell and it is time to make a wish. There are superstitious people who believe that the approach of a comet marks the impending disasters, diseases and other misfortunes that threaten all of humanity.

Smolensk region rivers: list, description

Smolensk region is located in the European part of Russia within the Vyazma and Smolensk-Moscow hills. The unique nature in this area is beautiful: the hilly relief, lowlands, moraine ridges and rivers of the Smolensk region attract tourists. River valleys The Baltic, Black Sea and Caspian basins, between which there is a watershed, are located on an area of ​​almost 50, 000 square meters. Al

Characteristics and history of the volcano Vesuvius

The volcano Vesuvius is at hand from the small town of Naples. It is necessary to overcome only a distance of 9 km to find oneself at its foot. At first glance, it's hard to even imagine that he is the only one operating in Europe. The history of the volcano Vesuvius The destruction that followed its eruption in 1 c

Acacia yellow - a plant that does not require care

There are two types of plants, which are called "acacia". They belong to different types and outwardly are not at all similar. The first is robinia, or white acacia. It is a tree, reaching 25 m in height, and up to 1 m in diameter. It blooms in May, after which flat pods are formed with gray or black beans inside

Lionfish Zebra fish Photo, description

Among the bizarre cliffs and intricately interwoven reefs of the Red Sea, intricately dissected by crevasses and grottoes, numerous underwater living creatures have found themselves an excellent abode. On the rocks and reefs, which took the form of giant pillars and fungi, get along the community, which includes a variety of animals, mollusks and fish of the Red Sea

Andean Condor: Habitat, photo

An amazing bird dwells in South America, nicknamed "the soul of the Andes" - Andean condor. Its unusual silhouette and impressive size led to the fact that some of the original inhabitants of the western part of the continent deify this majestic representative of the world of birds, while others are afraid of him and consider meeting him a bad sign

Unusual plants of the world. Predatory beauty or useful singularity

A huge number of wonderful works of art created by nature, our planet stores. Fantastic waterfalls, huge mountain cliffs abutting the defenseless sky, amazing atolls, breathtaking diversity of the underwater world, entertaining animals and unusual plants - every inhabitant of the planet can truly be proud of it

What does a raccoon eat in nature and in captivity?

Raccoon-poloskun - very interesting and funny animal. It is interesting not only to scientists, but also to ordinary inhabitants. For example, it is useful to know what raccoons eat, whether they can be kept at home, how long they live. To answer these questions, you need to read this article. Raccoon life Before finding out what a raccoon eats, you need to remember where this animal lives

African snakes: species diversity, top 10 most poisonous, description, habitat, species characteristics, breeding, life cycle, characteristics and characteristics

Africa is a mysterious continent, where there is a lot of “very-most” on our planet. Starting from the most arid place, the fastest mammal (cheetah) and ending with one of the world's most venomous snakes - the African black mamba. Snakes of the Black Continent, according to official statistics, killed more than 100 thousand people and continue to kill today. A

Why is the white race considered the highest

Our humanity belongs to the form of "Homo sapiens", which in turn is divided into races. These subspecies can be defined as biological groups that have some differences in morphological features (eye, hair, skin color; shape of face, nose, lips, body proportions), which are hereditary and originated under the influence of the environment in the distant past

What animals live in burrows? The answer is in our article!

What animals live in burrows? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it seems ... The fact is that there are quite a few such inhabitants in nature. It is not necessary to explain that the burrows of animals are their homes. In them you can meet both mammals and reptiles, and even

Pacific Ocean: the organic world. Representatives of the organic world of the Pacific

It is difficult to imagine a more ancient formation on the planet Earth than the ocean. Over time, the vast, global ocean of Tethys eventually separated into four different reservoirs, the largest of which is called the Pacific Ocean. Loud about quiet The Pacific Ocean is a record holder in many respects

Amazing Sun - what is it in autumn?

For example, in summer the sun is big and hot. He has a good mood all the time. It seeks to bestow on everyone its vivifying warmth. In winter, the luminary hides behind snow clouds, as if saving its strength. And what is the sun in the fall? What is it at this time of year? Let's remember. What is the sun in the fall So, the summer went into oblivion

Is the Cape Lion an extinct member of the big cats family?

Once upon a time, and to be more precise, three centuries ago, amazing lions lived in the south of the African continent. They were notable for the fact that the coat, that is, the mane, for the males did not only cover the shoulders, but also the belly, and the tips of their ears were black in color

Female grouse: description and photo. Grouse and grouse

In the earliest spring, as soon as the snow begins to fall, the black grouse begins to show activity on the edges. Of course, the males of this bird stand out on white snow with a bright spot - with bright mirror plumage and red eyebrows. The females are not so beautiful, but much wiser and more inventive than the male individual

The fig tree is a tree of the knowledge of good and evil

The fig tree is a unique plant that has come to us from ancient times. It is also known as a fig or fig tree. Her homeland was the hot countries of Asia. Today there are more than 400 varieties of wood, the fruits of which have not only a pleasant sweet taste, but also many useful and healing properties

What is a clearing: the definition

There are words in our language that we use less frequently and, when confronted with them in everyday speech, we cannot always understand their true meaning. Here we answer the question: what is a clearing? We will also analyze the definition of this word in more detail. Interpretation First of all, we note that the word is feminine, and in the plural it will sound like a “clearing”. Th

What is the most poisonous jellyfish in the world?

The long-awaited vacation at sea can sometimes turn into an unpleasant memory, the fault of which is a meeting with a jellyfish. A 98% liquid sea creature is difficult to see in water, therefore contact with it often happens through carelessness and can have quite pitiful consequences for humans. What are jellyfish poisonous

Types of whales: list, photo. Toothed whales: species

Whales are one of the most amazing mammals inhabiting the expanses of water on our planet. These animals are the largest of all today known to mankind. Moreover, the ocean has not yet been fully investigated, which is why scientists periodically discover new species of toothed whales, usually small, but still

Eels: Fish of the Imagination

The European eel is one of the most extraordinary fishes that are only found on our planet. In their entire life, they undergo such a number of amazing metamorphoses and overcome such distances that their exploits amaze. You can start with the fact that eels are fish that live in fresh water but multiply in the ocean

How animals save people: interesting and amazing facts, stories

A rational man differs from an unreasonable one in that he is capable of deliberate logical actions. Civilized society has long realized the importance of preserving all life on Earth. But it took us thousands of years to realize this ... And here our smaller brothers are superior to us in some ways

El Hoopsie is a charming blue beauty. Spruce Hoopsie: description, breeding, care

One of the best ways to decorate the land around your house or estate is to use coniferous trees for decoration. They are able not only to create comfort, but will also diligently clean the surrounding air, spreading their magnificent aroma. Especially popular among coniferous trees used for decoration, became Hoopsi spruce

What is a landslide: its danger and consequences

The natural environment, even now, in the twenty-first century, is capable of giving people dangerous surprises. Not all phenomena can be prevented and protected in time by people from their consequences. However, as you know, forewarned is forearmed. We will get to know what a landslide is and how you can cope with it

Voronezh region. The reserve is a natural highlight that pleases the eye

The open-air museum is always an unusual place, with a special atmosphere. Here you can merge with it, become a part of it. This is the “Divnogorye” Museum-Reserve - a real pearl of the Voronezh region. This place is unique in that the area of ​​1100 hectares combines natural, historical, cultural and architectural monuments. This i

Consequences of soil contamination: how to minimize them?

Recently, the impact of man on nature has increased significantly, so there is a threat of depletion of certain resources. In addition, increased emissions of waste into nature. This also affected the soils, which are an essential component of the biosphere and determine many of the processes occurring in it

The Spitak Earthquake in 1988

More than twenty-six years ago (December 7, 1988), Armenia was shaken by the strongest earthquake in the city of Spitak, which was completely destroyed in half an hour, and with it 58 neighboring villages. The settlements of Gyumri, Vanadzor, Stepanavan have suffered. Minor damage affected 20 cities and over 200 villages located at some distance from the epicenter

What is amber? Extraction of amber. Jet

Many women in the world prefer jewelry with natural stones, which are not only ideally combined with bright outfits, but also give more confidence and strength to their owners. Amber is the oldest mineral stored in the earth and on the seabed for many millions of years. It is believed that solar energy is concentrated in it, so it has miraculous properties

Tectonic plates

I would like to understand what is the crust of the earth? There is a modern theory, which says that at the heart of our Earth are certain blocks - tectonic plates, which are constantly moving relative to each other. This scientific version fully explains many natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc

Animals of deciduous forests - large species diversity

Broadleaf forests on our planet are located in temperate latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. Occupy a significant part of Western Europe, except for the Mediterranean, grow in Eastern Europe, as well as on the Middle Volga and in southern Central Russia. Large areas are occupied by these forests in the Far East, in China and Japan, they covered the Korean Peninsula

Horse sorrel: medicinal properties, contraindications and use

Horse sorrel (equestrian oxis, frog oxalis, a broach) is a plant that is distributed throughout Russia. Find it is not difficult. It grows everywhere: on fields, forest edges and even along roadsides. This plant has been used in folk medicine since ancient times and almost everywhere. Description Horse sorrel, whose medicinal properties and contraindications are well studied, are from the buckwheat squad

Stevia: reviews, history and photos of honey grass

Among diabetics and dieters, stevia is very popular. Reviews of this incredible plant are most often enthusiastic and grateful. The leaves of this herb are high-grade sugar replace. Unlike chemical analogs, it is completely safe for health, and also possesses a number of useful properties for the organism

Ferruginous quartzites: properties, origin, rock composition and main deposits

The crust consists of many rocks and minerals. Some of them were formed relatively recently, others - several billion years ago. In this article we will introduce you to one of the oldest rocks on our planet - ferruginous quartzites. How do they look and what properties do they have? And how are people used

Wolf in the wild. The lifespan of wolves

In the eyes of a child, a wolf is an animal from a fairy tale, for adults a wolf is a character in films about werewolves. That is, if we proceed from the fact that people are now seized by solid television. Only you need to watch not only entertainment movies, sometimes you should pay attention to the documentary programs about life

Baltic salmon: lifestyle features and fishing

The Baltic salmon species is one of the most valuable commercial fish. Its popularity is due to high taste and dietary qualities. This gave impetus to the development of fish farms that grow different types of salmon for both sport fishing and fresh fish for sale. Some photos of Baltic salmon and its description will be discussed in this article