The Foundation of St. Andrew the First Called - the spiritual revival of Russia

There are quite a few funds and public organizations in Russia that solve various problems. Each of them occupies its own niche. Some help orphans, others - the disabled, and others - homeless or endangered animals. And the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called is engaged in the revival of Orthodoxy and spirituality

Prison tattoos and their meaning. Do you know what a prison tattoo means?

Fashion to decorate your body through tattoos today has spread to all sectors of society, while earlier it was an advantage for people of the criminal world or the world of prisoners. This article will cover the topic "Prison tattoos and their meaning." A bit of history It is worth saying a few words about the prisoners' world and their foundations

General characteristics of the organization. Basic concept and features

Various organizations are involved in the life of any society. They are created for different purposes. But all of them are called to provide material or spiritual benefits to the person, to render services. The activities of such social units are so diverse that it is difficult to even list them. This may be a company that produces all sorts of products, the establishment of public sector (school, hospital, etc

Non-governmental organizations and their importance in the modern world

Such a concept as a non-governmental organization first appeared in the mid-twentieth century, when the old world underwent significant changes after the end of World War II, and the newly emerged United Nations asserted its main provisions and principles. In 1968, at the regular meeting of the UN General Assembly, a provision was adopted governing the activities of such organizations, and a definition was also given

Group of assistance to abandoned animals "Island of Hope" (Chita) - overview, features, history and reviews

"Do not tease the dogs, do not chase the cats ..." This children's song could be made the anthem of the modest organization "The Island of Hope" (Chita). Do you remember how it all started… There is an interesting message in the group: an elderly man writes about the brought offspring of stray dogs in the dacha cooperative: "We, children of the Brezhnev era, cannot kill them, because we know for sure: the dog is a man's friend.&

Terrorist organizations. Who are these people and what do they want?

The modern world is famous not only for technical innovations and progress in almost all spheres of public life. Recently, alarming information about explosions in public places, the deliberate destruction of buildings and open fighting around the world has been increasingly heard in the news. And behind all this horror are various terrorist organizations, the number of which has long gone beyond the limits of the unequivocal one

Prerequisites for the formation of a civil society: causes, structure, meaning

Modern Russia at the moment is precisely that social space where the democratization of social relations, the increased activity and amateur performances of citizens and their associations are the most important conditions for its further progress. This is largely due to the creation of the necessary conditions and prerequisites for the formation of a civil society in Russia

International organizations of the world

The international organizations of the world are associations of a non-state and interstate character, which are created on the basis of agreements in order to achieve certain goals. They are: 1. Interstate. In this case, the state or state institutions join the union. Such associations operate on the basis of a signed agreement

MFC: what it is and why

There are such interesting institutions that increasingly appear in the media as a panacea for all the problems in the struggle of citizens against state institutions and their famous paperwork. It's about the so-called MFC. What it is and what they eat, try to understand in the framework of this article

Public-state organization of children and youth "Russian schoolchildren movement": what is it, what does

The Russian movement of schoolchildren is an organization designed to draw attention not only to education, but also to the education of the younger generation. And even though she is still quite young, the results of the work already inspire her members, creators, and curators for new feats. History of the RDSH On October 29, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of a new nationwide public organization - the Russian School Movement

Sports organizations: classification, factors of development and activity

Federations, sports associations, professional leagues, youth sports schools, sports clubs, voluntary sports societies and fitness clubs are all organizations working in the field of physical culture and sports. In Russia, there are many such organizations that pursue specific goals, be it training activities, physical training and health work with the public, or organizing physical education and sports activities to educate professional athletes

Professional community: concept, structure, causes of creation, goals and objectives

Professional communities are organizations or groups that offer a lot of useful information for people united by a common profession (for example, if it is an enterprise). Some popular options include various organizations of entrepreneurs, LLC, etc. If you do not use what professional communities can offer in terms of mentoring (namely, advice, networking and support), then you are missing a unique opportunity to improve your professionalism

Aliyeva Leila - real beauty

Aliyeva Leila ... A beautiful, successful woman, a mother of two children, the spouse of a businessman, a public and political figure. But this is not a complete list, because we are talking about the family of the head of the Azerbaijani state: this is the daughter of Ilham Aliyev, Leyla. Biography She was born in 1986 in the capital of this Transcaucasian state

Olympic movement: from the past to the present

The emergence and development of the Olympic movement is still a pressing issue, interesting for many scientists. In this matter, new aspects and facets are constantly being discovered. The Olympic movement owes much of its revival and development to Pierre de Coubertin. This public figure, sociologist and teacher developed the ideological principles, theoretical and organizational foundations of the Olympic movement

Dmitry Chugunov. Compressed biography

Many people know about the Stop Ham organization, which is now popular, but few people know that its founder and leader, Dmitry Chugunov, who by his selflessness and hard work turned it into an international project. This is a young man who was born in the capital of Russia in 1986, February 25. Dmitry Chugunov married the girl Anastasia, the wedding took place in 2012

OFK. What is the Cup of Nations and in what format is it held?

The OFC Nations Cup is a tournament of an international football association. It is held among the teams that make up the Oceania Football Confederation. Abbreviated - OFC. The abbreviation is translated from English and looks like this - Oceania Football Confederation. History of At first, the tournament was held every two years from 1996 to 2004

What is NATO: history, organization, functions

An organization sealed by the North Atlantic Treaty (abbreviated as NATO), which also has the name of the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance. NATO, which consists of 28 states bordering the North Atlantic Ocean (namely Canada, the United States, Turkey and most of the members of the European Union), was established to protect their freedoms

Do you know who feminists are?

The meaning of the word "feminist" in modern society is ambiguous. Many men do not even have a basic idea of ​​who feminists really are, attaching this label to unattractive persons who have not had a personal life. According to the same category of men, the feminist categorically rejects relations with men and by all means tries to prove to them that she can solve problems without any help. Is

The ICRC - what is it? Decryption

The ICRC - what is it? Perhaps, at the mention of this abbreviation to Muscovites, one of the most interesting educational institutions of the capital immediately comes to mind. ICRC them. Sholokhov stands for Moscow Cossack Cadet Corps. This is an educational institution where young men of different ages study

International organizations: legal aspect

Since the process of globalization in the modern world is moving at an incredible pace, states are increasingly uniting to solve especially important problems. The status of international organizations, the issues of their creation, activity and termination are governed by the law of international organizations

Khabensky Foundation: The main thing is to be on time

Since 2008, a charitable organization has been operating in Russia to help children with cancer of the brain. Founder, ideological inspirer of the organization - Konstantin Y. Khabensky. The aid fund is named after him - the Konstantin Habensky Charitable Foundation. Fund activities Statistics is an inexorable thing: in the Russian Federation about 850 children are annually confronted with the diagnosis “brain cancer”, which is about 96% of all oncology of the central nervous system (central nervous system). Th

What characterizes society as a dynamic system? Basics of the issue

Sociology is becoming an increasingly popular science, as is the section of social studies, which is studied at school. What's the secret? Of course, the fact that society is becoming more modern and developing the sciences related to the social sphere. Information technology has gone far ahead, but this does not negate the value of the humanities

Eurasian Patent Organization: the main goal and costs

During the period when the economic ties between the union republics that made up a single state collapsed, the patent authorities of the majority of the states of the former Union understood that it was necessary to preserve a very important element of the integration of the economy of the state that ceased to exist

What is Pace. Abbreviation

Everyone who is not indifferent to world and European politics, has repeatedly met in the printed and electronic media these four capital letters - PACE. The abbreviation is usually proposed to the reader as the "Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe". This is true. But there are some points that need clarification

Who are the pioneers: memories of the past

The question of who the pioneers are is likely to confound the representatives of the current young generation, or their answers will be quite far from reality. If we turn to history, it was the movement of children's communist formations both in our country and in the other socialist states. Having analyzed who the pioneers are, we can say that the scout community lies at the source of this organization

The countries of the Big Seven - the beginning of a decline or an incentive for development?

The coherence of economic development, exchange of experience and access to leading positions in world and political life became the reason that prompted the governments of the leading world powers with significant economic potential to unite in an international club known to the public as the “countries of the Big Seven”. Bu

Jury trial in Russia

The administration of justice is an incredibly complex thing, contradictory and imposing unprecedented responsibility on the one who administers it. At all times, the judge was the most respected, honorable and deserving of unlimited confidence. But, nevertheless, any judge is first and foremost a person, and a judge with experience is also in some sense a blinkered person who makes decisions daily, and therefore may not notice some trifles that a person without experience will pay attention to

What is the work of environmental organizations in Russia

The number of environmental organizations, both in Russia and around the world, is constantly growing due to the emergence of new, environmental-oriented movements. Some of them were created specifically for the protection of the environment, the latter perform separate functions for the protection. The need for the existence of environmental organizations International environmental organizations in Russia ensure the integration of environmental activities of interested states, regardless of their political position

A good press room is the basis of the image.

Work with information flows is the main task of the modern world. One incorrectly spoken or incorrectly interpreted word can ruin many years of work and level the achievements of the organization in the eyes of the public. A well-planned press center is a place where highly qualified specialists work, who exclude data distortion

How did people with Down syndrome react to the idea of ​​putting them in the Red Book?

The public actively opposes the campaign aimed at ensuring that people living with Down syndrome are included in the list of endangered species. Ben Tarr, a member of the Canadian Down Syndrome Assistance Community, acknowledges that the campaign is “hot, ” but he is adamant that people living with the syndrome should be included in the list compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Th

Who are the Nazis and nationalists

Recent events in Ukraine have shown that the world is too fragile. Everywhere there are military conflicts and clashes. And the reason for this is not only the presence of minerals in the territory of one state, but also the national and racial characteristics of its inhabitants. Therefore, the question of who the Nazis are is quite appropriate

6 cartels that rule the world

We live in a world full of corruption. In politics and international trade, it can be traced to a greater extent than is recognized. This is about control, and those who have power are not going to weaken it. There are six main cartels that control this planet, and everything else is just inconvenience for them

The history of the club "Spartak": creation date, name, stages of development, victories, achievements, leadership, the best players and famous fans

The history of the Spartak club dates back to the 20s of the 20th century. At the moment it is one of the most popular clubs in the country, the most titled club in Russia. Existing since Soviet times, the cliché "Spartak - people's team" is relevant today. Club Background The history of the club "Spartak" originates long before its official foundation.

Informal and formal group is ... Formal and informal social groups: entities, dynamics and features

Regularly communicating and constantly interacting with each other commonality is called a group. There is no place on earth where this phenomenon is absent. People everywhere create a defined community plan that can be divided into formal and informal groups. Within each such community there must be two or more people, and the influence of all of them on each other must be mutual

ASEAN is ... ASEAN Countries: List, Activity and Goal

What is ASEAN? In this article you will find information about the purposes of creation, the history of an international organization, as well as its member countries. What is the impact of ASEAN on world politics? How deep is the Association's partnership with Russia? ASEAN is ... The Association of SouthEast Asian Nations is the name of this intergovernmental organization

United Nations: charter. United Nations Day

The United Nations is one of the most influential international institutions. The solution of many key issues reflecting world political and economic processes occurs at the level of UN structures. The UN includes almost all the sovereign states of the world. At the diplomatic level, even United Nations Day is celebrated

Modern Cossacks: types, classification, division, charter, awards history and historical facts

Cossacks are an integral part of Russian history and culture. Their images — principled, bold and volitional — come alive in the pages of the immortal works of N. V. Gogol, M. A. Sholokhov and L. N. Tolstoy. Napoleon admired the Cossacks, called them the best light troops, with which, he would have passed the whole world. Fe

NATO countries: a short look from the past

Now it’s hard to believe, but it was just that - there wasn’t a day that in any, absolutely every Soviet newspaper, whether it was Izvestia or Rural Life, these four ominous letters in bold were not conspicuous : NATO. Why sinister? Yes, because they were obsessively associated with nuclear bombs, missiles, shells and other deadly things that NATO countries were eager to bring down on peaceful cities. Th

What kind of people are called walrus? Basic rules of winter swimming

In cold and frost, in the rain and cold wind, these people go to the river or lake. Plunging headlong into the half-frozen reservoir, they still smile, demonstrate with all their looks that they get great pleasure from the icy water. Who are these extremes? Supporters of a healthy lifestyle or notorious crazy

CIS Interparliamentary Assembly (IPA CIS): participants, goals and objectives

The Soviet Union occupied the sixth part of the land and in its size was one of the largest states that ever existed on the planet. After its collapse, a large number of republics were formed with a fragile economy, a small population and with unclear plans for the future. It was then, in the early nineties of the last century, that a new union emerged, which attempted to resurrect the closeness of relations, while maintaining the independence of states